Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Dorian Johnson considering Pitt

Elite Belle Vernon offensive tackle Dorian Johnson has de-committed from Penn State and is now looking at Pittsburgh, Ohio State, and Virginia Tech.  At the time he chose Penn State he said that Pitt was his second choice.  Johnson has not contacted any other school yet but is expected to do so on Wednesday.  Adding Johnson would be huge for Pitt head coach paul Chryst who is in desperate need for depth and talent on the offensive line.


  1. I'm glad the kid came to his senses and de-committed from that joke of a college. But I just don't seem him coming to Pitt. He clearly doesn't want to be here. He's afraid of all the mean people in Oakland. Looking like O$U. Just don't know why he's toying with Pitt if he doesn't intend to come here. And when did VA Tech become one of his favs?

  2. If Chryst NOW can't get Johnson, he's hopeless.

    Go ahead, tell me..."He hasn't even coached a game yet!" "Give him a chance!"....yada yada yada

    He's HAD a chance recruiting and it has not gone well.

    Get Johnson and Foster, I'm right behind ya coach.

    1. Yep, hopeless, absolutely HOPELESS!! No hope at all, complete failure. I'm certain the AD will fire him if he can't land this 17 year old kid - justifiably so!

    2. Agreed Moody...

      However, I have a feeling Johnson is going to pick Virginia Tech... nice campus.
      Chryst and crew have a 2nd shot...

      Everyone is pointing to the Oline... I'm more concerned about the Dline... the Dline has NO depth. Players assigned to Dline this year that never played the position.
      Pitt needs to recruit 5 quality Olineman and 4 quality Dlineman this year. In 2011 and 2012, a total of 4 Olineman were recruited.

  3. Dokish,

    Per our discussion a couple of days ago about the negativity toward PC, there have been 5 posts under this topic, 3 have declared PC to be a failure at recruiting. If you disregard my satire, that would be 3/4 or 75%.

    Moody and JoeD, why can't you guys understand that the kid just might not WANT to go to Pitt? Not everyone wants to go there. I don't know he reasons, nor do I care. He's 17 and is being courted by a lot of major schools - all promising the moon - and he may just be a little confused and overwhelmed by the whole thing.

    If he decides the best place for him is somewhere other than Pitt, so what? I does not logically lead to PC being a bad recruiter. I'm sure that if Johnson would commit to Pitt that you would not suddenly say "PC is an excellent recruiter." You'd be on here saying stuff like "Needed a 2nd chance." "He got lucky with the PSU thing."

    So, IF Johnson comes to Pitt, tell me what that means about PC...

    If Johnson does NOT come to Pitt, tell me what that means about PC...

    1. RKR...
      We already know Chryst and crew SUCK at recruiting.. can't close the deal.. can't land the big fish.
      When vacation comes first over a top recruit.. the program has problems.

      That said... prior to Johnson selecting PSU... he must have visited Pitt 10 times in the spring... it was down to Pitt and PSU... 50/50 per quote in article.
      Anyway.. reading another article... quotes of Johnson regarding Chryst recruiting in rivals article... it was scary!!!
      Chryst and crew DON'T know how to EXCITE a recruit about Pitt!! That is the bottom line... if you can't get recruits excited about PITT... then all you are going to get are recruits who their best offer was Pitt (their other offers were MAC schools... Kent State, Bowling Green, etc).

    2. Joe D...

      What would YOU say to a recruit to excite him about PITT?

    3. Who,
      I would suggest you read the rivals article..
      that is not what you do to recruit...

      it's just not what you say... but also what you do!! But I'm speaking of Top recruits... 4-5 star types.
      1. You visit EVERY week..
      2. You bring some bakery item to mom.. mom's can have a bigger influence than the dad and more than the HS coach!
      3. You get Pitt alum and boosters on the scene..
      4. You flood him with letters... from boosters, from your kids, from your mother!! lol Jackie Sherril was 29 years old when he was recruiting Dorsett... brought his mom to some home visits!! visited 3 times a week for 6 months..
      5. You need someone with excitment in their voice... sell, sell, sell... bringing out all the great points about the football program and school..
      6. You make some visits with current and former NFL players... Marino, Dorsett, Revis, Fitz, etc...

      Heck, nobody from Pitt was at Revis football camp or basketball game... lots of recruits were there..

      Very easy to make those visits to Foster and Johnson... to watch their workouts... to watch practices.. etc... weekly visits!!!

      Its just soooooooo many things Chryst and crew are NOT doing.

    4. So if PC shows up to DJs door with a dozen thumbprint cookies, he'll come to PITT?

      If I'm a high school senior, and a coach shows up to my door every other day, I'd consider that stalking. Or wonder why he isn't, you know, coaching.

      Just because Sherril did it once 35 years ago, doesn't mean its the ideal recruiting strategy everyone strives for. Doesn't mean it works on everyone either.

      If DJ doesn't want to come to PITT, absolutely NOTHING will change his mind. NOTHING! Maybe the fact that he visited 10 times actually shows that PC is chasing him hard. Huh?

    5. You obviously don't know how to sell...
      the ego's of these kids...

      you obviously didn't read what Dorian Johnson said about Chryst recruiting (or lack thereof) in the rivals article!!! His words... not mine!

    6. JoeD's recruiting 101 class, now in session!

      Seriously Joe, you make it sound like it is so easy. "Six steps to landing 5-star recruits."

      I have no idea if PC is doing these and/or other things. I suspect you don't know either.

