Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Pitt 86 Providence 74

Pitt's win streak has reached one.  Thank you Providence.  The Friars stink but a win is a win and maybe this will give the team some much needed confidence.

Ashton Gibbs got back on target and was heaving some long threes.  He led all Panthers with 22 points thanks to going 5-11 from three.

But the best sign that things may chance is the return to form of Travon Woodall who had 17 points, 9 assists, and just one turnover.  He also made all four of his three pointers.

Nasir Robinson added 14 points and 6 rebounds while Lamar Patterson chipped in with 9 points, 11 rebounds, and 3 steals.  The fifth starter, Talib Zanna had 9 points and 5 rebounds.  Off the bench, John Johnson was tops with 7 points.

Pitt and Providence are now both 12-9 overall and 1-7 in the league.  Next up for the Panthers is Georgetown at home on Saturday.


  1. It's been an ugly season thus far, but I never give up hope on Pitt. I refuse to believe that we are 8-game-losing-streak bad. Out of last place, that's a start.

    I realize the opposition was part of the equation tonight, but if Woodall can keep playing at a high level ...


  2. Nice to see over 20 assists and them move the ball around. I still think their D is just not going to get any better and the turnovers it just bad. They turn the ball over unforced. I would like to see this team play their best game of the yr on Saturday and see what happens.

  3. a win is a win and i'll take it. ya gotta start somewhere. it was nice finally seeing some shots going down.

  4. Given the lack of comments I assume everybody is happy with the win, that includes me.

    There were still many rough spots. Providence was dreadful and Pitt let them hang close enough to cause concern.

    What was up with the students? Was there a competing event that only about a quarter of the student seating was used?

    Even the lower bowl seating was barely half full if that. There is obviously much angst concerning the losing but to totally abandon what has been a very successful program shocks me.

  5. Say what you will about Woodall being not great, but he is a point guard and it was nice to have one on the floor last night.

  6. Clearly a different team with Woodall running the point. Nice to get a win. Still...a lot of defensive lapses. Patterson took a three in the second half that would have put them up by 20. He missed and from that point on they let the Friars crawl back in. Once again, a fast guard who can dribble/penetrate gave them fits. The zone defense helped. They'll need a better defensive effort to beat the Hoyas.

  7. Shiano to TB! Do opportunities knock?
    - MikeN

  8. No reason to celebrate this win especially since Providence sucks, but its a BE conference win. I will also say that Woodalls return is key because be is the cloaest thing they have to a leader with heart and swagger. In bball one player can have a dramatic impact like few other team sports. That said, Pitt isn't that great, but you never know. That's why they play the games...

  9. Chris,

    What are your thoughts on Lamar Patterson? It seems like he has taken a big step forward this year. I know he still has a lot of dumb turnovers, but he seems to fit the mold of a typical Pitt player. Have you heard anything on what is holding JJ Moore back? I still feel like he needs to develop to have Pitt get back on track next year?

    Who do you see at the two next year? Love your site.

  10. Patterson has a good all around game but he's not great on defense and he's not particularly athletic. For those reasons, he has to play a solid all around game like Jaron Brown did. So far he's not near that level. He has to play better defense and not turn the ball over.

    Moore is still just a sophomore. Next year will be the make or break season for him.

    The two next year will be interesting. John Johnson is the most talented of the bunch but with him and Woodall at the point, they are very short. And Cameron Wright will probably not be good enough to start at the two. It's a problem.

    1. With Woodall's improved shooting can he slide over to the 2, and have Robinson start at the point?

      Any thoughts on the rumors Pitt is showing interest in Jeter? I am hoping that is a back up plan.

      I am assuming Adams will start at the 5, do you think Zanna is suited to play the 4? Sorry to ask about next year, but that is where we are at with Pitt basketball.

      For football, any chance Pitt goes after any of Rutger's assistants to gain a recruiting advantage in Jersey?

  11. Robinson at the one and Woodall at the two is the best of a bad situation in my opinion but I doubt that Dixon would do that. Especially early.

    It's more than a rumor on Jeter. They are looking at him hard.

    Typically Zanna is somebody that would as a 4, but at Pitt, they expect a lot of mobility and passing from the position. Zanna doesn't really provide either.

    I doubt the staff will go after Rutgers coaches unless something falls through with the guys they are already talking to.

  12. I have been thinking about recruits Pitt missed on such as Dom Cheek, Ricky Ledo, Truck Bryant, etc. What player that Pitt recruited but missed out on would have loved to see play at Pitt? Where do you think Pitt's program would be at now without those misses?

  13. What do you think of Jeter as a prospect?

  14. Well, the obvious one is somebody I've mentioned a lot lately and that's Thomas Robinson. He's a Player of the Year candidate at Kansas this year and Pitt was the leader until they signed Dante Taylor. Whoops.

  15. Jeter is long, athletic, and can shoot. He's a good player to have on your team. But he's not the type that's going to make a big difference for Pitt. You never know how he'll end up obviously but he doesn't project as somebody who's going to be a game changer in his college career.

  16. Are there any game changers that they still have a shot at for this class? This team is in desperate need of some talent.

  17. Outside chance for Savon Goodman but other than that, no.

  18. CD --

    Just a suggestion ....

    Screening all the comments is impossible. The world is full of internet douches, consider deleting them as noticed. Personally, I just ignore them, unless I can think of a good insult.

    Middling start for Chryst. If he doesn't know already, if you can't or won't sell, then you can't run the show. Pederson may need to make that explicit to him.

  19. I agree about the screening, don't worry about it. I have made a few dumb comments and had my balls busted but I never insulted any fellow commentors personally but I have been called some choice names but who cares!

  20. Robinson has some size for a PG...any chance they slide him over to the 2 and Woodall run point for a year? Robinson could slide over to the 2 when Woodall is out, similar to the Gibbs/Woodall situation now. Then, Robinson takes over PG full time as sophmore.

  21. I don't care about people criticizing me. It's more about staying focused on rational talk about Pitt sports. Some of the other Pitt message boards have been run over by idiots and I want to make sure this place doesn't end up the same.

    As for Robinson and Woodall, Robinson is a true PG and Woodall is pretty much a SG with some PG skills. Robinson would be really out of his element as a SG.