Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Update on Pitt Recruiting 3/6/12

Confirmed offers, with Pitt's chances to land the player at this time.  Chances are labeled as Legitimate chance, Too early to tell, Long shot and No chance.


Malik Zaire, Archbishop Alter HS (Kettering, OH)-  Highly athletic 6'1" 190 pounder with other offers that include Ohio State, Nebraska, Notre Dame, and Wisconsin.  He visited Pitt and liked it, and  is also a big fan of Paul Chryst and Joe Rudolph.  Ohio State and Nebraska are the strongest possibilities, along with Pitt, to land him.  He is trying to visit Nebraska and Notre Dame this month and it's possible that he will make a commitment in the next month or two.  Legitimate chance

Chavis Rawlins, Monessen HS (Monessen, PA)-  For now, we'll put him here but the 6'3" 190 pounder could easily end up at wide receiver or safety at the next level.  Originally, he said he wanted to get away from the area but now he has softened that stance.  Pitt and Akron were his first offers but in the last two weeks Illinois and North Carolina has thrown their hats into the ring.  If he wants to be a quarterback, a lot may have to do with what Zaire does.  Legitimate chance

Travon Chapman, Roosevelt HS (Kent, OH)-  He's not the athlete that Zaire is (though he's well above average in the department), but he's further along as a passer than his fellow Ohioan.  Ohio State won't get both (or maybe either) so if the Panthers can land one of them, that would be a huge addition.  The Buckeyes haven't offered him, but many Ohio scouts tell me that he's just as good as Zaire.  Northwestern, Illinois, and Arizona are some of his bigger offers so far.  Too early to tell

Running Backs: 

David Williams, (Philadelphia, PA)-  The 6'1" 190 pound speedster saw his offers go through the roof after he ran a 4.44 at a recent combine.  Penn State, Ohio State, Michigan State, Notre Dame, Wisconsin, and Rutgers are some of his many offers.  No chance

Corey Clement, Glassboro HS (Glassboro, NJ)-  Perfect fit for the Chryst offense and excellent talent that should eventually get more offers than just the two he has now (Pitt and Rutgers). At the very least, I think Pitt would have trouble beating out Rutgers for him, especially with the Panthers already having Rushel Shell.   Too early to tell

Wide Receivers:

Robert Foster, Central Valley HS (Monaca, PA)-  By now every Pitt fan knows about him.  He is a must get and I still think it will come down to either Pitt or Ohio State.  Legitimate chance

Shelton Gibson, Cleveland Heights HS (Cleveland Heights, OH)-  Big time 6'1" 170 pound speed demon.  Ohio State and Auburn have offered and are his two leaders right now, so it's not looking good for this one.  No chance

Jalin Marshall, Middletown HS (Middletown, OH)-  One of the best athletes in the country, he will first be given a chance at quarterback but will almost guaranteed be moved to receiver.  Committed to Ohio State

Tyler Boyd, Clairton Area HS (Clairton, PA)-  The 6'1" 165 pound Boyd can also project as a safety but it seems almost criminal for him not to have the ball in his hands.  He's a local, Pitt has landed Clairton players in the past, and he's an elite prospect.  The Panthers really need to land him but somebody like West Virginia, Notre Dame, or Penn State could steal him, and all three of them have offered.  As of this moment, I'm not as optimistic as I once was.  Legitimate chance

Rob Wheelright, Walnut Ridge HS (Columbus, OH)-   If the hometown Buckeyes offer then it's probably all over, but either way he'll probably stay in the Big 10.  Michigan, Nebraska, and Wisconsin are some of his offers.  No chance

Brian Lemelle, Bishop McDevitt HS (Harrisburg, PA)-  Quick, sure handed 5'11" 170 pounder that also got a recent Penn State offer, along with Virginia and Cincinnati.  Legitimate chance

Andre Patton, St. Elizabeth HS (Wilmington, DE)-  Big 6'4" wideout with offers from Rutgers and Boston College also.  Too early to tell

Tight Ends:

Adam Breneman, Cedar Cliff HS (Camp Hill, PA)-  The No. 1 ranked tight end prospect in the country has over 30 offers and counting.  Final four of Penn State, Ohio State, Notre Dame, and Maryland.  No chance

