Saturday, October 20, 2012

Pittsburgh 20 Buffalo 6

My thoughts:

This was the epitome of an ugly win.  Even though the Panthers won by two touchdowns, Buffalo had more yards (333-260) and more first downs (21-15), and held the Panthers to just 3.3 yards a carry.

For some strange reason, Paul Chryst decided to run a lot in this game and the Panthers ran for just 134 yards and a 3.3 avg.  Ray Graham led with 75 yards on 20 carries but Rushel Shell managed just 35 yards on 12 carries.

Tino Sunseri had just two completions at halftime, and ended up 9 of 17 for just 127 yards.  He was sacked once, and had no touchdowns or interceptions.

Devin Street caught 5 passes for 40 yards while Mike Shanahan had 2 catches for 39 yards.  Once again no TDs caught a pass.

Once agan the offensive line was abysmal and Matt Rotheram seems to actually be getting worse.

Aaron Donald, K'Waun Williams, and Jason Hendricks once again had good games.  Those three, along with Lafayette Pitts and Todd Thomas, will be back next season so the defense theoretically should be improved.

Buffalo was giving up 401.3 yards a game this season.  Pitt had 260.

Buffalo is barely a Division 1 football program and it's an embarrassment that Pitt even played in front of their high school attendance.  Pitt wants to establish themselves nationally and playing at Buffalo does them no good whatsoever.  The fact that Pitt played poorly made the game an even bigger embarrassment.

Pitt is now 3-4 overall and 0-3 in the conference.  They host Temple at noon next Saturday.  The Owls are 3-3 and 2-1 in the Big East.


  1. That "game" and I use that term loosely WAS an embarrassment.

    I hit the pause on my DVR beginning the 4th Q to count the "fans" on the Buffalo side - and I suspected the Pitt side would be even less, other than the bands, I bet there was less than 100 people there.

    Speaking of "100"

    I told my wife that in the glory years, Pitt would have put 100 on Buffalo.

    I also told her that if Pitt played Oregon today, Oregon would put 100 on US if they wanted to.

    As I have ended many of my posts on this blog - just sad.

    1. Chin up, Zatiti!

      A win is a win is a win....

      If we had just two better OL out there - the running game would have been so much better.

      Now, I don't have any such words of comfort for a matchup against the Ducks...

  2. In your upcoming "scathing" Pederson article - please hit on the "Script" and off campus stadium. Bonus points if you hit on Nordy going back to the well after being dumped once by the bum.

    1. All three are already on the list.

    2. Great! Because Nordy, as much as he's been instrumental academic wise, has been just as bad with the athletic department... and it's time Pitt takes advantage of both.

    3. In the age of multiple uniform combinations it makes no PR sense not to follow suit. The kids LOVE the different uniforms and it can be used as a recruiting tool, and a marketing tool. Having the script as one of the uniform combinations just makes sense. It may sound silly but in these parts it's still a big deal. That would be one step in repairing the relationship between the football program and the fan base.

    4. I watch Alabama every week with the same old uniforms and it doesn't seem to hurt their recruiting.

    5. Pitt's not to be confused in any way shape or form with Alabama

  3. Watched the game on LD (Low Definition) TV. Maybe that had someting to do with the fact the team looked so bad.

    There's only one reason that Pitt won this game. No it wasn't the run game where Graham was less than 4 yards a carry and Shell was less than 3.

    It was due to the fact that the opposing quarterback was HORRIBLE. 4 YPA.

    The fact that the score was what is was tells you how bad this Pitt team is when it comes to putting Offensive Points on the Board.

    And Oh by the way, the Buffalo running back Campbell averaged more than 5 yards per carry on his way to a 100 yard day.


  4. Just learned how bad the weather was during parts of the game.

    Seroiusly could not tell due to the LDTV broadcast of the game. What a ripoff.

    Maybe I should temper some of my discontent above.


    Pitt of Dreams

  5. In just over 40 years of memories watching Pitt football I never wanted to turn off or walk away from a game. Until today. I've seen far worse Pitt teams but none that played as bored as this team today. I'm watching Alabama now to remind me how an offensive line can protect the passer and push a defensive line.

    1. Bottom line... the front 7 on defense and the OL are TERRIBLE. Sit #74 immediately #$&^$#$*@!

  6. At least the WON.

    Better than they did against YSU

  7. A win is a win..
    even though this one was a gimme...

    Yawner of a game...

