Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Ranking the Pitt Football Offers 1-50

1.  Robert Foster, Central Valley HS (Monaca, PA) WR-  Even though he can be a little flaky, he is the biggest must get for the Panthers for two reasons. One, he's one of the top ten prospects in the country, and, two, getting him will give the program great buzz.  Legitimate chance.

2.  Su'a Cravens, Vista Murrieta HS (Murrieta, CA) S- One of the top ten prospects in the country.  No chance.

3.  Eddie Vanderdoes, Placer HS (Auburn, CA) DT-  One of many elite California players that the Panthers have offered, thanks to Inoke Breckterfield, but a superstar west coast player is not coming to Pittsburgh to play.  No chance.

4.  Adam Breneman, Cedar Cliff HS (Camp Hill, PA) TE- Would have been great for Pitt's offense and you would think with the great tight ends that Paul Chryst and Joe Rudolph produced, they would have had a serious chance.  It turns out that they never even came close.  Committed to Penn State.

5.  Jalin Marshall, Middletown HS (Middletown, OH) WR- The Panthers were one of the first to offer but this kid was staying home right from the beginning.  Committed to Ohio State.

6.  Mackensie Alexander, Immokalee HS (Immokalee, FL) CB- Well, it's obvious that the Panthers are going to go for it in the Sunshine State.  Unfortunately one of the top corners in the country are out of their league.  No chance.

7.  Dorian Johnson, Belle Vernon Area HS (Belle Vernon, PA) OT- One of the fastest risers in the country and a potential superstar left tackle.  Getting him would be huge and with him being a Pitt fan and Rudolph being a Belle Vernon alum, there's no excuse to lose him.  Legitimate chance. 

8.  Patrick Kugler, Wexford HS (North Allegheny, PA) OG/C- Yeah, he wasn't in the area for long but it was still hard to take the fact that the Panthers never even stood a chance. Getting him would have been huge. Committed to Michigan.

9.  Tashawn Bower, Immaculata HS (Somerville, NJ) DE- Offered first by the previous staff, but the Panthers didn't even make his top ten.  No chance.

10. Kyle Fitts, East Valley HS (Redlands, CA) DE- Yet another California superstar that the Panthers had no chance with.  Committed to USC.

11. Dymonte Thomas, Marlington HS (Alliance, OH) S- It was over before the Panthers even got to try.  Committed to Michigan.

12. Dorian O'Daniel, Our Lady Good Counsel HS (Olney, MD) LB-  The Panthers have been hitting this school hard in recent years, but stood no chance with this kid.  Committed to Clemson.

13. Isaac Rochell, Eagles Landing Christian Academy (McDonough, GA) DE-  The previous staff offered him last year but it didn't help.  His final four are Notre Dame, Florida, Florida State, and Clemson. No chance.

14. Billy Price, Austintown Fitch HS (Austintown, OH) DT-  Great Ohio players rarely leave and that was the case this time.  Committed to Ohio State.

15. Josh McNeil, Hillside HS (Durham, NC) TE-  Thankfully the Panthers have a bright future at tight end and this was just a luxury offer.  No chance.

16. David Williams, Imhotep Institute Charter School (Philadelphia, PA) RB- At one point the Panthers looked like a serious contender but after signing Rushel Shell they inexplicably quit recruiting this potential star.  No chance.

17. Shelton Gibson, Cleveland Heights HS (University Heights, OH) WR- Big time talent but his favorites are Ohio State and Auburn.  No chance.

18. Na'ty Rodgers, Maurice J. McDonough HS (Pomfret, MD) OT- He recently visited Pitt while playing in a local tournament, and liked what he saw, but the competition is fierce.  Would be a great addition and as of now there's always a chance if the staff pursues him.  Small chance.

19. Taco Charlton, Pickerington Central HS (Pickerington, OH) DE- The new staff offered immediately but he was pretty much wrapped up already.  Committed to Michigan.

20. L.J. Moore, Central East HS (Fresno, CA) CB- Another California elite prospect.  Talk about an exercise in futility.  No chance.

21. Ben Gedeon, Hudson HS (Hudson, OH) LB-  Mark the Wolverines down as somebody who isn't intimidated by Urban Meyer.  Committed to Michigan.

