Sunday, October 21, 2012

Where Pitt football recruiting is currently ranked

With Corey Clement decommitting and another 2 star prospect added today, and with Robert Foster and Dorian Johnson maybe even more tenuous, it's a good time to see where Paul Chryst's first full class stands compared to the rest of the country.  Unfortunately, it's not good.

Going by average of stars (yes, I know that stars are stupid, but we have to use something), Pitt is currently No. 71 in Rivals and No. 43 in Scout.  Average ranking of both Rivals and Scout combined:

In the ACC:

9. Miami
13. Clemson
16.5. Florida State
20.5. Virginia Tech
25. North Carolina
28.5. Virginia
37.  Georgia Tech
55.  Maryland
57.  Wake Forest
57.  Pittsburgh 
58.  NC State
66.5. Syracuse
70.5. Boston College
70.5.  Duke

Other notables:

29. Penn State
30. Vanderbilt
32.5. West Virginia
38. Arizona State
41.5. Illinois
44. Louisville
47.5. Houston
49.5. Colorado
50.5  Indiana
52.5. Kansas
52.5. Purdue
57.  Pittsburgh
62. Kentucky
62.5. Washington State


  1. Proving along with everything else that Chryst was a horrible horrible hire.

    This program is going to be in shambles if Caspar Milquetoast stays longer than next year.

    All Pitt is interested now is to make the big buck which is now guaranteed with the ACC.

    This is all Pederson's fault:

    1) - fires Wannstedt - he should have given him another year - Wannstedt should have hired an outstanding innovative OC and let him call all of the plays. Wannested = Pitt figurehead and close the recruiting deals.

    Yeah, blast me for saying the Wannstedt firing was the thing to do....see below please?

    2) - Haywood because Pitt wanted to go cheap.

    3) - Graham - damage desperate control hire.

    4) - Chryst - a career assistant but PITT - good Old Pitt gives him his 1st HC opportunity and we all see what he's done with it.

    Pederson also fired Solich and hired Callahan.

    WTMF does it take for the administration to see WTMF he has done to this program.

    Didn't take long at Nebraska did it??????

    I'm so MFing pissed at this cluster%$#@.

    Sad - Just SAD.

    Blast me - I don't give a @%$#.

  2. Are you sure Rivals has Pitt at 71?

    But, Clement is NOT a loss... my opinion.
    I was not big on his recruitment... albeit he was better than the 10 2-stars.
    Pitt has Shell, Bennett, Crockett, Davis...
    that is a pretty good stable of RB's....

    but another 2-star TE? wtf!!!
    Did Chryst get the notice at the office... we need Olineman and Dlinemen..

    1. Joe D losing any top kid is a loss don't you think? Not like Pitt has numerous top kids beating the door down. RB position is one that gets injured so often good depth is needed. Seems like this kid was better than anyone on roster now. Plus even bigger is PR among other potential recruits who are considering Pitt. They just see another top kid waving by to Pitt and with twitter/fb world it's important to be a 'cool' destination place.

      Agree on the TE, not sure why unless he is planning on converting him to OL but then why not just get an OL recruit.

    2. Look at Devon Edwards' offer list, not the # of stars. I don't believe he's been reviewed yet and will likely be bumped up.

    3. The tight end position gets a lot more more offers than usual for reasons I've mentioned before, but he's definitely a 3 star prospect.

  3. Clement's decommit IS a big loss - who knows what will happen with the stable of RB's.

    Shell seems to stay nicked - and Clement is blowing it up in NJ.

    He watched that Buffalo game and went to Camp Randle - apparently Clement has a brain along with great athleticism.

    Get the freakin' Flying Hawaiian out of Georgia for God's sake and have him camp out at D-linemen's homes.

    Instead, he "just offers" the dude from California - WTMF would that guy or anyone from Georgia come to Pitt for God's sake???

    And Chryst, get your Dumba$$ on every 3 star O-lineman's doorstep who at least has a chance to be good.

    No 4 or 5 star O-lineman will come to Pitt - not now.

  4. The big question is.... who is Chryst going to push out from the current roster....

    Chryst has 16 ships to give for 2013....
    he is currently at 19 committs.... if he hits say 22.. that means 6 will get cut.. but who?