      The thing you fail to take into account is that DJ (and others) may just not want to go to Pitt. It may not have anything to do with PC.

      As far as PC "SUCKS" - he only sucks because he doesn't do things your way. I love how you consistently call him a failure but he hasn't even signed his first class yet. Unreal...

    7. I do know these 'kids', because I am one. Next try?

      I will continue to trust PCs recruiting strategy 1000% more than yours. He gets paid millions of dollars to do it, and you do not.

    8. Yawn....Pitt Doesn't have the budget to recruit like that and joe D. knows it. Next!

    9. Really... they don't have cars and gas money to make a 30-40 minute drive!!!
      And they are not making the visits to Foster....
      I suggest you look at Foster twitter... view his pics of his visits to Alabama, cap, etc..
      Some Pitt supporter tweeted him that he should be wearing a Pitt hat... Foster response was... well get me one to wear!!!
      Yep.. Chryst and crew don't even hand out caps to recruits who visit, etc

    10. Do you even read what you type?

      So because PC didn't give away free pumpkin rolls or a hat, he's a terrible recruiter? That's 1st grade logic.

    11. Pitt's not Alabama and thank God for that. Get a clue if you're going to run your yap at me.

    12. steelfan and who?
      You obviously missed the point!!
      You obviously never were in sales and marketing.

      PC is a terrible recruiter based upon who he has landed so far.... and to understand his tactics proves why he can't land them..
      yes... simple things like a hat...
      simple things like re-arranging your vacation schedule.
      Yes... it's 1st grade stuff... Sales & Marketing 101

    13. Joe D,

      What's your previous experience with recruiting? What teams did you coach for?

    14. Why should the entire coaching staff re-arrange their vacation schedule for a recruit who wasn't going to commit to Pitt anyhow. Heck, I respect this coaching staff even more now that they told this prim donna to go blow himself.

    15. Oh boy Steelfan...
      That will tell them... as well as all the other 4 and 5 star recruits... word gets around..
      If you don't know it yet... all these 4-5 star recruits are prima donnas.
      It is what it is.

      Based upon your attitude.... then Pitt should have never offered Green to begin with...

    16. Let's play ""Jeopardy"...

      JoeD: "I'll take Pitt Coaches for $800"

      Alex: "The answer is "His recriting tactics could be described as 'Sales & Marketing 101'

      JoeD: "Who is Todd Graham?"

      Alex: "Correct"

      JoeD: "Ahh, the good old days. We need more coaches like him!"

    17. Shell was a 5 star recruit, yes? He was as humble as can be. Even after having twins. As was Voytik. Try again, Joe D.

      Also, you never told us what your coaching / recruiting background is.

    18. Once again Joe D.

      The coaching staff took your advice and didn't waste their time on Green. Would you like me to repost all the things you said about how they shouldn't even bother trying to recruit him?

      You have no credibility on this subject at all.

    19. So Joe D's sales and marketing philosophy revolves around handing out trinkets and baked goods??? Man, what a cunning businessman he must be. Joe D, you must be your pharmaceutical sales district manager's prize "salesperson".

    20. I think that most of the recruiting tips Joe D proposed; are illegal under NCAA rules.

  4. Most sources have said Johnson doesn't like Pitt's urban campus. If that's the case, it would be like trying to sell me a house downtown, when I wanted to live in the country.

    Pitt has had two seasons of turmoil, and a not-so-clean record keeping its players out of trouble recently.

    I think you have to give Chryst some credit this season, and see what they can do recruiting-wise in the next few seasons.

    1. Puma,
      it will be tooooo late..
      Chyst doesn't know how to EXCITE recruits..
      If Johnson didn't like Pitt... why was it in the final 2.... why did he visit Pitt 10 times during the spring.. its not like he didn't know what the Pitt campus was like... he only lives some 40 min away!!!
      Enough with the excuses..

    2. Puma,

      The city/country analogy is excellent. Too bad some people on here just cannot comprehend the fact that Johnson just might not want to be in the city.

      JoeD, maybe the fact that he's still considering Pitt means that PC IS selling Pitt hard. Maybe Johnson didn't consider Pitt an option from the start but PC was able to get him to at least consider Pitt.

      It would be like a real estate agent that gets you to consider a house in an area you previously didn't think of.

      As far as OSU and VT, maybe the PSU stuff has taught DJ to be a little more cautious. Figures he's got several months and is going to explore all options before making his final decision.

      Again I'm asking you to tell me two things....

      1) What would landing DJ tell you about PC?

      2) What would NOT landing DJ tell you about PC?

    3. Joe D. acts like DJ made the decision to attend PSU all by his self and as we all know that's not the case. His family will play a major roll in where he decides to go. Anyone who says otherwise doesn't know what he's talking about.

    4. Steelfan,
      Anyone who knows who to sell... knows you have to touch all the bases!!
      Yep... there are many "influencers" to the "decisionmaker"... and part of selling is to find out... who is the decisionmaker... and who are the influencers.
      And in many cases... as I said previously... the MOM carries more clout than the DAD or HS coach!! I have yet to hear or read about Johnson mom visit Pitt with her son... but I did read she spent the weekend at PSU and on the ride home made the committment.
      Someone who knows how to sell obviously knew who the decisionmaker was and go to that person!!

    5. QUICK, someone get her a pie STAT!!!

      And get a Pitt hat to the Foster's ASAP, it could be the difference between him choosing Pitt or Alabama - they are SO close that the hat could be the one item that gets him. Maybe throw in a refrigerator magnet while we're at it. That way the Pitt name will be in his face every time he gets a glass of milk.