22. Alex Anzalone, Wyomissing Area HS (Wyomissing, PA) LB-  The Panthers need linebackers but never even came close to getting him.  Committed to Ohio State.

23. Shane Jones, Moeller HS (Cincinnati, OH) LB-  Many people didn't want to listen to me when I told them that it doesn't matter if his brother was Eric Thatcher, and that he still was never coming to Pitt.  Well, he didn't.  Committed to Michigan State.

24. Courtney Love, Cardinal Mooney HS (Youngstown, OH) LB- The Panthers had a better chance of signing the singer.  Committed to Nebraska.

25. Noel Ellis, Edna Karr HS (New Orleans, LA) CB- Offered by the previous staff and the new staff really never continued to pursue him.  No chance.

26. Travis Johnson, Jesuit HS (Tampa, FL) WR- Three dozen offers, including many elite programs.  No chance.

27. James Onwualu, Cretin Derhem-Hall HS (St. Paul, MN) WR- Well, at least the Panthers are recruiting some in Minnesota?  Committed to Notre Dame.

28. Rob Wheelwright, Walnut Ridge HS (Columbus, OH) WR- As of now, the Panthers aren't even recruiting him that hard, but as long as Ohio State doesn't offer, I'll be nice and say there is a snowball's chance in hell.  Small chance.

29. Marquel Combs, Pierce CC (Woodland Hills, CA) DT- The only juco on the list.  Committed to Mississippi.  

30. Marcell Lazard, Bloomfield HS (Bloomfield, NJ) OT- Would have been a great tradition and who they lost him to hurts even more.  Committed to West Virginia.

31. Mike McGlinchey, William Penn Charter School (Philadelphia, PA) OT- A 6'9" left tackle with great feet would have been perfect, but unfortunately it's perfect for somebody else.  Committed to Notre Dame.  

32. Malik Zaire, Archbishop Alter HS (Kettering, OH) QB- This one hurt because it looked like the Panthers had an excellent chance. he could have been special under Chryst.  Committed to Notre Dame.  

33. Corey Clement, Glassboro HS (Glassboro, NJ) RB- The Panthers really aren't looking for a running back but he's too good to pass up.  He said nice things when offered, which is usually the case, but he is still saying them despite offers since from Ohio State, Penn State, and Florida State.  Legitimate chance. 

34. Donovan Munger, Shaker Heights HS (Shaker Heights, OH) DT- With the likes of Ohio State, Michigan, Notre Dame, and Penn State offering, I wouldn't hold my breath, but since he hasn't eliminated the Panthers yet, I'll be optimistic.  Small chance.

35. Scott Pagano, Moanalua HS (Honolulu, HI) DT- Yeah, a kid from Hawaii is going to play football in Pittsburgh.  No chance.

36. Tra'von Chapman, Roosevelt HS (Kent, OH) QB- With Zaire out of the picture, this would be a must get. No, he's not as good as Zaire even though many Pitt fans try to convince themselves of that, but he's still pretty darn good.  Legitimate chance.

37. Jay Woods, Jackson HS (Jackson, GA) DT- Just recently offered by the Panthers, but his offer list is long and includes too many top programs.  No chance.

38. Dorian Miller, Metuchen HS (Metuchen, NJ) C- Even though he's much shorter at 6'2" than Chryst likes, he could be a great college center.  For some reason the staff took months to let him know that the offer from the previous staff still stands.  Legitimate chance.

39. Paul Harris, Frederick Douglas HS (Upper Marlboro, MD) WR- The Panthers aren't in his current top three.  No chance.

40. Anthony Averett, Woodbury HS (Woodbury, NJ) CB- Nice sized corner from a prime Pitt recruiting territory would be nice.  Unfortunately, it was over before it started.  Committed to Alabama.

41. Scott Orndoff, Seton-LaSalle HS (Pittsburgh, PA) TE- Hey, we got one!!  Most probably wouldn't have him this high, but I think he will be a star.  Committed to Pittsburgh.

42. Tyler Boyd, Clairton Area HS (Clairton, PA) WR- He could be really, really good in college and it would hurt if he was doing it at west Virginia instead of Pitt.  Legitimate chance. 

