Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Midseason Grades for Pitt Football- Defense, Special Teams, and Coaching

Defensive Line:  The Panthers defense is ranked No.34 in total defense but that stat is misleading since they are giving up 5.74 yards a play, which is No.76 nationally. That means that Pitt's offense has held the ball long enough (No. 21 nationally in time of possession) to keep the Panthers defense off the field, but when the defense was on the field they performed below average.  And just like an excellent defense starts with the defensive line, a weak defense starts with the defensive line.

Looking further into the numbers shows just how below average the defense has been as a whole.  They have created only 8 turnovers, which is No. 94 nationally, while fumble recoveries are ranked No. 94, tackles for loss No. 78, sacks No. 78, 3rd down defense No. 102, 4th down defense No. 82, and red zone defense No. 110.  And people think the defense has been good?  Better keep thinking. And these stats include the Gardner-Webb game in which the Panthers demolished a team from a lower division.

Only two linemen are ranked in the top ten for tackles on the team, and they are far down the list with Aaron Donald eighth and Tyrone Ezell 10th.  Donald was a legit All-American candidate, and while he has shown a few small flashes of brilliance, his production has gone down a lot from last season. In the first 6 games he has just 18 tackles, 1 sack, and 5 tackles for loss, which projects to 36 tackles, 2 sacks, and 10 tackles for loss.  Last season he had 47 tackles, 11 sacks, and 16 tackles for loss.

Khaynin Mosley-Smith was supposed to give Donald help on the inside but instead he has just 5 tackles on the season.  Tyrone Ezell has been the second best player on the line with 15 tackles, a team high 2.5 sacks, and 3.5 tackles for loss.  Not exactly dominant.

The ends have been even worse.  It was hoped that T.J. Clemmings would be as good of a football player as he was a physical specimen but it's not looking like that's going to be happening any time soon.  On the season he has just 10 tackles, 1 tackle for loss, 2 hurries, and 0 sacks.  In other words he's been barely more productive than you as you sit on your couch watching the game. Bryan Murphy has been equally bad with 11 tackles, 1 tackle for loss, 2 hurries, and 0.5 sacks.  Both were highly coveted prospects who were predicted to be good college players, but they both look anything but good.  Devin Cook added 8 tackles, 4 tackles for loss, 2 hurries, and 1 sack.  Jack Lippert began the season as the starter and had 5 tackles in the first two games before an injury sidelined him. Former elite prospect Shayne Hale has proven once and for all that he will contribute nothing as he has played in the last 3 games and contributed just 4 tackles and a sack.  True freshman Darryl Render has shown that he could be good in the future but so far he's added just 5 tackles in 4 games.

Last Season's Final Grade: A-
This Season's Preseason Grade:  B-
Midseason Grade:  D

Linebacker:  This has obviously been a unit that has been lacking great talent for years and with Ejuan Price out for the year and Todd Thomas out for almost every snap of the first six games, it's obvious that the talent level is still well below average.  The middle was taken over by Shane Gordon this season and while he has been the best of a poor lot, he has been mostly average.  He's third in tackles with 33, tied for first with 5 tackles for loss, second in sacks with 1.5, and tied for first with 5 passes defensed.  The ranking of where he is on the team sounds impressive, but the actual totals are not.  A middle linebacker in a 4-3 defense will usually have around 100 tackles or more, but Gordon is on pace for 66 tackles.

After Gordon, the level drops a lot.  Nicholas Grigsby has 24 tackles but 16 of them came in the first two games.  Manny Williams also has 24 tackles along with 3 pass breakups.  Eric Williams chipped in with 18 tackles, 3 tackles for loss, and a sack.  Dan Mason has played in the last three games and had 3 tackles, while Todd Thomas has a tackle in two games.  Obviously if Mason, Thomas, and Price were healthy the unit could be very good, but they aren't, and what's left behind is a ragtag bunch that has made little impact so far.

Last Season's Final Grade:  C-
This Season's Preseason Grade: B-
Midseason Grade: D

Defensive Back:  The front seven was not expected to be good this year and the fact that they are even worse than expected put even more stress on what should be a very good secondary.  The secondary is still, by far, the best unit on defense, but it's become apparent that they aren't excellent enough to overcome such a poor front seven.

