Saturday, December 17, 2011

Cristobal's recruiting

For those who have wondered just how good Mario Cristobal's recruiting has been, here are some facts. And mind you, this is at Florida International barely had a football program when he started and he was down an average of six scholarships a year.  After the player's name I list the other schools who have offered the player.  I only post this because I've gotten emails saying there are Pitt fans claiming that his recruiting is overrated.  This is of course laughable since he's well known in college football as being an excellent recruiter.  In fact, I talked to one coach who had to recruit against him and his description of Cristobal as a recruiter was "relentless".

Giovani Francois- Louisville
Elijah Maxey-  Illinois, Duke
Aaron Nielsen- Kansas
Denzell Perine- Minnesota
Derrick Thorpe- Arkansas
Corey Tindal-  Maryland, Minnesota, Toledo
Ezekiel Turner-  West Virginia
Cedric Walker-  Cincinnati, Kansas State, UCF
Glenn Coleman-  Colorado, Southern Miss, Tulsa
Jerry Baker- Northwestern
Marques Cheeks-  Kansas, Kansas State, Minnesota, Mississippi State
Davison Colimon- SMU
Denzel Conyers- UConn
Marcus Gilchrist-  Kentucky, Purdue
Delmar Taylor- South Florida
Favian Upshaw- Illinois
Justin Halley- Vanderbilt
Greg Hickman-  Iowa State, Purdue, South Florida
Richard Leonard- South Florida
Jake Medlock-  Arkansas, Virginia, Miami, FL
Kedrick Rhodes-  Iowa, Kansas State, Northwestern
Willis Wright-  Auburn, Mississippi, Nebraska, Purdue, Rutgers, South Florida, Tennessee, Central Florida, West Virginia
Derrick Jones, Jr.- Colorado State
Darian Mallary-  Iowa, Mississippi State
Larvez Mars-  Iowa State, Cincinnati, Kentucky, South Florida, Central Florida
Thatcher Starling-  Arizona
Terrance Taylor-  Rutgers, South Florida, Central Florida
Edgar Theliar-  San Diego State, South Florida, Hawaii
Derrick Clark-  Arkansas, Purdue, South Florida
Troy Dannehower- South Florida
A.J. Grant-  Illinois, Purdue, Miami, FL
James Jones- South Florida
Cedrick Mack-  Arizona, South Florida, Oregon State, Washington State, Kansas State, Kentucky, Southern Miss


  1. I know you don't want to fuel speculation but do you have a guy feeling about who they will go with. The vibe seems to be Fickell but I'm really hoping it's not the case.

  2. I honestly don't know. Cristobal is obviously the best candidate of the three, but that doesn't mean he will be the choice.

  3. Christobal is not getting the job, he's too much like Todd Graham. Unfortunate, but there it is.

  4. To be honest, I'm just hoping they don't hire the Zooker. I don't think I could take that. He's like Dave Wannstedt's less intelligent little brother.

  5. Actually, he's nothing like Graham. I can't find one bad word about the guy.

  6. He's gotta be the guy. Even if the Miami job opens up one day, Todd Orlando might be ready to step in at that point. It's a complete no-brainer, but I'm sure there are other forces at play, here.

  7. I hope it is not Fickel....We would be considered OSU's JV team. I like Mario Cristobal. He will bring energy, passion, and the ability to recruit speed from Flordia. Pederson needs fired if it is Fickel!!!!! He needs fired any way!!!

  8. The problem with Todd Orlando is that he may get the HC offer from FIU and take it if Cristobal gets the Pitt job.

  9. cristobal is the smart move for sure but as i think its safe to assume at this point pederson and the others involved don't do smart things with any regularity. like i've said before it will be an epic fail if they don't hire him. there is no other candidate that will generate any kind of buzz if they are hired. fickell or chryst get hired then you basically have what you have had over the last dozen or so years. a middle of the road team with a better than average shot to totally disappoint the fan base and alumni. a team that gets a decent amount of wins every year but never seem to be able to get over the hump. i don't know about the rest of you but i have had way more than enough of that crap over the years and i can't stomach it any more. this program and its fans deserve better and should demand better.

  10. Orlando will make more money as DC at Pitt - not saying that is what matters, but it will likely be significant. He does have no particular linkage with Cristobal from what I recall, but you'd think Cristobal would make sure he comes with him.

  11. How did Orlando ending up going from Uconn to FIU?

  12. I agree, BW. Go for the guy with the highest upside or what's the point of fielding a team? The goal is to win big at Pitt and Chryst and Fickell doesn't scream future top ten team to me.

    As for Orlando, if he Cristobal was hired and Orlando came that would be great. If he didn't, Cristobal would find somebody else great. To be honest, I'm not worried about any of three not fielding a great staff. It won't be a Haywood Mac staff. Fickell may have the hardest time getting a staff together because he's young and he's only been at Ohio State this time. But Pederson will help him with some names.

  13. i would be happy if orlando came with but i wouldn't lose sleep over it if he didn't. would be probably the smartest thing he could do though if he did come with. do a great job here and he is the next hot head coach in waiting. i am with you Chris on the upside thing. the administration keeps talking about winning football and getting back to national prominence but their coaching hires over these last many years does not bear that out. they are always going with the safe and uninspired pick that would work for cheap. graham they paid but didn't do their due dilligence in scrutinizing him. but to be honest if the jackass would have stayed and got his own players here to run his system it would have been great and people would have been talking about pitt nationally. hell he had a lot of folks including myself excited about pitt football again. cristobal can do that here as well and go about it better and at minimum get this program back on the right track again.