Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Two football notes

As expected, OG Chris Jacobson is getting a rare sixth year of eligibility due to the fact that he lost the majority of two seasons due to injury.  This is good news not only for Jacobson but also for the program, who needs all the help it can get.

Scott Orndorff, the 6'4" 250 pound class of 2013 tight end from Seton-LaSalle HS in Pittsburgh, committed to Wisconsin months ago.  However, now he is opening up his recruitment again.  New Pitt QB coach Joe Rudolph was the person responsible for recruiting Orndorff to Wisconsin so I think any rational person can put two and two together to see that there's a good possibility that Orndorff could be a Pitt Panther in the future.


  1. Here it is... Rivals top 100 for 2013.
    Foster only listed at #26 (hard to believe)
    and the #4 reciever (hard to believe)
    only a 4 star... ridiculous.

    1. Joe D this could be a blessing in disguise. Perhaps it will keep out other programs. I find it hard to believe he would go anywhere else but OSU or Pitt but you never know! Also maybe just maybe OSU will get two 5 star WR's and then lay off D-Rob a little. Im hoping anyways!! hahah

  2. chris, when is pitts junior day? do you expect a lot of top talent to attend?

    ps scott and i go to the same school we talk every day. we occasionally talk about football and i dont like to gnag him about his recruitment but he has told me that he is very interested in pitt because chryst and bostad and rudolph were big reasons why he committed to wisconsin in the first place.

  3. Chris, also, how interested is 2013 c beejay anya in pitt?

  4. Any chance that Scott Orndorff is related to the late Paul "Mr. Wonderful" Orndorff?? That would be awesome!