  5. btw... are you all aware Chryst and Pitt just "PURCHASED" postive reviews from Post Gazette!!

    Yeh.. Pitt offered Zeise Jr... a Jr. at North Allegheny.
    He IS not a super soph to get an offer soooo soon. In fact many other soon to be Jr. more deserving or better athletes..
    This year Pitt will go 6-6..
    Chryst has been abysmal at recruiting..
    So, what does he do to get great press coverage and articles... he gives an offer to Zeise Jr... who's dad happens to be the beat reporter..
    That must have been EJ's idea!!! and it is a great idea... but it tells me that the Pitt admin knows this year and probably next year are going to be ugly... so why not try to get nice powderpuff articles written!!!

    1. JoeD,

      Your ability to twist logic to meet your preconceived worldview never fails to amaze me...

      You should use Anntie Anns for you name, it represents the pretzel logic you're trying to sell.

    2. Really..
      Pitt made 16 offers for 2014 class...
      So, Zeise Jr. is the 16th best candidate for Pitt...
      the 8th offer out of wpial.. really!!

      As a sophmore... what accomodations...
      he wasn't even all-conference by PG!!!
      it's obvious why the offer made before the season started..

    3. If Zeise played for Aliquippa (he is better than Henry), you would be complaining that Chryst waited until now to offer him.

      Zeise will have a multi-BCS offersheet if he lets his recruitment play out in stead of committing to Pitt early.

    4. Here is Zeise article on Chryst... just before the offer!! More articles like this to come...


      Zeise is not a Top 16 recruit within a 300 mile radius of Pitt... he is not a Top 8 recruit out of wpial based upon his sophmore season.

    5. btw... Zeise failed to mention in the article...

      Chryst is having his ASS handed to him on the recruiting trail... based upon his "approach".

    6. JoeD,

      Let's just ASSUME for a minute that your ridiculous conspiracy theory is true. That would mean the PC is using the promise of a scholarship in exchange for very positive press from the PG over the next two years... GENIUS!!!

      Almost as effective as a batch of homemade chocolate cookies. Maybe Mrs. Zeise likes peanut butter... the Pitt world wants to know...

    7. Cmon' RKR,

      Everyone knows Sherril brought Mrs. Dorsett a PIE, not cookies. UNLESS IT'S A PIE, PC SUCKS!

    8. Rhubarb pie.... homemade by Sherril's mom!!!

      but hey,
      chyrst and crew are toooo busy for that... plus they are on vacation!!!

    9. JoeD,

      This article came out one day BEFORE PC made the offer. Maybe Ziese is stroking PC just to get more BCS offers for his kid. This will drive up his "star ranking" fooling other BCS coaches into making offers. EZ gets a free ride to Northwestern (chooses them over Pitt), gets a degree in journalism, and comes back to be the editor of the PG. PC is just a pawn in the evil genius that is Paul Zeise...

    10. RKR...
      getting an offer from Pitt will have other BCS schools (including Temple) say... hey, did we miss something at North Allegheny..
      lots of schools offer because of the other schools on the offer sheet.. that is true.

    11. JoeD,

      I was joking, i believe it is called satire....

      In the words of Bugs Bunny, "What a gulli-bull..."

  6. I agree with RKR. Not every athlete is going to want to come to Pitt.....and the ones that do, well I sure hope they want to be at Pitt. How many kids in Johnson's shoes end up signing somewhere due to a high-pressure "sale" or from an extremely "over-promising" coach/recruiter and then end up not fitting in or liking the envrionment? Then they either end up transferring or don't put forth the same effort into the game as if they would if they were somewhere they were happy. If he doesn't want to come to Pitt because of the campus or whatever, then we move on. I'm a Pitt grad and I loved the school. Half of my friends from high school would come visit and they hated it. It's all on individual preference. It's like car sales. You could try and sell me a Kia or Suzuki till you are blue in the face and I'm not buying one. Period. Is it because those manufacturers suck....no. It's preference. I get that we need to attract as many of the local kids as possible. But they aren't all going to come to Pitt. It's life. Not everyone likes the same thing.

    1. Excuses..

      If that were the case... Pitt would be ruled out immediately without a visit.

    2. Not if PC and staff were persuasive enough to get him come once, and he liked it enough to come back a few more times.

      I get the feeling Pitt is a fallback for DJ. Kind of like the cute girl in high school that you knew would go out with you anytime you'd ask. You could go after the hot chick, but if that failed you could take the cute one instead. In the end, the cute one turns out to be the better choice...

    3. RKR,
      I have the feeling DJ is going to pick Virgina Tech..
      VT wasn't on the short list and he never visited..
      now he is going to visit..
      PC better be making a visit to mom weekly... and get her on campus..

    4. Joe D, how do you have so much time on your hands to not only post continually but claim to know what is going on with recruiting? Feel free to keep focusing on 15, 16, and 17 year olds. I plan to spend my time focusing on the current team and how they are performing. That will ultimately be the best (hopefully) too in recruiting. Seeing the Pitt offense put up points should hopefully count more for a recruit than tasting some homemade pie.

    5. anonymous..
      homemade pie goes a long long way with the recruits mom... who could careless how many wins in the previous season.

      When Sherril was recruiting Dorsett... Pitt ONLY won 1 game!!!

