Monday, September 24, 2012

Where Pitt stands in the national statistics

Total Offense:  26th
Run Offense:  45th
Pass Offense:  23rd
Scoring Offense:  57th
Sacks Allowed:  69th
3rd Down Conversion: 50th
Red Zone Offense:  90th

Total Defense:  28th
Run Defense:  52nd
Pass Defense:  28th
Scoring Defense:  54th
Interceptions:  36th
Sacks:  78th
Tackles for Loss: 59th
3rd Down Defense: 104th
Red Zone Defense:  112th

Net Punting:  110th
Punt Return Yardage Defense:  119th
Kick Return Yardage Defense:  25th
Punt Returns:  65th
Kickoff Returns:  14th

Turnover Margin:  51st
Penalties Per Game:  87th
Penalty Yards Per Game:  99th

Rushing Yards Per Game
Ray Graham  38th
Rushel Shell  69th

Pass Completions Per Game
Tino Sunseri  45th

Passing Yards Per Game
Tino Sunseri  19th

Total Passing Yards
Tino Sunseri  9th

Passing Efficiency
Tino Sunseri  15th

Receptions Per Game
Michael Shanahan  70th

Receiving Yards Per Game
Michael Shanahan  25th
Devin Street  71st

Total Receiving Yards
Michael Shanahan   14th
Devin Street    56th

Total Offense
Tino Sunseri  30th

Passes Defensed
Shane Gordon  59th  (5th for LBs)

Jason Hendricks  6th (one off national lead)

Forced Fumbles
Devin Cook  21st

Matt Yoklic  24th

Punt Returns
Cameron Saddler  52th

Kickoff Returns
Lafayette Pitts   10th


  1. The bright spots are Sunseri, Hendrick, Gordon.
    Who would have thought..

    1. But did they run track ?

  2. 40 times...we need 40 times!

  3. I think the most accurate way of measuring the quality of this team is to see what their high-school 'star' rating was on those recruiting sites. (sarcasm)

  4. If the 88th ranked offense was high octane, whats a 26th ranked offense called? Real Octane? The methodically better offense in every way? We let players succeed offense?

  5. How do they stack up to a "beleaguered" PennState team?

  6. This team does have a shot to finish 8-4, ND is a loss for sure but if they can get a win out of either Buttgers or U of L it just might happen.

  7. Here is another stat:

    0-1 v. Decent FCS teams.

    1. And 1 - 0 vs Decent BCS level teams
      And 0 - 1 vs below average BCS teams
      And 1 - 0 vs really bad FCS teams
      And 0 - 1 in the Big East
      And 2 - 2 over all
      And............It all means nothing. Its not fair to judge this team, staff, and individual players until after the season. We are 4 games in and no one knows any more about this team than we did before week one.

  8. Need to improve to beat Syracuse. They have played some real nice competition so far and had respectable performances. Attention to detail is warranted during this time off. Focus factor for everyone!

    Saw a note where Desimon Green and Jeff Knox are now at California University of Pa and Salath Williams, Carl Fleming and Dan Matta are at IUP. Not sure where this came from. Sure would like some updated recruiting news if there is anything out there!