Friday, August 3, 2012

Pitt personnel announcments

Pitt announced today that quarterback Mark Myers is transferring to a Division III school, offensive lineman Juantez Hollins has been suspended for the season, and freshman wide receiver Chris Davis has been suspended for the first week of practice.


  1. I'm saddened but not shocked that Myers is transferring. However, I'm surprised it's all the way down to D-III.

    Do you know the name of the school?

    Why down to D-III? That's a steep drop! He needed only go to D1-AA to not sit a year (ala, Flacco to Delaware...).

  2. Unfortunately, for every big time player that comes out of Aliquippa, there are 5 with the academic or disciplinary problems that Hollins has that don't even make it to college.

    Myers had no work ethic. Talent was not the problem (eatch some of his spring game passes). You have to want to be good at the college level, not just rely on your talent.

  3. The D-III transfer is commiserate with his skill level. He was just not that good and completely overrated coming out of high school. I recall that one recruiting service had him rated really low well over 100?

  4. Dave Wannstedt was a tremendous evaluator of talent, huh?

    Especially QB.

  5. Meyers is a surprise but not a surprise.
    I figured due to his lack of motivation, he was here to get an education since it was a free ride. Going to D3 makes no sense... unless he got a free ride. Albeit D3 don't give athletic scholarships... they find a way to get you money.
    Why he didn't just ride it out at Pitt is beyond me.

    Why are the other 2 suspended??

    1. This is just speculation, of course, but violation of team rules usually means pot.

  6. chris, with meyers now gone, is it safe to assume that the staff will be looking for a second quaerterback in the 2013 class? only having 3 scholarship qbs in 2013, one of which being a senior doesnt cut it

    1. It's possible but they don't have many scholarships left. Savage, Voytik, and Chapman will be there next year and maybe Kincade in 2 years. It's tough to add too many because QBs know only one can play at a time and they don't want to spend their career on the bench.

    2. they dont have many scholarships? i thought they could have a class of 30+ this year

    3. don't forget trey andersen as QB. They will have 4 in 2013

    4. i didnt count anderson because if he wins the job over voytik, savage, and chapman, things went very VERY wrong

  7. Doke - hoops question. Is Artis a possible 4, or is he a definite 3? I've seen heights from 6'5" to 6'7".

  8. Artis is a 3 in the typical Pitt way in that he's a 3 who can rebound and play big, but he's definitely a 3. Mike Young is a bigger combo forward, who will play mostly at the 4 for Pitt, but can also play the 3 in a game if need be. In fact, Young is pretty good outside of the paint and can even nail some three pointers.

    1. young is set to announce today between pitt and florida. so chris, your telling me dixon is recruiting a true 4 and WONT make him play the 5?

  9. Chris...
    Back to the Top 50...
    Are you going to put the Top 50 on 1 list as a permanent link on your blog... or at least a Top 50 list with name, position, and year played.

  10. Any recruiting noise??
    Forcast for this year....

    The Big East forcast was Pitt ranked 5th... that is sad!!
    Lucky if they go 6-6 this year...
    they need a miracle to go 8-4.. which in my opinion is the minimum standard for regular season.
    Can you imagine what will happen in the ACC?? Big East is powderpuff compared to ACC.

    1. I just think Chryst better be a great head coach, because his current recruiting class is ranked No.61 by Rivals.

    2. PSU is ranked 20th... still keeping their class together so far.

      Pitt 2012 recruiting class ranked about 45 I believe.
      2011 was over 50...
      This year, 2013, recruiting class is critical... and it is not looking good either. Most top recruits have committed elsewhere or Pitt no longer in top 5.

    3. The 2010 and 2011 classes were late patch jobs so that's understandable, but Chryst has been there for about 7 months now. No excuse why this class is the way it is.

    4. 2010 class ranked 33..
      2011 class ranked over 50..
      2012 class ranked 47.

      2013 class isn't looking good... probably end up in the 40's....

      That said, the next 2-3 years will be miserable... anywhere from 6-6 to 8-4.

    5. Foster and Johnson will change everyone's mind real quick.

    6. In 1972... Pitt won 1 game...
      In 1973... new coach Johnny Majors and Jackie Sherrill.

      They landed.. Dorsett, Romano, Weatherington, Pelusi..

      Albeit, if they win... they will come...
      Good recruiters can recruit regardless of the situation!! Heck, look at O'Brien at PSU!!

      No excuses this year recruiting for Chryst... bottom line, he just doesn't get IT!!
      He will be gone in 4 years.

  11. Hmmmmm.....really how important are the opinions of others regarding how a high school kid will turn out. Don 't see that as any different then the preseason polls....
    Since 2002 Wisconsin's recruiting classes have averaged sixth in the Big 10. I'd say they have done pretty well overall.....

    1. I keep hearing that since Wisconsin did it, and Chryst was there, then he'll do the same at Pitt. It doesn't work that way. He may get it done at Pitt, but just because it was done by Wisconsin, that doesn't mean that Pitt will automatically be similar. Wisconsin was the rare exception to the rule that you need elite players to become an elite team.

    2. I say...
      Look at Ohio State..
      Look at Alabama...
      Look at LSU..

      Bottom line... when you recruit top 25 classes year in and year out.. you are almost guaranteed top 25 ranking every year.
      Also, it creates competition for starting role when you have all these good players on your roster... you get better when you go up against good competition every day in practice.

    3. I guess Pitt should tell Foster and Johnson... Pitt is not interested..
      we only want 2 star players...

    4. Damn Joe D! You sure do shake your head a lot. Screw track your neck muscles must be huge!

    5. Chris you have been right on track insisting that we must have elite players to be an elite team. To think otherwise is delusional.

    6. I saw this quote on Pantherlair... I liked it..

      Teams with great players win most of the time.
      Teams with great coaches win much of the time.
      Teams with great players and great coaches win championships!!!

  12. Yeah everyone says "look at wisconsin" "look at wisconsin", really look at the top ten in recruiting every year and tell me it doesn't matter. Wisconsin got lucky Michigan was down and Penn State had an old man running the show. When they win a national title then say how rankings don't mater.