      Good recruiters know how to recruit regardless of the circumstances of wins and losses, etc.
      My hats off to O'Brien so far... but now the Paternos, small faction of BOT and former players are undermining his efforts with their appeals.

    6. I'll ask you for a 3rd time, JoeD...

      If DJ does NOT come to Pitt, what does it say about PC?

      If DJ DOES come to Pitt, what does it say about PC?

      I think I know your answers to both, I'd love to have them in writing...

  7. I'm amazed that every post Dokish puts out inevitably takes a negative turn. Mike Young commits, Paul Chryst can't recruit. Dorian Johnson decommits, Paul Chryst can't recruit. Pitt gets 2 more HOF, Paul Chryst can't recruit. Its like you harp on the same subject repeatedly. When Rushel Shell committed you're comments always lead back to the fact that he was lazy and the next bust. As RKR posted earlier, the tone of the comments turned negative. Its making reading these posts unreadable.

    1. I was positive about Young... concern about his handlers... 4th HS in 4 years...
      yep.. Shell turned it around starting in Feb this year.. we will see.. his GF is a handful and can be a distraction...

      But it's true... PC can't recruit!!
      I mean... when a Top 25 player in the US located 40 min from Pitt campus doesn't even have a PITT hat to wear!!
      C'mon man!!

    2. Agree 100% and stated this a few days ago. Really, it is a very vocal minority that take over every post - turning them into a soapbox.

      The ability to make everything a negative is amazing, the Shell stuff if case-in-point. You forgot that he quit the track team, that logically means he's going to be a failure in college football, right? I mean how could anyone miss THAT direct connection??

    3. More with the hat? Really??

      Why don't you send him one of your Pitt hats JoeD? How many do you have?

    4. I'll tell Lasala... he lives about 20min away from Foster.
      But, it is better when it comes from the HC!!!

    5. JoeD,

      No need to tell Lasala, I think he's been on here taking recruiting notes from you. I heard he checks in daily to glean ideas from your posts.

      I think he just tweeted something about getting PC a cot and blanket for his visit to the Foster house...

  8. Read the message boards of some other schools. Most stick together and focus on positives or dream big for what is in store for their team. Here, most people continue to rip Pitt up and down and what not. It says a lot about the so-called "fans" on here. I'd love to see Joe D attempt to run a college team or go with PC's staff and try and recruit since he is obviously the expert on all things college football. Look across the state, we have a lot to be thankful for.

  9. Like I said before... Dorian Johnson... "You STAY at Penn State."

    How's that for a tweet?


  10. Here ya go... somebody get Foster a Pitt hat and throw in a sweatshirt to boot!!

    Mark Purpura ‏@PittDuke
    @DROBFoster_4 hating the bama hat #Hail2Pitt

    27 Jul D-rob#4 ‏@DROBFoster_4
    @PittDuke get me at PITT hat then

    How can it be that they are not passing out Pitt hats to any recurit that visits!!!

  11. You don't know a goddamn thing about what is going on in the recruiting trail. You read rivals articles and stalk kids on twitter and think you're in the know. You are a troll who feeds off riling people up. It's pathetic. Take your rhubarb pie and shove it up your ass.

    1. Facts are facts...
      Chryst can't recruit...
      you may not like the facts... but 6-6 this year... and 6-6 next year... my predicition..

      when I see stuff of Foster, Johnson, etc... it pisses me off...
      yet you people are giving Chryst a pass for it!!
      sorry... I'm not!!!

    2. Joe D. who gives a crap about a Pitt hat or where in the hell Chris LaSala lives? Your insignificantly informational droppings do not lend any credence to this blog. I find you right up there with Joe Theisman, as a most self-effacing, pompous twit.

  12. Joe, stop bitching about it. Youve posted 22 times this morning. Seriously, let it the f*** go. Say what you have to say once. Dont spew your garbage all day every day repeating the same damn things.

    1. 22 times! Wow! Did you count all those pk? If so, way to take one for the team. Man, that just puts a # to his ridiculousness. Unbelievable.

  13. Cause joe d it is a violation you idiot

  14. DAMN!!! Anonymous is right. This negativity doesn't help recruiting at all .Talking about PC the way Joe D does is completely off base. The guy hasn't coached a frickin game yet! If recruits read this (and if the AH who knows everything about recruiting says they do) how is this helping Pitt?? WTF

  15. JoeD also stated why waste time offering the Pagano kid from Hawaii.He won't come to the east coast to play football.Total waste of time. The kid committed to Clemson(located in SC) last week,so I guess they knew he was interested in coming east.

    Hail to PITT!!

  16. RKR and Who?

    I think you're missing the point. Pitt's been an urban campus for awhile now, that hasn't changed -- and isn't likely to change anytime soon.

    So, Sales 101: since you can't change that disadvantage (IF that's even what it is, TBD...), then you emphasize the many positives.

    Wanny -- who was an excellent recruiter -- didn't miss on many guys he targeted. Jury's still out on our shiny new HC (it's early, but so far his effort leaves a LOT for others to cast doubts).

    But if PC's staff is too…, what? Too tired? Too lazy? Low-key? or whatever to SELL the program, then he's leaving it to his "customers" to figure out the advantages of his “product” on their own. Some may, many (most) won’t. Or worse yet, for salesmen for competing products (i.e., recruiters for other schools) to set the message -- both about them AND about us....

    Dunno what you call that, but to "just offer" and then leave the kid alone to figure it out on their own (or else the heck with him) isn't true recruiting. Just like true selling isn't sending your customers a brochure without follow-up, leaving to figure it out on their own if they want/need your product or not.

