Saturday, October 15, 2011

Just When You Thought it Couldn't Get Worse: The Utah Aftermath

Quite frankly, this was the worst football game I've ever seen.  Any hope for a quick start in the second half of the season was extinguished with that debacle.  Utah stinks and Pitt still lost.  What else can you say?  It's some of the worst Pitt football I've ever seen.

At this point I almost feel like I'm piling on Tino Sunseri, so all I'm going to say is that his season has been tragic.

This has to be the worst quarterbacking that the Panthers have had in modern history.

Giving Ray Graham just 12 carries is a disgrace.

The special teams was again hit or miss.  Buddy Jackson returned a kickoff for a TD, Andrew Taglianetti blocked a punt for a TD, Yoklic had 51-yard punt into the wind, and Drew Carswell caused a fumble (recovered by Utah) on a kickoff. On the other hand, Ronald Jones mysteriously let a punt along the sideline go which resulted in it being downed at the one, Yoklic, with the wind, kicked 27-yard and 26-yard punts, and Jackson fumbled on a kickoff after being tackled inside his own 15-yard line.

Mike Shanahan, Devin Street, and Cam Saddler once again did nothing. Literally nothing.  None of the three had a single catch.

Greg Williams, Chad Alexcih, and to a lesser degree, Aaron Donald, had good games on defense but giving up 174 yards rushing to somebody named John White IV is a failure.

Sunseri throws at the feet of a wide open Jones on 3rd and 3, Jared Holley makes a pathetic attempt on a tackle, Brandon Lindsey misses an easy sack, a defensive timeout on a 3rd and 17, and on and on.  It would be laughable if it wasn't so sad.

Todd Graham may get this turned around, but it's looking less and less likely that it will be this year.  And if this horrible season continues, it's going to make it more difficult to turn it around in the future.  The fan base may already be lost and you can't really blame them.  Losing is one thing, but this has become sad and depressing.


  1. It appears to me that Graham has lost this team. While not as bad as with Wanny, I thought players were tuning him and his assistants out on the sidelines, by their looks and body language. If I were Mark Myers, I would be transferring to Delaware right now. I think the Shell commit will turn out to be a lot like the Terrell Pryor "commit" to Jamie Dixon. And I cannot believe a lot of the top recruits are going to want to stick around and become part of this crap.

  2. This WAS the worst D1 performance I've ever seen! A few things are quite obvious:
    1. Todd Graham looks over matched at this point. The job looks too big for him. The staff looks lost, and the team looks unprepared and confused.
    2. Sunseri can't play QB and Anderson isn't able to play on this level. He's too short and can't see the lanes. He may have more interceptions than completions at this point. The season is lost so Graham might as well try the other QB's
    3. It appears Graham overestimated his ability to coach at the big boy level. This isn't C-USA and while the BE is a terrible conference the level of talent and competition is much higher than where he's coached before.
    4. This is going to be a 3-4 year process, but the team should show improvement from week to week... which it does not at this point.

    I'm done with Pitt football and I'm sure I'm not the only one.

    High Octane my A$$!

  3. Dont diss White IV Chris. He is an excellent player.

    He had 35+ touches. Graham had 12. Thats coaching. Whittingham is a much better coach.

  4. P.S.
    If Ray Graham stays and Shell actually enrolls they are both crazy!

    High Octane my A$$

  5. The WR fail weekly because they aren't very good.

    The offensive line has been a consistent weak-link on this team for the better part of a decade (and really, longer) because the players have consistently been marginal Div I athletes.

    Bill Stull has been the ONLY quarterback on this team for the past 5 years capable of being merely "capable". He only did that for one season.

    This is the second time in the last 5 years where the QB position has to be mitigated, rather than contributing to the offense. How does a BCS-level program fail in this regard?

    Revis aside, the CB play has been consistently average or worse.

    Jarred Holley is the best safety this team has had since Ramon Walker, 10 years ago. He is small.

    Dan Mason and Dom DeCicco were Dave Wannstedt's only LB recruits in 6 years. Fortunately for Kenny Britt, Tony Pike, et al., DeCicco played safety.

    The stable of running backs has been great. Twice in the past 5 years they've been saddled with zero passing game - that has been ugly.

    The defensive line is supposed to be the deepest position on the team. This coaching staff's response: replace one of these with a linebacker or defensive back on the field. Perhaps not the appropriate "adjustment to the talent" on this team.

