Friday, February 17, 2012

Some Pitt football recruiting updates

Ohio quarterback Malik Zaire is visiting on Monday.  If he likes the school and the city then Pitt has a real chance to land him.  One thing is for sure, though- this is one kid that Chad Voytik won't be there to recruit.

Seton-LaSalle tight end Scott Orndoff visited this weekend and even though Pitt hasn't told him that the has an offer for some reason, the visit went well.  He still says that he's committed to Wisconsin but most Wisconsin people I talk to say they don't expect him to sign with them.  It seems with Paul Chryst and Joe Rudolph on the staff of the hometown team, the Panthers have to be the favorite at this point.

Wyomissing linebacker Alex Anzalone is one of the fastest risers in the east.  He recently got offers from Ohio State and Alabama to go with Florida, Michigan State, South Carolina, Notre Dame, West Virginia, and at least a dozen more.  Pitt has not offered him and has had little or no contact with him.

Philadelphia running back David Williams is becoming a national recruit after running a 4.44 at a recent combine.  He has added offers from Notre Dame, Wisconsin, Ohio State, and Michigan State, as well as many others.  The previous Pitt staff offered Williams and he said they were his early favorite, but the new staff has yet to talk to him.

Central Dauphin linebacker Zayd Issah offer list now stands at five with UConn, Maryland, Virginia, Rutgers, and Temple.  Pitt has not had contact with him.

Erie Cathedral Prep linebacker/safety Delton Williams is a player that can really rise up the rankings over the next year.  Pitt recently offered him and his only other offer is Toledo so far.

Philadelphia 6'8" offensive tackle Mike McGlinchey just picked up an offer from Notre Dame.  Michigan, Wisconsin, Virginia, and Rutgers are some of those that have offered him so far.  Pitt has't offered him or talked to him yet.

McKeesport linebacker Hodari Christian and Hickory athlete DeShawn Coleman both visited West Virginia and picked up their first major offer.  Pitt is recruiting both but hasn't offered either yet.

Montour wide receiver Devin Wilson has an offer from North Carolina State, his first major offer.

Monessen athlete Chavas Rawlins has reportedly picked up an offer from Illinois to go with offers from Pitt and Akron.

Bishop McDevitt wide receiver Brian Lemelle just picked up an offer from Penn State.  The previous Pitt staff offered but the new Pitt staff has not yet, nor have they talked to him.

Clairton wide receiver/safety Tyler Boyd has recently visited West Virginia and is also planning a visit to Penn State.  No visit to Pitt yet and none planned, though Pitt has offered.  

New Jersey linebacker Buddy Brown held an offer from the previous staff, as well as the likes of Penn State, Wisconsin, West Virginia, North Carolina, and Rutgers.  The new staff hasn't contacted him.

North Allegheny offensive guard Patrick Kugler is picking up many more major offers including Michigan, Notre Dame, and Florida.  He is planing visits to Michigan, Michigan State, Florida, and Florida State but has not visited Pitt since the new staff took over and none are planned.  


  1. You are scaring me Chris! Sounds to me like someone at Pitt needs have an intervention with Chryst and the other coaches to explain that recruiting is vital to success in college football. Why in the world hasn't a single Pitt coach at least picked up a phone to speak with these guys? Why aren't they sending out offers? Many times the school that gets in early with a kid is the one that gets the commitment.

    1. Can I say I told you so.... I've been preaching this regarding Chryst and crew...
      I initially gave him a pass when he didn't contact the recruits within the 48 hr window to contact them after he was named HC...
      It just continued to go downhill..
      The "Just Offer" quote made me fall off my chair...
      He just doesn't get it!! recruiting that is..

  2. Wow? Seriously? They've talked to so few of these kids. I wonder what Chryst and company are thinking.

  3. This article actually made me cry... (ok, not really)

    OSU already has 4 commits (3-4star and 1-5star)

    How many of the 27 kids with offers has Chryst and crew contacted...
    How many other kids without offers have they contacted?

    That is probably a short article also...