Scott Orndoff, Seton-LaSalle HS (Pittsburgh, PA)-  Anybody who reads this site knows how good I think this kid is.  He is no longer a Wisconsin commit, and has since picked up offers from Michigan, Michigan State, West Virginia, Boston College, and Virginia.  This is a must get for the Panthers.  Legitimate chance

Offensive Linemen:

Patrick Kugler, North Allegheny HS (Wexford, PA)-  Yes, he was only a western PA resident for two years, but still to not even look at the local school is pretty sad.  Committed to Michigan

Dorian Johnson, Belle Vernon Area HS (Belle Vernon, PA)-   Excellent 6'6" 280 prospect that has loads of potential.  He has about a dozen offers including Penn State, West Virginia, Notre Dame and Virginia Tech but he's a Panther fan and Rudolph is a Belle Vernon alum.  No excuse losing him.  Legitimate shot

Mike McGlinchey, William Penn Charter School (Philadelphia, PA)-  Giant 6'8" left tackle with a growing offer list that includes Penn State, Rutgers, Wisconsin, Virginia, Boston College, Michigan, Miami, and Florida.  Long shot

Kyle Meadows, Lakota West HS (West Chester, OH)-  I mentioned this 6'6" 280 pounder a month or so ago as a prospect with a high ceiling that the Panthers may be able to get out of Ohio.  Florida State, West Virginia, and Illinois are his other big offers, but more will follow.  Too early to tell

Dan Samuelson, Plymouth HS (Plymouth, IN)-  Big 6'5" 290 pound farm boy that is the very type that Wisconsin has turned into an all-conference player years down the road.  Other offers right now include Illinois, Wyoming, and Bowling Green.  Legitimate chance

Defensive Linemen:

Billy Price, Fitch HS (Austintown, OH)-  Big time defensive tackle that has already committed to Ohio State.

Taco Charlton, Pickerington Central HS (Pickerington, OH)-  Elite defensive end that has already committed to Michigan.

Brant Gressel, Centerville HS (Centerville, OH)-  Defensive tackle who at 6'2" and 280 pounds, has offers from Louisville and a handful of MAC schools.  Legitimate chance

Scott Pagano, Moanalu HS (Honolulu HS)-  The Panthers told one prospect that they would only offer if they thought Pitt had a real chance.  Then why in the world have they offered an excellent prospect from Hawaii?  He has offers up and down the west coast and to think he's going to choose Pitt is ridiculous.  No chance

Marquel Combs, Pierce CC (Woodland Hills, CA)-  One of the best junior college defensive linemen in the country with offers from the likes of Tennessee (where he's from), Arkansas, Arizona, Mississippi, Mississippi State, and Kansas State.  No chance

Tracy Sprinkle, Elyria HS (Elyria, OH)-  Big 6'4" 250 end with offers from Penn State, Arkansas, and Michigan State among others.  Long shot


Ben Gedeon, Hudson HS (Hudson, OH)-  Many major offers, including Ohio State. One of the top linebacker prospects in the country.  No chance

Delton Williams, Cathedral Prep HS (Erie, PA)-  At 6'2" and 200 pounds he can play at linebacker and safety.  His only other offer so far is Toledo but he is highly athletic and could be an excellent addition.  Legitimate chance

Alex Anzalone, Wyomissing Area HS (Wyomissing, PA)-  One of the best linebackers in the east, and his offer list has exploded to include the likes of Penn State, USC, Alabama, Florida, and just about every other power.  No chance

Shane Jones, Moeller HS (Cincinnati, OH)-  He has offers from the likes of Penn State, West Virginia,  Oklahoma, Michigan, Michigan State, and Nebraska.  No chance

Courtney Love, Cardinal Mooney HS (Youngstown, OH)-  Offers from Ohio State, USC, Michigan State, Oklahoma, and Nebraska,  No chance

Hodari Christian, McKeesport Area HS (McKeesport, PA)-  Very good local prospect that also holds offers from West Virginia, Illinois, and Northwestern.  Legitimate chance

Defensive Backs:



  1. Foster is a long shot... and that is being generous...

  2. Courtney Love .... really??

  3. Zaire just got an offer from Alabama yesterday.

  4. Shane Jones' brother played at Pitt. (Eric Thatcher) That should put him into at least the "Long Shot" catergory. Also, as of 6 months ago, Foster was talking about going to Pitt with Shell and Kincade.

