Monday, May 14, 2012

Panthers offer another quarterback

Paul Chryst has offers out to Tra'von Chapman and Chavas Rawlins, and now a third quarterback has been offered.  Pitt joins Syracuse, UMass, UConn, and Boston College in offering 6'3" 195 pound Tim Boyle of Xavier HS in Middletown, CT.

Boyle needs to gain strength but has an above average arm and is technically sound. He is considered a bit of a sleeper at this time, but with very good potential.  He was not a full-time starter as a junior and threw only 48 passes the past season.  He is also operating out of the shotgun in a spread offense at Xavier.

However, Chryst has had great success in the past with two quarterbacks who were not elite prospects in high school-  Johnny Unitas Award winner Scott Tolzien and All-American Russell Wilson.


  1. The last paragraph says it all! I believe that Tino will play much better this year than last year. Look at his coaches last year, Graham (threw him under the bus), Norvell (a pip-squeak) and Dodge (trying to coach to Graham's system). No wonder he failed. When Cignetti had Stull for his last year and Tino's first year as a starter, there was consistency out of the qb position. Stability!

  2. Dobie - Stull did well under Cignetti that's for sure.

    I see it differently than you do though. here is something I posted on a message board five months ago:

    " I do think Bill Stull was a better QB in 2009 then he was in 2008. However, I don't think his talent or ability improved from one year to the next - more so he experienced the jump in production that almost every QB has from year 1 to year 2.

    But, IMO, the biggest thing with the jump in Stull's production was the way Cavanaugh called the games - especially in the opponents red zone.

    I researched and posted it one time and, if I remember correctly, when we had the ball inside the opponent's 30 yard line McCoy got the ball at about 75% of the time in 2008. Not a bad choice considering how he ran and the TDs he scored, but Cav was very conservative there because of his fear of turnovers.

    However, in 2009 when Cignetti came aboard he opened up the playbook drastically down deep in the opponents territory - thus the big jump in Stull's TDs from nine in '08 to 21 in '09.

    And , of course, Baldwin having a great second year in 2009 helped Stull a ton also.

    All that is the long way of saying that sometimes when a player shows a jump in productivity it isn't always that his talent got better but that the coaching and opportunities to succeed are different."

    That said Dobie, I believe Sunseri will play better this year also due to the fact that he, and every other offensive player, will be way more comfortable in Chryst's offense.

  3. It's going to be difficult to land a quality QB for 2013 when Pitt recruited an Elite 11 QB in 2012 in Voytik. That said, I do expect Chyrst to recruit an Elite 11 QB every OTHER year.

    Rawlins is an athlete... not a QB. If you look at his stats, he threw 12 interceptions as a Jr... more interceptions than TD's (10). 71 for 153 in passing for 991 yds... total yards were 42nd in wpial... he was a running qb. Lots of other better (passing) QBs than Rawlins in wpial...

    Regarding Boyle... is this the best candidate out there to be pursuing?? I would think there are better candidates that are not Elite 11 types. Also, it doesn't make sense to pursue this kid out of CT... I find it hard to believe a kid from CT will select Pitt over BC, UMass, UConn, Syracuse...

  4. Nice post Reed. I think Tino will be improved this year bc Chryst will do a better job hiding his deficiencies than Graham. If he can have a year anywhere close to what Stull had in 2009 that would be great but I don't expect it.

    Boyle seems like a good prospect. They have also watched an Ohio QB who is a 4 star on Rivals and Scout named Brogan Roback. He's pretty skinny and has a funky delivery. However, he did very well at the Elite 11 regionals. For some reason he was at the regional in NY. I'm not sure of his offers but they aren't great. They also watched a couple FLA kids like John O'Korn who is also a drop back QB. He has a couple lower level ACC offers I think. Bollinger watched him but we havent offered, at least yet.

    It seems as if they want a dual threat guy and a drop back guy. Ideally we would get Chapman and a guy like Boyle. Chapman is probably the best guy left on the board with Zaire going to ND. Rawlins is a great athlete but Im not sure if he will pan out as a QB.

    1. When Brian Kelly is fired at the end of this season, Zaire will be back on the market!

  5. Joe D,
    First off, recruting Rawlins is step #1 in trying to recruit his younger brother who's a top LB prospect (I would expect a recruiting guru to know this). I don't think Chavas will end up a QB regardless where he lands.

    Secondly, you constantly point out the # of schollie offers PC has made and say it's not enough. Now you are complaining that he shouldn't offer a kid because you find it hard to believe he would select Pitt over NE schools. Are you ever happy with anything?

    1. Reason being... why waste time on recruiting someone when the chances of landing him are slim to none!! It takes away time and effort from those you have a better chance in landing. It's not like Boyle is some 4star Elite 11 recruit.

