Monday, January 23, 2012

J.J. Denman to Rutgers

According to a source close to the situation, Pennsbury OT has committed to Rutgers over Pitt and Wisconsin.  He had previously committed to Penn State.


  1. It's only a matter of time before we hear about why Denman wasn't good enough to play for Pitt...

  2. And the hits keep on coming....I don't understand this decision either. Wisconsin, Pitt, and State Penn are all much better choices than Rutgers. They are left for dead in the Big Least!!!

  3. Not only did Rutgers get Denman but there is a very good chance that they also get superstars Darius Hamilton, Yuri Wright, and Devin Fuller. We're talking serious talent here.

  4. Chryst sucks. I don't think he's going to land any big-time recruits. I just wish LOI day was tomorrow before more kids bail.

    It's been a month, and he still hasn't finished putting together his coaching staff. What a joke!

  5. This is like watching the fourth quarter of the Pitt vs Iowa game

  6. The fact that these kids stayed committed to Pitt until they met Chryst, and then bailed after meeting him, is what concerns me.

  7. Earlier, I was mocked, but I am telling you, this guy has no head coaching experience and he is learning on the job, a very bad hire!

  8. Until they prove me wrong, I have zero confidence in the University of Pittsburgh's ability to hire a good head football coach or develop and maintain a program that can win a conference championship. Mediocrity is the best Pitt has been able to do for 30 years, and that doesn't appear to be changing any time soon.

    Second-straight lost recruiting class = bottom feeder of whatever conference we're in.

  9. Wait a second...we are getting up in arms because a kid who has changed his mind twice before just changed it again? Relax.

    1. I can only speak for me. But no here's a partial list of wht I'm upset:

      1. Because -- so far -- this staff has demonstrated its high-water mark in recruiting success is a single zero-star waaaay too small LB (and/or a too slow safety).

      2. They have demonstrated an ability to criticize a committed recruit at center as being too short so that he leaves, but (so far) haven't replaced him with anything better. Nor will they, because all the remaining non-commits at center are shorter and/or smaller.

      3. Because we have the best OL coach in CFB but (so far) can't land any OLs. Nor, apparently, even keep the commits we had. Any half-wit used-car salesman should be able to sell that.

      4. Because Wiscy didn't let our guy anywhere near their recruiting efforts. I'm starting to see why.

      5. Because coaching staffs who cannot recruit cannot succeed in CFB. They need to be in the NFL instead, where bad performace gives you access to better players via higher draft picks.

      6. Because this guy is starting to remind me A LOT of Paul Hackett. It took Pitt 20 years to dig out of the hole that guy made.

      Anyhoo, that's why I'm upset.

  10. Lets not get carried away. We are letting the past memories dictate what Chrsyt is doing. I would be more concerned about next years class and what he does during the games.

  11. I usually try and stay positive regarding Pitt but, losing Denman is VERY disappointing.

    This guy could have been had and with Chryst and Bostad not closing this deal, that's a very bad sign for future recruiting.

  12. Doke

    Plesae see below for the distribution of the Parade all american football players that were announced a couple of weeks ago. How can Pitt, or any team for that matter in the north or even west, expect to compete with teams from the South? The elite talent just isnt here. I guess that is why the SEC has won the past five or six national titles. Even a northern star like Rushel Shell did not make the parade list:

    North # of Players %
    Illinois 1
    Indiana 1
    Michigan 2
    New Jersey 1
    Ohio 3
    Pennsylvania 2
    Washington DC 1
    Wisconsin 1
    Subtotal 12 23%

    Alabama 1
    Arkansas 1
    Florida 5
    Georgia 1
    Iowa 1
    Kentucky 1
    Louisianna 1
    Maryland 1
    Mississippi 1
    Missouri 1
    Nebraska 1
    North Carolina 1
    South Carolina 3
    Texas 4
    Virginia 3
    Subtotal 26 50%

    Arizona 3
    California 6
    Colorodo 2
    Nevada 1
    Oregon 1
    Utah 1
    Subtotal 14 27%

    Grand Total 52

  13. Wanna guess what our record will be playing in the ACC with a team full of zero-star recruits?

    Even Bill O'Brien at PSU is kicking our butts, and he's not even on campus yet. Per the nit's site, he makes calls in his free time (over lunch and at nites) while preparing for the Super Bowl. Not to mention, The Scandal looms. Apparently our coach can't be bothered to make calls to recruits.

    If I were Steve Pederson, I'd be calling that super-booster that forced Chryst on us and telling him to wake up his guy.

    But hey, let's look at the bright side. Unless the terrible -- let's be honest, it's a terrible start -- current recruiting trend is reversed, nobody else will want to poach our coach.