    1. OSU and Michigan have upgraded. Th Big Two and the Little Eight is back.

  13. You guys are way overplaying this recruiting thing. Not all kids that are 4 or 5 star recruits pan out. Likewise some 2 or 3 stars are exceptional. It has lot to with attitude and desire. Some coaches can really develop and bring the best out of average or lightly above average athletes, some can't. PC seems to be good t identifying and developing talent. Only time will tell. At this point it s all petulant ion but provides for good discussion.

    1. I'm getting use to my new iPad so please forgive the spelling errors....the last sentence should its all speculation..........begging your indulgence.

    2. Overplaying the recruiting thing? They're currently 61st. With little hope of getting much better.

    3. Chris,what's our chances now with Foster and Boyd? Percentage wise?

    4. No idea on Foster. Still think there's a decent chance, but he tells nobody anything, even the coaches who are recruiting him. So it's anybody's guess. As for Boyd, I'd say about 5%.

  14. Just one last comment please.....Boise state's recruiting classes since 2002 have an average ranking of 70.7....I'd say they did pretty well over the past few years. I'm not suggesting that recruiting isn't important I just think it is ludicrous to believe that we won't be successful unless we have top recruiting classes....

    1. So you're picking the one team out of over 100 and that's your reasoning that Pitt will be okay with a poor recruiting class? That's a stretch.

    2. Boise plays one, maybe two good teams per year. The one good team they play they have a month to prepare for and that team usually is let down to be there. They have zero depth and a harder schedule would expose that big time. Stay up late and watch their games, you'll see.

  15. Chris, no where did I say a poor recruiting class is good. I'm sure there are other teams that have middle of the road recruiting classes that did pretty well. I respect your opinion and enjoy this forum....

    1. There are two- Wisconsin and Boise State. Maybe Pitt can be another. Maybe Chryst will recruit a lot better. Maybe he will be an amazing coach. I have no idea about any of those future things. All I know is that right now I haven't seen much to be encouraged about when it comes to recruiting.

  16. Okay one last point...Rivals recently reported the first 3 recruiting class rankings over the past 3 years:
    2012 - Alabama, Texas, and Florida
    2011 - Alabama, Florida State, and Texas
    2010 - USC, Florida, Texas
    We know about Bama but Texas was 8-5 in 2011' and 5-7 in 2010. Florida was 7-6 in 2011 and 8-5 in 2010.
    Oklahoma State finished 12-1 in 2011 and should have played for the national championship. Their recruiting class was outside the top 25 in 2010 and 2009. I'm just saying that the top recruits aren't necessarily the best players.....

    1. Okay now look at the last 20 national champions and see how many had a No.61 recruiting class. You're manipulating the stats to make yourself feel better. Chryst isn't recruiting at a high level right now. If a coach does not recruit at a high level his chance of having an excellent team is not good. Is this even really debatable?

    2. Texas won a national title pretty recently and so did Florida and USC on your list. Keep cherry picking though, it really gives Pitt a better chance to win.

    3. To be consistently good you have to have consistently good recruiting classes. There is no debate. Wisconsin and Boise State have won how many national titles? Yeah I thought so.

      Why would you not want the very best kids when there are a decent amount within a 3 hour drive of Pitt?

    4. How many BCS bowls have they played in and conference titles have they won?

      Looking at just National Championships in a very short-sighted view. By that logic, the Jackie Sherrill era at Pitt was a dud.

    5. You're counting WAC or Mountain West as great conference titles?

      Wisconsin's first outright big ten title since 1999 was last year and they've played in one more BCS than Pitt.

      Bottom line Good recruits=Good results

    6. Well, despite having "lesser" recruits, those teams have had better results than a lot teams, including Pitt.

      Apparently, the coaches at those schools thought they recruited good players. Their results show that they did.

      FWIW, for that past couple years the one Big 10 team that has spooked the Ohio State fans that I know has been Wisconsin.

    7. if any of you think pitt will win national titles with any coach, get a clue. if youre not elite right now, you wont be. id kill for pitt to be wisconsin. if thats not good enough for you, youre hopeless

    8. I'd be ecstatic with Pitt being Wisconsin-East. People need to put things into perspective when it comes to the Pitt program and comparing them to OSU, Alabama and the like. The Pitt administration has never sold out completely to football the way those schools have, and quite honestly, playing a professionally dominated market doesn't exactly help them. The elites of college football have the attention of their respective fan bases 24/7 all year and play in 100K+ stadiums that are packed regardless of who they play. For comparison, Pitt didn't pack Pitt stadium in their glory days unless they were playing PSU or Notre Dame, same as it is now.

      Pitt, regardless of coach, will pretty much always be your 8-4 to 10-2 type of team that won't have a shot at a national title. I'm OK with that, if you're looking for more than that you've hitched your wagon to the wrong horse.

    9. I think your last paragraph is exactly right. Should of just kept wanny if the kids would of not got arrested.

    10. Wanny would have still been here had the arrests not happened, IMO. I'm a long time Pitt fan like most of us here, but I also try to be realistic. I think PC will do a good job and will probably deliver the standard 8-4 seasons, and realistically, by moving to the ACC that should not be considered to be substandard.

  17. You might be right but I always see the glass half full

  18. I think the question we need to ask is not whether but how can we improve our recruiting.

  19. Just took a break from the Olympics to watch Curtis Martin's HOF acceptance speech. A brutally honest, tear-jerking and inspiring speech. Really happy for the guy.

  20. Chris, you seem to be contradicting yourself here. Haven't you told us here on multiple occasions that you don't think highly of sites like Rivals, Scout, etc.?

    The problem with focusing on Rivals right now is that they don't even have all the players evaluated. 4 Pitt players (OL Baker, DT Jarrett, and the kickers) have nothing. Baker looks like a 2 star, the others look to be 3 stars.