    Zaire is not going to Alabama and I believe he will pick Pitt at the end of the month.

    1. Didn't say he was going to Alabama but stated he picked up an offer because wasn't included in his offers above. Calm down bullscak!

    2. I know you didn't...just giving my opinion of where he is going...I think it is Pitt over Nebraska. And not that I'm a homer. I actually think Pitt gets him, Johnson, and Ornsdorff for sure.

    3. And yes, I know his name is Orndoff, but old-school wrestling fans will get to calling him "Mr. Wonderful" after Paul Orsdorff.

  5. If PITT wins they will come.

    Chryst and crew need to win at least 9 games this year and show what they can do with the talent they have.

    Will it be easy, NOPE, but they need to get fans in the stands and show that GREAT things are to come.

    I say PITT will end up with a Top 35 class which isn't that bad with the amount of time and connections we have to the area.

    Next year could be a great year with winning and building on connections

  6. What's the scholarship count for next year's class? There are 15 seniors I believe, plus Pitt is two under the limit. I'm guessing 20 will be the magic number. Half of that total should be given out to linemen.

  7. Desperately fighting for recruits in your own back yard is not indicative of a championship program. Pitt will not be a major player until it decides to be one; and the current approach is not that.

    I honestly respect the relatively frugal approach Pitt has taken to the head coaching position given the current economic environment, and its status in the Pittsburgh sports market. I don't necessarily like it, but I respect it. Pitt isn't going to make a ton of money on football, so there is little reason to pay a head coach $4+ million per year. However until it does, it'll continue to be a mediocre or worse program, or a stepping-stone to something more lucrative.

    I'm trying to keep an open mind about this staff. But given the past 30 years, it's difficult to expect much to change. I would not be at all surprised to see Pitt enter the ACC as a bottom-dweller, and wholesale changes within the athletic department within the next 3-4 years.

  8. Wish it weren't so but I think that 9 wins is expecting too much. One the national writers put the over/under on Pitt wins this year at 4. I think that is too pessimistic. Winning 6 or 7 this year would be a good start. Aggressive recruiting based on selling early playing time, good coaching and a track record of putting players into the NFL could turn this around.

  9. Excellant Update Chris. Keep up the good work!

    There schedule is putrid this year. 6 or 7 wins should not be a problem.

    Youngstown State
    FCS Team to be Named later
    Va Tech
    @ Buffalo
    @ ND
    @ USF
    @ Uconn
    @ Cinnc
    @ Cuse
    Temple ?

    1. WOw. Terrible schedule:

      Youngstown State : Win
      FCS Team to be Named later : Win
      Va Tech : Win (Just because I hate va tech)
      @ Buffalo : Win
      @ ND : Win (Just because I hate losing to ND)
      @ USF : Win (USF will never consistently beat Pitt, period)
      Rutgers : Win (Buttgers' decade of mediocrity is over with the departure of Schiano.. back to completely hopelessness for them.)
      @ Uconn: Win (It's UCONN. Come on.)
      @ Cinnc: Loss (We can't beat Cinci when it matters.)
      Louisville : Win (Loserville, nuff said)
      @ Cuse : Loss (I have a suspicion that Cuse will be much better this year)
      Temple ?: win (It's temple! come on.)

      11-2? Maybe 9-4 with losses to ND and Va Tech? Any way you look at it unless Pitt completely sucks this year they should win at least 9 games.

    2. Hurriquake, you beat me to it with the schedule analysis.
      Won't nitpick, but the toughest Big East game IMO will be Louisville.

      Keep in mind that with all the issues and obstacles last year, Pitt was in position to win 11 games.
      Lack of talent (relative to the Big East) has not been Pitt's issue the past 5+ years, and it still isn't.
      and while Pitt - like everybody else - may have lost a few decent players, no one graduating is irreplacable.

      I know we haven't seen one practice one, but if the new head coach is at least decent, Pitt should easily be able to win 8+ games unless the injury bug hits again.

