Monday, January 16, 2012

Syracuse 71 Pittsburgh 63

The Panthers lose their seventh game and a row and are now 11-8 overall and 0-6 in the conference.

One thing that was obvious was the team tried hard and came to play, but just couldn't match the talent and depth of the Orange.

Ashton Gibbs was one of three Panthers with 10 points but was back to shooting poorly again going 4-12 from the field, and 2-9 from three.  Lamar Patterson also had 10 points but fouled out and went 0-3 from three.  Cameron Wright surprisingly added 10 points and 7 rebounds.

Nasir Robinson had six rebounds but was pretty awful with 4 points and team leading 3 turnovers.  From the field, he was 1-5 and from the free throw line he was 2-8.

Taliba Zanna showed some signs of life with 9 points and 6 rebounds while Dante Taylor added 11 rebounds to go with 4 points.

Off the bench, John Johnson added 9 points and J.J. Moore had 7.

The Panthers out rebounded the Orange 38-24 but once again shot poorly going 39.3% from the field, 30.4% from three, and 52.2% from the line.

Next up for the Panthers is Louisville at home on Saturday.  Unfortunately, Pitt's problems will be talked about a lot on that day as ESPN will be in town for College Gameday.


  1. Chris, good summary. Pitt clearly had nowhere near the talent Syracuse had but I was encouraged by the outcome anyway. They shot terrible from the line and got a horrible performance from their second best player (Nas) but still were within 4 with around six to play.

    Any idea why Barton was not on the bench today? Some said he was watching DeMatha but it seems weird that an assistant would miss a BE game. Can't remember that happening before.

  2. Liked the effort. Instead of restating the obvious with everything, I will just say it was nice to see Wright show emotional and look like he was having fun. Zanna still can be a player, Johnson can be a player. JJ and Lamar both can play better. If next year James Robinson can play the pt as a frshman, if he can be that player and with everyone improving and Adams, they can turn it around.

  3. Don't bet on it johnyc

  4. This night sound insane, but honestly, besides the DePaul game, I thought this was the only other BE game Pitt SHOULD have won. They missed 11 free throws and Zanna, Taylor and Nas combined to miss at least 7-8 point blank shots. You convert half the free throw attempts and half the lay-ups and the 8 point loss might turn into a 4-5 point win. Stat of the game: Cuse- 20-23 at the line; Pitt- 12-23 at the line. This was the first time in a long time I felt we were actually moving on offense and passing the ball effectively. Also, can't fault the effort. I certainly don't think Jamie has "lost" the team, as it appeared after the Rutgers loss. Anyway, one can hope this is at least a step in the right direction. Still holding out hope that when (if) Trey returns they can sting together 5 or 6 wins and maybe catch lightening in a bottle heading into the BE tourney.

  5. But the thing is, that's what bad teams do. They miss free throws, miss easy put backs, etc. I think they showed effort this time, but clearly were just outmanned.

  6. Dixon set a record with tonight's loss: first 0-6 start in the Big East ever. Kevin Birch talked to The Fan. Very interesting interview. Perhaps Dixon should be doing more work with the entire team both lowering the ego volume and turning up the team volume. No one can say he is great a developing talent this year. Running elite talent off - yes, he's got that one down pat.

  7. I heard Kevin's brother, Khem, on the radio too.

  8. Chris do you think Barton missing the game a significant story or no?

    Bad weather between Springfield and Syracuse tonight?

  9. Foul shots.

    I don't get it. I've never coached or played but I simply don't understand why it's so hard to get better at it. Even in the most upbeat years under JD we just aren't that good with free throws. It matters to some degree in just about every game that gets even semi-close.

    You'd think that people who spend large chunks of their lives putting a ball through a hoop could get better when shooting unmolested. Either through modifying their technique or simply doing it over and over. What don't I understand?

    1. its not going to get someone to the nba or get them their espn moment shooting free throws. free throw shooting is a lost art any more with these kids.

  10. Thanks for the memories, Nasir. But it's time to sit him, bring him off the bench.

    I know he's "listed" -- sheesh, I hate that concept -- but he's shorter than Patterson. Which makes him a 6'-3ish PF.

    Which makes himn prone to get fouled, but watching him attempt FTs is painful. I thought McGee was bad last year, Nasir is worse, far worse.

    And he's a near-automatic turnover machine.

    All of which means he can't possibly play the wing, where he's more suited.

    Great heart and grit. So bring him off the bench for a spark. Let someone more

  11. Please show support for this program on Saturday night since college gameday is here. This is the fans chance to make their difference in the program. If you have tickets use them, fill the seats. This is national TV and recruits do not need to see empty seats. They want to see a fan base that sticks behind their teams. Be loud like we always were when the team was winning games. Believe me this game is being watched by highly rated recruits and need to see how great of fans we are and elctric the arena can be.