    I don't know exactly how Rivals comes up with their points - it looks like it's anywhere from 22-30 points per star - but once those players are properly rated, Pitt will land in in the 30-45 range. Which is where Scout and 247 have Pitt rated right now.

    Now, I know that's not going to get the stargazers jumping for joy, but that does sound a lot better than 61. And besides, the last 7 years have told us being the champs of February doesn't mean a whole lot.

    Frankly, we'll have a far better idea of whether this coaching regime will succeed or fail come December 3 than Joe D's current recruiting analysis.

    BTW, you can add Stanford and WVU to the list of schools that haven't had stellar recruiting ratings, but have done quite well as of late. (I think Oregon has had a Top 15 class, but the rest of their classes have been around 35)

  21. I can't believe people believe Pitt can win football games without good players..

    You people are either delusional or drinking the koolaid..

    The stats say.. majority... you need "BOTH" good players and good coaching to win consistently!! Anyone who thinks differently is NUTS!

    1. Right on dude....I'm sure they'd really be complaining if all Pitt got were 5 star recruits. I guess they are in denial.

    2. Nobody is saying that you are likely to win without good players.

      What people are saying is that it is really premature to automatically assume that these players aren't going to be good - when they haven't even started their senior year of high school - based off some website's rankings.

      Talent evaluation is part of Chryst's job. At this point of the year, he obviously thinks these are good players. Time will time if he's right. No sense banging your head against the wall otherwise.

      What Pitt does on gameday right now is my focus. If Pitt finishes 5-7 this year, that's not going to bode well even if Chryst suddenly hauls in a "Top 5" class.

    3. No, the person who is NUTS is the one that is proclaiming Paul Chryst as a failure before he has even coached ONE GAME! The same guy is also calling the recruiting class as a failure in August, while most of know that LOI day is in February.

      I'll give you credit Joe D., your ability to focus on one thing and stay on track is amazing -- even if it is misguided. You can somehow turn every thread into "The Joe D. Show", starting Joe D. as the know-it-all prognosticator of the future failure of Paul Chryst...

      I can't wait until the season starts and we can try to distract Joe D. byt actually talking about the Pitt football team and their games against actual opponents.

  22. star rankings are meaningless. i dont get why thats hard to understand. im not saying chryst is killing it in recruiting. hes missed some guys he should get. then again, its still only august. we just need to let the man do his job. bitching about what we DONT EVEN KNOW to be poor recruits is absolutely meaningless.

  23. I dont think Chryst needs to win the ACC or National championships with his current recruiting classes. He just needs to be respectable and have a winning record. That is -- win the games he is supposed to win, dont get blown out when he loses, and maybe notch a notable upset or two. Pitt is going to have to sell itself on the field before it starts turning the heads of the elite recruits with regularity. With teams like OSU, Alabama, LSU, etc. half the recruiting is done just by the name of the school. People who think Chryst should be recruiting near that level before he has even coached a game at Pitt are the truly delusional ones.

  24. Question..
    How many posters would rather have 20 2-star recruits on the 2013 list over 20 4-star recruits.... and explain why!!

    and the reason I think 2013 is such a critical recruiting year... is because 2010, 2011, and 2012 were mediocre to bad.

    Original Ether... RKR...
    you are commenting that Chryst is the "talent evaluator"...
    are you saying he doesn't want Johnson, Boyd, Green?

    The issue is... he has no clue how to land them!! That is my point... sure, 2 stars are lining up for Pitt because that is their best offer and they are looking to get the best education they can get knowing they don't have aspirations of NFL.

    1. I don't want to settle for 20 4-star recruits, I only want 5-star kids -- can't win multiple National Championships without a team full of studs!

      These 5-star kids must also run track, I need times for the 100 for all of them.

      Oh, they must also be limited to he 5-star kids who only look at Pitt, if they even take a visit to another school, they are off my list!

      Johnson, Boyd and Green...???... Chumps, only 4-star. We shouldn't even waste our time with them...

      If Chryst doesn't win National Championships in each of his first four years he'll be gone!

      As for the NFL, choosing Pitt would be a really bad option for anyone. Pitt never puts players in the league, and those that do don't contribute.

      Pitt needs to set their standards high - like I do, 'cause I'm always right! We should be in the same class as Alabama, USC, LSU, Florida, OSU, ect. Anything else shows a complete lack of commitment and will not be tolerated by me!

  25. I think its asking a lot of Chryst to land elite kids from the get-go.


    Pitt as a program has underachieved for years.
    With the coaching turnstile moving at warp speed, there is an element of instability hanging over the program.
    Fan support on game day is mediocre.
    TV exposure has been OK and aside from the Brawl and the 2009 game vs UCinn, big games are few and far between.
    Chryst is a first time HC. He's got to grow into the job. This was not a lateral career move for him, it was a promotion.

    He is not Urban Meyer or Nick Saban who have established track records that open doors that otherwise not be open. As such, he will have to demonstrate what he can do with what he does have - on game day. And there has not been any of those yet.

    It took Frank Beamer several years to put VT on the map. VT did not sell itself back then. There were questions about whether Beamer's contract would be extended after the first deal.

    None of that means Chryst will be successful, but then none of what's been happening this Spring means he won't. Yes, championships are won with both great players and great coaches and it would be great if we landed some "name recruits" RIGHT NOW. But I think Chryst's task is to build a reputation and a program that we can be proud of - on and off the field. And that isn't where we are now. So, I'm just gonna try and enjoy the games one at a time and not fret over the fact that we won't be playing in the BCS Championship game for the foreseeable future.

    1. Did you just not read Dokish???? Vanderbilt has zero history of success and they are recruiting great. PENN STATE is recruiting better with the biggest scandal college sports history. What is wrong with Pitt fans? Yes the rankings are not 100% perfect but the top teams get the best classes. No debate. College kids don't care about the past. I rarely agree with Joe D but he right on this. Keep Wanny if 8-4 is a good season, which it seems most of the posters are ok with.

    2. Actually, I wanted Franklin to be HC at Pitt...
      to replace Wanny..
      not the guy from Miami of Ohio...
      but Peterson dragged his heels.