    Two straight losses to two "really bad" teams = Pitt is terrible, and requires a complete overhaul. The talent on this team is marginal at best - an obvious indictment of Wannstedt's recruitng. No where near as good as advertised, and barely better than Walt Harris' later classes.

    I appreciate Graham's efforts. Unfortunately he's going to be dealing with 30+ years of mediocrity or worse, and I get the sense that what's left of the fan base is about done. The fact that Wannstache had a good season in 2008-2009 exacerbates this problem because it gives the illusion that Graham's inherited a talented team. He hasn't. Wannstedt's best recruits are long gone, and what is left isn't any better than what Wannstedt inherited in 2005 - essentially a team able to go 4-2 in a 7-team Big East with one lame duck.

  6. I agree with everything except the dis on the defense...they played hard and were on the field all day. Quatro may have a had few log runs but each time he broke a long run, he was tackled for a loss on the next play.

  7. A couple of takeaways:

    1) The Defense actually showed some heart -- pushing Utah back at the end of the game and giving Pitt one more shot. Of course, the Utes stink, so you have to take it with a grain of salt. But, with the offense putting the D on the field so much, it was a positive to see them not fold. And the first TD (the last one hardly mattered) was just an unlucky play.

    2) Tino is done. It is clear he simply will not run Graham's offense. At least Anderson has the brains to throw the ball away. Tino's play is utterly unfathomable. Anderson took only one sack, and even in that situation he tried to scramble, but just ran into the O linemen. Anderson did not look good at all, but at least he has the sense to throw the ball away and run the offense as installed. Graham cannot put a QB in who refuses to run the offense. Tino is no longer the starter.

    3) Anderson stunk, but there is a possibility he could improve. The pass that was beyond Street's hands? I tend to blame Street as it look like he stumbled a bit (what a surprise). Anderson had a couple of throw to absolutely nobody -- aren't those likely timing routes where the receiver screws up? If Anderson gets a full week of reps (10 days), maybe he and the receivers can get in sync and maybe he can get that screen play down with Graham. Anderson is now the starter, no need to waste any more time with Tino.

    4) It's clearly time for open tryouts for punter. Never even under any pressure. Unbelievable.

  8. White is a good back but a good defense should only be giving up those kinds of yards to an All-American. I think the defense sometimes looks good because, one, they have been playing some putrid offenses, and, two, compared to their own putrid offense, the defense looks good by comparison. Rutgers and Utah can't even throw so there's no reason anybody should be running on Pitt at all. They should be stuffing the run against teams who are no passing threat.

    As for Graham being over his head, I'm not buying it. CUSA is almost as good as the Big East, and his offenses dominated there. Last season, Tulsa had 428 total yards against Oklahoma State and 399 against Notre Dame, and both of those teams are better than Rutgers and Utah.

  9. This team is so inconsistent and hot and cold that today I thought I was watching Dave Hart and the late 60s Panthers. As this season craters, there will be more cries for Steve Pederson's job. Graham was his first choice guy. Nebraska fans have said Pederson is toxic. He got Pitt into the ACC but that's about it. The Pederson-Bradley connection has already been made, now its being set as the default criticism of Pitt football. This team is deteriorating by the game.

  10. CD --

    You are missing something -- when Graham went to Rice there could hardly have been any resistance to his system. His tenure at Tulsa meant returning to a program he had been OC for just two seasons previous and succeeding a coach who left, not one who was fired.

    Graham has a much bigger task ahead of him: 1) a bunch of not-so-good recruits (as you have noted), 2) a team still loyal to the man who got fired (and Wanny deserved it), 3) a completely different system that had been in place for several years.

    The upshot is that Graham has a much bigger task ahead of him than I think he or anyone else realized. You are correct in noting that Wanny's last campaign was a mirage. While Graham has his faults, it is astonishing that anyone could conceivably defend Wanny. Would Wanny have won ANY of the four games Pitt lost?

  11. Longing for Wannstedt makes no sense at all. He was done at Pitt, and he left in a way that showed a total lack of character. Firing him was one of the smartest things Pederson has ever done.

  12. I for one, am for a temporary switch to the single-wing; if for no other reasons than to simplify things for the offensive line and to limit the touches of the QB's. Worked well for Pop Warner....

