Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Yet another list of possible Pitt head coaches

Here is just an initial list and is by no means all of them.  Here are just names that Pitt may consider.  I just wanted to get some names out there and I will pair it down, and add some in the near future when I have more time to think about it.

Paul Rhoads, Iowa State head coach, 44 years old-  Was the defensive coordinator at Pitt from 2000-2007. Currently making just over 1.1 million while Pitt would be offering about 2 million.  The downside, he's already in his home state, he reportedly told Pitt he wasn't interested the last time, and he knows what it's like at Pitt.  That may not be a good thing.

Mario Cristobal, Florida International head coach, 41 years old-  One of the fastest rising head coaches in the country.  Took five years to turn FIU around but this is FIU.  The Miami native has spent almost all of career in Florida which is good for recruiting, but he may want to stay in the south.  He can also afford to wait for the right spot.

Chad Morris, Clemson offensive coordinator, 43 years old-  Yes, he was Graham's right hand man at Tulsa for one year, but that doesn't necessarily mean he's a scumbag, too.  The bright side he is an even better offensive mind than Graham and he could keep this class together.  He's also the highest paid coordinator in the country so he doesn't need to be a head coach right away, though his salary could almost double as the Pitt head coach.

Mark Stoops, Florida State defensive coordinator, 44 years old-  It's only a matter of time before this guy gets a head coach job.  His brother Bob is the head coach at Oklahoma and his brother Mike had some good years as head coach at Arizona.  He's a Youngstown, OH native and he is a defensive wizard.  Auburn just offered him over 1 million dollars to be their defensive coordinator.

Bronco Mendenhall, Brigham Young head coach, 45 year old-  He was one of my personal favorites last time and he remains so.  I think he could do a great job at Pitt.  He played at Oregon State and has been in the west the entire time so that could be a problem.  He is 65-24 at BYU.  He makes about half of what he would make at Pitt but he recently railed against the high salaries of SEC coaches.  He's also a Mormon so he may not want to leave BYU.

Ron English, Eastern Michigan head coach, 43 years old-  Don't be fooled by his 8-28 record, it's impossible to win at Eastern Michigan and he ended up 6-6 this season, which is pretty much a miracle.  Prior to Eastern Michigan he was the defensive coordinator at Michigan.  He's considered one of the best young coaches in the country.

Sonny Dykes, Louisiana Tech head coach, 42 years old-  One of the youngest head coaches in the country and went 8-4 on his way to a WAC championship in this, his second season.  Son of legendary Texas Tech coach Spike Dykes, and was an offensive coordinator under Mike Leach, Mike Stoops, and Hal Mumme.  Played baseball in college, but not football.  And added bonus is that his offensive coordinator is spread guru Tony Franklin.

June Jones, SMU head coach, 58 years old-  Yeah, he's older but he's had great success at Hawaii and he's considered a very good coach.  At SMU he has only been 23-28 and has yet to break out, but he was almost hired by Arizona State before they quickly changed their mind.  The best thing about him is that Pitt could hire him and he could coach them against SMU in the whatever bowl in January.

Mike London, Virginia head coach, 51 years old-  I don't see it happening, though he has quietly become one of the best coaches in the country.  He makes 1.7 million at Virginia and that's not a poor school so I don't see Pitt outbidding them for his services.

Dave Doeren, Northern Illinois head coach, 40 years old-  An up and comer who went 10-3 in his first year at Northern Illinois.  This was after being the defensive coordinator at Wisconsin.  He's young, passionate, and talented.  He's not a sexy pick but he's going to be a big time coach at a major program soon.

Dave Christensen, Wyoming head coach, 50 years old-  In his third year at Wyoming he turned the program around with an 8-4 record.  This is after coming from Missouri where as an offensive coordinator, the Tigers had one of the best offenses in the country.

Butch Jones, Cincinnati head coach, 43 years old-  A big time coach who was excellent at both Central Michigan and Cincinnati.  He makes around 1.4 million at Cincinnati and Graham was making 2 million.  Even if Cincinnati could match that would you rather coach in the Big East or the ACC?  Plus, it would be great to make the Big East angry one more time.  I don't see it happening but it would make everything okay again.

Paul Chryst, Wisconsin offensive coordinator, 46 years old-  Played at Wisconsin but with Bret Bielema the head coach he will have to leave to be a head coach.  And he's been desperate to find one.  The question is, can he do at Pitt what he can do at Wisconsin?  That's one of the few places where you can have big cornfed linemen and just run behind them 50 times a game.