      Franklin is from Langhorne, PA... went to East Stroudsburg.. and can recruit PA, NJ, MD!!!
      and he only hires assistants with good looking wife!! ;)

    3. Maybe Pitt can't recruit with OSU or Alabama at the moment. But do we see some progress? No. Recruiting has gotten worse. We have dire needs in the OL and defensive front 7. So far this year 2 OL and 1 for the front 7. There is a great opportunity to get transfers from PSU. So far zero.

    4. Actually Joe, you wanted Stoops, Stoops, Stoops

    5. Oppss.. forgot...
      Stoops, Stoops, Stoops... from Florida.
      James Franklin was my #2.

  26. PSU "official" transfers up to 10 so far...

    We see how many no-shows on Monday who may still be considering their options.

    1. Correction... 9 official transfers..
      Fuller decommitted from 2013 class... switched to Notre Dame. He was one of the 6 that went to PSU last week to recommitt, rah rah, etc.

      Dorian Johnson.... time to decommitt and join Pitt!!!

    2. Johnson is a no-chance to Pitt! Mom wants him out of the city. He's a country boy from BV. Mom doesn't want him near the inner city.

    3. If Chryst can't get Johnson to come to Pitt - regardless of what his mom wants - he should be fired on the spot. Don't give me any excuses about waiting to coach a game or see how the year plays out, that is for losers! Be aggressive and demand result NOW!! Anything else will not be tolerated by me!

      Right, Joe D.?

    4. RKR... lol

      The reason I wanted Mark Stoops to replace Wanny... James Franklin was my 2nd choice...
      was due to recruiting ability.... and good coaches..

      Lets put it this way... wpial is loaded for 2014...
      with all the a$$kissing chryst is doing of wpial coaches.. if he can't land 5 of the top 10 wpials in 2014... then I suspect Chryst will be gone after 2014 season... in other words.. 3 years.

    5. Don't get soft on me, Joe D.!

      If Chryst doesn't win a National Championship and bring in the #1 recruiting class, he should be canned immediately!

      As for next year, only take the WPIAL kids that are 5-stars. We don't want any 4-star garbage dragging us down!

      How many of the top 10 run track? I need all their times.

      Setting my standards (and those for Pitt) high, RKR...

    6. My standards are not that high...
      1. Top 25 ranking year in and year out..
      2. Minimum 8 wins in regular season.
      3. Win Big East/ACC every 3-4 years.

    7. RKR - thanks for the chuckles today.

    8. Those standards are low, Joe D.

      I'm not as easy to please as you are...

      1) Top 2 ranking once in a 4 year spam - #1 ranking the others

      2) No more than 1 loss over any two year period

      3) Win every game in the weak conference we're in (BE or ACC), covering the spread in each and not allowing more than 10 points per game on average.

      @Joe Lawrence..CHUCKLES?? What am I, a clown?? You think this is a laughing matter?? I want results NOW!!

      I'm here to teach you all a lesson, no more Mr. Nice Guy for Pitt FB. I'm going to keep my standards where they are and you all will raise yours up (to my level of course). Together, us posters hear on this message board are going to get Chryst to stop goofing off or we'll get him fired. WE are the ones with the power!

    9. To bad you aren't serious. You don't mind average seasons.

    10. yeah real funny....god forbid everyone doesn't agree with everything you post

  27. @Anonymous (both of you?)...

    I don't mind an "average" season now and then... as long as "average" is 12-1 with a BCS bowl win.

    Everyone should agree with me, anything else is not a high enough standard. If you're not striving for the same goals as me then you're holding the program back. Demand more! Especially demand more under the name "Anonymous" on a message board - that will really force the athletic department to see the error of their ways and do it the way I demand!

    Power to the Pitt Fan!!!

    1. Haha, complaining about anonymous...RKR isn't?? If you don't like what people say either provide examples to prove your point or click the red x at the upper right corner of your screen.

    2. Anonymous,

      RKR are my initials, I use them everytime I post so everyone knows exactly who is writing - unlike your post. You could be one of any 3 posters under that name, I don't know to whom I am responding...

      Regardless... " If you don't like what people say either provide examples to prove your point or click the red x at the upper right corner of your screen." Right back at you...

    3. Bahahaha...Please look up the definition of anonymous. RKR is anonymous. Use your real name if you don't want to be. You're no different than anyone using anonymous.

  28. Time to cast an eye back to the past.

    As of August 1st PITT historically had these recruits:

    '13 - 12 recruits w/ two 4*s

    '12 - five recruits w/ one 4*s

    '11 - two recruits w/ zero 4*s

    '10 - 15 recruits w/ one 5* and four 4*s; this was the year seven kids committed in one week in June.

    '09 - six recruits w/ zero 4*s

    '08 - six recruits w/ one 5* and two 4*s

    Except for DW's good 2010 recruiting class Chryst is ahead of the game going into training camp.

    People need to relax and let Chryst do his work. The top shelf recruits very often don't commit until the football season is under way and that is when we have gotten our biggest recruits at PITT. Wouldn't it be hell if Chryst stocked up right now like some fans want and missed out on some great recruits toward LOI Day?

    As for the PSU transfers can anyone tell me just who is so valuable that PITT has to have them? Forget about Redd, he was going to USC or nowhere. Mike Hull is probably staying and wasn't a starter at PSU anyway. Who other PSU transfer has Chryst "missed on" which I keep reading about?

    Somehow it is quickly becoming an urban myth that Chryst is asleep or lazy with this just because he isn't on late night public access TV touting how great a recruiter he is or how many points we'll score.

    Chryst isn't that type of person folks and we knew that even before he got here.

    Plus, here's a little secret - the PITT administration doesn't want him on TV and doing a million interviews either. They want a low key but winning 2012 to leave the BE and segue into the ACC next season. We got burnt and embarrassed by one over the top outward personality last year and don't want it to happen again.