    3. Come on guys, way too generous here. I am think more like 6-6.

      YSU: W
      FCS: W
      Va Tech: L
      Buffalo: W
      ND: L
      USF: L
      Rutgers: L
      Uconn: W
      Cincy: L
      Louisville: L
      Cuse: W
      Temple : W (Maybe)

  10. Doke - What ever happened to Tyrique Jarrett from Allderdice? I thought that he was a firm 2012 commit for Pitt.

    1. Did not have the grades. Going to prep

  11. Chris, why do you list David Williams as a "no chance"? Is it the speculation we read about him shying away from competing against Shell or do you think he just wants a bigger name program? If it's the former, every major team recruiting him will have a young back on par with or better than Shell. Any idea what his mindset is?

    1. Top kids will compete with other top kids to be at a top program. No top player is going to come to Pitt unless he's guaranteed to play a lot.

  12. Chris,
    Why aren't they recruiting ACC country yet? Are they working outward from Pittsburgh, evaluating mid-Atlantic players, still establishing contacts with the HS coaches, or just don't think the mid-atlantic is their recruiting area?

    1. I think they'll probably get a few southern kids eventually, but they work slow, slow, slow. They just recently started offering eastern PA kids.

  13. I'm not complaining because I am not inside the meeting rooms or linked to a source close to the program but if you look at the amount of scholarships Pitt has offered and then subtracted the recruits who have already verbaled to other big-time schools (certainly not edged in stone yet but verbaled) then Pitt really has not officially offered many players it seems.

    I actually like what I heard from Chryst last month regarding a personal approach to recruitment. He mentioned he would not have a huge Junior Day, and instead would bring in position players in smaller groups to create a closer relationship. I like this idea. Chris, any word on how this is going so far or if Chryst has actually implemented this approach?

  14. nice article from a Madhttp://bleacherreport.com/tb/bftbc?utm_source=newsletter&utm_medium=newsletter&utm_campaign=pitt-footballison Newspaper

  15. Chris, any word on Aliquippas' own Malik Shegog as a corner? He was a legitimate shut down as a junior. Has really impressed people at the drill camps. I also think he will be playing QB for the Quips this year as well.

    1. He has a few good offers. Pitt isn't one of them yet. They aren't in a huge market for DBs this year. Mostly WR, OL, and DL this time.

  16. Yeah I forgot about that. However, it would sicken everybody if he was another Ty Law or Revis. Of even half of either one of those two.

  17. Sheesh... enough of the Ohio recruits. Ohio is worse off than PA in population flight. Couple that w/ competing against the B10? You end up competing against the MAC - and looking like a MAC team.

  18. George H - if you read that article it sounds like Orndoff already committed and the Bleacher Report Blog headlined that. I'm not sure that actually happened though.

    According to my count from looking at the recruiting sites and this blog Chris states we have 31 offers out, ESPN - 29, Scout - 33 and Panther 24/7 - 36.

    That doesn't seem to me like the staff has been sitting around. Obviously they are not using the shotgun effect here either.

    Chris - I'm not sure what you mean by this statement: "Top kids will compete with other top kids to be at a top program. No top player is going to come to Pitt unless he's guaranteed to play a lot." I recall PITT having very highly rated recruits who didn't play much at all, were they guaranteed playing time by DW?

    1. You're kidding... right!!!

      It's real easy to figure out which 4/5 stars you want to offer... and they haven't done that... they have been late with the offers.
      Seems to me, they are focused on unranked recruits...
      So, this will be a very-mac like recruiting year...

      Betcha Toledo has a higher ranking in recruiting than PITT...

      and yes... they have been sitting around!!!

    2. It has nothing to do with being guaranteed playing time. What I'm saying is that if you are going to have to battle a top player, you're going to do it at a better program. You only come to Pitt as an elite player if you don't have competition.

    3. I don't think that is necessarily the case, but I do see your point.

      Still, I'm less worried about the stars a kid has as I am about the way they are going to be developed.

      Athletic ability means nothing if they aren't there mentally, and good coaching gets kids there mentally.

      Also I'm of the mind that games are won and lost in the trenches of the lines.. which means strength, strength, and more strength along with large amounts of toughness and conditioning thrown in there. .... (insert joke about a yoga instructor making the lines strong and fit here)

  19. Imma Man! Im 40!March 7, 2012 at 7:02 PM

    For those of you above who are trying to predict number of wins: don't you want to know the starting QB first? I think that's a pretty big missing piece of data.

