Friday, January 6, 2012

Jamie Dixon's season is not unusual

Jamie Dixon has been the Pitt head coach since the 2003-04 season.  Here are some of the elite coaches who have had bad seasons since that time.

Jim Calhoun, UConn:  

2006-07:  (17-14, no postseason)
2009-10:  (18-16, NIT)

Jim Boeheim, Syracuse:

2005-06:  (23-12, finished 9th in Big East, needed conference tournament championship to make tournament)
2006-07:   (24-11, NIT)
2007-08:   (21-14,  finished 8th in Big East, NIT)

Rick Pitino, Louisville:

2005-06:  (21-13, finished 11th in Big East, NIT)

Ben Howland, UCLA:

2009-10:  (14-18, no postseason)

Roy Williams, North Carolina:

2009-10:  (20-17, 9th in conference, NIT)

Mike Krzyzewski, Duke:

2006-07:  (22-11, 6th in conference)

Tom Izzo, Michigan State:

2005-06:  (22-12, 6th in conference)
2006-07:  (23-12, 7th in conference)
2010-11:  (19-15)

John Calipari, Memphis:

2004-05:  (22-16, finished 6th in conference, NIT)

Billy Donovan, Florida:

2007-08:  (24-12, NIT)
2008-09:  (25-11, NIT)
2009-10:  (21-13)


  1. Chris,

    Thanks for providing some sanity to Pitt basketball and Coach Dixon. I mean, WTF - it's like he's never had ANY success to some Pitt "fans".

    Heck, the season is FAR from over - can everyone just take a deep breath and see what happens...please?

  2. Just a comment on Ashton Gibbs - I was at the infamous Butler game last year - 2nd row up dead center court at the Verizon Center (paid through the nose from StubHub) and I could see and hear just about everything.

    It was VERY apparent that fwiw, Gibbs was NOT a liked player on the team - Mrs. Moody noticed this as well - chirping with other teammates particularly Nasir at least at this game and during warm-ups etc, you could just tell how aloof he was.

    Someone reported that he did NOT want to come back to Pitt this year and only did so to improve his NBA prospects.

    Now, with Tray hurt and now Gibbs has had to assume the point for the most part, he's obviously struggling.

    He's taking bad very long range shots at times trying to impress the scouts (if there are any left at this point) and he's pressing.

    And, when a senior doesn't show up at the post game pressers like he has not done recently, his leadership is zero and with his attitude, I really think that Gibbs is hurting this team much more than we all know.

    I hate to bang on a kid but, these are (were) my observations fwiw.

  3. Thanks for the post Chris. Pitt fans seem to have the very short memories. It is incredible that they think he needs replaced.

    Jamie may not figure this out in time for Pitt to get a NCAA bid but we will be a lot better once Woodall comes back. Looks like we will have a couple of freshman playing big minutes next year.

  4. Agree with you Zatiti - his body language is horrible. one point last night Cam right made a HORRIBLE pass that led to a layup. He sort've jogged down the floor, flailed his arms and jawed at Cam. Another time Nas was inbounding and the ball was right at Gibbs's feet and he wouldnt pick it up to hand it at him.
    In my opinion this game wouldve been won had he not taken that AWFUL shot with 25 seconds left. They easily could've run down the shot clock and got the game clock to about 15 seconds, pound it inside and most likely draw a foul. Instead he selfishly took that shot. Ya it was rebounded and led to a 4 point lead but added about 10-12 seconds to the clock.
    I really feel this team would be in better shape or at lease improving without him. Its a shame but I wish he declared for the draft last year. Both would've been better off and happier.

  5. You will never be popular confusing people with the facts.

  6. Wasn't Gibbs the PG on the world champion U19 team a few years back ? Obviously he had better talent around him then but why is he struggling so much now ? Is he injured ?

    Also, with the football team and Graham vs Chryst .. it has been debated about forcing a system on to the players or changing the system to suit the players .. is there anything Dixon can change to help this team out and capitalize on what they can do well ?

  7. We get the point...BUT

    If we're being fair and balanced, we should also note that all of those coaches have been to multiple final fours (most made one in their first 10 years) and all but Cal and Ben have won national championships.

    One of the things that we've all loved (or hated depending on your perspective) is that Pitt hasn't has been so consistently good. No boom years (final four), but no busts either. Until now.

  8. No doubt about it. And I've been writing for years that those who say Dixon will eventually break through may not be correct. He may break through but then again he may not. There's only so much of a window so if Dixon didn't get to the final four soon he may never get the chance and that still stands. He's an excellent coach. But until he gets to a final four or two, then he can't be called an elite coach.