    1. Excuses, excuses...

      I'm fed up with this already, it is obvious that Chryst just cannot recruit. He's lazy and boring and doesn't understand that you need to have good players to have good teams. How did this guy ever become a coach??

      I want 5-stars at every position, anything else is unacceptable! If we don't have 5-stars at every position by next fall Chryst will be GONE!

      Alabama is getting 5-star players, so is OSU and Michigan. We need to get them too if we want to be in that group - which, of course, I demand that we do join!

    2. Just some stats Rhok...

      According to rivals...
      Pitt has made 155 offers...
      49 of them are 4 or 5 star players....
      ONLY 13 of the 49 haven't committed yet...
      It seems Foster is the only 1 of the 13 they have a shot at....

      This year is an anomoly... kids are committed earlier than ever before..
      Therefore, it can be concluded.... this is going to be a very low ranked class... mid-40's at best...

    3. And therefor we can also conclude..

      1) PC cannot recruit
      2) PC is lazy
      3) PC does not understand how the recruiting game works
      4) PC is a terrible hire (Stoops, Stoops, Stoops...)
      5) Pitt will fail in the ACC
      6) PC will be GONE in less than 4 years

      Power to the Pitt Fans!!

    4. If you get this mad, why read the blog? Its the off season and recruiting is really all there is to talk about. All anyone wants is Pitt to be good.

    5. PC and his crew tell 5 star recruits not to visit because they are on vacation!!!
      PC can't close a deal...
      Add that to the list...

      I'd say... in 4 years... Stoops and Sunseri will have improved their resume... so it will be one or the other if they haven't taken a HC position by then.

      I don't think he is a terrible hire... but the recruiting prowess was talked about before he was hired... and it shows.
      The lifeblood of college football is recruiting.

    6. "The lifeblood of college football is recruiting."

      Man, I hope PC reads this blog, I bet he had no clue that recruiting was so impotent. Now he knows, and we all know that "Knowing is half the battle!"

      In four year maybe, just maybe, Stoops and/or Sunseri will have official cached their first game as head coach in college football...we can only wish from afar...

      Until then... Power to the Pitt Fans!!!

    7. Reed:

      I thought the Urban myth was Urban Meyer! Yes?

  29. Sorry Jody, need to bust your chops on this again since everyone else gives you a pass. If you want teams that have recruited in the top 10-15 every year for the last 20 and not gotten results/championships, look to Notre Dame. That is a fact. Since 1994 they are 130-89-1, yet consistently ranked in the top 10 for recruiting. If you want to look closer, Penn State consistently ranked in the top 20 in recruiting and since 1998, they didn't win a single game!

    Paul Chryst is our football coach and the lack of suport he gets from you all is telling. I don't care if all of our recruits are 2 stars right now. By the end of their current football year, they may all play "up" and the class will look stellar. Don't compare Chryst to O'brien, yet. The cult, which is penn state, still gets kids that have wanted to go there since they were ten years old. That is the main difference between their TE and QB and the rest of their verbals. Those two dudes lived for PSU and convinced the other ones to do the same. Fuller saw through that and went elsewhere. Johnson may do the same and Chryst should be asking him to keep coming to campus to improve his game, despite the commitment elsewhere.

    Chryst is also 0-0 lifetime as a head coach. To expect him to compete with Urban, Stoops, Hoke, Saban and others right now is just plain hogwash. His Head Coaching record works against him and alleged fans like the group here work against him. You never, ever see this kind of crap on the WVU Boards about their coach, nor do you at PSU, or Alabama, or LSU, or OSU, or USC and the list goes on. But the list is funny because you all want our team to compete with those just listed while at the same time you all tear down or impede progress because your attitudes are terrible.

    Obviously, no commentors on this site have played professionally in any sport as this type of attitude would never be accepted in the locker room. Pull up your jock straps cupcakes. Learn that winning on this level requires teamwork. Check your attitudes at the door and pull in the right direction. Once you have given it your all, then complain, get out and root for someone else. Right now, this reminds me of a whiney arse group of spoiled third graders who have yet to learn how to build a successful program.

    Jody, the lifeblood of college football is recruiting, but you can't recruit against the best when your fan base and collegiate experience is amongst the worst. Ying and yang. The comments on here prove that I am more correct, than not. And the people said, "Amen".

    1. Notre Dame doesn't play a cupcake schedule like Pitt does... albeit, ND started scheduling a few cupcakes the past 5+ years...

      When a coach can't land any 4-5 star wpial recruits... that is telling... even though he is kissing the wpial coaches a$$..

      When a coach tells a 5star recruit... reschedule because we are on vacation... that is telling.

      Chryst and crew is NOT making weekly visits to CV/Foster.. Sherril visited Dorsett 3 times a week for 6 months... slept on his couch!!.. and Pitt was coming off a season whereby they won ONLY 1 game.

      All I hear from you is excuses with the hopes and dreams of "coaching em up"... guess what... that is what Meyers, Hoke, O'Brien, etc are doing but with better athletes to begin with!!!

      Sorry, but I didn't drink the Chryst koolaid... he is a good coach (x and o)... but if he can't land top notch players for Pitt... his days are number as a HC anywhere!!!

    2. Vanderbult is all i have to say to that. Please explain how they can recruit.

    3. 2012 Notre Dame schedule

      Navy, Purdue, Michigan State, Michigan, Miami, Stanford, BYU, Oklahoma, Pitt, BC, Wake Forest, USC.

      Navy, BYU, Pitt, BC are considered the cupcakes...
      Please note... no MAC or subdivision teams!!!

    4. If Pitt played Notre Dame's 2012 schedule... they would be 0-12!!! maybe 2-10...

    5. If Chryst isn't sleeping on the door spet of some recruit he's just not trying. How could SP hire such a lazy guy for the head coach?

      We're DOOMED!!!

    6. This is Franklin's SECOND year at Vandy. Not a good comparison. Nice try though...

    7. Vanderbilt was 29th in Franklin's first year and the first year is usually a big recruiting year for a new head coach. They were 70th and 61st the two previous seasons.