    My point: if Tino the Great and the Cirq du Sunseri somehow conns another HC to give him a baffling 3rd year as starter, I think 4 wins might be about right.

  20. Really? Pitt won 6 this year so you expect 4 with a phenom offensive coach and a weaker schedule? Ok

  21. Hurry up and get your season tickets now. We have Gardner Webb coming to Heinz field. I know they didnt have much choice but its going to be a lot of empty seats for to watch Tino and PC first year.

    Pitt nonconference games
    Sept. 1 Youngstown State
    Sept. 15 Virginia Tech
    Sept. 22 Gardner-Webb
    Oct. 6 at Buffalo
    Nov. 3 at Notre Dame

    Big East games
    Home: Louisville, Rutgers, Temple
    Away: Cincinnati, Connecticut, Syracuse, USF

    1. Yes, the powderpuff schedule is setup for Chryst to get AT LEAST 8 wins in regular season!!!

  22. Chris: rivals is saying that pitt offered lb shane jones and he has strong family ties to pitt. How would you categorize pitts chances at him?

    1. I already did the other day in this very post.

  23. Chris,

    Off topic - any chance Adams plays PF next year? I haven't seen much of him so for all I know that may be ridiculous, but he seems athletic enough and it may free him up a bit offensively. He has a jump shot and can put the ball on the floor a little.

    I have a feeling BE Centers could push him around a bit - he's already admitted that American ball is more physical than he's used to. Gilbert and Adams as a front court would be pretty formidable with Moore and Patterson playing the wings.

    1. Ive thought about this. Hes got the skills offensively to play the 4 or 5 and obviously the size of a big 5 at 7' 245. Hes athletic but my only question is, can he keep up with another teams 4 on defense? Regardless, i dont think that jamie would put both adams and gilbert out there together.

    2. That's the thing, I think he could keep up with the 4's and it looks like he can shoot. Would he do any worse than Taylor moving to the 4? Taylor is obviously going to remain at the 5 as a backup and Gilbert is a true center. Adams has true center size but he looks more Novitsky than Blair to me. I don't know if the BE has seen a front line that big since Mourning and Mutumbo for G-Town. I know it's unrealistic but it could be interesting.

    3. We could have a pretty "long" lineup next year with Taylor/Zanna, Adams, Moore, Patterson, Woodall...could we see a little 1-3-1? Possibly hurt our rebounding, but would clog the lane and put more pressure on the perimeter.

      Wouldn't mind seeing that as a change of pace.

    4. Adams won't be at the 4. A 4 at Pitt has to do a lot more than a 5. That's why a 4 at Pitt takes forever to take over. It even took Sam Young two years.

  24. There is no such thing as a "must-get." That term is irksome---what if we failed to land a "must-get?" Would the program cease to be? Would it be guaranteed five years of losing? Clearly neither of these is true. The only reason to use language like that is to set the program up for ridicule if we fail to land such a "must-get." It's inane.

    1. Of course there are must gets. If you can't get elite players in your own backyard then you aren't going to get them elsewhere. And if you don't get elite players, you aren't going to be very good.

    2. That's a false claim---there are teams that are very good that do not get elite players. I am not saying these are the norm, but there are plenty of counterexamples to your point.

      But even if the claim were valid, the question remains as to what you mean by "must-get." We must get Foster, or else...?

    3. Imma Man! Im 40!March 9, 2012 at 8:18 PM

      shruggs, please name one example, in a major conference. I can't think of a single one.

      And no, Boise doesn't count because they wouldn't have a string of 11-win seasons in a strong conference.

    4. Wisconsin, arkansas, kansas state, oklahoma state, stanford. All of which have recruiting classes comparable to or worse than pitts over the past. Stanford had a great class this past year but that doesnt effect past years.

    5. Arkansas recruited very well from 2005 thru 2009, which why they've been good. They've gotten a few 5 star guys.

      Kansas State? They won 10 games last year and suddenly they are great? Are you serious? They've been mediocre at best for over a decade.

      Gotta give you Okie State and Wisconsin, though.

    6. Who said great? He said "good teams".

    7. Neither Doke nor I said anything about conferences. But, Oklahoma State, Wisconsin, and Stanford serve as very nice examples.

