Friday, June 15, 2012

Travon Chapman down to three

Ohio quarterback TraVon Chapman is down to a final three of Pittsburgh, Wisconsin, and Cincinnati, and will decide on July 1st.


  1. I completely disagree with everything Joe D is about to post.

  2. Does anyone know how old joe d is?

    1. His age doesn't matter, but his sprint times do. If he can't perform on a track well, he will simply NEVER be a solid contributor to this board.

  3. I know his 40 time, but that is it. Don't know his age.

    On topic, I really think Coach Chryst lands Chapman, Foster and Johnson. I do think we might get another offensive line stud and possibly Boyd to join our great cast already verbally committed.

    AS you all know, I am exceptionally confident in Coach Chryst. Look, he understands the importance of getting quality qb's and he will make better game day decisions. And he will win.

  4. ^ If that happens, I couldn't imagine how good we'd be