The pass defense is No. 29 in the country, but like the overall defense, that number is deceiving because of Pitt's quality time of possession.  The defense has given up 13.4 yards a completion which is much further down the list.  Pass efficiency defense is No. 59 nationally, which is pretty much right in the middle, and they are 58th in interceptions.  As mentioned before, 3rd down defense is an awful 102nd nationally.

Four of the top six tacklers are defensive backs, more proof that the secondary has had to pick up the slack for a bad front seven.  Jason Hendricks has quietly become the leader in tackles with 37, and also leads with 3 interceptions.  The other safety, Jarred Holley, is second in tackles with 36 tackles, along with an interception.  Cornerback K'Waun Williams has all-conference ability, but injuries have slowed him this season.  He was excellent against Syracuse but then got torched in the third quarter against Louisville.  On the season he has 22 tackles and an interception.  The most pleasant surprise has been redshirt freshman Lafayette Pitts, who is showing that he could have a very good career.  He has 13 tackles and 4 pass breakups, and already teams are getting more weary of throwing his way.  In fact, the defensive backs have only defended 9 passes, an incredibly low number for an entire secondary over 6 games, and Pitts has 4 of them.  Linebacker Shane Gordon has 5 all by himself. Andrew Taglianetti has added 22 tackles, Cullen Christian has added 5 tackles, and spring sensation Ray Vinopal, after a horrible opening game, also has 5 tackles.

Last Season's Final Grade:  B-
This Season's Preseason Grade:  B+
Midseason Grade:  C

Special Teams:  As has been the case last season, too, this group is half good and half bad.  The good begins once again with Pitts who is No. 16 nationally with 28.8 avg.  Also good is the kick return defense which is currently No. 16 nationally.  And Matt Yoklic is No. 25 nationally in punting with a 43.1 avg.

But the bad is pretty bad.  Kevin Harper has made 6 of 11 kicks and it's gotten so bad that Chryst has clearly lost faith in him.  Despite Yoklic's nice average the net punting for the Panthers is No. 112 nationally thanks to being dead last in the country in punt return defense.

Last Season's Final Grade:  C-
This Season's Preseason Grade:  C
Midseason Grade:  C-

Coaching:  I was not happy with Chryst's coaching hires this year or his recruiting to date when I did the preseason ranking on him, but since he didn't coach a game yet I gave him a middle of the road C grade to start off.  Halfway through his first season, the recruiting has yet to turn the corner and his suspect coaching hires are looking even more suspect.  He does have six games as a head coach now under his belt and unfortunately he has yet to prove that he can be competent as the top dog in a program.

A loss to Youngstown State was one of the program's worst ever.  A drubbing by Cincinnati soon followed.  The team performed well only twice this season, both in wins, but one was against lowly Gardner-Webb, a lower division team and a bad one at that.

The only part of the head coaching job that anybody could be pretty sure about was that Chryst would be excellent at the offensive aspects of the team.  He has proven that he is more than capable at the part of the game and has gotten as much out of Tino Sunseri, Devin Street, and Michael Shanahan as could possibly be expected.  However, it stops there on offense.  The tight ends, expected to be a strength, have not been a factor even when healthy.  And the offensive line is abysmal.  My thoughts were dismissed by some when I said that losing Bob Bostad would be a crucial blow, but that's exactly what happened.  While the line has no stars in it, it's inexcusable that offensive line coach Jim Hueber, offensive coordinator Joe Rudolph, and Chryst could take five experienced linemen and not make them one iota better.

Defensive coordinator Dave Huxtable was expected to at least be solid but the early results have not shown that.  Defensive line coach Inoke Breckterfield, linebackers coach Chris Haering, and defensive backs coach Matt House were interesting hires since all have little or even no college coaching experience so maybe the results of their success this year is not a surprise.

As for special teams, well, there isn't a special teams coach so it's no surprise that the success of that unit is hit or miss.

Most fans are inherently optimistic until they become overbearingly pessimistic, so I'm not surprised that so many are trying to convince themselves that Chryst will eventually get it together.  And maybe he will.  I am not saying that Chryst will always be a failure.  Todd Graham was equally awful through the first six games last season but the team was definitely improved in the second half of the season, especially on defense.  And Graham has proven that he is a very good head coach which shows that a bad first half of a season does not mean the coach will always be bad.

