Friday, December 2, 2011

Respected Website Gives Todd Graham a B-

Respected website Big Lead Sports, which is the sixth most visited sports website on the internet, had an article today in which they gave grades to first year coaches in college football.  I thought it was interesting to get the opinion of a respected opinion outside of the local area since the local media has been dumping on Graham throughout the season.  For the record, I will do my final grades after the Syracuse game and I will be giving Graham a C.  Anyway, this is what Big Lead Sports had to say about Graham:

"Pitt had a rough transition to make, converting from a very pro-set offense to an uptempo spread.  They can still go to a bowl game by beating Syracuse at home.  They played Iowa, ND, Cincinnati, and WVU close.  They also struggled to beat Maine.  Not a terrible showing thus far."

Big Lead Sports


  1. Please tell me the rumor about Shell heading to OSU is not true. Apparently Meyer has been all over him according to OSU blogs. YOUR THOUGHTS???

  2. They are trying to get him but he's not going anywhere.