    8. What was Chryst's first class ranked at? My internet must be broken because I can't find it anywhere.

      I did see that Franklin was able to steal a QB from VaTech just before signing day, wonder how much that boosted his rankings?

      Seriously, Chris, I believe you are much to smart to try to draw a parallel between Franklin and Chryst. Just because coaches are in their first year at a new school does not mean everything is equal.

    9. Hey, if you believe that Chryst is some secret master recruiter, knock yourself out. You're entitled to your opinion. I just don't agree with it. He may recruit great in the future, and he may be a great head coach. It's impossible to predict the future. But I can certainly see the present and I can trust my own eyes and my own ears, and from all that I can gather Chryst has not done a great job recruiting this season and I don't see many opportunities to change that.

    10. I have no idea what kind of recruiter he is. I also never said he was a "master recruiter" -- don't put words in my mouth. I understand that his first class is hardly overwhelming... BUT...

      I understand that he is fighting a tremendous uphill battle with the recent failures of Pitt FB. Do I really need to rehash all these...?????

      What makes me so angry is how people come on here and proclaim Chryst an absolute failure because his first class is ranked 61 in AUGUST!!!

      The guy has yet to coach ONE GAME!! In my mind his #1 selling point is his ability to coach Pitt FB. Let's see how he does in his first year of coaching and see if that leads to an upgrade in the recruits he gets between now and LOI day.

    11. Most of these kids don't know or care about Pitt's recent coaching problems. That has nothing to do with hit.

    12. And I don't see many people saying Chryst is going to be a future failure in the future. Most are talking about not recruiting great so far. That's a very big difference.

    13. Ok,who wrote this...

      "so we don't have another head coach in 4 or 5 years"

      To me, that sounds like a thinly veiled prediction of failure. Am I wrong??

      Will you send me a dollar for every time Joe D. has called for Chryst to be fired? How about another dollar for things like this....

      "If Pitt played Notre Dame's 2012 schedule... they would be 0-12!!! maybe 2-10..."

      With "support" like this, Pitt FB is bound to get better!!

    14. I said I don't see many people. Joe D isn't many people. I assumed most people didn't listen to him anyway.

    15. Ok, you have a very vocal minority on here that spend a lot of time trashing everything that PC has done. The fact that we have yet to play ONE game under him as head coach makes this incredibly annoying to me - and I suspect others too!!

      That said, you are also very critical of Chryst's recruiting (and to your credit openly admit it) and I thing some of it is unwarranted (again referring to thought's like Huff's above). If PC's first year as HC turns out like TG's and/or if next year's recruiting doesn't improve THEN I'll be as openlyh critical as you are.

    16. As mark madden would say...waaaah. Are you related to chryst?
      All anyone is saying is he isn't doing well recruiting so far and had a reputation of not being a good recruiter when hired. If he turns out to be a good recruiter, fantastic, but so far he is not.

  30. Huff, well said, well said.

  31. Chryst will be judged on w-l's; if Pitt has a good season the higher ranked kids will have more interest in coming to Pitt and it will be up to Chryst and his staff to close the deal.

    Right now kids are a bit leary about Pitt because of the botched Wanny-Haywood-Graham circus. Chryst was hired as a stabilizing element to this program, again let's let the season pan out and then worry about the 2013 recruiting class. Players will come to Pitt, they just want to make sure their coach will be there for their tenure.

  32. By the way, the reason I'm so hard on Chryst's recruiting is because I want him to succeed so we don't have another head coach in 4 or 5 years. And at Pitt that means he will have to be one of the best teams in the ACC. The competition is getting tougher.

    1. I understand, Chris, I want them to win also. I also understand (and appreciate) your feedback on what's happening. But again, I think we need to let this play out for at least a year.

      Do you really think being hard on PC on forums like this HELP in recruiting? Do you think he checks in once and a while to get pointers from me and Joe D.?

      In my mind, we all point out the obvious and pretend that we're SOOO insightful. We need more 4-stars, we need to land WPIAL players, we're going into the ACC... NO KIDDING!!!

      Constantly bashing the HC and the AD does nothing to help - at least I don't see how it does. Going to the games, donating money, etc. those are how we help.

    2. My stance is simple. Chryst may be an excellent head coach and he may be an excellent recruiter in time, but he really can't afford a mediocre recruiting class, so for his and everybody else's sake, I hope he ramps it up. Getting Foster would help immensely. Chapman, Clement, Foster, and Orndoff isn't enough for a great class but it's at least a good class. And of course you never know about Dorian Johnson.

    3. Again, I think PC KNOWS it would be in his best interest to have a good class. I also think he's trying what he thinks will work best -- even if it it different than others and even if people like you don't like it. After all, it is HIS job on the line.

      I think you (and those like Joe D.) are underestimating the issues that Pitt FB have gone through over the last few years. I think it will take PC a season of good FB (at least 1 season) to get recruits to buy into his approach. I'm not going to restate all this, Huff did a great job discussing this above. I agree with his approach 100%

    4. I think you are overstating the issues at Pitt. These kids don't care about that stuff. I'm telling you, I've talked to them for years. Adults care but kids don't. They were going to Penn State in droves. What does that tell you? The best recruiters can recruit no matter what. I would be very surprised if Chryst is ever going to be a great recruiter. I'm just hoping that he's at least a good recruiter and a great coach. Then he has a chance of being there for awhile.

    5. I think you are cherry-picking your compressions. Who in their right mind thinks Pitt is in the same class as PSU - even now??

      Look at what PSU FB has been for the last 10 years and look at Pitt FB. Look at the conference, the bowl games, the rankings, the national TV exposure, and (dare I say) look at the crowds.

      How many times did our best recruiting head coach (DW) pull in a better class than PSU?

      When you say things like " I would be very surprised if Chryst is ever going to be a great recruiter." I read that as proclaiming him a failure before he's even completed one year. Can't you give the guy one complete cycle? You don't think people improve on the job as they do more of it?

      So, while I agree that there are signs that we should keep an eye one, it is much too early (in my opinion) to say he's terrible and/or he'll never get better.