What Graham did have that Chryst didn't have was a track record of winning as a head coach, an excellent staff, and proven recruiters. But trying to be neither optimistic or pessimistic, but instead realistic, Chryst's early coaching stint has shown that he has a bright offensive mind, and if he can get better talent he should be able to put up a lot of yards and a lot of points at Pitt in his career. But we expected that of Chryst.  What we didn't know about him was how good his defense, coaching hires, recruiting, and game coaching would be.  Through a small sampling all we know for sure is that he has yet to prove that he can be competent at any of those facets.

But like I wrote before, that does not mean I think it will always be that way.  Just like Graham last season, Chryst could improve the team a lot in the second half of the season.  His staff could prove that they were good hires.  He could hold on to Corey Clement and Tra'von Chapman, while adding Robert Foster, Dorian Johnson, and a defensive impact player or two.

But he hasn't done that yet and until he does, one can't realistically say it will definitely happen.  Optimistic fans will say that Chryst is stuck with a bad offensive line and he will change that with more talented players.  The problem with that theory is that Pitt currently has just two offensive linemen coming in so far and both are rated at the same level as Ryan Schlieper and Cory King were.  Optimists will say the same thing about the defense, that once Chryst gets more talented players the defense will be better.  The reality is that just four defensive players are coming in and none are highly recruited.

Bottom line, the facts at this time is that the coaching staff has not proven themselves, Chryst has not proven that he can be a good game coach, and he hasn't proven that he can recruit at a high level.  Hopefully for all that will change.  I would like nothing more than to see A's across the board.  This site gets more people when things are going well and it's a helluva lot nicer place to be.  So I don't enjoy the constant failures. But right now Chryst needs a lot of improvement to turn things around.

This Season's Preseason Grade:  C
This Season's Midseason Grade:  D


  1. This is for Chris: Hueber is an outstanding OL coach. Anyone who says any different does not know what he is talking about. He was left an empty cupboard. Jacobsen was heavily recruited. King and Rotherman to a certain extent. Turnley and Schleiper were reaches and everyone felt that at the time. With Hollins suspended there is no depth. Even with that Graham avg is 4.6, Shell avg 5.2, Bennet avg. 4.9. That is pretty good. It could be even beter if we occasionally ran a designed RB play to get outside instead of only sometimes bouncing a play outside.It might be even better if Shell was in an I with a fullback infront of him.

    When in comes to pass protection, we do have two guards playing tackle. That has to hurt. I still think the line would look a lot better with a different QB. Review the Louisville game. 5 sacks: one where Tino clearly could have run to his right for a first down, One where he took a slow, poor drop, had plenty off time and ran himself into a sack and one where he clearly held the ball too long.These things happen every game. I believe you are being way too hard on the OL and particularly it's coach.

    1. Hueber has had success in the past. That doesn't mean he is great every year. Even good coaches have bad years, or in this case, half years. To take five experienced linemen and not make them any better at all is a failure.

  2. Great Post!

    At what point in the season do we start rotating in new off. lineman. I keep reading these are by far the best 5 but given their play don't you have to see what the others can do. Can it really be any worse?

  3. Spot on..
    Although... I thought the Dline deserved a higher grade than a "D".. perhaps "C-"...
    Clearly we all knew there was a lack of depth at Dline..

  4. The Staff - Who would you keep/Who would you toss

    Rudolph - seemed/seems like a good hire to me
    Hueber - see above
    Robinson - was out of coaching, but very experienced
    Engram - no experience, but can probably coach and recruit
    Bollinger - see above

    Huxtable - very experienced and from ACC territory
    House - has college coaching and recruiting experience NJ/NY/Ohio
    Haering - no experience - wanted a WPIAL connection
    Breckterfield - was hired at UCLA - JCT and ethnic recruiter

    Most staffs break down to two tiers - The experienced coaching coaches and The young and hungry recruiters

    Chryst - Rudolph (dual) - Huxtable - Hueber - Robinson
    Engram - Bollinger - House - Breckterfield - Haering

    I would have liked to have seen more hires with some college experience and ACC roots, but other than Breckterfield, I felt the staff was fine - I could imagine a change or two for next season - maybe someone from the BC, Maryland or NC ST staffs.