Manny Diaz, Texas defensive coordinator, 37 years old-  A future star who did a great job in his first year at Texas after also doing a great job at Mississippi State.  The Florida native is excitable and passionate.  He will be a great coach someday and Pitt will not be able to get him then.  Even though he's still relatively inexperienced they should consider him now while they still can.

Mark Helfrich, Oregon offensive coordinator, 33 years old-  Probably way too young for Pitt to consider but other major programs did consider him this season.  Obviously as the offensive coordinator for the Ducks he's a rising star.  He also coached at Boise State and Arizona State.

Brent Venables, Oklahoma defensive coordinator, 40 years old-  It seems like every year the college football world wonders if this will be the year that Venables leaves to be a great head coach and he still hasn't made the jump.  Of course that means he's picky and he probably won't want to come to Pitt.

Bud Foster, Virginia Tech defensive coordinator, 52 years old-  Another guy who everybody's been waiting to become a great head coach, but that never leaves.  Maybe this is the time and he can stay in the ACC, too.

Justin Wilcox, Tennessee defensive coordinator, 35 years old-  Another young and up and comer who did a great job as defensive coordinator at Boise State, too.

Pat Narduzzi, Michigan State defensive coordinator, 45 years old-  He's been Mark Dantonio's right hand man at Cincinnati and now Michigan State, and he's a huge part of why the head coach is so successful.  Will eventually be a head coach somewhere.

Todd Monken, Oklahoma State offensive coordinator, 45 years old-  A fiery and passionate  offensive mind without the presumed drinking problems.  Has been courted by a lot of schools in the past month and should be snapped up soon.


  1. There any chance they hire Paul Randolph or Mike Norvell?

  2. is jim tressel a possibility?

  3. No Teryl Austin on the list?

  4. 75% of those guys are pipe dreams.

  5. Tressel has to sit out a few years.

  6. I had Jim Tressel on the list but they'll never do that. And I don't see Teryl Austin having a chance. They are desperate and just as importantly, if Pederson is there, he is REALLY desperate. He's not going to take a chance on anybody. And Mike Norvell is only 30 so there's no chance with him either. Too bad, though, because he's going to be a good one someday. Randolph is Graham's right hand man and I'm assuming they want nothing to do with him. He's only coaching in the bowl game because he's under contract and somebody has to do it.

  7. Some of the guys are definitely pipe dreams but like I said they are desperate and they better come up with somebody great.

  8. Why no Pitt guys (i.e., former players) on the list? That doesn't matter too much to me, but I know it matters to some of the potential decision-makers.

    Russ Grimm? Last time I checked, he was OC for the AZ Cardinals.

    What about Carl Pelini? Not a Pitt guy, but an Ohio native.

  9. What about bringing Frank Cignetti back from Rutgers? He did wonders with Bill Stull, and was OC on a 10-win season at Pitt.

  10. If they wanted Cignetti they had their chance. They clearly didn't.

  11. Chris .. no mention of Gattuso.... is that due to the disaster at Maryland this year, that he was part of the Wannstedt regime or? His record prior to Pitt was impressive.

  12. You may disagree, but what Pitt needs right now is a head coach that stays for 10-15 years. After Wanny was fired we all wanted some "up and comer" and didn't care if he left after a few years... well, I don't know if we got "that" but whatever we got left after 11 months.

    To me, Pitt needs long-term stability more than they need to hold together next year's class. They need a blend of offense that is something akin to a high-powered pro style game (basically good blend of run and pass), not Graham's 3 yard passes and the QB making 85%+ of the decisions.

    Pitt needs to become "Pitt" again. Eventually, I can see a top-20 team with the occasional push into the top-10. That's a great thing.

  13. BTW...I went to UR with Mike London. Nice guy and he would be a wonderful choice. I'd do backflips if he was lured away. He's giving Beamer a real run for the money in recruiting Va kids, particularly in the Tidewater area. Good money at UVa - and they will continue to sweeten the pot. Hard to imagine him going to Pitt.

  14. What does "Pitt needs to become 'Pitt' again" mean? Does that mean we need to go back to the 1982-1996 era? That would be lots of fun. I guess Dan Marino throwing the ball all over the field wasn't Pitt football.

    This wierd nostalgia for three yards and a cloud of dust football is paralyzing our program.

  15. Yeah, Pederson would have to have pictures of London somewhere but I thought I would throw it in there as a pipe dream candidate.

    I seriously doubt that Gattuso will be considered.