  4. Chris, is the lack of contact for the seemingly major recruits something that is the norm. I know Fraud Schamm offered everyone and their mother but I was wondering if this is a sensible approach.

    I thought recruiting was about building realtionships...your thoughts?

  5. I honestly don't know what they're doing. All that matters is who they get on signing day, but it is unusual how methodical they have been so far.

  6. Maybe he should make Junko part of his coaching staff full time and just have him recruit. Seemed to do a good job of it after the slimy Toad Graham left.

  7. There are some very good recruiters there. Rudolph and Bostad can recruit for sure. It must be their plan, though I'm not sure what that plan is.

  8. Just PLEASE get me Robert Foster and maybe I'll be on the road to "believing" again...well, maybe with Kugler to compliment. Between basketball and football, Pitt is driving me the point where I have to stop reading and watching for periods. I hope that one of these decades Pitt can at least field one championship team in something. It's brutal for us fans.

  9. One bit of good news and that's that from what I'm hearing from Ohio State people they think Meyer may be looking at other QBs more than Zaire (look for Meyer to target Ohio QB Mitch Trubisky). Zaire wants to commit no later than the summer so we'll see how that goes. He's a better runner than Voytik but Voytik is a much better passer. Both excellent prospects, though. The more options the better.

  10. Rivals states more recruits at the game yesterday. Who were they other than Orndorff.

  11. Foster and Kincade were there, but it was mostly kids who have already signed.

  12. Paul needs to get a sense of urgency when it comes to recruiting. We cannot have instate kids with Bama, OSU and Florida offers and we haven't even contacted them yet, yet alone an offer.

    As far as coaches go, I think were better in the X's and O's compared to the recruiting side. Our defensive hires are questionable.

    On the recruiting side.

    Hux....not good
    Haering....? never recruited before
    Engram....? never really coached or recruited before
    Sweeney....not good
    Our DL coach.....? He will be bringing next to nothing from California
    Bostad.....better in actual coaching than recruiting

    Ruldolph......solid. He will need to be superman in recruiting. He will need to bring in 15-18 himself.

    1. This quote cracks me up "We're better in the X's and O's"

      If my memory serves me, didn't we say under Wanny that we need a better X's and O's guy?

  13. People need to realize that Pitt can't call or contact recruits right now unless the recruit initiates the contact. NCAA rules. Everybody call the hell down.

    1. You can mail and email!!
      No text..
      They can call the coach and the coach can speak to that recruit. Coach can't initiate the call and cannot return the call.

  14. Chris, this article actually made my blood boil. That's not directed at you, but rather its content.

    How freakin' hard is it to pick up the phone and call the kid, or his coach, or send a TM?? These kids are already accustomed to being BMOCs, so naturally they want to be wooed like the prom queen.

    This "We just offer [and stand back to avoid the stampede]" is the stupidest concept I've ever heard of (well, for Pitt anyway). It may work at 'Bama, LSU, Notre Dame, Ohio, Southern Cal and Texas for local kids, but they gotta hustle for anyone not in their back yard or not sons of alums. It's infuriating!

  15. JD, people know that. That doesn't mean they can't bring them in for a junior day, which many schools have already and Penn State is doing this weekend. Pitt hasn't even scheduled one yet. And it doesn't mean they can't offer, which everybody else is doing a lot of and Pitt is doing very little of. You're comment would make sense if it everybody was doing the same as Pitt, but they aren't. Pitt isn't offering the top kids in their own state, yet schools like Alabama are. Hell, Washington has even offered top kids in PA that Pitt hasn't yet. That's just a fact.

  16. Chris, thats what i was saying yesterday. Meyer has targeted a TON of qbs from all over and with marshall committed and braxton miller only a soph, the qb position there is deep and talented.

  17. Wisconsin has offered even less scholarships than pitt has so far. I know its a different area but they must be following the same stategy they had up at Wisconsin. I'll give them one year to see if it works out.