    2. It's hardly a waste to offer a kid whose other offers are Syracuse, UConn, Boston College, and UMass.

    3. Question is...
      Do you really want this kid to accept the offer??
      I can think of many others in that may be more worthy of pursuing... just sayin...

    4. Joe D.,

      Based on your logic above Pitt should only make 20-25 offers this year. If they would all accept then Pitt would have no scholarships left for anyone else.

    5. RKR,
      I think you missed my point...
      Point is...
      1. Boyle not worth pursuing... wasting time that can be better spent landing athletes you have a better chance in landing.
      2. Many other QB's out there with better stats, etc that are more worthy of an offer over Boyle. I'm not talking 4star Elite 11 types... I'm talking 2nd tier backup types.

    6. To say Boyle is not worth pursuing is ridiculous and saying they can't get him over Boston College, UConn, Syracuse, and UMass is even more ridiculous.

    7. Chris...
      Have you been to those campuses Chris??
      Boyle will select either BC or UConn... how much you want to bet!!

    8. If it was about how nice your campus is, Pepperdine would be a football factory.

    9. Joe D's comments never cease to amaze me! We can't compete with UCONN or BC because of campuses! LMFAO!!!!

    10. Perhaps you miss the point...
      A kid from CT is not going to pick Pitt over UConn or BC...
      Please list any in the past 4 years or so that have...
      Also please note... no athlete on current Pitt roster from MA or CT...
      Just say'in...

      btw Dokes...
      I pick UC Santa Barbara... campus on the ocean!!

    11. Pepperdine is in Malibu and on the ocean, too.

      As for Boyle, Pitt has nobody from New England because they haven't offered anybody from there. No New England kid is dying to stay home and play for UConn. It's not Ohio kids wanting to play for Ohio State.

    12. Pepperdine is 1/2 mile in from the beach on the bluffs of Malibu..
      UC Santa Barbara is oceanfront property!!
      I've been to both... both are beautiful campuses...

    13. Joe D.,

      Your comments to me are based on two assumptions:
      1. Pitt has no chance with Boyle (false)
      2. You know more how Boyle will fit in at Pitt than PC and his staff does (also false)

      You seem to have a hard time separating fact and opinion.

    14. @JoeD Maybe PC "just offered" to Boyle. In February, you were complaining that PC was not spamming recruits like Bama does. In April there were not enough 4 and 5 star commits or offers and we need QBs desperately.

      Now its a waste of time to "Just offer" let alone put forth some effort on a 4star QB in highly competitive recruiting hotbed of New England?

    15. rkr...tommc..
      instead of going back and forth...
      how bout a little wager... you know the saying... money... mouth. We let Dokes hold the money..
      Let me pick 3 schools... you can have all other schools in US including Pitt. Even odds.
      btw... I think top 3 are BC, UConn, Syracuse.

  6. Cabe - I'm not sure what you mean by 'funky delivery' with Brogan Roback. At least it seemed normal in this video.

  7. Maybe I'm wrong, it just seemed kind of slow and Kerry Collins like to me. Not that it means he can't be good, or that I know what the hell I'm talking about.

  8. Doke & Reed,

    Quick question regarding recruiting. Boyle was not a full-time starter as a junior and only threw 48 passes. What did Chyrst and co. look at to evaluate him and decide to offer him a ship? No complaints, I trust PC and his staff and don't think we need a roster full of 4 & 5 star kids to win (although I would take them any day). But I am just curious as to the criteria they would use on a kid like Boyle. 7 on 7 tournaments? Skills camps? I'm not totally educated as to how recruiting truly works these days.

  9. chapman has pitt at the top of his list and , based on boyle's offers, pitt could be a favorite there as well. this could be a great offensive class with chapman, boyle, johnson, foster, boyd, and clement.

    1. How can you put Boyle in the same class as...
      johnson, foster, boyd... smh

    2. he's a good enough prospect to go to other acc schools so if he's willing to be in a class with chapman that's a coup for Pitt. of all people YOU are going to mock my post? okaay

    3. what I meant by "class"...
      I meant... same level of athlete.. ie. 4 or 5 star.
      Boyle is not in the same category of player as johnson, foster, boyd... and should not be in the same sentence as those 3.
      Chapman is highly rated also but I don't know much about him...

    4. irrelevant. I was talking about how those players would give Pitt a tremendous offensive recruiting class.

  10. Is Chandler kincaide still in play?

  11. Joe - you can go by what some scouting sites say with stars but I think coaches who live and die by this sport are better at seeing talent...Florida just offered that kid (Boyle) you said "doesn't belong in the same category"...

  12. Cabe, I'll take "Kerry Collins like" any day if it produces the results he got at PSU and the NFL... without the booze and racial phraseology of course.