  16. Nothing on Buck Owens? I think he'd be interested.

  17. Why not Rick Neuheisel?

  18. none of those canidates will get it. Pederson's ego took a hit again. He will once again be searching for the diamond in the rough to soothe himself. It will not be a big power university assistant. Frankly, after what happened with Pitt the last 2 years, would anyone WANT to come to Pitt who isnt from a small time school? Why go to a program with a meddling egotistical AD, a
    VERY angry fanbase, and a divided locker room?

  19. I screamed for Mario Cristobal last year and you told me it was a long shot. Cristobal plays the type of hardnose footbal western PA is known for. He's a perfect fit and if PITT puts up some dough they can grab a really good coach that doesn't rely on gimmicks or slight of hand tricks to win a game or two.
    It's a relief to see Todd "Kiffin" Graham head out west.

  20. Cristobal is still a long shot. He could easily end up at a good program in the south very soon. He really doesn't need Pitt.

    Neuheisel is another scumbag.

  21. @IMMA MAN,

    Neuheisel has retired to Reno and is running an underground craps shoot and an untaxed slot machine ring. Too get him into western PA you'd need to cut him in on the Oakland waste management hauling.

  22. Chris,

    I don't see any of the SEC programs going after a guy from south Florida. They usually cull coaches from their own southern culture. Even Chizik knew the Auburn way before leaving Iowa State for Auburn. Maybe Miss. State, but that is even a bigger long shot for Cristobal.
    NO...... I'm convinced for the right amoung of money, committment and control, Cristobal can be had, unless you think he has a chance of waiting out Will Muschamp at Florida? I hope Pederson contacts him soon.....very soon.

  23. Too many guys on the prospect list who have had very short tenures in various jobs. A year here-two years there-why would Pitt want another guy with a history of frequent moves?

  24. Because the guys with long tenures are either 60 or aren't about to leave. Young coaches move a lot. Graham just took it to a higher level.

  25. Thanks for posting some great candidates Chris.

    My favorite from you list are

    Chad Morris, Todd Monken,Paul Chryst, then Mark Stoops, and Bud Foster... but some other good ones as well.

    I've got to say though... I'm growing a bit disgusted as I see more and more Pitt fans posting defeatist comments like "Let's face it, Pitt is a MAC caliber team" or "No respectable coach is going to come here" or "That coach is a pipe dream."

    Is there no pride left. Pitt is not now, nor should it ever be seen as only as good as it's latest unsuccessful coach. Maybe most of the people posting comments are too young to remember how good Pitt once was. After all, I remember going to the Pitt games where the seats were completely filled with passionate fans yell "Hugh Green" in unison after the best Defensive Player to ever play the game would crush an offensive player in the backfield. I remember watching the Great Danny Marino throw one beautiful spiral after another down the field, taking that Pitt team to the top of the Polls. And for those who say, "Well that was back in the seventies and early eighties...let me remind them that the Steelers were Great like Pitt in the early seventies and eighties and then went south for awhile. What if Steeler fans felt the steelers were nothing more than second rate when Chuck Noll's team began finishing 8-8. The Steeler fan's kept the faith and believed that their team would once again bounce back, start dominating again and get back to being a Superbowl championship team. There is no reason that with a truly talented coach (who sticks it out), Pitt can't be back at the top of the polls in a year or two. Keep the Faith Pitt fans. We may not have Danny Marion or Tony D coming through the door.. but the next great player could be walking through that door or have already walked through it and is currently on the team. Let's keep the faith. We need writers like you Chris who are positive about the future of Pitt to lift our spirits and help us all keep the faith-not the kind of writers who are always cynical or trying to point out the bad stuff.

    I agree it seems very scummy what Graham did. But with the right new coach (and maybe at this point with the right new AD) we will once again see a bad ass team Pitt team like we once had.

  26. There are a helluva lot more worse programs than better programs than Pitt and that's a fact. Everything is there to be very successful. They just have to find the right guy.

  27. I know you didn't list Teryl Austin as a candidate for the HC position and you mentioned that he probably wouldn't be considered. I know he's currently working for the Ravens right now but he is a "Pitt guy," an excellent recruiter, humble, a great defensive coach with stops at marquee programs. From some accounts he wowed the administration last year when he interviewed. Is there something that we haven't heard about him that would disqualify him from consideration?

  28. I just think Pederson prefers to go with head coaches and bigger names. Austin may be a great head coach for Pitt but he's not the big name that Pederson likes. But, hey, who knows? Maybe Pederson will go for him this time.