  18. By the way, let me be exact in my thoughts on this because I can foresee it now that Pitt lands some excellent recruits and people will say they showed me. So to be exact:

    1. The staff is moving much more deliberately than their competitors.

    2. That fact doesn't necessarily mean they will have an awful class.

    3. All that matters at the end of the day is who they sign in February of 2013, and only then can anybody have an idea of how well they did, or didn't do.

    1. what's the grudge you have with this staff? maybe half of this article is actually true and is spun extremely negatively

  19. I for one like the methodical approach. For gosh sake, it's almost a year until signing day! Yes, I know that a lot of high school players want to commit sooner, but there's still plenty of time. I'd imagine that the earliest they'd like to commit is before they begin their senior years.

    Christ is taking over a program that has gone through some major zigs and zags this past couple of years with two coaches (Wannstadt and Graham) in two years with very different football philosophies and styles of play who tailored their recruiting classes accordingly. It's a mish-mash of talent and Christ has to evaluate his current personnel and scout prospects and then coordinate with his staff on how to recruit to fill his team's holes. It'll happen. He's been on the job less than 2 months, I'd imagine we'll start seeing more direction on the recruiting front very soon. And Pitt will have a junior day, I'm about sure of that.

    I like methodical, that's the kind of approach that leads to building a strong and robust program.


  20. Anyone have any tickets they want to sell to the South Florida game. I have some 3 nephews coming into town that would like to see the game. They are too young to be recruited. Ping me or @mcmanustom on twitter. Thanks!!

  21. Here is an example of how Alabama recruits...

    They flooded a recruit with 120 letters in 1 day!!!
    Where do you think he is going...
    I remember reading I think the TN coach kids (under 10) sent letters to recruits asking them to come play for TN.

    As far as methodical.. BS... plenty of time to narrow it down and focus...
    There are some low hanging fruit so to say that are no-brainers to offer... take Ornadoff for example!!!

  22. Another reason maybe for this staff being methodical in its recruiting approach is there are only around 15-16 scholarships to give at this point. I'm sure there will be some attrition, but there really hasn't been from Wannstedt to Graham and Graham to Chryst. It actually has been somewhat amazing that these kids have stayed in the program.

    We'll see after spring ball who leaves, but I don't think there will be much attrition at all. A lot of the dead weight is in the upcoming senior class and there is no reason for those kids to leave with a diploma in their sights.

  23. Joe D - if someone sent me 120 letters in one day asking me to come and work for them... you can bet the mortgage I'd stay as far away as possible.

    1. Perhaps you..
      But these "kids" LOVE the attention....
      there are many ways... and slow and deliberate or meticulous won't win the day... in my opinion.
      We will see.

      btw... by my count some 20 ships to give for 2013.

      In 2012, Pitt made 175 offers.... Wisky some 140 offers. Even with Wanny, he made over 160 offers.
      We are still at 27...
      It's not that hard fellas..
      "Just Offer"..

  24. Doke:

    Who is the recruiting coordinator on this staff?

  25. Chris, do you know if foster enjoyed his visit the other day?

  26. Well, this post ought to bring out the Chicken Littles in droves! I see that the cock of the block is already out (Joe D)! The ink on the 2012 LOI's is barely dry. While that doesn't mean Chryst and crew can take some down time (and I don't believe that Dokish says that they are -- his update here is on specific athletes), I think I'll wait and see how next year's class shapes up before I send them before the firing squad...

    1. Urban Meyer LOVES that attitude JC!!!

      2013 class is extremely important otherwise 2-3 years in the dumps... reason being, 2011 was bunch of smurfs and 2012 was so-so..
      But, my comments started weeks ago... based upon Chryst words and actions.
      He just doesn't get it... recruiting that is.
      "Just Offer"
      It's not that difficult fellas....
      yeh right.

    2. We all get that you like to demonize a poor speaker for two words, But can you PLEASE stop putting that in EVERY SINGLE POST? I appreciate that hes being methodical and hes clearly using wisconsins recruiting strategy, but i agree that they need to move faster. However, just because the volume of players that they are recruiting is small right now, that doesnt mean that they arent recruiting those kids hard, ie orndoff, foster, zaire.

