Thursday, February 2, 2012

Offensive Linemen possibilites for 2013

Dan Bell, Menomonee Falls HS (Menomonee, WI)-  Needs to add weight but at 6'6" and 275 pounds he has the frame to be as big as Bostad likes.  Bostad was already recruiting him for Wisconsin so he has already given his stamp of approval.

Damon Dillard, Marion-Franklin HS (Columbus, OH-  Bostad likes beefy linemen and you can't get beefier than 6'4" and 335 pounds.  He was also a teammate with Terrell Jackson this year so that's an in for the Panthers.

Alex Gall, Moeller HS (Cincinnati, OH)-  6'5" 295 pound mauler from one of the most legendary programs in the country.  Just receiver his first major offer, from Kentucky, with more to follow.

Andrew Geers, Neuqua Valley HS (Naperville, IL)-  Illinois is obviously not Pitt's normal recruiting area, but Geers was recruited heavily at Wisconsin when Bostad was there. He's 6'7" 280 pounds and is one of the best wrestlers in the state.

Derwin Gray, Dunbar HS (Washington, DC)-  Academically ineligible for beginning of this season, not as big as Bostad usually likes at 6'4" and 265 pounds, and Pitt almost never goes into Washington, DC.  So why is he listed? Because he's a helluva an athlete and is one of the best linemen in the east. His current offer list includes WVU, Rutgers, Ohio State, Nebraska, Tennessee, Auburn, North Carolina, and Clemson already.

Matthew Gray, Prattville HS (Prattville, AL)-  Giant kid who is listed at 6'6" and 305 pounds but looks even bigger.  He's an Army brat who has lived around the country, mostly in Texas. Was recruited by Wisconsin when Bostad was there.

Brad Henson, Monsignor Donovan HS (Tom's River, NJ)-  Another state that Pitt needs to hit, even if it's just for this kid.  At 6'5" and 280 pounds, he already has eight offers including WVU, Rutgers, Boston College, and Miami.  Bostad knows about him from when he was at Wisconsin.

Dorian Johnson, Belle Vernon HS (Belle Vernon, PA)-  Excellent 6'5" 270 pound frame and very good athleticism.  Pitt recently offered and WVU has too.  The Mountaineers want him badly.  Would be a great local to add.

Jaryd Jones-Smith, West Catholic HS (Philadelphia, PA)- Teammate of top Panthers RB target David Williams. At 6'7" and 295 pounds he has the frame that Bostad covets.

Patrick Kugler, North Allegheny HS (Wexford, PA)- Every Pitt fan knows about him by now.  His father is the Steelers OL coach so his technique is already very good. Currently at 6'5" and 265 pounds but look for him to be bigger next season. Has the frame to eventually be 300 pounds, or more.  Bottom line, Pitt simply can't lose this kid and there's no reason to.

Marcell Lazard, Bloomfield HS (Bloomfield, NJ)- Another reason that Pitt needs to get into the state. Great 6'6" 295 pound frame and already holds offers from the likes of Miami, Michigan, WVU, and Virginia.

Evan Lisle, Centerville HS (Centerville, OH)- One of the best lineman in the midwest, and if Ohio State offers, it will be virtually impossible to get him out of the state. At 6'6" and 265 pounds he already has offers from the likes of Oklahoma, Miami, and West Virginia.

Brendan Mahon, Randolph HS (Randolph, NJ)- Another big and talented Jersey lineman, the 6'5" 305 guard already has offers from Rutgers, UConn, and Boston College.

Steve Mathie, Glenoak HS (Canton, OH)- One of the best linemen in Ohio and already holds a UCLA offer.  At 6'5" and 275 he has great feet and athleticism.  Could see his recruitment skyrocket soon.

Xzavier McAllister, McKinley HS (Dayton, OH)-  Yet another excellent Ohio prospect and has the excellent 6'5" 310 pound size.  In fact, he is actually down in weight as he once ballooned to over 360 pounds.

Mike McGlinchey, William Penn Charter School (Philadelphia, PA)- Right now he may be the second best offensive lineman in PA after Kugler and his 6'8" 280 pound frame is right up Pitt's alley.  Already has offers from Boston College, Rutgers, Virginia, and Duke.  Bostad contacted him while at Wisconsin.

Kyle Meadows, Lakota West HS (West Chester, OH)-  Another Ohio lineman with great 6'5" 295 pound size, quick feet, and loads of potential. Louisville just offered and many more are interested.

Brandon Miller, Waterford HS (Waterford, WI)-  Big bodied kid at 6'5" and 295 pounds.  Was at Wisconsin's last summer camp when Bostad was there.

Dorian Miller, Metuchen HS (Metuchen, NJ)- The previous staff offered him but at 6'3" and 280 pounds he may not be what Bostad is looking for. That would be a shame because he is one of the best offensive linemen in the east.

Madison O'Connor, Pottsgrove HS (Pottstown, PA)-  Huge 6'6" 330 pounder that's perfect for the new Pitt style. Already visited Pitt under the previous regime and Wisconsin was interested in him, too.

Alexander Officer, Eastridge Senior HS (Rochester, NY)- Was offered by the previous coaching staff and as athletic as he is for 6'4" and 300 pounds there's no reason why the new staff won't be interested, too.

Jordan Page, Pennington Prep (Pennington, NJ)- Reclassified to '13 and has become a possible major prospect.  He's 6'5" 305, athletic, and his size 18 shoes means he's probably not done growing yet. Wisconsin was interested when Bostad was there so you would think he would be interested again.