    6. Cherry-picking your comparisons (not compressions)... sorry

    7. RKR - I think you need to add in the following sentence of quote of Chris D's. "I'm just hoping that he's at least a good recruiter and a great coach." This is not routing for failure or writing someone off. Recruiting is selling the product you have to sell, bad, tainted, good or excellent. The product may get better or worse overtime, but it can't get better without a productive sales force.

      A great salesman can sell on a first call, has a plan and is persistent. A good salesman has persistence, a plan and sells over time, mediocre salesman has only a plan or persistence but not both, and a bad salesman can't sell on the first call, has no plan and has no persistence.

      Based on these four descriptions, I think Chris is suggesting that he has not been good at landing kids on the first call. He hopes he has a plan and persistence to bring in top talent. Mixing this with being a good coach, could make the product easier to sell on first call. Apple products and Duke BBall sort of sell themselves. but this is a long history or producing.

      Chryst is starting with a reputation as someone that is a good X/Os guy and make lesser talent better. He has not been HC, he has not seemed to be able to WOW top talent at first meeting, but builds a relationship over time. This may turn out to be the secret to success (AKA Jamie Dixon targeting the right player and not going after the giant white elephant every time)

      I hope Chryst is successful, as does everyone on this board. I am not a recruiter, not have I covered it for years, but I have been in sales all my life. In his industry, HCs are not given a long time to build a program and build the relationships that some sales folks need to be successful. They have to evaluate opportunities and find overlooked sales targets that will fill big orders. Filling the seats with a 2-9 record will get him more time to build a relationship, then 10-2 with an empty stadium. He needs to quickly build hope.

  33. Any news on mike hull coming to pitt? Is he at psu practice today?

  34. Quote from Oregon State Head Coach Mike Riley (from PG) about Coach Chryst:

    "Everyone in the world has a system, but people actually have to fit into that system and this is what Paul does best -- he will adapt what he wants to do to what his players are capable of doing. So players will appear to be playing above their head but in reality it is because Paul and his staff have put them in position to succeed and he will utilize their strengths. That's what makes a great coach."

    This is the latest of many glowing comments that I’ve read from coaches, media guys, players and parents concerning Paul Chryst. They praise his character, his work ethic (he’s not lazy by the way), his intelligence, his football knowledge, ect. Just because he hasn’t set the world on fire during his first few months on the job doesn’t make him a failure. He’s not Todd Graham (thankfully). It’s obvious to me that the guy is trying to build a solid foundation on what’s left of the crumbling structure that is the Pitt football program.

    If Chryst and his assistants had anything at all to do with Wisconsin’s success (yes, I do consider their program a success), than I see no reason why they can’t duplicate it here too. No guarantees of course, but if what Coach Riley said is true, the product that will be on display at Heinz Field should be a huge improvement over the previous versions.

    Count me as someone who hasn’t given up on Pitt’s new coach before even one play has been run in his début season.

    1. Like any coach he will be judged by his win/loss record. I read the articl eand believe he is guiding the ship in the right direction

    2. I usually come here to read interesting pov's on Pitt's football and basketball current status but its almost impossible and borderline aggravating how posters have torn down PC without him being afforded a game, yet alone a season or until LOI next February. They started practice TODAY and I read posts about how much of a failure he will be or the lack of *'s with our recruits. For how much of a joke our football program has been the past year and a half with the awkward firing of Wannstedt, to the hiring and firing of Haywood, to the circus that was Graham. You'd think stability would be something we would cherish as fans who've seen their football program dragged through the mud, but many posts I read are about something wrong. How about something right, like giving props securing Chapman and Clement. Or the fact Orndorf should fit nicely in our system along with Holtz. Or that Soto is looking like a legit player. Or the fact we put 2 more of ours in the HOF.


    3. @Anonymous,

      Man, I'm with you about the stat of camp. I'm really looking forward to watch Pitt FB this fall. Maybe this will be the year we actually OVERACHIEVE instead of the constant underachieving we've been able to maintain for 20+ years.

      I like being picked 5th in the BE, gives us some motivation. Does anyone really think there are 4 teams in the BE with more talent than Pitt? I certainly do not. If PC can coach this team up, it could be a memorable final season in the BE.

      Go Pitt!

  35. Rkr and Rhok..

    If Chryst has a lower recruiting class in 2013 AND 2014 than PSU...
    and lets say he goes 6-6 in 2012 (which is what most are predicting)...

    Do you see Chryst lasting much longer after 2 seasons??

    Of all these writeups defending Chryst...
    every single one of them talk about his "coaching" and game planning...
    not one of them talk about his ability or even liking recruiting... it has been written, prior to chyrst hire, that he disliked recruiting...

    Seriously, how many people think Chryst will be successful if he can't recruit or land the top players???

    Frankly, I see O'Brien and PSU out-recruiting Chryst...
    I must say... O'Brien is doing a hellava job right now... even after some decommitts and transfers... much better than I expected.

    1. Joe D.,

      O'Brien is doing a very good job holding PSU far. We'll have to see how things go over the next few months before we can evaluate him completely. They do not seem to have the depth of talent to win a lot in the B10 and that could really hurt them come NEXT year.

      As for Pitt vs PSU, again we'll have to wait and see. Personally, I don't think it is fair to compare the two schools particularly with what has happened over the past 6 months. We need someone more stable to compare with, WVU maybe?

      I would also say it depends on how Pitt played in going 6-6. If they are in every game and seem to be well-coached I'll be okay with it (provided it doesn't continue). If we're 6-6 because we lost the last 5 BE games, I'll be leading the parade to SP's office to call for PC's resignation.

      Nobody believes he can be successful without good players. I'm 100% certain PC knows this. You make it sound like he doesn't know that recruiting even exists.

      I don't think anyone is "defending" Chryst - there isn't anything to defend!! The man has yet to coach ONE game!!! That is what drives me NUTS, Joe. Hasn't take the field for game one yet and you're giving hypothetical stats about going 6-6 and being "beaten" in recruiting by PSU.

