Sunday, October 21, 2012

Corey Clement decommits

Elite New Jersey running back Corey Clement has decommited from the Panthers.  This is considered a major blow for Paul Chryst.  Many fans counted on a big season that will convince top recruits to come, but unfortunately the opposite has happened.


  1. So, Pitt will probably finish this class with exactly ONE four-star or better recruit in Chapman (I would be stunned if Dorian Johnson committed to Pitt, and surprised if Foster did at this point).

    Paul Chryst. Master coach. Master recruiter.

    In two years time, when Pitt is consistently winning fewer than 5 games, it's really going to be a nice reminder of how good Steve Pederson, Mark Nordenburg, et al really are at this.

    1. I can't remember who said it on here but it's true that it seems like Foster and Johnson want to come to Pitt but just can't get past the fact that the program is struggling.

    2. Zatiti Moody said it... and he was right.


  2. Pitt is the ultimate minnow trying to swim with the sharks right now. You cannot fault Clement, Foster, Boyd, Johnson for not going to Pitt. They are elite, high end talents. Understandably, they want to compete at a higher level than Pitt can offer. At this point, I have no idea why anyone, let alone elite talents, would commit to this program if they had options to go to another BCS school. Especially when we are competing against Notre Dame, Michigan, Ohio State, and Alabama for these kids.

  3. Big disappointment. But who can blame him?

    Said before the season started that Chryst's low-key manner and approach would not be a problem once recruits and their parents get to see the product he and his staff put on the field.


    Obviously a little too much optimism.

    Let's just hope Chapman remains solid. Losing him would really hurt the future of the program... probably more than any other single recruit in my opinion.

    Only thing certain to sure up things at this point would be a WIN STREAK. That means Temple followed by a HUGE UPSET in South Bend.

    Not likely. But who knows?

    Pitt of Dreams

  4. Even though losing Clement is disappointing it's not a major blow and not unexpected, we have depth at running back. We need more depth on both the OL and DL. All of this negative sentiment is ridiculous, we have a solid team that's improving every week. I am a true Pitt Panther and don't listen to these negative fake pedo state posters! I will state it here right now that Pitt will beat ND!


    1. Not really making a grand statement when one of 50 people who post as anonymous makes a prediction. We don't even know who you are.

      As for losing Clement not being a big blow, of course it is. This team barely has any talent and to say losing one of the few elite recruits you have is not a big deal is the very epitome of putting your head in the sand. And as for improving every week, that's ridiculous. There are no signs at all that the team is progressing. None at all. Not even close. That doesn't mean it won't happen quickly, and soon, but so far they have not.

    2. Chris, no offense, but as I recall from previous posts, you downplayed the possibility of Clement de-committing, citing depth on the roster, so I think it is hypocritical to call this a big blow now. Heck, you even downplayed his commitment for the same reasons. If you are going to be negative, be consistent about it. I appreciate your work, but sometimes I think you go out of your way to be negative sometimes. I'd like to see that happen for the positives too sometimes.

    3. I'll explain exactly why I think he's a big loss now and wasn't a big loss then.

      1. At the time I didn't think there was a chance that if Pitt didn't get him they would lose half of their 4 star players, but that's where Pitt is at right now. If they can land Foster and Johnson that will take a lot of the sting away but Pitt's poor season is not helping in that regard. Bottom line, Pitt has a dearth of talented players and they could use them at any position at this point. They can't afford to be picky.

      2. At the time I thought Pitt's OL would show signs of progress and that the RB situation at the top looked great. But the OL is as bad as ever, with no real signs of major progress in at least a year or two. And as for RB, Shell has the potential to be a star, but he takes a beating, especially behind this line, so durability could be a problem down the road. And while Bennett is a good player, I think it's safe to say he's probably not going to be a star.

      3. I thought if they didn't get a RB this year, they could still get Shai McKenzie next season. They still may, but he's having such a great year that he's going to be a national recruit. Pair that with the fact that he may not want to run behind that line, and behind Shell, and he may prove to be a hard get.