  5. Great analysis. We could be at the most perilous point in Pitt football since the 6-6 1991 season. How could Walt Harris take over a 4-7 team that was crushed by Ohio State and Notre Dame and take it to a bowl game in his first year? Harris was only a quarterback coach, not an offensive coordinator like Chryst. The only thing Chryst appears to be good at is improving Sunseri's stats, nothing else. You seem to be sure about the future - and it's not good. The chance of improvement, as you write, is very, very conditional. Like many Pitt fans, I'm following the team, but I'm not investing much emotion - or any of my money.

  6. I agree, but Todd Graham I don't think can recruit. His class at ASU is not doing very well.

  7. Chryst will be gone in 3 years, his recruiting class for 2013 is loaded up with coach EM up types and Johnson is not coming to Pitt, there are no impact oline or dline recruits or anyone on the roster to step in.

    Cryst is the second coming of Hackett, if you doubt me go to a panther function when Chryst is speaking, it's like watching paint dry and filled with words like gosh, neat and gee.

    Chryst is over his head and its only going to get worse.

  8. I look at it two ways... if he was given an assistant's budget that what he got was all he could afford - he is not to blame but has to realize he's committing career suicide. OTOH, if he truly believes these are the best assistant coaches he could get - then we are truly doomed.

    I don't like the idea of having 2 high school coaches and 1 who has been out of coaching for over 5 years. Add in the DL coach - and you have 4 highly suspect coaches. It shows.

    Chryst is doomed.

    1. I agree Chryst is doomed but when he interviewed for the job I'm sure the budget for the salaries for the assistant coaches was discussed, again this is something a new headcoach might gloss over because of no previous headcoaching experience.

      Chryst is learning on the job, it's painfully evident, when he goes hopefully Stevie P goes too, but I have always suspected Stevie has pictures on somebody because most AD's hire and fire a headcoach, Stevie has really screwed up with Wanny, Haywood , Graham had a cup of coffee and saw the dysfunctional management and Chryst is unimpressive.

      Unless Chryst pulls a rabbit out of his hat this season is lost and his first full recruiting class is mediocre at best.

    2. Chi

      I know, my point was with Wanny he screwed up in the manner in which he fired Wanny.

  9. TJ Clemmings is painfully-slow.

  10. Northern Players = Slow performances

    Who would have thought we would miss Max Gruder so much.

    Regarding Walt in 1997 he had a decent fifth year quarterback in pete gonzalez (another miami product)and they went 6/6. the following year he went something like 2/8.

    1. Gruder was slower than any LB Pitt currently has. I'm not missing him.

  11. I can't say who is more frustrating, Pitt or the Pirates. Regardless, I think Pitt has been a HUGE disappointment despite all of the coaching changes. WVU had a coach trying to sabotage his offensive coordinator just last year and up until their lost last week they were a National Championship contender. Penn State lost some of their best players due to the scandal and are playing well. At this point, what does Pitt have to offer to recruits? Playing at a half filled stadium? Success? Stability?

  12. They are a 2-4 team, they suck, no fan support and no hope on the horizon, 5-7 at best with a weak schedule.

    Next year it gets worse with the ACC, I'm looking forward to basket ball season because at least there is hope and excitement.

  13. 1987 2–9
    1988 3–8
    1989 6–4–1
    1990 6–5
    1991 5–6
    1992 2–8–1
    1993 9–3 First bowl appearance, Won the Independence

    Thats Frank Beamer's 1st 7 seasons at VT. I'm not saying the PC is another Frank Beamer. But I am saying that some of you are premature with the prognostications regarding the PC era. Its too early to tell, even if things aren't off to the blazing start we'd all like.

    1. Back then.... he didn't make over the big bucks...
      I believe Beamer is over $2million/yr... if he strings 3 years of losing seasons... he will be out the door.

      Now that Pitt is paying 1.75 million to Chryst... bigger expectations for immediate results..

    2. Joe are you sure?

      Chryst left Wisconsin and his boss Bret Bielema is an established winning headcoach and making $2.5 million a year, I have to say Chryst is vastly overpaid.

    3. Joe Kumpt...
      I thought it was 1.5 million...
      but there was a survey of football coaches of the big east and it said 1.75 million for Chryst.
      If I find it.. I will provide the link

  14. The d-line is the root of the problem with the defense. Just not much talent and depth there.

    I thought the LB's have improved each game until Louisville, and that's because Gordon and Manny Williams were banged up. Mason, as great of a story he is, was just too slow filling holes. The LB struggles the first two games had a lot to do with Grigsby, which is why their play improved after Manny Williams replaced him. However,he was back in the Louisville game due to Williams injury.

