Monday, January 30, 2012

Just some quick updates in case you missed them

Demetrious Cox has committed to Michigan State.

Trayvon Hester has committed to Toledo.

Chris Denman will sign with Rutgers.

Willie Henry has committed to Michigan.

Myles Hilliard leaning towards Syracuse over Michigan State.

Note:  Hilliard committed to Syracuse tonight.


  1. Why would KDKA give the time of day to this Cox kid to go on TV and announce his commitment to...MSU? They should only permit kids to go on TV who are committing to Pitt. Help the home team out with publicity like they did with JP Holtz last week. Any other one cares.......see you kid! Have a nice life!

    1. I totally agree. Something like this would never happen anywhere but Pittsburgh with all the negativity towards Pitt by the local media.
      Personally I will protest KDKA, like they care about me.

  2. These kids aren't asking to go on. KDKA is asking them to go on. It's news in a sense that he's a local star so people want to know where he's going, but I'm not a big fan of grand announcements for any kids anywhere.

  3. Because he's a local kid. A highly touted local kid. A local kid that was recruited by dozens and dozens of schools. A local kid thats choosing to go to a real D-1 school and not the local MAC program known as the PITT Panthers.

    PITT was high on Demetrious' list until Chryst came to town and never contacted him.

    Don't be mad at Demetrious Cox.

    If KDKA only showed local kids committing to PITT, then they'd only have a story once every few weeks and it'd be a 2-3 star recruit that PITT "landed" because he was rejected by other MAC schools.

    Maybe it's KDKA's way of letting PITT know that they let yet another local 4-Star+ recruit get away to a near by Big10 school.

    1. Absolutely right. KDKA should reserve its airtime for more stories about Pedofile State.

    2. Dear bitter and disgruntled Anonymous Pitt fan,

      Reserve your tickets now for the 2013 BBVA Compass Bowl.

      If Pitt doesn't make the worst rated bowl game next year, I'm sure you can exchange a ticket for something on the dollar menu at McD's.

      I'm not a Penn St fan or grad.

      See what happens when you assume things?

    3. We have to assume things since you're a pussy that hides behind the anonymous tag. Next assumption after that is you're going home to rape your sheep and burn a couch cuz you're mad that Pitt beat the hoopies tonight!

    4. Hank the Tank, you get 2 stars for originality on that name. Just like Pitt's recruiting class.

      It's not my fault Pitt Football hasn't been relevant in 68 out of the last 75 years.

      It's also not my fault that Pitt Basketball always loses to schools like Bradley, Pacific, Kent St, Xavier, etc, in the NCAA Tourney.

  4. Looks like Toledo got 4 players from Penn Hills...

  5. So that means you are just an ass?

  6. Sorry joe D, that was meant for the asshole above.

  7. I hope Pitt Head Coach Paul Chryst remembers how KDKA treated this situation and acts accordingly in the future when they need a real story.

  8. Not picking on Penn Hills, but the 4 or 5 people I know from there are Penn State fans.

  9. Well this sucks. Hope Rippy is coming to Pitt

  10. Bah, this coaching staff gets 2 stars.

    Not really. Look - whoever made that post about the BBVA compass bowl is a complete idiot (and a real douche for not making up a name to post under) Anyone who thinks a recruiting class impacts the next season you don't know jack s*it about college football. There might be one, maybe two guys from this class that see significant playing time this year, and they probably won't be difference makers (although Russell Shell could be the exception to the rule)

    As long as Voytik, Shell, Holtz and Bisnowaty don't go anywhere, this class is in decent shape. It's next year's class that will really tell us how well they can recruit.

    BTW - I predict the pinstripe least.

    1. Lateif - your predictions are worth about as much as Lateif Grim's rookie card.

      Pitt's had top 25 recruiting classes with Wannstedt. How'd that work out?

      Anonymous didn't say anything about recruiting classes impacting the next season, but if he did, he'd be correct.

      the fact that you say they do not makes you the douche of this blog. It's clearly obvious you don't follow anything other than Pitt football.