43. Corey Cooper, Millbrook HS (Durham, NC) WR- South Carolina leads and he'll probably stay in the south but being in the ACC will help the Panthers.  Small chance.

44. Taivon Jacobs, Suitland HS (Forestville, MD) WR/CB- Another recent offer and this one has speed in the 4.3s.  It's that speed that's making him a hot commodity and probably too hot for Pitt. Especially since everybody else wants him as a receiver, his preferred position, and Pitt wants him as a corner.  No chance.

45. Cameron Sutton, Jonesboro HS (Jonesboro, GA) CB- Too many good southern programs have offered for the Panthers to convince him to come up north.  No chance.

46. Delton Williams, Cathedral Prep (Erie, PA) S- The panthers were first to offer but since then the likes of Michigan State, Penn State, and Nebraska have offered and it's not looking good anymore.  Small chance.

47. Tracy Sprinkle, Elyria HS (Elyria, OH) DE- He decided to stay home.  Committed to Ohio State.

48. Kyle Meadows, Lakota West HS (West Chester, OH) OT- For some reason this 6'6" lineman doesn't have a lot of big time offers.  Unfortunately, however, after offering, Pitt has had little contact with him.  Small chance.

49. Kennard Swanson, Lake Gibson HS (Lakeland, FL) DT/FB- At 6'0" and 250 pounds, the explosive Swanson is being looked at as a fullback by the staff.  Unfortunately he is only interested in USC and West Virginia right now.  No chance.

50. Chavas Rawlins, Monessen Area HS (Monessen, PA) QB/WR- He's 6'4" and runs in the 4.4s so he would be a good addition no matter where he plays.  Unfortunately he wants to get away from the area.  No chance.

Summary-  While one has to be impressed that the staff is offering elite players in such places as California, Florida, Georgia, Maryland, and New Jersey, it doesn't do much good if they don't have topnotch recruiters in those areas.

I got criticized a lot for saying how foolish it was to hire Inoke Breckterfield, but now you can see why.  All of these offers from California, and one from Hawaii, will amount to nothing.  Wouldn't it make more sense to hire somebody with Florida, New Jersey, or Maryland/Washington, DC ties for that position?

Any recruiter can tell who the elite players are in those states but it takes a coach who really knows the area to find the hidden gems.  But it's those hidden gems that Pitt needs to get along with an occasional top prospect that only the best recruiters can get.  But the Panthers don't have that.  They simply don't have what it takes to make a dent in faraway fertile recruiting regions.  Why would a top west coast kid or a kid from the deep south want to play at Pitt?  The only way the Panthers could get the occasional kid like that is, once again, if they had a top local recruiter in the area.  Until Chryst adds topnotch recruiters they are wasting their time offering kids that wouldn't come to Pitt in a million years.  And I'm not even insulting Pitt when I say that. I'm just being realistic.  A west coast kid with offers from USC, Oregon, etc. is not going to come east to play at Pitt.  They will come east, but for Penn State, Ohio State, Michigan, etc.

That's not to say that Pitt still may not do well.  Getting Robert Foster and Dorian Johnson would be huge, to say the least.  And Tyler Boyd and Tra'von Chapman would be great additions, too.  But right now it looks like Pitt needs to focus more and concentrate on areas where they can do the most damage.  Right now they are not a force in any of their recruiting areas, including western PA.  They can salvage  that by nabbing Foster and Johnson, but if they don't get both then this first Chryst class could very well be a dud.  That's what happens when your only chance for elite players is in your own backyard.  Until Chryst adds top recruiters in places like New Jersey, Ohio, Florida, and the Maryland/Washington, DC area, they are going to be living and dying with a few local superstars.  And as we know, the area doesn't always have those players.


  1. I believe Orndoff's first name is Scott? Not Paul. No?

  2. Chris,

    I see a lot of No or Small chance for the top prospects. Who and the hell is going to be fill up the scholarships. A bunch of 2 and 3 stars? Hopefully some late risers come on Pitt's radar during there Senior years.

    Atleast OSU filled up 13 of there scholarships and Michigan 17 (PSU has 8 and WVU 2). There's only so many people left they can sign away.