  29. Doke:

    I am really surprised that you didn't include Teryl Austin on your list. I read that he had a great interview when Graham was hired, and the only negative for him was that he didn't have head coaching experience. Pitt is in a desparate situation having to face yet another transition, including the loss of another recruiting class, and having to hire it's fourth head coach in slightly over a year, so it's not exactly like we can sit back and be real choosey. Of course, being a Pitt guy would also be a negative for Pedersen, but I can't imagine him being in the driver's seat for hiring again after this latest debacle.

    Speaking of which, do you think there is any chance that himself (Pedersen) may lose his job over this latest travesty? He has been an absolute disaster in hiring head coaches both at Nebraska and Pitt, and has brought embarassment to both institutions as a result. I wouldn't be surprised if the Chancellor were to take a direct hand in hiring the new coach, and we can always hope he will send Pedersen packing. After all, he waved goodbye to another former favorite, Wannstedt, so he could do it again.

    Speaking of Wannstedt, he must be laughing his ass off at what has happened at Pitt in terms of hiring head coaches since his departure. He must think it's funnier than the clown show that the Republican presidential debates have become.

  30. You would think Pederson would be fired for this but Pitt has to find a new coach and they aren't going to be able to do it without an AD.

  31. Hi Chris,

    Do you have a sense of the timetable (other than ASAP)? For recruiting sake, they better decide fast.

    Do you know if the remaining assistants are hitting the road for recruits? I think a major silent period starts Saturday, so between now and then (if they're out) hopefully a lot of reassurance or damage control can be done.

    Maybe the bigger question is where does the assistants' loyalty lay? Tempe, or Oakland (PA)?

    I know this much: unless you want to reel in an empty class for two years straight, we don't have time to fire & hire a new AD, plus hire a head coach, then all the position coaches, all in the next 30 days.

  32. None of those guys will stay at Pitt. They have to find the right guy as quickly as they can.

  33. Considering the disgusted nature of the Pitt fan base, I'd say this hire is going to have to be a splash with both fans and recruits. Going to have to be able to compete with Meyer at tO$U for recruits to be successful. THAT's the caliber of guy they'll have to get - or else get out of the business.

    Pitt could survive one bad recruiting class. A second in a row could send the program back to 1996.

  34. CD-

    You mentioned in a post several weeks ago that Pederson did not find Howland -- Sonny Vaccaro did. Isn't that the key to running a successful program? Getting good advice from multiple sources and then making the best decision.

    That's how the Steelers draft and hire. Pretty good record for them -- a team that has not had the #1 overall draft pick since 1969, and has had 3 coaches since then.

    It would be a mistake to fire Pederson.

    It would be a mistake to entrust the coaching search just to Pederson.

    Pederson needs some adult supervision. Nordenberg and the Trustees need to have a real search committee. They need a good consultant looking at candidates.

    If handled right, this should not be a terribly difficult process. Pitt has the wallet to get a decent coach and is headed to the ACC. Plus, they have a head start since they already went through this (badly) just a year ago.

    Last year was a debacle for Pederson: The firing of Wanny was correct, but mismanaged. Haywood? Granted, you can't know the guy was going to beat his wife, but is that the best you can do?

    Conduct your process in a professional way, using all the resources you can, pick the best candidate and be decisive. Don't worry about a big 'name' -- for a city like Pittsburgh, that's too tall an order to fill. Chuck Noll, Bill Cowher, Mike Tomlin, Dan Byslma -- they weren't names when they were hired.

    They are now.

  35. My preference is for Teryl Austin. The fact that he did an excellent job at Florida for Urban Myer is all the evidence I need. Throw in his recruiting of the WPIAL for Michigan and his is a former Pitt player, and I think you have a home run.
    I think heading coaching experience is somewhat overrated. Chip Kelly had no HC experience prior to Oregon nor did Bob Stoops at OU. It's a nice thing to have but I am not sure it's really a great predictor of future success.
    As for Steve P, I really hope the man has zero responsibility for hiring the next coach. When you look at this entire career as an AD, the man has close to a perfect record of failures when it comes to hiring football coaches (Walt is is lone success).

  36. His WPIAL recruiting at Michigan is overrated. I'm a lifelong Pitt fan and even I would choose Michigan over Pitt if I were a star.

    Plus, not only has he never been a head coach, but also he's only been a coordinator for one year. As a defensive backs coach, he's been very good, but that's not the same as being a head coach. I can't see Pitt taking a chance with somebody so unproven. This hire is too important for them.