    1. Spot on!!!

      In fact, that is exactly what Chryst said in the pressor...
      1. Just offer..
      2. Give them the information to make the decision (ie. brochure)..
      3. It's not that difficult fellas!!
      Really.. he was clueless then... and continues to show how clueless he is to recruiting!!

    2. There's more than one point being missed here, Imma.

      It's not that JoeD has an opinion or that it's different than others. It's how he conveys it and the frequency of him airing the same point over and over again. there's a reason JoeD is a lightning rod for criticism - he openly begs for it.

      FWIW, he makes a number of good points and I digest them thoughtfully like everyone else's view here. I don't get the impression he does the same.

  17. Sent an email to Peterson and Cochran...
    with cc to EJ and lasala...
    I feel better now...

    Told them they better hire a recruiting coordinator...
    Give Chryst courses on how to sell and market...
    or start looking for a new HC.

    1. Hey Joe,

      I bet Steve trashed that email as soon as he realized you spelled his last name wrong. Derp!

    2. You forgot to bcc Nick Saban, Dave Wannstedt, Mike Haywood, Todd Graham, Sal Sunseri, Joe D's father, recruit.com, scout.com, GOD, and your 40 yard-dash watch...

  18. Thank you. I am now dumber for having read all that. Gave me a headache In fact I need a Midol. It's a shame, Chris writes great stuff and every single post becomes this...poop.

  19. Joe D GET A JOB quit posting every 5 minutes

  20. The "Recruitinator" was given 6 years to show what he had. He had perennial top-25 classes (according to scouting services) every year.

    But that didn't translate to a SINGLE BCS GAME!

    But now, as soon as some think PC is showing recruiting deficiencies, you want him cut? Give the Stache 6 years to accomplish nothing, but don't even let PC coach a game before he's deemed a failure?


  21. Mr. Dokish,

    I enjoy your blog. I'm not so sure about enjoying the commentary. I know you have more to do than police the comments, but maybe there is some way to put in a comment review policy.

    (If people have so much time that they can comment two dozen times in one morning, they they should go and get their own blog. It is free, after all.)

  22. An excerpt from a CBS Sports article on Johnson: “Paul (Zeise) explained to me that safety seemed to be a major concern with Johnson’s family, based on his own findings. To them, said Zeise, Penn State’s rural campus, for safety reasons, was more appealing than Pitt’s urban campus.

    If a mother is afraid that her son might be coming home in a pine box after living in the big city, I really don’t know what a football coach can do to change her mind. I seriously doubt that a few apple pies are going to cut it. Also doubtful that sleeping on her couch is going to convince her otherwise either. If what PZ says is true, I not going to blame this one on Coach Chryst.


    1. I doubt it is true...
      If it were true... Pitt would never made Johnson's short list.
      If it were true, Johnson would not have said 50/50 Pitt/PSU..
      If it were true, Johnson would not have visited Pitt 10 times in the spring... Pitt would have been knocked out at the outset.

      So... there is some other reason... can you say... PSU booster!!

    2. Like the article said, this was PZ’s opinion after having actually talked to his family. I don’t think that Paul would make this up. Maybe in spite of his family’s feelings, Johnson liked Pitt and was still considering committing here.


    3. MC,
      Something happen in the last week of Johnson recruiting... and it has nothing to do with the location of the campus... the campus didn't move. ;)

    4. Anyone who thinks Pittsburgh is a dangerous city has never been to DC or Chicago.

    5. Chicago is nice. It's Detroit, st. louis, and camden Nj you have to worry about.

    6. Look, as I posted when the hysterics were having a meltdown over this kid committing to PSU, his mother called the shot, not the kid. Any mother IS NOT going to want her child associated with what has been laid on the PSU program by the Freeh report, so surprise, surprise, a 17 year kid backed out of his "commitement".

      These verbals mean nothing right now; you're dealing with 17-18 year old kids, most of whom do not even remotely project to be the player their "stars" indicate they should be, being influenced by a good sales pitch, the parents or both if the parents are maroons.

      All of the "decommitments" mean nothing until February when the kid signs the dotted line, you're uselessly burning calories on this right now if this greatly concerns you. As for Johnson, if he wants to come to Pitt, great, if not, so what. Calling him "elite" is a stretch given the competition he plays against. Last I checked, Belle Vernon plays in a conference dominated by the same school for the last decade, Johnson hasn't seemed to change that for his school, so how is he a "must get"?

      Why don't we actually, you know, let PC actually coach his first game and season before proclaim gloom and doom based on whether on 17 year old kid decides to go to Pitt? Sound reasonable?

      Mike W.

  23. My next email will be to:
    DiPaolo of the Trib, Chris of Rivals, Dokish, the Scout reporter, and any media person covering Pitt football...

    It will say...
    Chryst is handing out scholarships in exchange for positive articles... so, get your son, nephew, etc a scholarship from Pitt... all it takes is some nicely written articles for the next couple years...

  24. I realize Pitt's not gonna land every kid they target, not even in WPIAL. Just like even a good salesman isn't gonna land every purchase order, no matter how good he closes.

    And high-pressure tactics don't always work, and yes sometimes they backfire.

    What we're talking about is effort, I wanna know that he "gets it." Since he hasn't coached a game yet, I can live with that for now as long as we see the effort to SELL the program. Then, if the kid goes somewhere else, even to PSU, at least we tried.