  3. Things can always change. Over the years Pitt has gotten many top players by simply being the last one standing. Rippy and Bradley are two examples from this past class. I'm sure that will happen again.

  4. Very nice list Chris - I'm assuming your arm pain is now gone :)

  5. I see an awful lot of "No chance" conclusions.

    I presume (well, hope anywyay) that you were referring to Pitt's chances with that particular kid. And not Chryst's overall chances to succeed, both short- and long-term, unless he lights the burner under his own [fanny] and gets A LOT more serious about recruiting in general.

    Or maybe both.

  6. Looks like Chryst's mantra of "Just offer" needs tweaked a little bit, 'haint? Doesn't seem like the inbound stampede is quite what they expected.

    If it was as simple as asking, without requiring the pursued to respond in the affirmative, high school dances would be full of geeks dating beauty queens.

    Well, we know one group of recruits for which the "Just offer" approach will work just fine: 0-2-star kids with no other BCS-AQ offers.

    1. Yep i can take two words from a long speech and take it out of context while changing its meaning too. Its getting really freaking old

  7. Dokes,
    Very nice review... and I agree with your opinion...
    re: beckerfield, etc. I'm curious why rivals is beating the drum for beckerfield.
    My concern is Ohio... clearly they put a lot of effort into Ohio... clearly Chryst and crew KNOW Ohio... they have given out 22 offers to Ohio... but it hasn't panned out.
    I said some time ago they were spending tooo much time in Ohio and not enough time in other places like east pa, md, va, fl, nj.. now it seems they are... but may be Johnny come late.

  8. Pitt could have had more of a shot at O'Daniel if they pushed hard enough mostly due to the fact that he grew up in Western pa and only moved away about 4 to 5 years ago

  9. On this list of 50, there are 12 with some type of chance.
    Some 82 offers made last I looked.
    I think the "overall ratio" for Pitt is 1 commit for 15 offers.
    I don't know how others stack up.

    Of the 3 that committed... 1 is 3 star... 2 have yet to be rated.

  10. Thanks for the list Chris. You need to save this and see how it plays out if Pitt does as well on the field as I think they will under this coaching staff. Winning does make a lot of difference in the decision making of these kids.

  11. chris, is PC method in offering scholarships the same way they offered at Wisconsin or is it different because he is at Pitt now? Also, if Bostad was still on the staff here would we have a better chance at getting some of those top o-linemen?

  12. Last I heard Foster was initially leaning towards Pitt. Also heard he has become a heahache at CV. He went from being a nice pleasant kid last year to an egomaniac. This from a pretty good source in the district. Hope he calms down, gets put in his place and ultimately stays at Pitt.
    p.s. Hope he stays at CV for his senior year.

    1. Heard similar myself. He worked hard to get to where he was... when I heard he quit track, etc, that was a major disappointment.

  13. Chris,

    Good to see the last couple posts on Pitt recruiting. Very informative, as always. While I've stated some concern, let's give Coach Chryst and his staff at least until signing day next year before we make any final judgments on their recruiting ability. A good performance on the field could make a huge difference in next year's(and after) recruiting class.

    At this point, I don't think I'd make too much of the phrase, "just offer". I believe what Coach Chryst meant by that is that they're not going to give kids a high-pressure sales pitch, and shove Pitt down kids' throats. I don't like high-pressure salespeople,and I'm guessing Coach Chryst is trying to avoid coming off that way. Oftentimes a soft-sell, low-key approach is very effective.

    To the other posters: Consider the source when judging the credibility of other posters. Personally, I trust Chris' information because of his experience and contacts. I'm not saying other people don't have valid information, but in the end, I'll listen to what Chris has to say.

    1. Dan, you're right that Chryst and his staff should get the benefit of the doubt for the first year. However, I think it is legitimate to question how some of his personnel decisions will impact recruiting. Doke is right that having a DL coach with CA ties is a waste when we don't have someone who can recruit NJ or DC/MD/VA.

    2. Yeah it may be tough to get those states, but one big year will open connections very quickly in regards to getting a recruits attention.

    3. JM, I agree that's it's perfectly legitimate to question strategy, and focusing on the local area would seem a more prudent course. I just want to give Coach Chryst and his staff more time before making a final judgment on their recruiting abilities.