    4. Understandable. 3 pretty fair points

  5. What are you talking about "negative sentiment?" What are you talking about runningback depth?

    Shell two and gone, if he pans out. Bennett already not seeing the field. That's about it.

    Clement is a bigger-time back than what some on here gave him credit for before the start of his senior year.

    This year averaging 240 plus yards a game and has has a 400 plus yard game to his credit.

    In my opnion, more upside than Shell who looks like he's already slowed down some since high school with the weight he's added. Not a good sign.

    Hopefully, with Clement not coming... another promising back will take his place.


    1. Shell has to stay 3 years. McCoy and Lewis went Prep so they could leave after 2.

  6. So we lose a new jersey four star recruit, Big deal. Lets review all of the rivals four star recruits from recent years

    conredge collins

    aaron berry
    nate byham
    kevin collier
    dorin dickerson
    john malecki
    jeff oath
    aaron smith

    pat bostick
    tommie duhart
    chris jacobson
    lesan mccoy
    tony tucker
    aundre wright

    jon baldwin
    chris burns
    shayne hayle
    jared holly
    lucas nix
    cam saddler

    ray graham
    jack lippert
    dan mason
    todd thomas

    tj clemmings
    bryan murphy
    mark myers

    nick grisby
    kayhnin mosley smith

    how many of them really justified their ranking. Probably mccoy, byham, oath and that is about it (graham sand mason get a pass because of the injuries).

    so dies it really matter if pitt gets foster, boyd or the bell vernon kid? If history is any indication, odds are they will not do much at the college level.

    as for me, i would take a two star kid from florida, georgia, texas or anywhere down south over a four star kid from around here.

    1. No, it won't matter that much if they get Foster, Johnson, and Boyd but that's far from a sure thing. In fact, the chances are probably a little better that they would get none than all.

    2. dixon, what are you talking about? the 2006 class alone has at least 4 on nfl rosters right now. You forget someone named Baldwin who was drafted in first round? Keep dreaming rankings mean nothing.

    3. Yeah, that's a pretty insane approach considering how good most of the players were on that list.

  7. Totally crushed about Clement, I advocated on here saying he wouldn't leave. I was very unfortunately wrong. Devon Edwards is not a replacement, he could be a good player but is not the player Clement is now. Luckily we do have Shell and on the positive hopefully we can secure McKenzie for 2014. But short term it stinks no doubt. Not only does this not help Pitt win it may prove the haters right. This class will be defined by Johnson and Foster which is a shame because 2 or 3 recruits shouldn't make a program. Two of this class's decommits have been crushing Dan Samuelson and Clement.

  8. quoting another expert on recruiting, jody should be pleased because he thought clement wasn't all that so I am relieved! Whewww!

    I tend to look at offers over rankings. All the programs that offer do mean a lot. That is another reason I like this new TE. A 2 star, but his offerings were kind of nice. Now tell me he is slow yadda yadda yadda. The other interesting point is the evaluation criteria. Let's see how the stars change after the end of season evaluation occurs. That was one thing Wanny did well. He often had a bunch of 2 and 3 stars that graded up at the final evaluation, so he got a haul. Let's hope the same is true with Paul Chryst.

    I want players who want to be here....period. Okay, preferably from florida and georgia all else being equal. Pitt is ranked about number 80 out of 124 schools. Too expect them to recruit like a top 25 team is ridiculous....for now.

    1. Not all offers are created equal. Many kids get offers but they're more like a backup plan. The kid couldn't really commit.

      As for this case, TEs get a lot of offers because of their unique size. One, there aren't a lot of athletic kids who are in the 6'4" 250 pound range. Two, it's a size that, if they fail at TE, can be LBs, DE, DT, or OL.

  9. There's always Zaire Williams, another South Jersey back.

    Last heard he backed out of West Virginia commit prior to the season.

    Have seem him play. Not Clement ability. But a good back with decent speed, not true breakaway.

    Don't know if he's Chryst kind of recruit though. While lacking in stars, Chryst does seem to do a good job of landing kids who score high in attitude and commitment.

    Now, if he can just get this year's team to put a couple of wins together with an upset or two.