  13. I don't think you're far off. To be honest, I think the best thing Pitt can do now is just run, run, run. Direct snap to Graham on every play if you have. I think it's pretty obvious that this group is not going to learn this offense. Time to salvage what you can.

  14. I still have faith. I'm waiting to see if Mark Myers will finally get out of the doghouse and get some playing time.

    Chris, any reason he isn't seeing the field? I find it hard to believe he doesn't deserve a shot.

  15. I must agree that Graham and his staff look totally lost and overmatched. I would not think that the jump from C-USA to the Big East was all that much, but when you look at how UCF is sucking gas, the favorite to win that conference, perhaps we reconsider. Kragethorpe, Skip Holtz, and now Graham stunk/are now stinking the joint out. And they all killed in C-USA.

    While Sunseri was mediocre last year, in this offense, he is a disaster. And Graham had 9 months before the opener to figure that out.

    A desperation hire by a desperate man.

  16. I've seen some bad Pitt football in my life — the Hackett era was nearly my entire college life — but it is difficult to think of a more depressing game than this one.

    I gotta hand it to Ray Graham. At one point during a time out in the middle of the 4th quarter, when Pitt was still within a TD and had the ball, the TV captured Graham looking at the coach and pointing at himself. He seemed to be saying: "Give it to me. Let me make a play." They ran a screen to Graham ... which was batted down as Trey (who is not 6-0, but more like 5-9) tried to throw a jump-pass. But Graham didn't sulk, he went to his QB and patted him on the head.

    Ray Graham is a class act, and he wants to win. And he doesn't make a big scene about not getting the ball, he merely implores his coach — with confidence — that if you can get it in my hands in space, we can still win this game. And the Pitt offense simply can't do it.

    Ray Graham's post-game comments were also 100 percent class. He didn't point any fingers, and actually praised his teammates. It is a travesty that Ray Graham didn't get the ball more. He knows it. All the fans know it, and even the coach knows it. But the RB didn't say a single negative word.

    If we can be proud of little else this football season, we can be proud of the player, and man, named Ray Graham.

  17. As for the offense overall, I've detected a pattern that is infuriating: Early in games, with Tino in there, we're running the spread triple-option offense. This is clearly the opening game script, and it works relatively well — and sometimes VERY well, as in the first series against Rutgers when Graham broke one for 40 yards right up the middle. It even can lead to some 8-yard runs by Tino off tackle, who is no great running QB by any stretch. In short, early in games with the triple-option, we move the ball well.

    But then, as the game progresses, we see that triple-option less and less. No matter the score (and Pitt has been in all of their games late in the second half) too many plays involve Tino or Trey simply dropping back to pass. We see few, if any, draw plays to Graham. No triple-option to keep the defense honest (and take some pressure off an OL that is terrible at straight pass blocking). Not enough straight hand-offs to Graham, which is the best course if you're going to abandon the triple-option.

    This is a failure of coaching. Pitt's offense seems to be going best early in the game, and gets worse as the game progresses (unless Graham is just going off rushing the ball). How can it be that the triple-option is a smart play early in every game, but not worth calling later?

    Yes, the defense adjusts to the triple-option, but have they adjusted so well that ALL THREE of those options are off the table? The point of the triple-option is to keep the defense guessing. It's DESIGNED to be used a lot because it's hard to scheme against defensively. And, for Pitt, this scheme works better than most in getting positive yardage — and it makes no sense to me that Coach Graham seems to largely abandon it as the game goes on, especially when designed pass-only plays don't work ... play after play after play after play.

    I still think Coach Graham can succeed at Pitt, if not (obviously) this year. But until proven otherwise, Graham is proving to be as bad an in-game coach (if not worse) than Wanny.

    SIDE NOTE: It was mentioned in the broadcast of probably the worst game ESPNU has ever aired (good luck to me seeing Pitt from Chicago the rest of the year) that in practice this week, the coaches had a buzzer that went off after 3 seconds. Tino had to have the ball out of his hands by then. It obviously didn't take/translate in the Utah game. The WRs were obviously not getting open in 3 seconds, but Tino still has to get rid of the ball — or the coaches have to make sure there is a safe, open outlet in 3 seconds. When you send four guys, one of them HAS to be open.