      I'm hoping that Pitt can get to a point where the program sells itself. That in turn may attract kids from areas that we currently don't see as fertile Pitt recruiting grounds, which is what I believe Timmeh is referring to.

  14. Chris - Nice breakdown and good critique on the west coast recruiting. It is also interesting to see that there are so few offensive linemen on the list. WTF?

  15. Agree with your thoughts about needing to recruit in more traditional 'Pitt' areas first like NJ. Also, I saw that Zeff has received an offer from Temple. Meanwhile Pitt is wasting its time on offering kids in Hawaii. 'WTF' indeed.

  16. How in the world is it a 'wasted offer' to reach out to anyone, anywhere?

    All it is is an offer - a phone call and possibly letters. Maybe a visit if the recruiter happens to be in that area.

    Now, if you are saying that PITT is spending too much $$$ and personnel resource hours chasing these west coast long shots that is one thing. But that isn't happening.

    I see no problem at all with us offering as many top shelf kids as we can because it is no skin off our nose to do so. As a matter of fact I'd be wary of a staff who doesn't do that.

    Also, I'm much more concerned about how good a defensive line coach Breckterfield is rather than a recruiter. At this point it is paramount and way more important that we get the team ready to win in 2012 and the D-Line is going to have to be a strength for us. If we don't do that our recruiting is going to suck no matter who is actually doing it.

  17. Chris, what do you think of Pitt's chances with basketball recruit Montrezl Harrell, who will likely be released from his LOI at VT? Pitt could really use a beast like that at PF and I would think he would get pt early.

  18. Of these 50 players....
    6 are from wpial... we will see how many go to Pitt...
    so far only 2 committed... 1 to Pitt... 4 remaining.

    In my opinion, Pitt needs to land 5 of the Top 10 wpial players. If they can't do that... doesn't say much for recruiting abilities.

  19. As PC said . . . 'We don't sell'. That is why the top kids aren't buying.

    1. Agreed!!!
      We will see how Chryst and crew tactics work...
      A wpial all-star team would be considered a failure as that would be bottom of the barrel recruits (non BCS quality).
      Remember his quotes come February next year..
      - It's not that hard fellas.
      - We just offer...
      - We don't sell... (just give them information to make a decision)...

      yet, ask Foster about his Alabama trip...

    2. JoeD,

      I don't always agree with you, but I do on all that.

      Have you written to Stevie-Pede lately? I'd love to know what is his Plan B and its timing if PC's nonchalant approach backfires (i.e., how long before he steps in for a serious face-to-face to help him get serious and refocus).

      Again, that's if the nonchalant approach fails. Altho I'm starting to see hints of maybe why Wiscy didn't involve our shiny new coach in this uber-important aspect of the game.

    3. My recent concerns are:
      1. Chryst seems to be spending to much time and effort with wpial coaches. Wpial is only going to yield about 6 quality recruits per year.
      2. Chryst put a lot of effort into Ohio and it seems to be fruitless (so far... too early to tell but top OH recruits are not selecting Pitt). I said before, Ohio is VERY competitive to land recuits... they have soooo many choices (MI, MSU, OSU, Mac, etc)
      3. He may be getting to other areas (East PA, NJ, MD, VA, FL) tooo late... which means harder work to recruit.

  20. Pitt just got a commitment from 3 star og dan samuelson. For someone who apparently "just offers" he has 4 commits whereas the slick talking style of coach we had before didnt get a commit until june. Give it a rest. Wait until february

    1. That commitment is bigger than we wanna admit. That seems like Chryst's type of O-lineman. Who knows, if he can get a bunch of guys like this and land those 2-3 big time guys, we could be on the cusp of a Top 25 recruiting class. Reecruiting is starting to look a little promising

    2. For the record PK,
      albeit I like the Graham hire initially...
      with all the BS, etc... by August I hated him and was calling him a snake oil salesman.. before the 1st game.

  21. I remember when somebody was telling everybody that would listen that McCoy was a no chance...just saying

    This class is about Dorian Johnson & Robert Foster. Those two would complement Shell & Voytik well and send a message that this is a program on the rise.