  37. Bob Stoops had never been a head coach prior to taking over at OU. Same applies to Chip Kelly, Phil Fulmer, Mike Leach, etc..
    It's nice to have but not really necessary and it also makes it a more expensive hire.
    Austin only had 1 year of experience because Myer left Florida and Muschamp took over as head coach. The fact that perhaps the best college football coach hired him despite not knowing him and then raved about him is strong evidence that he knows his stuff.
    Austin has local recruiting experience, is an alum, and is highly rated by the best coach in college football plus he will probably be an inexpensive hire. That's a slam dunk in my opinion.

  38. And another thing ...

    Pederson's record on fundraising and strategy cannot be questioned. He has raised a ton of cash, built great facilities, and got Pitt out of the stinking BEast.

    It's time that he either admits are it is explained to him that (paraphrasing Lyndon Johnson) he knows about as much about hiring coaches as an old maid knows about [shtupping].

    His coaching hires have been mediocre at best. Look at their records once they leave Pitt. His best hire, NMF Walt, crashed and burned at Stanford. None of the others have done anything.

    Dixon was his 2nd choice after Prosser played him for a big raise at WFU -- and we all know how that played out.

    So, Pederson's best hires were Howland (dropped on him) and Dixon (choice #2, or lower).

  39. I've heard Shell tweated that he is still committed. Same goes for Conwell. Obviously that could change overnight. They need to be swift and decisive in making a hire. I have no problem with a young coordinator, but would love to see Tressel. Although, as has been pointed out by many on this blog, Peterson, for some reason, is likely to be focused on someone with HC experience, and doesn't want Meyer's baggage. Things are already in shambles. IMOP this could put the program back to pre-Walt Harris days and is worse than the Haywood fiasco. Therefore, I see no problem in rolling the dice and hiring a young up and coming coordinator. There isn't much to lose as I think we have already hit close to rock bottom.

  40. I'm not saying I wouldn't hire somebody without head coaching experience. I'm just saying it's never been Pederson's m.o.

    Pederson was not here when Dixon was hired so he doesn't get credit for that.

  41. @ PensfaninLAexile.... Pederson didn't hire Dixon. Interim AD Marc Boehm did. Pederson had already left for Nebraska....

  42. Regrets on Dixon. Forgot about the Long-Boehm interregnum.

    Maybe bad hiring is some kind of virus in Oakland ... like missing foul shots.

  43. I think it's clear Pederson should be dumped, but I think that should be done sometime after a new coach is found. I'm tired of all of these people that want to hire ex-Paterno leiutenants and consiglieres. I'd have to agree on the choice of Mario Cristobal for head coach as he could recruit the speedsters down the Miami way and let's not overlook some of the big latino tight ends that are making a name for themselves in college football and in the pro's these days. 2nd choice is the coach out of Mississippi State (I forget his name??) Those SEC coaches understand the dog eat dog world of college football (seemed to work well with Majors and Sherill.)

  44. Teryl Austin might be the best available person but he will not leave the Ravens in a Super Bowl run and therefore may not be avaialable until early February. Getting a big name now will be very difficult, so perhaps someone who is hungry might be a better choice. I remember when Jamie Dixon was hired the consensus was “OH NO” and that turned out fairly well (understatement indeed). Now we need to fin d someone who can come right in, knows the area and at least some of the players. so why not…

    Just a thought. Greg Gattuso. He was a HC (minor program) was asst HC here and knows most of the players. He was an excellent recruiter also.

    The last assistant we had that went elsewhere and then came back to coach, was a good recruiter, and although was a HC at the other program unlike Gattuso who is just an asst did pretty weel in his tenure at PITT. Fellows name was Sherrill and he had a good run until he and the AD squared off and Posvar backed the AD. I am not saying by ant means that he will be the second coming but I think his defense was good and that Wanny’s offense never seemed enough.

    Unless PITT offers $3mil+ we are not going to get a big name, so lets try another route.

  45. Dan Mullen is already making more at Mississippi State then Pitt gave Graham and he's coaching in the prestigious SEC so I don't see him leaving.

    Gattuso is not somebody who is going to get Pitt back on the map.

  46. How about Todd Haley? A Pittsburgh guy and a big name...I would think that his availability should be of interest...Otherwise Bronco Mendenhall seems most interesting to me...Does Pitt have a realistic shot at him? Would June Jones consider...I like his offense...

  47. I've also heard Mark Mangino's name being thrown around...Isn't this a potentially dangerous possibility?

  48. Would Pitt be able to pay Grimm enough?...If they were truly interested? Bradley brings the Penn State baggage that nobody wants...Regardless of his claim of knowing nothing of Sandusky's exploits...