  18. I think people have a right to be very skeptical about Todd Graham. He makes way to many questionable decisions during games.
    I thought decision to throw the ball twice from our 5 yard line late in the 4th quarter to be asinine. It insured that Pitt would have to kick into the wind and Pitt was fortunate that our punter had his best punt of the game then.
    I though it foolish to insert Anderson in the last series before halftime. Pitt was going to have to pass to score before half and that really is not Anderson's strong suit. Who liked the idea to pass twice late in the 4th quarter after we got the ball at midfield? I hated that and I thought surely we would run the ball once there, but no it seems Magee has more faith in Anderson than Ray Graham.
    Those are just the easy calls from this game. I wish that were it because any coach can make some questionable calls but with Graham it happens consistently.
    We also need to examine his player personal decisions. I can understand that Pitt made a poor decision to give Anderson a chance to walk-on, since the kid really does not have the ability to be even a mediocre backup. Yet, this staff saw enough of him to make him their backup. After seeing Anderson in several games now, it amazes me that Myers is below him. What is it about Anderson that captures this staff's eye? Is it his stellar accuracy (27%) or his great throws down the field (2.6 yards per attempt)? Even his running is just average which really begs the question, just what did this staff see in him? If the staff has to have a mobile qb, then why even keep Myers around and move Gonzo to H-back? Again, we really have to question the thinking of the staff.
    Even the defense is not immune to poor judgment. Once again today, the defensive line proved that it clearly has the star power on this team. Yet White still gashed Pitt for over 170 yards. Pitt lacks the talent at LB to run this defense so why run it? Does it makes sense to take a lineman off the field to get one of Williams, Gordon , and Gruder on? If you have to play Thomas, then why not use a 4-2-5? TCU has run that defense for over a decade and the results are impressive. And if we are going to run it, why not stack the box against a limited offense? Schiano and Whittingham did that to us.
    What I am realizing is that TG is a dogmatic coach, just like DW. TG has his system for offense and defense. Nothing is going to stop him for implementing that system and nothing is going to stop him from using it. He insists on up-tempo, even when field position and clock would clearly suggest not to. He insists on having his offense run thru his qb despite not having the talent to do that. His best talent by far is along the DL and yet we take out a DL to put an extra LB on the field. It all points out to a coach who just knows how to win one way.
    Inflexibility is not a hallmark of success. Coaches had to adapt to the team they have, because you are never going to have the perfect team. Dave had this problem and TG has it too. I think this is a big reason why TG never won the C-USA and I think it will imply that Pitt will never win a conference championship with him at coach.
    We did not upgrade with this last hire. We just changed systems and ensured that Pitt will rebuild once again.

  19. I think the reason Graham doesn't change from what he does is because he probably assumes that since he had immediate success at his previous two stints, that the same would happen at Pitt. I think that's why he's so shocked. And in his defense a little, even the Pitt players have said that there's no reason why they can't adapt to his style by now. Maybe now he will realize that this particular group just isn't going to get it and he will adapt.

  20. The funny part is, you can expect more of the same next year. The FR he has coming wont do much to win in their first year. Tino and Trey have proven they stink. This TN guy had played zero snaps, so what exactly is gunna get better? The OL is losing like everyone which is awful because the backups are horrendous. You wanna rely on a FR qb, a Fr Rb and FR wr?....that will equal a long year. And if they get into the acc, they wont come close to sniffing 500.

    And the poor dl who said utah was dirty?....shutup. Dont get your ass beat in and say someone was dirty and then throe your offense under a bus.

    Locker room is getting divided and if they lose to uconn and miss a bowl, there is zero explanation. He cannot miss a bowl and get away with this. 2M for no bowl? way.

  21. On the job training. Give Graham an F at this one. I don't agree that fans have to endure a losing season just to install Graham's "system." Graham is being paid a million dollars a year to win games. I never thought Wannstedt should have been hired, but I'm pretty sure he wouldn't have lost the Iowa and Rutgers' games. That's water under the bridge. This season, like everyone Pitt plays, will go into the record books as a season of piss poor coaching. Pitt didn't hire Graham to preach wishful thinking then go out and totally misread his talent and mis-prepare, or not prepare teams for games at all. Why has Mike Shanahan given up? Why does Tino Sunseri look so much worse than last year? Graham got all hot and bothered at the post-game interview stating he has not lost this team. His anger at the question pretty much tells us he has.