  14. Imma Man, maybe we have misjudged Steve Pederson. Perhaps he could call Cristobal and see if he is still interested. He is said to be a "relentless recruiter".

    1. I really wanted Christobal.

      Having said that, I understand the fear that he might be pulled back to Florida at first opportunity due to pressures at home.

      We won't have similar worries about Wiscy taking Chryst back (once Bilesma leaves) unless he shows a much stronger jones for recruiting than we've seen at Pitt so far. Which I hope that he does (but fear that he won't/can't).

      There are worse things in CFB than having a head coach that other schools want.

  15. Wait until you see the actual class before jumping off the Clemente Bridge. What wouyld you people be saying if Shell or Voytik de-committed.

    Give the guy a few weeks before you compare him to Paul Hackett for God's sake...

    Ok - he might have lost a few recruits but none of them are program changers Plus you dont know if he has anything in the pipeline either that hasnt benn reported. Yes, it would have been a good idea to place a few calls prior to the dead period...But relax folks. We're better off with him than with Coach Redneck so just wait and see before we determine that his success is predicated on losing Conwell and Denman....

  16. I realize bb practices are closed, but does anyone have a detailed (or otherwise) assessment of how Durand Johnson is coming along and what his future potential may be based on his performance against current teammates?

  17. You can't list 10 kids and say they are must have recruits. Pitt is persuing many other players including Ryan Lewis, Malik Zaire, Terrel Jackson just to name a few. You can't judge the recruiting before signing day!
    Ever think that some of those that decommitted were not pursued by the new staff.

  18. I can list the top ten because are the top ten prospects that Pitt was after. Lewis and Jackson wouldn't have made that top ten though they are good players. And Zaire isn't even in this class.

  19. I just hope that this is not a true representation of PITT fans. I am embarrassed! You are like lemmings – Doke sets the negative tone and you all jump over the cliff. Not one of you (including Doke) has one iota of inside information on what this staff is doing or who they are targeting. I have a novel approach – why don’t you wait until signing day to judge the class.

  20. Don't blame me. I don't know how many times I have to say that I'm only talking about AT THE MOMENT and not in the future or even the next day. Some of you people read what you want to read rather than what I actually wrote.

  21. Chris,
    In reply to you being surprised that Yuri Wright choose Colorado over Rutgers if you read his tweet over not liking girls who are "weed whores" going to Boulder makes a lot more sense...

    1. Nick, I live in Colorado, Boulder is 30 miles away. I don't know what a "weed whore" is (I can guess, but...).

      CU is a beautiful campus, but it's one of (if not the) most weed-friendly colleges in America.

      They have a marijuana free day in April (I forget its official name) in which the police turn a blind eye while anyone who wants smokes as much as they want. Doubtless including both students, students from other colleges, and locals.

      Plus Colorado is a "medical marijuana" state.

      One wonders if young Yuri knows all this?

    2. Definately April 20th better known as 4/20 I know well of Colorados marijuana laws I just took his tweets to say I don't like when girls try to mooch my buds, hahaha.

  22. Yeah, I read his tweets. The kid is a real delight. And Colorado is a major party school. That kid will be arrested before his freshman season is over.

  23. I researched malik zaire and he seems like an elite recruit. Today he said that pitt was in his top three with osu and nebraska.

    Chris, i know its way early, but do you think chryst can pull that off? Hes had success recruiting qbs from all over but can he somehow steal zaire from right in front of Urban Meyer?

  24. Zaire is really good. Kind of like a poor man's Michael Vick. Very fast lefty that's more of a runner than a passer now but he has the potential to be a very good passer. He loves Chryst and had Wisconsin as his co-favorite with Oho State until Chryst came to Pitt. It's still very early but Pitt definitely has a chance. Ohio State has Braxton Miller and will always have top QBs going there so he may think he has a better chance to start at Pitt. It would be a real coup for Pitt.

    1. Chris, Sounds great! Is chryst recruiting him himself or does he have an assistant going after him.

  25. I'm sure that's one that Chryst, Bostad, and Rudolph will all go after.

  26. Chris, sorry off topic but why hasnt engram been announced as the wr coach yet? I figured the announcement would come today

  27. Good stuff re; Zaire. Great if we could land him, but very encouraging that Chryst is going after him. Even if Pitt doesn't land him, its a good sign that Pitt is in the hunt and Chryst is aiming high.

  28. I said it before and I'll say it again. Pitt has the potential for a great class next year.

  29. Looks like Ryan Lewis committed to Pitt. At least there's some movement now...

  30. Chris,
    Any chance this changes when Schiano leaves for Tampa? Any other possible de-committs that we might go after?

  31. How does the hiring of Schiano in Miami affect this move?