    However, fact of life: a salesman better land his share, even some that were long shots, or he'll be doing something else for a living. Or at best he'll be doing it for another company.

    Same holds true for a head football coach in college: if he can't or won't recruit a certain number of a certain level of players, his record will reflect it and he'll be gone. Heck, Wanny DID land more than his share, and he's gone too! Steve-P has already shown he's not afraid to fire a mediocre coach, even an alumnus/ legend. And it won't matter if the next guy is fired for being mediocre because he's a great recruiter / bad field coach (Wanny...), or vice versa.

    So presuming Paul Chryst wants to remain a HFC in college, he better figure it out. Or else go to the NFL, where he can just coach and forget about recruiting. Because in college, recruiting is EVERYTHING! X&Os guys are dime a dozen.

    However, with inept coach-killer Tino the Magnificent at QB, I think 6-6 is a stretch. Following after 7-5 and 6-6 records for his first two seasons, THAT won't help recruiting.

    1. if recruiting was EVERYTHING, Wannstedt would still be here...

    2. 40 or Joe D

      You both mentioned 6-6 records. Please tell me which 6 games you think we will lose this year.

    3. Who...
      My opinion... Pitt's 6 losses this year...
      Virginia Tech
      Notre Dame

    4. I agree with Joe's list -- IF Tino the Great is at QB for every snap. Plus we have a strong chance to lose to [fill in the blank] in Birmingham again.

      I'd like to think we could win some of those games if they don't ALLOW Tino to throw after 3rd Qtr, or play ABT at QB.

      There's just no way to game plan for when Tino begins to squirm & freak out in the 4th Qtr, when no lead is safe. I think Chryst is about to learn that the hard way, as did Wanny and Graham the past two seasons.

      I just hope we have a Plan B ready this season: bench him until he cools off and gets his act together, and then reinsert him (or just let ABT play out the game).

    5. If the Pirates can compete for the playoffs, Pitt can win the Big East. Any thing can happen!!

  25. Jody likes Sales/Marketing and 40 times only. Jody may know sales and marketing which I doubt, but he doesn't know COMPLIANCE! There are so many violations in what he wrote! His reference point is circa 1973 tactics that can't be used in recruiting any more. There are quiet periods where no contact is allowed but he knows when they are. There are restrictions on what you can give to a recruit or his family and he knows what they are. What used to be "de minimis" and acceptable is now illegal under the ncaa compliance section.

    Be glad the kid is open to Pitt and Paul Chryst. I don't think WVU stands a chance as they just don't put OL in the league, especially now in their quick pass offense. That offense puts up points but the NFL likes maulers first and that is why the Wisconsin OL under Chryst goes to the league. If you can't maul, go to WVU. That is the sales side.

    I am happy Dorian came to his senses and unlike many of the negative posters on here, I would accept him with open arms if he chooses this fine institution and wish him well if he makes a mistake and goes elsewhere. As far as Jody is concerned, I left this blog for awhile and am close to doing it again as I don't want to fuel his fire.....

  26. Pitt is now in a battle for a 2-star LB out of Haverford, PA...
    It's down to Pitt or Harvard...

    Look at the bright side Pitt fans... he knocked Yale off the list... so Pitt beat out Yale!!
    Look out ACC... here we come..
    Betcha all the ACC are shaking in their boots with that potential recruit!!

    I know... there were others he considered... I'm exaggerating.. but not by much!

    1. Either Pitt or one of the best universities in the world.

      Pitt is a great school, but it's not Harvard. (at least in reputation) If the kid wants an education first and Harvard is giving him a ride.. Well.. He ain't going to Pitt.

    2. I agree...
      This ain't no future NFL'r..
      If he wants to go to Med school... Pitt is a pretty good choice as going to Pitt undergrad and parlay that into Med School... which I suspect is in his decision making process... (it's a guess regarding this kid wants to go to Med School... but he is from Haverford!)

  27. Recruiting is selling the product you have to sell, bad, tainted, good or excellent. The product may get better or worse overtime, but it can't get better without a productive sales force.

    A great salesman can sell on a first call, has a plan and is persistent. A good salesman has persistence, a plan and sells over time, mediocre salesman has only a plan or persistence but not both, and a bad salesman can't sell on the first call, has no plan and has no persistence.

    Based on these four descriptions, I do not think Chryst has been good at landing kids on the first call. We hope he has a plan and persistence to bring in top talent. Mixing this with being a good coach, could make the product easier to sell on first call. Apple products and Duke BBall sort of sell themselves. but this is a long history of producing.

    Chryst is starting with a reputation as someone that is a good X/Os guy and make lesser talent better. He has not been HC, he has not seemed to be able to WOW top talent at first meeting, but builds a relationship over time. This may turn out to be the secret to success (AKA Jamie Dixon targeting the right player and not going after the giant white elephant every time)

    I hope Chryst is successful, as does everyone on this board. I am not a recruiter, not have I covered it for years, but I have been in sales most my life. In his industry, HCs are not given a long time to build a program and build the relationships that some sales folks need to be successful. They have to evaluate opportunities and find overlooked sales targets that will fill big orders. Filling the seats will by him time. Exciting football will fill the seats, even if they are not winning. He needs to quickly build hope.

  28. After all this talk about sales, I have a visual of Joey D being the recruiting coordinator for Pitt and having a meeting with all of of the assistant coaches. In this case, Joey D would act like the Alec Baldwin did in "Glengarry, Glen Ross".