  22. Tony - he is being paid $2 mill a year. So far, that is around $700,000 a win.

    Good point on Graham's expectation that he could just drop in his flag football offense on this team, because it worked that way in the past. Hell, he has had 3 jobs in 6 years, so he should be good at it, right? I think what may have been the fly in the ointment is not realizing the gap between a BCS and non-BCS conference. Even a bad BCS conference like the Big East. Get a lot of C-USA televised here, and the difference is apparent as soon as you tune in. Defenses stink. I think someone on another blog pointed out that the only team in C-USA that tried to play defense was UCF, and Pitt and other Big East teams have a history of trouncing them soundly. But, you would expect that a guy making what this guy is making would realize that by now. He is 10 months into this, had spring and fall practices to learn, and 2 exhibition games to start the season.

  23. Actually, I think the team will be better next season. At least on paper. WRs can play quickly as freshman and I think at least one Davis twin and Corey Jones could definitely make a difference because, unlike Shanahan and Street, they fit this offense. And I do think Voytik could help. It's doubtful that he could star as a freshman, but his running skills should help a lot when he's in there. And the OL will be a year old so that will help. On defense, you may have the return of Dan Mason and Bryan Murphy, plus the expected continued development of Juan Price and Todd Thomas. In the secondary, they will have some good transfers coming in. There really will be no excuse next year if they aren't better.

  24. I love how some people mon here are already giving up on trey anderson and saying he stinks. And also giving up on todd G. Yes that was inexcusable and ugly but once grahm gets this going and trey gets some experiance the program will be back on the right track. lets face it we are basically rebuilding right now.Trey is a TRUE freshmen give him some Slack

  25. Yeah, I wouldn't get on Anderson. He's an undersized true freshman walk-on. The fact that he's even playing at this point of his career is absurd and shows just how bad the quarterback situation is. He's completely overwhelmed so far but he should be. On the other hand, there's no excuse for Sunseri. I hate to keep dumping on the kid, and if he was only performing in a mediocre fashion, I wouldn't. But there's no reason to be THIS bad. Not at this point of the season. It's a new offense, it's not rocket science.

  26. The one person that needs to bear a lot of the blame for the quarterback situation is the person responsible for training/mentoring the QBs, the quarterback coach. We have four quarterbacks on the roster (Sunseri, Anderson, Myers, and Gonzalez). How come we do not have one usable quarterback? I am not saying a great or good quarterback, only a usable quarterback. The responsibility for this squarely falls on the quarterback coach.

  27. To say Wanny would not have lost Iowa and Rutgers is absurd. He lost to Ohio, Bowling Green, a horrible UConn, to Rutgers 4 times in a row, etc.

    I dont think Urban Meyers could win with Sunseri. Then add in 4 new linemen and the worst WRs in the country. You clowns really want to blame TG or Todd Dodge? Really? I agree some decisions have been questionable, but come on. EVen a half a$$ QB had Pitt at 6-1 at worst.

    Speaking of Urban Meyers, when he won at Utah, he had Alex Smith, the #1 overall pick in the NFL as his QB. When he won at UF, he had Heisman Trophy winning and 1st round pick Tim Tebow at QB. How do you think Meyer would do this year at Pitt with these offensive players and his new system?

  28. With all due respect Chris, this team will not be better on paper next year. They are getting decimated on an already crappy line. Ray Graham is gone and he is easily their best player. You are relying on RB's who never played a meaningful snap. You think FR WR's are gunna come in and make a difference to make this team better? You lose the Myles, Chas and Lindsey and while there is depth, if they were better they'd be playing over these guys. So that's even a downgrade. You list Dan Mason...excuse me? Do you even know if he can walk or run or hit anyone? Surely you aren't saying the LB will be upgraded by a guy with one knee who hasnt played in 2 years, right? Then the schedule with the ACC? Um, the QB's are the same awful bunch. Voytik isn't coming in the spring so he will be another Trey Anderson for a little while. This team is going to be 5-7 if they are lucky.

  29. I have little doubt that Pitt will be better next season. Getting rid of a lot of these veterans is a good thing.

  30. Which veterans? Let's name some names. And why are the veterans the problem? Are they not doing what Graham is saying?

  31. DEFENSE:
    DL: Those veteran DL seniors arent as hot as some people think they are. There are enough underclassmen to be just fine.

    LB: Losing Gruder and Roberts are an upgrade automatically. Gruder just has his physical limits. Roberts is not a football player. At all. Price, Thomas, etc will be better as a crew.