  9. Doke

    What worries me is that those teams, when they were rebuilding, had elite athletes on the roster as freshman and sohphomores. I dont see that with this group here. Yes, adams may provide a brief lift for one year, but is there enough talent here to help maintain it if he leaves for the NBA after one year?

    I think Birch leaving set this program back
    three years.

    what do you think?

  10. Let's be honest, how many elite athletes have Pitt had over the years? Not many. The way Pitt is structured, there's a fine line to success, and Dixon could mix and match enough to get this thing back on track. He's won big before with the likes of Ontario Lett, Antonio Graves, etc. so he can do it again.

  11. This is the same expectation the Steelers and Penguins have. Once fans buy in that this is a winning program, the coach must win or fans will second guess. This is a good problem to have. PITT FB, we are looking for .500 winning percentage w/ PITT BB you expect .900 winning percentage. High expectations based on consistent winning are good for a program. They fill the stadium. High expectations for a .500 program is toxic.

    Is it possible that pressure to make the final four pushed coach Dixon to accept players that do not fit his model? Does a McDonald's AA fit the Dixon System or does it bring in a look at me attitude?

    After saying that Dixon needs to figure out a way to get these guys to play to their strengths not expose their weaknesses.

    I think he will pull them together and still make the tourney.

  12. You forgot to mention these stats Chris

    Calhoun: 2 N.C., 3 Final4's
    Boehiem: 02-03 N.C.
    Pitino: 1 Final 4
    Howland: 3 Final 4's
    Roy: 2N.C., 3 Final 4's
    Coach K: 1N.C., 2 final 4's
    Izzo: Runner-up, 3 Final 4's
    Calipari: Runner=up, 2 final 4's
    Donovan: 2 N.C.
    Dixon: 1 Elite 8

    That's the difference between Dixon and these guys.

  13. Well, you forgot to mention that all of those coaches you listed have coached for A LOT longer than Dixon has.

  14. No, those are only what they amassed during the Dixon-Pitt era. So, I forgot to mention nothing.

  15. anonymous your comprehension skills still stink. what you just wrote has nothing to do with dokish's post above. his point being that those coaches mentioned have been coaching many more years than dixon has. so who cares what they have done/accomplished in the dixon era. most all of who you mentioned are legends of coaching. dixon is still wet behind the ears compared to them as most are when compared to that group. your last post shows your ignorance. seems the more you type the more you stick your foot in your mouth. i don't care though as i like to see the smug folks make an ass out of themselves on a forum such as this. i get a good laugh out of it. no wonder you don't have a profile as i wouldn't want to be associated with or take credit for any of the useless dribble that you post either. it must be hard on you knowing that everyone is laughing at every thing that you type and doesn't take you seriously at all. keep trying though slappy and mabe one day you'll post something that has some merit to it.

  16. So anonymous, what's your point in all of this? Other than just criticizing Dixon, what do you suggest Pitt does? Sounds like you want Pitt to get rid of Dixon - who do you think they will get to replace him? I know this for a fact - Dixon will have a job in 24 hrs if Pitt gets rid of him. Basketball is a game played and coached by humans, and as such, consistency is not a guarantee. I'm as disappointed this year as anyone, but it's not like this is the 3rd or 4th year in a row that Pitt has played poorly.

  17. Chris:
    One big difference: The coaches you mention actually progressed through the NCAA Tournament farther than a regional tournament. Dixon is not in their league. His soon-to-be catastrophic 2011-12 season stands on its own demerits.

  18. Nobody is saying he's in their league. What I'm saying is that even great coaches have down years so whether you think Dixon is a great coach or not is immaterial since it happens to even the best of them. That's my point.

  19. wow was the rutgers game just plain old emberassing. that was just sad and painful to watch. i've seen rec league teams that looked better than that. yikes!!!!

  20. A few observations: I think this year reflects what happens when a key team member (our point guard) gets hurt with a minimally prepared back-up and a "star" leaves...Coach Dixon, for the most part had roles defined and his rotation set when these unfortunate incidents occured...No one has told me nor have I read what's really going on behind close doors at practices, in locker rooms, on the road and most importantly the real impact of Birch leaving so abruptly...So far the team looks like they've lost the chemistry that's so important in winning, and winning close games in the Big East, and Coach Dixon seems to be losing the pulse of this team...HELP !!!!