    Joey D: We're adding a little something to this month's recruiting contest. As you all know, first prize is a Cadillac Eldorado. Anybody want to see second prize? Second prize is a set of steak knives. Third prize is you're fired.

    1. I read an article..
      I forget the colleges...
      have incorporated a bonus based upon school recruiting ranking... bonus for HC as well as assistants.
      I loved that idea.
      I'd love to see lower base salary with HC and assistants and add more performance based..
      -wins/losses, etc.

    2. Pitt is ranked 58th per rivals for 2013 list..
      Under 25 is great...
      25-40 is good..
      over 40 is failure for a BCS team.

      At 58th... that puts Pitt ranking at 11th in the ACC!!!
      Barely ahead of Duke and Wake Forest.

    3. Joe, you're either really instigating or you're the most pessimistic person in the world. Pitt has not been great in recruiting yet but they haven't been awful either. You're taking a small sampling of one aspect of the program and extrapolating it to make it sound like Pitt will be playing in Division III next season. And you are doing so obsessively.

    4. See Chris - sometimes you can't help yourself and you get baited in. It's hard to ignore when the insanity just doesn't stop...I REALLY enjoy the blog and your opinions but read above - the guy dominates the message board and most posts end up fueling the fire. I've avoided responding to him but, once again, it has been therapeutic to rant a bit.

  29. I tried using reason before but I will again re-hash.
    The players that have become part of the pitt family since PC has taken over (not including the guys that Graham received verbals from).

    **** Deaysean Rippy
    *** Tom Bradley
    *** JP Holtz
    *** Terrell Jackson
    ** Gabe Roberts
    ** Mike Caparra
    ** Ryan Lewis

    Tom Savage
    David Durnham
    Both were at some point big time prospects.

    *** Tyrique Jarrett
    **** Travon Chapman
    **** Corey Clement
    *** Scott Orndorff
    *** Shakir Soto
    *** Tony Harper
    *** Zach Challingsworth
    ** Jaymar Parrish
    ** Carson Baker
    ** Aaron Reese
    ** Titus Howard
    ** Chris Blewitt
    ** Ryan Winslow

    Certainly the list above is not a great list but surely by no means should be considered a failure. I'm not drinking any cool-aid or whatever but those are the results.

    1. Corrections above
      Reese and Parrish have been elevated to *** according to a few recruiting sites and publications.

      Some coaches don't need to win games to recruit. Some do, and frankly i don't care if the staff recruits half star recruits if PITT wins that's what I want to see.

    2. Mike Caparra should be a three star. If he was bigger he might be a four star.

    3. espn ranks clement at 4 stars, baker at 2 stars, and everyone else at 3. in reality, chapman is also 4 and orndoff will likely rise to 4 if he has a good season.

    4. Chapman is probably a 3 for most schools but he's a 4 for Pitt because of what Chryst can do with him. Orndoff is a 4 in my book. Caparra will be interesting. Most his size will fail, but there's always exceptions.

    5. I agree PK and Chris. The two star guys on that list I'm generally ok with. The kickers are going to be 2 stars and I like thought of giving them ships. Howard may at the very least keep a link to Clariton but he has size and some moves to make a depth corner. Baker is a big man that can move I see him as a guard under PC. No word yet from camp on any of 2012 on the more project kids. So far Holtz seems like the big hit on the list thus far. I want to know what the coaching staff thinks about their own recruits like Lewis, Roberts, and Caparra. So in my opinion recruiting is not suspect yet, its just not stellar.

  30. Doke,

    I didn't realize until very recently that Pitt hasn't used its full allocation of 85 scholarships.

    Are we trying to get a full roster? It's very late, of course, but are there still guys unsigned, JuCos, or what-not? They'd be better than putting a want-ad for walk-ons in The Pitt News... right?

    Some of Pitt's problems on OL & DL are depth, which a less-than-full roster sure doesn't help.

    1. They have looked at a lot of OL and DL jucos this year.

  31. Holgorsen ain't lighting up the recruiting trail either folks. Has anyone noticed WVU is all over cbssports.com lately. Two headlines in two days! Additionally, WVU just extended their coach to 2017. Meanwhile, our AD is a mow ron, asleep at the wheel. No national PR.....anywhere! Why didn't PITT's athletic department flood the media with stories about two alumni getting elected into the pro football Hall of Fame. Geezums, do something. Smiley can make things hard for Chryst as it was evident Chryst wasn't Smiley's hire. What better way to flip everyone the bird by not giving his coach the tools to succeed.

    Did Josh Stepoli ever sign with a college from last year? He had the height Chryst looks for at 6'6". I think he was a 3 star. Could Pitt bring him in this late into the process if available? It's a reach for sure but with the Rickets news, may be worth a look.

    1. They just cut a deal with Post Gazette...
      for positive press...
      Quid Pro Quo
      they gave Zeise Jr. a scholarship offer for positive press!!!

    2. JoeD,

      Provide some proof of this statement....
      "they gave Zeise Jr. a scholarship offer for positive press!!!" Not conjecture or guessing. Real, documented proof.

      Good luck!

  32. Posted this morning, then was gone all day. Read through all the posts I missed, MAN that was a lot of fun! Sorry I wasn't around to comment but I see many of you picked up where I left off.

    Go Pitt!

    1. Didn't miss you RKR!

      I don't always agree with Joe D and think he obsesses on a few things, but at least he can be objective not always drinking the Pitt Kool aid like you and several others. He at least understands that to be a great program, you need to have great game day coaches AND great recruiters. Being great at only one gets your coaches fired (See Wanny).

