Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Chryst: What you have to worry about and not worry about

What to Worry About

The Paul Hackett Type:  There's no doubt that Paul Chryst has a great offensive mind.  But so did Paul Hackett supposedly.  Great offensive minds, not great recruiters, and they even have the same first names.  Okay, the last point doesn't matter but there is a real concern that he's a Triple A home run king who becomes a pinch hitter in the major leagues.

Not a recruiter:  Straight from many people at Wisconsin I've talked to, Chryst does not like to recruit and therefore he's not that great at it when he has to.  Could he change?  Possibly.  But the head coach has to be the closer and without desire or charisma, that could be a big problem.

Lack of buzz:  You might hear "solid hire" a lot nationally if Chryst is the pick, but it's doubtful that there will be a lot of buzz nationally, and it when it comes to recruiting are there many prospects who are going to be excited to see him walk through his front door?  Probably not, to be honest.

Style:  He does a great job of changing his offense to fit his personnel, but for the most part at Wisconsin it was a pro style offense with big, strong backs and huge, strong offensive linemen.  Would that work at Pitt who doesn't have the same access to such players?  Or will Chryst change it somewhat?

What Not to Worry About

Offense:  He is a great offensive mind and even if he can't run it exactly like he did at Wisconsin, he should be able to put up some pretty good offenses at Pitt.

Class:  Like Cristobal, he should not be a problem with his ethics or class.  Nobody has anything bad to say about him.

Location and loyalty:  Madison and Pittsburgh aren't that much different as far as weather goes, and it seems to be pretty similar as far as the social aspects.  For that reason, you would think he would be very comfortable at Pittsburgh.  And after failing to get the jobs at Minnesota, Illinois, and Kansas, he may be so grateful to the Panthers that he may stay if he turns the program into a power.


  1. Pitt cannot afford a mistake Cristobal is a safer choice because of his HC experience.

    Did you ever go to a function that Hackett was the featured guest?

    He really did not relate well with the crowd, he did not have a lot of charisma or moxie, I was disappointed.

  2. please drop the 'chryst is a bad recruiter/he can't recruit' talking points! that's a red herring. from a madison beat writer:

    On Thu, Dec 15, 2011 at 7:41 PM, Tom Mulhern wrote:
    UW athletic director Barry Alvarez told us a couple weeks ago, Chryst told him he's ready to leave and be a head coach. I know there was some interest from Pitt last year.

    Chryst is not much of a recruiter, in part because he's not asked to be. He recruits the quarterbacks and that's it. He doesn't have a specified area.

    Everybody says he's not a big fan of recruiting. But I think he certainly has the personality to do it. I think he would be a fine closer. I think parents would love him. I think he realizes, if he's going to be a college head coach, he would have to get more involved in recruiting. Tom Mulhern

  3. He hasn't been asked to recruit because he doesn't like to and he's not good at it. Sorry, but that's the word on him from many people I've talked to around the Wisconsin football program. I'm not saying he'll be awful, but there has to be some concern about his recruiting. Hopefully, if he gets the job, he'll prove all of those people wrong.

  4. If Chryst literally hates recruiting, then he should be in the NFL. He has noooo bidness trying to be a HFC on any college campus (well, maybe for one of the service academies), regardless of for whom-all/where-all he's worked for who-cares how many years.

    Which of course means Pitt just might hire him.

    Recruiting is everything in CFB, you can find X&O guys almost growing on trees. This guy sounds like Paul Hackett reincarnated. Don't Pitt's powers-that be see that too?

    I know we're worried that Christobal might bolt. But there are worse things than that: such as having a failed coach that nobody else wants, and wasting five years to figure that out.

    BTW, LOVED the Triple-A HR king analogy.

  5. PG reporting it is Chryst. At this point I wanted Christobal. Hopefully, all these rumors about Chryst being a poor recruiter are just that, rumors. I guess we will find out soon enough.

  6. if thats true then epic fail on pitts part. why am i not suprised at all.

  7. Doke:

    Since there seem to be several reasons to be uncomfortable with Chryst and since the search committee was uncomfortable with Critobal, the obvious question is why didn't they open up the search to another candidate(s)? I realize the desire to name someone and move ahead, but if there is this much discomfort with the two leading candidates, haste can make waste at a time when it is critical to make the right decision. BTW, who was on the serach committee, which Ziese makes reference to in his article in today's Post-Gazette?

  8. The reason they didn't open it up was because the people doing the hiring clearly loved Chrystal this time.

  9. Thats' good. Someone other than Pederson finally calling the shots. How many bad decisions does he have to make before they decide that things have to be done differently?