      My issue is not with classes in aggregate; on average, teams with better recruits perform better. My issue is with instantiating that aggregate truism to a particular recruit. If we have a terrible class that includes Foster, our team won't get much better. If we have a great class that doesn't include Foster, his absence won't hurt much. Calling him a "must-get" is just a way to buy negativity insurance if we don't land him.

      So, to summarize: this is not one of those "recruiting doesn't matter because we're going to coach 'em up" kind of things. It is a "hey, when you use that kind of language about recruiting, you're not doing anybody much good" kind of thing.

    8. I'm not trying to make Pitt good. I'm just telling you the truth. If they can't even get kid the top prospects in their own backyard, then I can tell you that Pitt won't be very good. It's just common sense. You want to be great, you need great players and if Pitt can't get the local excellent kids then they aren't getting them elsewhere either.

      That doesn't mean won't have good seasons with Chryst coaching, but I'm not talking about "good" seasons. Pitt has had those. I'm talking about excellent seasons. And if you want excellent seasons then there are definitely must gets. The difference between 8 and 10 win seasons is must get Robert Foster and a WR the caliber of Mike Shanahan.

    9. Then you have to establish that Pitt cannot be great without Robert Foster and that they can be great with him.

      Look at the claim you just made, and take what you said seriously. If we have 84 players that are exactly the same, and the 85th is Mike Shanahan versus Robert Foster, are we really to think that the difference is 2 full wins? Jon Baldwin helped illustrate that a great WR is only as productive as his QB, his line, his running game, and so on. There are far too many dependencies on the football field to make such quick declarations.

      And geography...people talk about fences or walls or whatever, but I tend to think of geographic proximity as one input a function capturing the effectiveness of recruiting effort. We can recruit a three-star player from Arizona 'til the cows come home but (on average) he's just not going to respond to our recruiting efforts. That is, local prospects are *cheaper* to come by (in terms of effort) and distant prospects are *more expensive*. This does NOT mean that any given player is a sure-fire commit just because he's local or that he's a sure-fire non-commit just because he's distant. This is about on-average effectiveness of effort. It is entirely possible that, despite our VERY BEST efforts and despite our geographic advantages...Foster goes elsewhere. And then how is that to be interpreted?

      We need talent---we need elite talent. But that doesn't mean that we NEED Robert Foster. Good God do I ever hope that we land him, because he seems like one of the best players in the area in a long time. But if we don't, then the program isn't sidetracked forever. There are multiple ways to stockpile talent. There are hundreds of prospects per year and five or six years represented on a squad. That's thousands of prospects that are relevant for a given squad. I'm not going to call one a "must-get" (even if we land him!) just because he's really good and local. That's just silly and it's not a healthy schema to interpret the program with. I hope you see that.

    10. look, if you can't see that getting the best local players is important than I can't help you

    11. I understand what shruggs is saying but i tend to agree with chris. There are certain things that struugling teams MUST do to get on track. That includes keeping a lot of the best players in your given area at home. In fosters case, if pitt cant keep him home when so many of his friends go there, he can stay within 30 minutes of his home (something important to him), etc etc... Thats a failure. Pitt is not bama, or florida, or osu. Pitt cant go into somebody's home in georgia or texas or whatever and sell the program with a reasonable chance of landibg the player. Not yet anyways. If they start winnning 10 or 11 games a year then that could change but the main priority recruiting-wise for pitt is to get the best from their area coupled with players from their geographical part of the country until theyre having enough success that they can actually go around the country without having the kid laugh when they walk out the door.

      Chris: do you honestly think pitt can still get foster? Some, joe d, are saying that they hear third hand that pitt has no shot. Is that fact or is it joe being his usual negative self?

    12. Where did I say that it's not important to land the best local players? There is a difference between "important" and "so important that if it doesn't happen 100% of the time, the program is a failure." Again, I am not saying (1) talent doesn't matter or (2) local talent isn't cheaper (in terms of effort). I AM saying that those claims are on average. If Foster decides to go somewhere else---which is possible, even probable, even if Pitt does everything possible---then the program is not dead. And that is what "must-get" seems to imply.

      Don't confuse the two. If we don't get Foster, my language has us being disappointed. Your language has us jumping off a bridge.