    2. Well, didn't miss you much either Mr...... Anonymous???

      So, waiting until PC coaches his first game and completes his first recruiting class is not "objective" and is an example of "drinking the Kool Aid"? That's what you're trying to say, right?

      I supported the firing of DW because of his terrible in-game coaching.

      Please show me a quote that lead you to believe that I didn't think we needed both coaching a recruiting to win.
      I'll be waiting...

  33. Mr...... Anonymous (aka Mrs. RKR)August 9, 2012 at 1:50 PM

    Mr........RKR, Chryst HAS completed his first recruiting class and it wasn't anything special. Mostly kids recruited by Graham. I will give him the benefit of the doubt since he didn't have much time. Year two he was and probably still is being out recruited by PSU who is dealing with the biggest scandal in College History! You can bust Joe D's balls all morning long but someone criticizes you and you get your panties all in a bunch.

    1. Wow.. what did I miss..
      Thanks for the kind comments...

      Great coaches + great players = Championships!!!

      That is not my original thought.... borrowed from someone else so I can't take credit.

    2. Mr.....Anonymous,

      I simply responded to your post, no panties in a bunch at all. I asked you to show me where I had made any statement suggesting that recruiting and coaching were not both important. As I expected, you provided nothing but instead change the subject. That happened because you know that I never said such a thing. If you want to "bust my balls", feel free. But when I respond with counter arguments be intelligent enough to give an answer. Otherwise, you make yourself look foolish.

      As to PC "first class", that idea is your dumbest yet. The guy got hired in January and LOI day in the first week in February. Having 3 weeks to recruit is hardly a good representation of his ability.

      Let me know what PSU's class looks like on LOI day. Until then keep up the negative speculations!!

  34. Mr...... Anonymous (aka Mrs. RKR)August 9, 2012 at 2:23 PM

    No problem Joe D.

    While I get annoyed with your comments such as speed, speed, speed over and over, I get more annoyed with people such as RKR and Who? that think that Coach Chryst will just "coach up" a bunch of 2 and 3 star recruits to be national champions because Wisconsin did that.

    I also don't think, nor do I think you believe, that brining Foster a homemade pie will convice him to come to Pitt, these other fans don't understand that a bunch of little things add up to these kids that are just craving attention. Give them Pitt hat and T-shirts, show up to practice(when allowed), send them texts and emails(when allowed)... Don't just give them the facts about Pitt and hope they choose Pitt.

    1. It's lots of stuff... like you said... all the little things add up..
      The thing is...
      Pitt is just 40 minutes away... they have a competitive advantage over the other 6 schools in Fosters final cut... and they are not using it to their advantage.

    2. Neither one of you guys has any clue what Pitt is or is not doing. You read the blogs and think your some kind of experts - its laughable!!

      Still looking for a quote from me in which I said PC will coach 2-3* kids to National Championships. Good luck finding that...

  35. My biggest fear is that Pitt got it wrong again. I have watched for years Pitt admin bouncing betwen X&O's coaches and then recruiting (well Wanny was about it) specialist coaches. Walt, Hackett (God forbid we ever get that again), and now PC I would would put into the good offense mind cat but were not truely ready to run a team. Wanny was our only recruiter but thought he was an x&o's guy but clearly wasn't. I'm not sure how a school with rich history and very smart people running it can make mistake after mistake when it comes to running / managing a football program. That being said I'm willing to give Paul Chryst a fair chance. That being said I'm less than impressed so far.

    I like and respect Johny Majors way to much to bring up his 2nd go around. I've blacked that entire stint out

    1. Medium,

      Very good thoughts on PC and Pitt FB and I would agree 100% PC does not seems to be the most exciting coach out there, but his history as OC gives me some hope on the X's and O's. Believe it or not, I too am worried about his ability to recruit. BUT (this is what some on here can't seem to understand) I'm also willing to give the guy a chance before I declare him to be a failure.

    2. This is his second recruiting class. How many before you think he isn't the best recruiter? After he is fired? Please explain how he had a rep for not recruiting and has shown little expertise in it so far? But you'll just say give him a chance. Can't keep weighting in college football or you'll get passed by. Weight broke the wagon.

  36. I think it is reasonable to give him ONE class that is completely his before we start making judgements. Seriously, the guy has been the head coach for 7 months and you're calling for his head.

    Look, this is not "Survivor" and Pitt fans are going to get to vote PC off the island. As much as you hate this, you have NO choice but to give him a chance!! NO CHOICE!!!! The AD is going to stick with him for several years, regardless of JoeD and his BOYZ talking smack on the messages boards.

    You can keep up the negativity and slamming the guy based on 7 months work and some internet rumors. As for me I will objectively watch the FB play this fall before I pass judgment on his coaching. Then I will turn my focus to recruiting and see what happens on LOI day. Only once that cycle has been complete can we begin to discuss the real strengths and weaknesses on PC and staff.

    If you want to hold that against me, have at it...

    1. Yes! Its not just we haven't seen PC coach yet, its also we haven't seen any of the recruits play yet. Who does everyone have a problem with, what player? To this point I don't see anything wrong with the kids him and his staff recruited thus far. Remind what was Dion Lewis ranking when he came in? What was Meyers? If your going by ranking they me crap alot of times. Diamonds in the rough, apparently Ryan Lewis is impressing at camp a lowly 2 star recruit.

  37. Dokish, here's a tip.

    You could make a fortune having tampon manufacturers advertising on your site.