      Ask me in December what I thought of the season, ask me in February what i think of his recruiting. I'll be able to give much more reasoned and defensible opinions at that time.

    2. JoeD - I'll take the over on your two seasons.

  36. I am also not saying that Coach Chryst will be the best coach and best recruiter ever. I am a believer in letting the process work and to give someone that thinks and acts differently a chance to earn his stripes (except graham and peterson, saw thru that day one).

    Comparing PC to O'brien is ridiculous. O'brien, with all the doom and gloom predicted for PSU looks great. Why? Because the bar has been set so low, everything is seen as a positive. Oh, that plus the multi-million dollar PR machine that keeps cranking out stories about PSU anytime something goes their way. PSU builds up, PITT tears down and our guy hasn't done anything good or bad yet.

    Go to WVU and you will see them on the front pages of CBSSports five times in the last month and a half. Their brand is changing and they are hitting the PR hard. Holgorsen isn't lighting up the recruiting world either and he is using red bull and 12 hour energy for syrup on his pancakes each day. WVU can at least sell a few BE championships and a few 10 win seasons, although academically they will always be deficient. Again, their faithful will never tear their team down, but Pitt does.

    Rutgers buys billboard space in Florida near fertile recruiting areas, using James Gandolfino promoting Rutgers, yet Dan Marino, one of the most popular athletes ever in Miami, sits idol. Pitt just doesn't self-promote and it hurts them. I partially blame the AD for that.

    Jody, if you look at the ND schedule in 2010, they did have powerhouses, western michigan, purdue, boston college, army, tulsa, navy, pitt and utah on it. Making it more difficult was the three away games they played that year. Come at me stronger Jody. 2009 weren't much better for the domers, although they did travel 4 times. Seems to me they are always top 10-15 in recruiting and how many championships? Answer the question Jody! May as well throw Texas in that group too.

    Get the theme? Big time programs have supportive fans (in print, at games), not hostile ones. Wanna be hostile, go route for Penn State, they deserve it.

    1. Joe D can be annoying with the track stuff but he is a fan. When no one cares then Pitt is in trouble. All the ppl that are ripping chryst are doing it because they see Pitt not living up to its potential. That gets coaches fired at Pitt..see Harris/Wanny. I don't think chryst or any recruit really cares what is said by posters on this board so why let it bother a couple of you on here? Dont reply if its so bad or change the subject. Go to the games and give your money but why stress over a posting on a blog?

  37. The PSU BOT are idiots.. (small faction) to appeal.

    They only prove... football is more important..
    IF they were smart, they should just let it go... it will only make PSU look worse from a national perspective...

    btw... curious as to who is footing this legal bill...
    Again, just because a small faction doesn't agree.... guess what... they lack standing to appeal. The entire BOT would have to say NO... and fire Erickson... but they didn't... they agreed to take their lumps and move forward... except for the small faction!!

  38. Is anybody else as worried as I am about having Cory King as our starting RT?

    Don't get me wrong, I'll support the kid and hope that the right comes on and he plays well, but.... tough way to start the season.

    We're going to see what kind of OL coach we have in a very short time period. It will also be interesting to see how PC games plans for an inexperienced LT. Will he use the TE and/or FB to help a lot?

    I'm thinking King may actually bring a different dimension to the running game. We may be able to run left a lot more than your typical LT would allow. I'm assuming he's more of a grinder coming from the G position.

    1. And it sounds like Rotheram... RT... is out of shape and overweight limit... im assuming he expected him to slim down from 340#.
      Chryst comment ineffect said Rotheram is lazy...
      That is what happens when no competition at the positions and bringing in low level players.... then dial in lots of players just looking to get a free education and don't put the work in.

      Probabaly lots of double tight end sets...
      dink and dunk passing or lots of running.

    2. This is one of those reasons Im so upset with the state of the Pitt S&C program, and am making a rare post that supports Joe D.

      A guy like Rotherham would have been made to work had we had a real S&C coach for the last two years. The Pitt Ironworks has become the Pitt Tinker Toy Delivery Center. Its ridiculous. Get Buddy Morris back.

    3. Until Pitt football starts "pulling" ships from players just there for the ride and not putting the work in... nothing will happen.

      When there isn't very much competition for the position or until they start pulling ships from players who don't put the work in... players like Rotherham will coast until they get their degree.

      Dixon in BB use to be like that but the past 4 years or so... he looked to kids to transfer...

      And what is it with Ricketts injured... no pads.. he pulled a muscle in his upper body?? either due to not working out... or didn't warmup/stretch properly.. both are on the S&C coach.

    4. I know nothing about S&C, you'd know that if you saw my "build." But a S&C program cannot fix lazy. If Rotherham is out of shape I think the blame falls squarely on him, not the S&C coach.

      The lack of depth along the lines is frightening. Makes it clear at to why Chryst is offering so many OL. It also makes it laughable for us to argue about how good any of the last 3 head coaches were as recruiters and exposes a flaw in the star system. While DW and TG were able to land some "good" classes with respect to the number of stars, neither were able to build up depth along the lines. Especially the OL, you have to give DW credit on putting together a string of DL for a while.

    5. While I agree in principle, JoeD, Pitt cannot afford to pull scholarships - they have nobody else to play. Soon they will be placing ads in the Pitt News looking for walk-on OL again. I wish I would have kept a copy of the Pitt News with one of those ads, hard to believe they really did that!

      Until PC increases the depth we're stuck with what we have. Hopefully in 2-3 years we can start motivating by using this tactic.

    6. End of year Chryst can start pulling ships...

      All other sports (except BB)... kids get partials... and they have to work their a$$ off to keep it...
      Football is free ride...
      So, if a kid is just going through the motions... pull the ship and bring in a kid that is hungrier.. that is what some SEC teams do.

    7. A good S&C program absolutely can fix lazy. The blame is on the kid, but a good coach can fix attitude.

  39. Oops... LT not RT, sorry first post of the day...