      Real D-1 schools that have Jr's go pro need the young guys to step in and play. At Pitt, since most of them aren't good enough to go pro, they always have 4th and 5th yr Sr's still playing = limiting the time for Fr and So's.

      Jack A$$

    2. First of all, if you plan to criticize another person, how 'bout manning up and coming out from hiding behind the anonymous tag, unless that's the name your parents gave you.

      Secondly, your premise is right but only in a short-sighted way (i.e., only valid for the next 1-2 years).

      Problem with your premise: in 3-4 years, when Pitt should be relying on juniors and seniors, we'll be using (mostly) the 2-star kids from last year's and this year's class. Unfortunately, so far, those recruiting classes (Graham's first and Chryst's first) are substandard compared to several years previously.

      Which is why coaches who cannot recruit (sometimes)look good for 1-2 years by winning with the previous guy's players. The truth comes out in Year 3, usually.

      I'm not saying that Chryst's guys can't coach, who knows yet. But I am saying that if they don't recruit nay better than this, Years 3-5 could get REALLY ugly around here.

  11. Doke -
    Given the size of the recruiting class and Chryst's seeming inability to close, are we going back to the days where the football team will be placing ads in the Pitt News advertising for walk-ons?

  12. Chris, any idea how we managed to lose Myles Hilliard? I hope it wasn't because nobody bothered to pick up the phone to say "Hello I'm your new coach, and boy oh boy are we glad you're with us."

    Hilliard will become a monster DE. And since 'Cuse is moving with us to the ACC, I predict THAT one will come back to bite us for years.

    Barring big surprises today, it appears that Chryst & Company inherited a top-25 recruiting class and mananged to turn it into a top-50 class in less than a month. That's not easy to do...

  13. People will tell you that Pitt thought he had grade issues but most of that is b.s. Pitt fans say that to make themselves feel better. It's funny how these kids with supposed grade problems keep getting signed by other schools. Clearly their grades problems weren't that bad.

  14. So far this current cast of coaches reminds me of the three guys in those "Nite at the Roxbury" skits on SNL.

    Great at getting the hot candidates to smile and wave hello, until we show off our moves. Then seeing the desired targets flee as fast as possible. Holtz being the lone exception.

    Well, there's one way my metaphor falls apart. The Roxbury guys are far too aggressive. Our guys are far too passive.

  15. Let me understand this correctly, Pitt's new coaches are not any good because they cannot recruit well. Must be due to their coaching history at Pitt! Wait, they have not even coached one game yet. Chill Pitt fans! Wait to see what this coaching staff does during games for a couple of years. If they do well on the field, recruiting will take care of itself or most of you will care less. We have two more years in the Big East if we are unlucky. If this staff is good, they should establish the program as a winner in that time.

  16. The only hiring that I don't like is Inoke Breckterfield. He wasn't well thought of by the UCLA people I've talked to and his recruiting ties are in places like Hawaii and Idaho. I can't imagine that there weren't better options out there.

  17. Sean Draper just committed to Iowa, by the way.

  18. Seriously, why can't we say that recruiting under Chryst has been a disappointment to date?

    Let's compare to Wannstedt and Graham.

    Hired: December 23, 2004
    2005 Recruits: 12 players / seven 2-stars and five 3-stars

    Hired: January 10, 2011
    2011 Recruits: 18 players / eight 2-stars, nine 3-stars, and one 4-star (This doesn't count the Brinson and Price, who committed later)

    Hired: December 22, 2011
    2012 Recruits: 4 players / two 2-stars, one 3-star, and one 4-star

    I give Chryst credit for keeping Voytik, Shell, and Bisnowaty signed, but it seemed like those kids had already decided to stick together.

    But to say that Chryst is not a disappointment in recruiting so far is crazy.

  19. I do have to point out, though, that the reaches they've added thus far are kids who actually could end up being pretty good players. Caprara, Roberts, and Lewis all have enough skills to be pretty good in time, at least, so I do think the staff knows how to find gems. Next year we will see if they can go head to head with the big boys.