    The secondary is good, but any coach will tell you that without any pressure on the QB, any secondary will be exposed.

  15. IMO

    Anonymous, yes the dline is the root of the problem for the defense and the oline is the root of the problem for the offense.

    With little quality 2012 depth on both lines, how is Pitt going to solve the problem? Pitt has 2 OL prospects for 2013 on board; one 2 star and one 3 star with Johnson currently considering Pitt. I don't think Johnson is going to Pitt, he is on Meyers radar and what Urfan wants he usually gets.

    Are the 2013 recruits coupled with what Pitt currently has on the roster enough to have a better oline next season?

    Is this enough to infuse talent into the program to correct a dreadful situation on the offensive side of the ball?

    On the dline they have three 3 star prospects on board, with a few others considering but no impact recruits, is this enough talent to help Pitt regarding fixing the dline?

    It appears that the problem of depth and quality is going to persist for a few years and time is something Chryst doesn't have.

    I agree with Joe, Chryst has 3 years, after that I think we will be going through the same exercise again in finding a new coach.

    Unless there is a major change in Chryst's recruiting strategy and tactics I can't see help on the near term horizon.

    1. well, Clemmings and Murphy were considered "impact recruits". How'd that work out? Aaron Donald by far the best d-lineman was a 3 star.


  16. Much has been made about Pitt paying on the cheap, but a list of coaches salaries in the BE shows the following salaries:

    Strong/Louisville $2.3M
    Holtz/USF $2M
    Chryst/Pittsburgh $1.75M
    Pasqualoni/UConn $1.6M
    Jones/Cincinnati $1.57M
    Marrone/Syracuse $1.25M
    Flood/Rutgers $750K
    Addazzio/Temple $550K (estimate based on Golden's last year)

    With Graham making $2M last year, it doesn't appear Pitt is that cheap relative to conference peers. I couldn't find anything on assistant coaches' salaries but I have to assume its not disproportionate to what they are spending on head coaches, i.e. if you spend high on a coach you give him a decent budget for assistants. Perhaps, that's a poor assumption.

    So who gets the biggest bang for the buck? It appears Louisville and Cincy are getting their money's worth. USF is getting ass raped with Holtz. Temple is stealing Addazzio's services. I believe PC will be worth his salary but it may not show for a couple of years.

    Jamie Dixon is over $1.8M, which puts him in the top 3 of Big East BB coaches. Now, I understand the programs' investment is more than just the coaches' salaries, but Pitt doesn't come off as cheap as some suggest. At least not to me. Yes, Wanny was lower paid but I believed there was a "hometown boy" discount there and he doesn't exactly need the cash as much so he was willing to "give back" to his school a little more.


    **Source was ESPN and Bleacher Report. Sorry, I can't figure out how to copy a URL and the. Paste from my freakin iPhone.

    1. Graham had $2million for assistants...
      Don't know what Chryst got...

      But I'm surprised Pitt paid 1.75 million to someone without HC experience... I think Haywood was 1.2million.

    2. You answered your own question. There's more of a program's investment than just salaries. As for 1.75 million, I seriously doubt that's the number. Nobody knows for sure because Pitt hasn't released those numbers yet, but Wannstedt was making about 1.85 million. If Chryst really is getting that number it's because they had to overpay to get somebody to take the job. They were desperate.

      If Pitt raised their budget and made football a big priority than they could attract much better candidates. People say Pitt can't compete with the football factories, but the truth is, Pitt has everything it takes to be a football factory, including money, expect for desire. The fact that they are playing in Heinz Field instead of their own stadium is all you need to know about them not caring if they have a great football program.

    3. Pitt really has no incentive to be good at football. They got a 2 billion endowment without good football. So why should they spend big money and lose out on real dollars. When they can just try to respect a decent club. I realize my argument raises the question why did the fire Wanny then? The answer I have no idea, maybe the arrests or grad rates weren't good enough I don't know.

    4. Chris,
      I think Wanny was about 1.2 million..

    5. In Wannstedt's last year Pitt paid him $1,859,377. That could include some kind of buyout. But if Chryst is being paid more in his first year than Wannstedt was in his last, then it shows even more that they have no idea what in the hell they are doing.