  27. Theres reports coming out of tampa that Bostad is leaving to join Schiano with the Bucs.

    Hope its not true.

  28. Everything that can go wrong for pitt, does go wrong. This just sucks. Its remarkable. If i didnt know better id say theres a world wide conspiracy to destroy pitts program

  29. just truly disgusted with this whole mess to be honest. seems recruiting is going at a snails pace, the coaches/staff seems to be in disarray. folks seem to keep saying there is a plan but if this is it then its a bad one. this whole situation would be laughable if it wasn't so sad.

  30. Losing Bostad obviously isn't good news but coaching staffs are always shuffling. I like the Paul Chryst hire and believe that he can be the answer to stablizing the program and have great success. However recruiting is the main concern, almost every player that's mentioned above either hasn't been offered a scholarship or hasn't been contacted. That's flat out unacceptable! If PC is to have success he better get moving and rumors of him not liking to recruit better be unfounded.

  31. FYI: Chryst and another assistant visited Lemelle at Bishop McDevitt and he was quoted as saying he "hears from them." The new staff has had contact with Zayd Issah through Artie Rowell but at this point can only have contact on campus. They told him they cant wait to talk to him soon. David Williams doesnt seem to have any interest in Pitt now that they have Shell. You also say "no visits are planned" as if you know first hand what the coaching staff is doing. For instance, you said no visits were planned with Boyd and then 2 days later he is at the basketball game. It seems like you have a pre-developed narrative about this staff and you are trying to fit the recruiting reality into your narrative.

    1. Okay, first of all, I'm not an idiot. I know the rules and everybody is operating under the same ones. In your theory, everybody would be doing just as much as far as offers, visits, etc., but they aren't. Most are doing far more and it doesn't take much research to know this. Secondly, they can talk to players when they come to the school and Pitt has had far fewer people coming to visit then those they are recruiting against. Lastly, I said no visits are planned to Pitt, according to the top local recruits they are looking at, not that no visits are planned by the coaches to the player, you totally misunderstood that one. It sounds like it's you that has made up your mind that all is fairytale perfect right now, and maybe things will work out in the long run, but to suggest that Pitt is doing just as much as everybody else is just plain naive.

  32. I certainly didn't say Pitt is doing as much as everyone. Not once did I even assert such a thing. Moreover, I do think they should be doing more aggressive recruiting. I never said you were an idiot, nor did I imply such. However, by using words to describe me like naive, and that I think things are fairlytale perfect you are definitely implicitly calling me an idiot.

    My impression of PC and staff is basically this: Pitt should be approaching recruiting more aggressively, but are being too deliberate. However, they have targetin certainly high level guys are and being more aggressive with those guys.

    I guess my last post presumed your impression of the staff based on your tweets and post abovce. I won't do that this time. I think we both agree they are being too deliberate and not aggressive enough. You seem to be more concerned about it than I am, to think point where its becoming a major theme in alot of the stuff you say. Essentially, we agree on our concerns with PC's approach. However, you seem to be a good bit more concerned about it. Well I'm off to sugar gumdrop fairytale land, have a good day.

  33. Chris
    Its disconcerting to think that PC is using an approach that is drastically different from other schools on the recruiting front, however it seems to me he has a style and temperment to which he is totally committed. The fact that its not the way JoeD or you or even I would approach recruiting is really not important in the end. Its clear he's going to succeed or fail using his approach. All we can do is hope its the former and not the latter.
    I also am not be the least bit concerned about which impressionable 18-year old has "committed" 11 months prior to signing day and to some extent even which offers they have received so far. We've all seen what happens at the end of the LOI period when everything changes and this will heppen again. In my mind, the only 2 things that matter are (1) winning and (2) eventually making offers to the kids who can make a difference.
    Wisconsin has been very successful with an approach that differs substantially from the schools mentioned in your blog. I'll take some of that success at Pitt and be happy.
    JoeD - As much as you provide some good info, its getting tired reading the same words over and over again. We get it, but face facts, PC's not changing his style for any of us.