  49. Pitt has enough problems. They aren't about to add to it with Mangino.

    You would think June Jones would want to be at Pitt over SMU but I don't know if I can see Pitt looking that way.

    Todd Haley has never coached even one day in college so that's not happening either.

  50. The story on Grimm has always been that he doesn't have a college degree and Pitt, or any other school, wouldn't hire anybody without a college degree.

  51. Why isn't Marty Schottenheimer being talked about? Yeah he's 68 and he's never coached in college but he's also from McDonald PA, a Pitt alum, and a proven coach. He could make a big splash and his NFL pedigree would be enticing to recruits.

    He's currently coaching in the UFL, so Pitt is a pretty clear upgrade over the Virginia Destroyers.

  52. He sounds too stable. He needs more arrests and broken promises.

  53. Mark Whipple comes highly touted...Is he the real deal? You never mentioned whether you thought that we had a shot at Mendenhall?

  54. Pitt can't wait for the Ravens to complete their run to the SB, would seem to eliminate Austin? I think Pitt can get Dan Mullen if they want and he would be a great choice for the Pitt football program. It's too bad Pitt missed on James Franklin last year and ended up with Todd the Fraud! I wonder if Pitt even considered James Franklin last year?

  55. Chris, one small correction. Paul Rhoads did not graduate from Iowa State but Missouri Western State University. He grew up not too far from Iowa State but was never recruited by them.

    My preference for coach is Dave Doeren, Northern Illinois head coach. He would be a good stable, longer term coach that could develop the program as it transitions to the ACC.

  56. How could Pitt hire Doeren? Wouldn't leaving NIU after one season make him the same as Todd Graham?

  57. That is a good point about Doeren but Pitt is a major upgrade over Northern Illinois. Also Northern Illinois just won the MAC so it would not be unexpected for Doeren to move on to a better job at this point.

    One thing about Doeren that he would have to compensate for is his lack of experience recruiting in the local area. He would have to hire assistants to help him in this area.

  58. If Pitt can't afford to out-spend Mississippi State, how can it expect to sustain a top-20 program, which is what it is trying to sell?

    Pitt is not in a vacuum. It is in Pittsburgh, competing for entertainment dollars with the Pens and Steelers, two teams who compete regularly for championships. Pitt wants some of that, it has to be able to win championships, and that takes a championship-caliber coach who will come at a premium price.

    Fair or not, in Pittsburgh, Pitt is expected to compete with Ohio State, Notre Dame, Florida State, Clemson, Georgia Tech, etc. Look at the caliber of coaches those schools hired during their last coaching searches. If Pitt wants to compete with that, it has to do the same. Can't afford a guy like Dan Mullen? Get out of the business then. 30 years of doing it on the cheap hasn't worked.

    Mario Cristobal? meh. 2 years he'd be gone if he did well.

  59. Mullen is getting SEC money and it's over 2 million dollars. That's a lot for almost every school. And he's in the SEC where the big boys coach. I can't blame Pitt for not being able to get an SEC coach. That's almost impossible.

  60. as seen on the list there are good candidates out there to be had. with recent pitt history and lack of them wanting to spend big money you can cut that list basically in half. with some of the bigger names there and pitts lack of wanting to hire anyone other than a former or current head coach you can cut that list in half again. still there are talented men left on the list who could succeed at pitt and lift the program up. in my opinion pederson should not be making this choice. his track record in matters such as this over the years has me hearing the music played at the circus when the clowns come out. the higher ups at pitt need to make this a football decision and not totally about money. they also need to do their due dilligence in looking into these coaches unlike last time or risk another emberassing mess. the man to turn things around for pitt football is out there right now at this moment, he just needs to be hired. smaller and less well off schools than pitt seem to be able to do it and it seems to me they make their decisions based on football. maybe pitt needs to start doing the same for a change.

  61. Doke,

    You think Dusty Rhoads is the front-runner at this point?

    I'd love to see them go after Paul Chryst. He would find some lineman and give it to Graham/Shell 60 times a game.

  62. If Paul Rhoads does come, what type of offense would he put in place? Also who would be his coordinators? I know it may not be popular at most Pitt websites, but we could do a lot worse than bringing back Walt Harris as offensive coordinator.

  63. I like Stoops, b/c he's from youngstown very close to Pittsburgh, great d coordinator and will have a very solid blue collar team. I also like Bud Foster, and Oregon OC, now Oregon OC would be a nice choice also