    6. Hate to break it to you...
      but I think Chryst is getting paid more than Wanny's last year...
      Wanny last year was 1.2 million..
      I think Chryst was at 1.5 million... that was the number for haywood also..

  17. Doke:
    I want to go back and read what you wrote when Graham left to see if you mentioned or implied Graham had problems with the Pitt administration. Was there more to his leaving than Fraud Graham?

  18. "Sorry, I'm not answering all questions but I'm formulating a list of possible replacements. The truth is, Pitt paid Graham and his staff a lot of money. It doesn't make sense. I have to assume that something happened behind closed doors."

    That's what you wrote on Dec. 14 or thereabouts. Did you ever learn if your hunch about some internal disagreement was correct?

    1. I think the main reasons why Graham left is why he already said. If there was a specific problem with the administration then I'm sure he would have told us by now. But I do think if he felt the administration was strong he would have stayed. I think he saw he was not going to get what he needs to turn the program into what he wants.

  19. Oh Boy, what are they going to say now?

    Not sure, but I think I"m watching Todd Graham get em-bare-assed on national TV.

    Is this really the coach that some Pitt Alum have regretted getting away?

    And it's only HALF TIME!

    What a joke.

    Pitt of Dreams

  20. I stopped visiting because of the constant negativity and Joedy. I enjoy good discussion, but calling for a coaches head and stating he should be given three years is ridiculous. Pitt's largest problem is stability. Paul Chryst needs to stay for a minimum of five years. They need to extend him in an effort to give him all opportunities to recruit. The AD does not want PC to be successful, because as AD, he was over-ruled by a booster. We got to have an alum smarter than Ollie Luck or Dave Joyner.

  21. 3 star recruit Rachid Ibrahim just committed everywhere is says he's a RB but he's being recruited as a safety. 6,1/6,2 decent size and speed for a safety.

    1. We don't need another RB/DB type...
      where is the beef!!
      Chryst is clueless.

    2. We need a safety, Holley and Tags gone after this year, Vinopal hasn't impressed. I would expect Hendricks to return but whose left Gonzales? Rachid is the first safety and 3rd DB. But there is no doubt we need lineman and we need em bad. In the meantime we need safety depth and his speed 40 yard dash 4.75 and 6,1 SS is pretty legit. So half agree with you Joe.

  22. doke

    my gut feelings indicate that graham left for some of the possible reasons:
    1 he saw that the roster was bare for future years as we all are seeing
    2 he saw there was little local or regonal talent and he did not have an ace recruiter to tap fertile areas (like barry rhoersson did for ben howland with NYC)
    3 probably most important, his wife hated pittsburgh

    one thing graham did well was talk and if he was having problems with anyone here he would have let us all know, especially once he left...

    1. One thing I moved my wife around the country and I have to agree if your spouse hates where you live it can cause multiple problems on an everyday basis that effect you as a person and quite frankly can make life a living hell.

  23. 4.75 speed is barely adequate for a safety playing low level D1

    1. And he is only 180#....
      also, where is that time from... electronic, stopwatch, was it from some combine...
      if combine, legit time... but if he needs to increase his weight, not sure if he can even keep 4.75.
      4.6 at that weight is good.

    2. 6 ft 172 lbs
      4.75 40
      4.52 short shuttle
      28" VJ

      reason for concern ? many kids with these meaureables have trouble getting on the field for low level D1 teams

      and reminds me of two recent DBs Wisconsin recruited from this area - Caputo and Mitchell

      neither have the ideal peed to play in the backfield for a major Div 1 program

      (Caputo - with 4.8x 40 - has LB speed)

    3. He does not have the speed nor quickness to be RB, DB, Safety, etc.
      I could careless who gave offers..
      This kid is playing in the lowest level of competition in Maryland... think Wpial class A.
      There are D-2 players with better measurables than this kid... he is not BCS D-1 level..
      Just another warm body...

    4. 4.5 is the NFL average for safety 40 yard dash and for SS its even slower at 4.6 (which this kid will play). 4.75 playing at a high school that doesn't have much as far as weight training or speed development thats tools to work with. 4.75 is fine for division I. You can't improve speed in college? You most certainty can I improved my 100 yard dash time by half a second and I went to a D-III school my frosh year. 3 star recruit and plenty of offers, should make your arguments useless right now.

  24. If Tino has difficulty dealing with the Buffalo rush, look for Anderson or Voytik.