Thursday, October 6, 2011

Steve Pederson among the highest paid ADs

You can't call Pitt cheap anymore.  Todd Graham and Jamie Dixon are paid competitively, each making nearly two million dollars a season.  And as I stated in an earlier article, Pitt's athletic budget of over 17 million is also in the top third of the country.  Now comes a report by USA Today that Pederson's annual salary is $599,807, which puts the Pitt AD near the top amongst university athletic directors.

By comparison, in the Big East, West Virginia AD Oliver Luck makes $405,600 annually, while Syracuse's Daryl Gross ($575,227), Rutgers' Tim Pernetti ($414,000), and South Florida's Doug Woolard ($479,686) also have lower salaries than Pederson.  UConn and Cincinnati have interim ADs so neither has a high salary.  The only football playing member of the Big East who pays their AD more is Louisville, where Tom Jurich makes $1,427,704, the third highest AD salary in the country.  Only Florida's Jeremy Foley ($1,500,000) and Vanderbilt's David Williams ($2,560,505) make more, though Williams's salary is skewed because he is also vice chancellor for university affairs and athletics, general counsel and university secretary for the school and it's medical center, and a tenured law professor.

The study involved 111 of the 120 NCAA schools that play major college football, with only Northwestern, Penn State, Tulane, Brigham Young, Miami, Temple, USC, Rice, and Stanford finding reasons not to report salaries.

Including Williams, Pederson has the 23rd highest salary of the 111 schools.  Major universities who pay their AD less than Pitt include Alabama ($562,000), Florida State ($350,000), Georgia ($465,500), Michigan State ($395,000), Nebraska with Tom Osborne ($321,538), North Carolina ($325,000), Oklahoma State ($387,560), Oregon ($500,000), and Virginia Tech ($577,876).  Former Pitt AD Jeff Long, now at Arkansas, makes $562,900.

The 22 athletic directors with a higher salary than Pederson:

1.  Williams, Vanderbilt*
2.  Foley, Florida
3.  Jurich, Louisville
4.  DeLoss Dodds, Texas $1,095,756
5.  Gene Smith, Ohio State $1,074,546
6.  Barry Alvarez, Wisconsin $1,040,800
7.  Joe Castiglione, Oklahoma $975,000
8.  Jack Swarbrick, Notre Dame $932,232
9.  Kevin White, Duke  $908,659
10. Dave Hart, Jr., Tennesee  $750,000
11. Joe Avella, LSU  $725,000
12.  Chet Gladchuck, Navy $712,742
13.  Dave Brandon, Michigan $700,454
14.  Ron Wellman, Wake Forest $694,950
15.  Bill Byrne, Texas A&M $690,000
16.  Dan Guerrero, UCLA $688,296
17.  Mike Alden, Missouri $659,775
18.  Mitch Barnhart, Kentucky $655,050
19.  Dan Radakovich, Georgia Tech $623,500
20.  Jay Jacobs, Auburn $605,500
21.  Terry Don Phillips, Clemson $601,510
22.  Gene DeFilippo, Boston College $600,884

* Includes compensation for positions other than athletic director

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  1. The no deductible dental plan probably pushes up Luck's total compensation.

    Great blog and great writing, BTW.