    1. McCoy was a "no chance" out of HS.
      He had to go to prep...
      and no college coach continued to recruit him EXCEPT Wanny... as a result, McCoy select Pitt because Wanny kept in contact the entire time. (btw... McCoy said so much in an interview)

    2. Yes he had originally signed with the u. But, that shows what persistance can do for you

    3. Yes... persistance PK...
      That IS NOT "Just Offer"...
      Wanny was a good recruiter.

    4. Again, you are taking that out of freakin context. Do you honestly want me to take two words out of your posts and make you sound dumb? You do that enough by yourself. Just let it the f*** go

  22. Joe D - you said this:

    "In my opinion, Pitt needs to land 5 of the Top 10 wpial players. If they can't do that... doesn't say much for recruiting abilities.'

    Then you said this:

    "Chryst seems to be spending to much time and effort with wpial coaches. Wpial is only going to yield about 6 quality recruits per year."

    Which is it or are you just opening your mouth and letting words dribble out again?

    1. For 6 recruits.... you don't put all your time into wpial coaches...
      You don't ignore or put on back burner east Pa, NJ, MD, VA, FL.
      That is my point.

  23. Joe D -
    Are you in the offices of the coaches or listening to their phone calls? You seem to know so much about what they are doing and how often they contact a prospect.

    Also - if Pitt wants to develop a state, say Georgia, they have to start sometime and in some fashion. Getting down there and meeting coaches is one start and actually taking their kids seriously by offering them is another. They may not commit this year but the next time they are in a coaches office, they will have more clout. Yeah gotta start sometime and someway. I like what they're doing and how they're doing it.

    1. If you track the various recruiting articles and the pitt panther spring stuff... you can basically tell where they've been at.
      - Lot of initial focus on Ohio...
      - Then lot of focus on Wpial...
      - Then you saw Florida pop up a little...
      - Very little time spent (so far) on east pa, nj, md, va.
      - who cares about offers to CA or HA. Waste of time and effort that can be better spent elsewhere.. like East Pa or FL.

    2. Joe, pitt has more offers in fla than all states but ohio and pa

  24. Panther lair reporting we just landed Dan Samuelson 6"5 295. So far so go PC way to go and for the rest of you nay sayers -- up yours. Two solid OL, 1 solid TE, solid DE pass rusher. I'll take it all day and way better things ahead!!!

    1. Yes I agree. It appears "just offer" is getting some commits.........

  25. While I think Pitt will probably finish where they always do in recruiting, and will get kids like Foster and Johnson, let's not pretend like they're killing it at this point. They've had one very good prospect, two good prospects, and one project. It's not like the new staff has proved they can recruit at a high degree yet. Like I said, I think they will get their share and be ranked pretty good, but I don't understand the I told you so stuff just yet.

    1. Im not necessarily saying i told you so, im saying that you can bitch and moan that the staff cant recruit, but theyre bringing in good prospects while youre saying it. No i dont mean you chris but the people who i am referring to know who they are. If you wouldve told me pitt would have the commits you just mentioned right now i wouldve said youre crazy. I mean, this is a good start as far as pitts capabilities are concerned.

    2. Chris I enjoy your insight and I too was very concerned about recruiting and the just offer attitude is disconcerning. Who I'm talking about are some people on here that think Pitt can't recruit just because they're Pitt. The truth is we have, we can, and we will. We need to be a little patient with PC and show these kids that the pipe line to the pro's go's through Pitt. Hail to Pitt!!!

  26. “A wpial all-star team would be considered a failure as that would be bottom of the barrel recruits (non BCS quality).

    In my opinion, Pitt needs to land 5 of the Top 10 wpial players. If they can't do that... doesn't say much for recruiting abilities.

    My recent concerns are:
    1. Chryst seems to be spending to much time and effort with wpial coaches. Wpial is only going to yield about 6 quality recruits per year.”

    -Joe Dipshat 4/25/12

    1. I guess you have nothing to add but to cut and paste my posts... thank you.
      It's my opinion and I'm sticking with it!

    2. Just like you cut out the two words "just offer"?
      check mate

    3. LOL - best chain of posts yet.

  27. What a shame...this site used to be a place where those seeking a more civil discourse about Pitt could find respite from the donnybrook known as the Red Shirt Diaries. Not anymore I guess.