Lovell Peterson, Wayne HS (Huber Heights, OH)- Another top lineman from Ohio, at 6'3" and 280 pounds, he doesn't have the great size Bostad likes but he's considered one of the best center prospects in the country. Illinois has offered. Ohio State may not let him leave.

Connor Riese, D.C. Everest HS (Schoefield, WI)-  Great 6'7" 300 pound size.  One of the better linemen prospects in the midwest.  Went to Wisconsin's summer camp before the season so Bostad knows about him.

Na'ty Rodgers, McDonough HS (Pomfret, MD)-  6'4" 260 is not the size that Pitt's looking for but he has the frame to gain a lot more.  His early offer list that includes USC, Washington, North Carolina, South Carolina, Rutgers, and Tennessee shows how good this kid is.

Christian Skrepenak, GAR Memorial HS (Wilkes Barre, PA)-  If Bostad wants big he won't get much bigger than this 6'9" 350 pound kid. He's the son of former Michigan offensive tackle Greg Skrepenak.

Elijah Wilkinson, Downingtown West HS (Downingtown, PA)- He's one of the better linemen in the state but he's playing in the Wing-T now.  Amazingly, at a very big 6'4" and 300 pounds he may be right at the cusp of what Bostad finds to be ideal.


  1. I thought u were a basketball writer

  2. Chris,
    Other than the ones mentioned with Pitt offers, which others are likely to get offers? There are a lot of names. Would Pitt offer and recruit all hard??

  3. I have no idea who they will offer. These are either the top OL prospects in the states they are recruiting that meet their size requirements, or kids from outlying states that they've had a previous relationship with. We'll see in the next few months who they target first.

  4. nice to see some good prospects on the board.

    chris, i just saw that nerlens noel has switched back to the 2012 class and he had medium interest in pitt. does pitt have any chance at him?

  5. chris, ive heard kentucky is it for him but it couldnt hurt to ask. so is this jeter kid from beaver falls likely to be the third member of the 2012 class? thatd be disappointing. nothing against him id just like to see a little athletic firepower

  6. If Bostad stays, I think Pitt will be able to land a lot of quality offensive linemen. This will be critical for the future success of the program, because as we all know, everything starts up front.

    I believe Bostad will be able to coach these kids to make Pitt's O line one of the team's strengths.

  7. The kid is definitely athletic, but I don't know if that's where Pitt will go. They haven't offered him yet as far as I know.

  8. chris, other than savon goodman are there ANY players left on the board that could give pitt a great scoring threat down the road or immediately?

  9. Nice list...
    How bout a list for DL.
    The OL and DL are biggest needs for 2013.

  10. Doke - Sam Zeff out of Montclair, NJ should get on the radar. His team just went to the state title game and he was at the combine in Phoenix during the Semper Fi game. Also, his dad is an alum and the kid has lots of family in the area.

  11. I considered Zeff but I was told he's about 245 pounds right now so until he gets bigger I don't see Bostad looking at him. A lot of these kids need to get bigger but he needs to put on 30 pounds before you can even say he needs to put more weight on.

  12. CD,
    Thanks for the hard work compiling an intriquing list of possible OL recruits. 7 from OH, which is good because OSU can't offer everyone and even if they do, some will see the writing on the wall and look for a place where they have a better chance of playing. With the move to the ACC, it would be great to see some serious inroads in the Md. Va. and NY/NJ markets (Fla is obvious but we'll see if it gets on Chryst's radar).
    If they lose Kugler, there should be an investigation into how Chryst could let that happen. Bostad and Chryst need to start sharing a lunch table daily with his Dad at the UPMC practice facility. Forget his size, his technique is likely flawless and leverage is just as important as size in the OL game.
    Hate to pile the workload on, but Joe D is right, it would be great to see a similar list for DL.

    1. I fell off my chair laughing...
      re: sharing the lunch table with Kugler Dad.. lol
      But didn't Graham create different lunchroom for Pitt? stupid egotistical graham...
      The OL is not that bad shape... but the DL is in terrible shape because going to a 4-3. Only 6 on roster... obviously some 240# LB's will be converted to DE's next year.

  13. I know of another one, personally, a HUGE kid out west here, a sleeper.

    I'd just "introduced" him to Mike Novell, they were in the very early stages of arranging getting him to camp this summer right before Graham bolted.

    As soon as Pitt names their new recruiting coordinator -- and no I don't mean Chad Voytik (smile) -- I'll re-start the process with the new guy.

  14. The only LB capable of being a DE is Bryan Murphy, who hopefully will be back. The rest are too small.

    1. I know... that is why the DL is scary...
      Only 6 on roster (not including incoming or LB to DE)... just not enough for practice let alone compete for a spot.
      At least The OL has 11 beefy guys on roster...

  15. Doke -
    Is there anyone on the staff who can recruit into NJ? Seems like mostly Big 10 guys.

  16. Geez Chris - is all all you can find?

    Thanks for the info.

  17. Chris, if he has ambitions to be a head coach either pro or college, why would Bostad consider being a position coach with the Bears when he can be a coordinator in college?

  18. It's still the NFL and people like to test themselves against the best.

  19. if bostad takes the bears job and bolts from Pitt 1. he should get a swift kick in the nuts from every player on the football team and the coaches. 2. another black eye for Pitt.