    13. The assumption is that we can't get elite local guys, there is no way we are getting nonlocal elite guys.

    14. Oh yes, I understand perfectly well what Doke is saying. He just chooses to use irksome language as he says it.

    15. Lets agree then that pitt should get these players, ala foster/boyd, sooner rather than later. If pitt wins, theyll get good players, but lets hope they can get some good ones to help along the way.

  25. Chris - This Zeff kid that has been mentioned a few times intrigues me. According to Rivals he is up to 277. He has gone to the combine in Arizona, runs well and is part of a football factory in NJ. Yet Rivals hasn't rated him yet and he has not received any offers? What gives?

    1. LOL... Montclair is NOT a football factory..
      Gaining 30lbs in 3 months is not believable..
      C'mon man!!!

    2. Incorrect.

      Through proper diet and muscle building exercise it isn't out of the realm of possibility to gain 30 pounds in 3 months.

      It will likely not be all muscle unless the kid is juicing, but it would still be a large percentage muscle and would also make him much, much stronger.

      Also once you start getting into lineman size 30 pounds is like what 15 pounds is for normal people like me.

  26. Montclair is going to state championship games and sending kids to D-1 schools so that qualifies as a factory to me. Also, I am surprised that a brainiac like you doesn't realize that initial weighings are done in the summer and kids tend to gain weight as they grow and after the season.

    1. chris... i'm in NJ...
      montclair.. that is this year..
      a "factory"... is a school that produces D-1 football players EVERY year... like North Allegheny for instance!

      Montclair is known for their soccer... and yes, they are a soccer "factory"..
      anybody can have anything written on their profile... when turned down by Pitt... 2 weeks later his weight increased by 30 lbs.. I don't think so!

    2. Chris,
      In 2012... Montclair had 1 go to Rutgers and 3 to Temple..

      for the prior 5 years... ZERO D-1 recruits...

      Montclair was good in 2012... it was an anomoly!!!
      Get your facts straight... to call Montclair a football factory is a joke!!!

    3. Look out ChrisWrigs. Joe D dropped a "double-triple exclamation point" on you. You can't question him when he does that. Don't you know that the triple exclamation point is the international sign for "I'm right and you are wrong"?

      "C'mon man!!!"

    4. Chris... and for the record...
      HS football in NJ is a joke...

      They crown 20 "state champions"...
      4- group 4
      4- group 3
      4- group 2
      4- group 1
      4- non-public
      As a result, about 25 teams per division!! Very easy to call yourself a "state champoin" in NJ. It is harder to win a Wpial championship than it is a NJ "state championship".. (I use that term loosely in NJ)

  27. My freshman year of college, I gained the freshman 30 from Sept. to Dec. due to the "O" pizzas and fries and Uncle Sam's subs. So, it is more than possible, LOL

    1. Of course it had nothing to do with the beer intake!!

  28. I'm a lover, JoeD, not a drinker. LOL

  29. Question for anyone: which basketball commits have physically signed their loi to pitt? I had thought robinson and adams signed but rivals is saying that only robinson has.... Im confused.

  30. Also, i read on scout that travon chapman said of pitt "im looking forward to visit pitt this spring, and im definitely interested"

  31. Dokish - Thoughts on JP Holtz's major lower leg injury, the kind that guys routinely re-injure and never fully recover from? Could be a big blow to the class.

    1. as far as I know the injury is not considered serious

  32. I was looking at pitts 2013 bball recruits according to rivals and saw that pitt has offered center tanveer bhullar. I really hope they arent recruiting him. He is THE LEAST athletic player i have EVER seen. Sure hes 7'3", but im pretty sure my 84 year old grandfather is quicker and can jump higher. Plus he has no touch AT ALL. All of his highlights are dunks and blocked shots on kids that are 5'8"

  33. Rumor has it.... R.Shell stepped into Rod's for the first time recently!!
    Glad to see he started working out (if true and he continues)... guess birth of the twins told him to fun time is over... time to put the work in.

  34. Chris, you know how you said that rondae jefferson wants to play point but pitt is recruiting him as a 2? Why cant pitt recruit him to play point? By the time jefferson gets here pitt would only have 1 legitimate option at the 1 with robinson.