Saturday, January 7, 2012

New coaching news

First of all, Bob Bostad will be the offensive coordinator and offensive line coach.  Obviously, Paul Chryst will still make a lot of the play calls, but it's great to have Bostad continue to coach the offensive line since he's considered one of the better offensive line coaches in the country.

Interestingly, Joe Rudolph, who was the tight end coach and recruiting coordinator at Wisconsin, will be the assistant head coach and quarterbacks coach.

As we already knew Dave Huxtable will be the defensive coordinator and Chris Haering will be the linebackers coach.

The new tight ends coach is Jim Hueber.  Not sure I feel about this one.  Hueber has a long track record as an offensive line coach, especially at Wisconsin in the past where of course he worked with Chryst.  His last job was two years ago when he was the assistant offensive line coach for the Minnesota Vikings.  While having a highly experienced coach like Hueber slumming as the tight end coach sounds good from a coaching aspect, he's also in his 60s and I'm not sure what kind of an impact he's going to have as a recruiter.  That would have been a good spot to land a hot, young assistant who wants to make his bones in recruiting.  Is somebody like Adam Breneman going to get excited to play for a guy in his 60s?  I don't know about that.

The new strength and conditioning coach is Todd Rice, who most recently spent the last five years at NC State, where he followed Tom O'Brien from Boston College.  Before that, he was the head of strength and conditioning at California and Rice.  Rice played at Wisconsin-Platteville where the head coach was Chryst's dad.


  1. Doke,

    With Rudolph being named QB coach as well as Assistant head coach does this rule out Jonathan Smith coming in?

  2. After watching the bowl game can we just fast forward to 2014 already with Chryst, shell and voltyk leading the charge.

    Have you heard anything recently about the ACC possible conference alignments and if they are still looking to add UConn, ND, Rutgers, LVille?

  3. I think Smith was a backup plan. To get Rudolph Chryst probably had to give him assistant head coach and quarterback coach.

    I don't think the ACC will do anything until they see what Notre Dame does, and they said they are going to try to first try to make it work with the Big East.

  4. was hoping that they would bring buddy back as the strength and conditioning coach. Chris what do you think of Rice and do you know if he has a good reputation as a strength coach?

  5. I honestly don't know much about him but Tom O'Brien brought him from Boston College to NC State so he must think he's pretty good.