  28. I appreciate that the subject at hand is recruiting - and in particular, the 2013 recruiting class.

    However, I would suggest that one should look at recruiting as a multi-year project. If PC doesn't make a huge splash this year, that may be OK. Its what he does this fall with what he has that will lay the groundwork for future recruiting success - or failure. In other words, he's got to show he can coach 'em up. Can he and Huber get the O-line to play consistently this fall?

    The Stache got some good recruits but his teams underperformed and his game-day coaching was questionable. The experiment with the carpetbagging, snake oil salesman - well that was just a freaking disaster (yeah, I'm the same guy who just posted about civil discourse - haha). So, it will be real interesting to see how a coach who has a rep for coaching up can do at Pitt. Would love to be talking about how the 2012 team over-achieved this time next year for a change.

    It seems to me that PC's biggest challenge this year is for Pitt to win games it should and do so consistently. And then it needs to steal a couple its projected to lose. Do that and people will take notice.

    While a number of us nervously watch the recruiting process, I keep reminding myself that we won't really know what we have in the PC staff until September.

  29. It is really foolish to be so obseessed with the number of stars carried by recruits.

    Go back and check how players taken in the NFL Draft were rated coming out of high school.

    Think you'll find it pretty evenly split as to who were "Blue Chips" and who were something less.

  30. When did Rawlins ever state he wants to leave the area? Im from his neck of the woods and never heard this before.

    1. He's said many times over the last few months that he wants to get away because Monessen is a bad place and too close to Pitt. He likes Pitt but I expect him to go to Virginia, North Carolina, WVU, or someplace similar. Of course he could always change his mind but so far it's not looking like he will.

    2. Chris, just to add some commentary to your point about Rawlins. That he would want to do that makes him no different than a lot of kids and not just athletes. When I was his age, I wanted to get away from home and spread my wings a bit. My 16 year old is looking at schools and is feeling the same way. Instead of staying in-state (and pleasing her father), she is dying to go to Pitt.

      So, when a kid wants to do that I can relate and the farthest thing in my mind is that it represents a failure of a local coach to keep him at home.

    3. Yeah, I have no problem with Rawlins wanting to leave. I grew up not far from Monessen and I know it's someplace that most people there would leave behind if they could. If you come from someplace like that and you can get away and get an education at someplace like UVA or UNC then you do it.

  31. FWIW

    From the Trib:

    Samuelson also enjoyed his meetings with coach Paul Chryst and line coach Jim Hueber, Baron said.

    “It didn’t seem like Pitt (coaches) were a bunch of car salesmen,” said Baron, who had a hour-long telephone conversation with Chryst. “The other schools seemed like car salesmen, wheelers and dealers.”

    — Jerry DiPaola

    Apparently the "Just Offer" approach works on some kids.


    1. I agree MC. I think Chryst's low-key, honest style will really appeal to a lot of kids. I'd rather play for a coach like him than than some slick-talking, full of BS, empty suit.

  32. My main concern is the offensive line and I have a feeling things are coming together. Samuelson and Reese at guard, Dorian Johnson at one tackle and Na'ty Robinson or Kyle Meadows at the other tackle with Dorian Miller at center. Gentlemen we win at the trenches and even though it's stated above some that of these guys there's a small chance at landing them, he did get Samuelson out of Indiana. The first recruit out of that state in 42 years. I see the above and I really like what I see. Recruit big athletic guys and win at the point of attack! Hail to Pitt!!!

    1. Just because they got Samuelson from Indiana doesn't mean it was hard. He wasn't offered by a lot of big programs. Johnson, Rodgers, Meadows, and Miller will be much more difficult. In fact, I'd be ecstatic if they could just get two of those guys.

  33. I agree the others will be tougher to land but PC is addressing the OL. He understands the main need and there seems to be a good amount of prospects available this year and hopefully we land these guys. The other area of concern is the DL, he got Soto but there doesn't seem to be as much depth of prospects especially at tackle. Disappointed we lost Haddock and don't understand why he wasn't offered.

  34. Dokie,
    How about need at Place kicke? Harper will be a senior & seemingly no one behind him.