    DB: I think they only lose Reed and gain some talented transfers and have some talented underclassmen.


    WR: The WR can onlt get better (Shanahan, Street, and Saddler return anyhow, even though they stink).

    OL: The line can only get better (only lose Gibbs basically). Lumpy may return. Playing without Nix right now. Rickets, Bisnowty (sp?), etc. hopefully help.

    QB: Voytik, even as a true frosh, can only be an upgrade at QB. Can't get worse.

    RB: Losing Graham will hurt. No doubt. Shell et al wont be as good as Graham, not as frosh anyhow.

    H-BACK: Hubie Graham, Carswell, and Gonzo all return.

    RB is basically only position that can be worse. Only position.

  32. I'm going to write one article on Monday and one on Tuesday. One will be about why I think Pitt is in this predicament, and one will be why I think Pitt will be better next season. Then we can hash it out on whether I'm on to something or not.

    The post before this is in line with the latter article I will write. And I'm not even sure the running game won't be better. It's doubtful that one single back will have a better season than Graham is having this year, but with a group of young RBs, a better OL, and maybe even Voytik running some, they may actually have a very good, well rounded, running game. Of course, that's the best case scenario and there's no guarantee that that will happen.

  33. Chris, I think measuring the defensive line solely by the running yards gained is a bit unfair. Alexeh has played great, and Donald shows some real promise. I thought the LBs were mainly supposed to make the tackles against the run in the 3-4 (and you rightfully have graded the LBs poorly - as they stink). The DL's job is to occupy the blockers so that the LBs can fill the holes.

  34. Alexcih and Donald played great, but giving up 174 yards is giving up 174 yards. It's still not good enough. And, by the way, Utah is 83rd in the nation in rushing, and that's after the Pitt game. Before that, they were even worse.

  35. 1) Sunseri may give Pitt the best chance to win according to the coaches, but it is clear Pitt won't win with Sunseri. Especially if..
    2)the offensive line loses every match up front consistently, which will happen if any relatively smart D-coordinator applies more than a 4 man rush.
    3)Pitt's o-line was average even with Nix and Jacobson. I think it was Maine's head coach who stated that when they viewed film, they felt that Pitt's line had "slow" feet. What a damning comment that is and a politic way to say Pitt's offensive line sucks.
    4) It is what it is. Stop blaming Wanny or TG. Pitt plays with 11 men on offense, one is an All-American talent, 4 should be decent college players, but 6 of the current starters (5 linemen + qb) are no good. Until Pitt gets better players they won't be a better team.
    5)Maybe getting Nix back will help a lot, but there is too low of a ceiling on the other linemen to make Pitt a good team.
    6) Pitt defense has better down linemen than linebackers but TG's defense is 3 down linemen. Get used to that. It can be effective. But like the offense, the defense needs better people. People complained in early Wanny years that he was running the wrong defense when they were giving up 425 yards rushing to WVU two years in a row. Then 13-9; same defense, better players.

  36. I find this repeated statement that, "Tino gives us the best chance to win" utterly ridiculous. How can anyone make that statement (including Graham) when several other QBs on the roster haven't even gotten a chance on game day. Is Myer too slow footed to get a pass off? possibly... but then he's not the only other option...

    Here's the thing... I am just at a loss for why Graham made the decision to switch Gonzalez to HBack. Someone who he was giving such high praise to as QB just before the season began. He's got a solid arm, is elusive, and he can run like the wind (which is exactly what Pitt needs).

    Please everyone (including Graham) do me a favor and watch his HS reel again... this is a 4**** QB after all...

    IT IS NOT TOO LATE TO SWITCH GONZALEZ BACK to QB. He learned the plays over the summer and Pitt has an extra week to prepare for the next game. Plus, let's not forget we have Ronald Jones on the roster who was a QB in high school and who has proven already in a game this season he can toss the rock. Jones and Gonzalez both have the elusiveness Graham's system desperately needs and both their arms have to be an improvement over Tino's. The duo of Gonzalez and Jones would make for a really interesting tandem threat at QB. FAST. ELUSIVE. ABLE TO TOSS THE BALL DOWN FIELD... Tino just isn't getting better in this system... Graham Needs To Stop Trying To Fit a Square Peg in a Round Hole... if he bothered to turn his head, he might actually see he has a few round pegs available that just might fit in nicely on game day.