  8. Why were we wearing yellow pants. I thought the Pederson color was Vegas gold. Dull yellow pants??

  9. Anyone say Paul Hackett. II? When this is all over in 3 to 4 years ww will all be wishing Wanny was back. 1992 1993 1994 1995 in da house. If I was Nordy id get Walts number on speed dial.

  10. I really don't know how people expect Chryst to recruit with this type of play and his complete lack of personality. The latest commit is just more proof that he's going to get bottom-feeder talent that will get Pitt destroyed in the ACC.

    1. You are finally getting the picture that Chryst and crew don't know how to recruit...
      I've been saying that since his 1st pressor....
      "just offer" etc..

    2. I agree Pittikrit - hopefully, Pitt will "just" go sideways with Chryst but, I'm very concerned that this program will regress to a much greater degree while he is here.

      If, that's possible.

      There's a reason he was an assistant for 20 some years - smart AD's knew better - Pederson obviously did not.

      I think Foster and Johnson are saying, "Geez, I "want" to go to Pitt - I really do but, they're making it so difficult."

      Really, why would they?

      Friends on the team as the consensus would be the ONLY reason right now.

      Let's see - Ohio State or Pitt?....hmmm.

      Play for Urban Myer or Paul Chryst?....hmmm X 2

      Play in front of 90,000 rabid fans or 25,000 lukewarm "fans"?

      Strike 3, Pitt's out.

      Give Chryst 1 more year - eat the contract and get someone in here that can get the players we will need to compete in the ACC.

      With Chryst's personality and his selection of coaches, Pitt is absolutely doomed with he and Pederson in charge.


    3. I don't think the latest recruit is an accurate reflection of bottom feeder talent...

    4. Timmeh...
      Yes it is...
      He plays in the lowest classification in Maryland...
      weighs 172 per combine... and 4.75 in 40.
      He is targeted as a safety.... some say RB...
      Either case, he will need to add 25#... then what will happen to his speed and quickness??
      Chryst should have pulled the offer..
      we don't need anymore DB types...
      and at RB... Shell, Bennett, Crocket, Davis... and if Pitt didn't get any RB in 2013 they would be fine.

  11. Why doesn't this guy have at least 5 3-star OL recruits right now? How hard can it possibly be to load up on 3-star recruits?

    1. Because Chryst and crew don't know how to recruit!!!

      How many times do I have to say that...
      They are soooooo thin at OL and DL.... what does bozo do... he signs another DB type... are you kidding me!! He should have pulled the offer!!

  12. He can "system" recruit on offense - His past success show this and the improvement at WR and QB this year back that up. D is another story. You have to be able to recruit speed and he will need 4 and 5 star players to compete year in and year out with the ACC teams. A D full of 3 star players won't cut it. That has to be addressed. I'm not concerned with what he does on offense because of that. QB's, WR's and RB's will want to play in this system.... DL, LB's and DB's will not want to play in this vanilla defense.

  13. We all agree that PC is learning on the job. The real test will be at the end of this season as to what changes he makes. Will he fire assnt coaches? Will he bring in a coach or two that have recruiting skills? This will go along way in showing me if he is growing and if success is possible, or if Paul Hackett II just started.

    1. Chryst is tooooo loyal.... including with his coaches.
      Most if not all... he has worked with in the past.. or came from references of his friends... (ie. beckerfield)

      Chryst isn't going to cut any coaches unless Pederson pushes the issue... of course they may leave on their own.

    2. What's you basis for the loyalty assumption? The fact that he hired some guys he's worked with is not loyalty....holding on to some for too long a period is. We will have to see how that plays out this winter. Until then, I think you comment is premature.

    3. Joe D hasnt been right about anything - altho, he sure as heck will tell you he's right on and called this or called that. Fact is you can easily point out more epic fails of Joe D than any of his "rights"

      How is that Shell kid doing again Joe? You kno, the one you said will be a bust?

  14. Again, I don't understand all of the negativity! Buffalo isn't a great team but they almost beat Ohio, who beat pedo state and almost beat Georgia. So it's not like this team was the little sisters of the poor. All of this negative sentiment shows me that we have many pedo state posters, i.e, Tossing Thabeets. He actually said that I have pedo state envy! So for all of you true Panthers, this is a good team that's improving every week, don't pay attention to all of this negative BS.

    We obviously have a lot of room for improvement, however we've come a long way from the YSU and Cincy debacles. The defense is in good shape and that's the key factor that leads to the following statement. Pitt will beat ND in two weeks!


  15. Chill dude ... I said you have Ped State envy because you can't post without mentioning them. We went to Pitt not PSU - let it go man.