  5. Clement is not a big loss. There will be other RBs. The kid from Wash High comes to mind in the coming years

  6. Some of you seem to forget that PC was apparently not SP's choice. And he had some help in the process.
    Pressure came from influential donors who spoke with their checkbooks.
    You don't like the choice... Get out your checkbook.

    I agree that losing Clement is a big loss. not because we need RBs or it raises the talent level. It's the collateral effect of other potential recruits seeing it and jumping on board. It's about creating excitement and some momentum...traction.

    Losing him doesn't necessarily mean that PC failed, but boy he sure could use a couple highly ranked kids to buy into his approach.

  7. Clement is a perception loss. Just like not landing Dorian Johnson and Foster will be (although their potential on-field impact would mark them as legit losses, too).

    That recruiting number is completely unacceptable. Even the always-sympathetic Scout ranking (which has proven to be really wrong, compared with Rivals) is unacceptable.

    Pitt should be able to pull in a top-25 recruiting class every single year.


    1. I think the majority of posters here would agree with you that Chryst's recruiting strategy and tactics are questionable.

      Again, on the oline, a horrible starting 5, very little quality depth and not much on the radar for 2013. The defense is in a similar situation.

      I see this headcoach in over his head and he will be lucky to last 4 seasons. I have mentioned earlier that I have attended a function where Chryst spoke and I have to tell you he doesn't light up the room. If you get a chance please go to a panther function and see for yourself. The man is the definition of a wallflower.

  8. Clemson pays there OC more $ than PITT pays there head coach. You pay what you get. There's no reason to go on the cheap the next hire. The additional ACC $ and stability should be more appealing in 2 years when we go in another direction.

    1. Pitt's been going cheap since they refused to pay market price for Jackie Sherrill 31 years ago. At that moment it was clear the university was no longer going to pay for a high-level football program. They pay a lot of lip service to try and convince the fanbase otherwise, but in reality, nothing has changed since they began a long series of cheap hires with Foge Fazio.

  9. Was Peterson not fired last year because behind the scenes they were working on the ACC deal and nordy didn't want to screw that up?

  10. Bingo, last anonymous. You pay for what you get. Look, Pitt is currently a top 75 program as far as on field production. As such, you cannot expect a top 25 recruiting class. They need to win games.

    Paul Chryst is hamstrung already by his athletic director who needs to be fired. PC cannot tell a recruit that he will be at Pitt for his final year of competition. Hamstrung and the recruits know it. If you are PC's nephew, would you even consider Pitt knowing your uncle may only be there for your redshirt year? That ladies and gents is the problem. This is Steve Pedersons way of sticking it to the boosters who made him hire PC in the first place. Hamstring the coach and then say I told you so!!

    Nordy is so smart about some things and so in the dark about others. How can that be??Pederson must go. Wanny would be a good AD as was Alvarez, Osbourne, etc. Be innovative Pitt.

    1. Probably because he cares more about academics than athletics, as he should.


    2. Michigan has no problem embracing excellence in both academics and athletics. As does Texas, Florida, USC, UCLA.... I would think that it is the Chancellor's job to promote the university in all areas. However, I do not think the problems at Pitt with the football program can be pinned on individuals. Clearly the Chancellor and Athletic Director have no clue about how to hire a football coach. Additionally, there is an obvious reluctance to provide adequate funding for a top football coach. I'm not sure who's decision that is, however I would have to believe that the Chancellor holds some sway over such decisions. Perhaps he's not requesting enough? Perhaps he can't rally the troops (boosters) to provide enough?

      In any event, it's clear that the Pitt university community does not have the collective will to keep pace with the arms race that is college football at its highest level. Or at least, the monetary investments made for coaching suggest that Pitt is not willing to pay market price for a top-20 football program. It's seems simply trying to keep its membership in the club is enough (just like the Pirates). Basketball has been funded sufficient to sustain the status quo - but it wouldn't surprise me if the university allowed that to fall apart someday too. Pitt's other sports are just now rising out of the stone age.

  11. Heard a rumor that Saban will be at Geveva college on Friday night. Central Valley will be visiting Beaver Falls. He is after Foster and courting Whitehead already!!!! Oh geez!

    1. Foster tweeted.... he will be making an official visit to Alabama this Saturday...
      then OSU... then Pitt.

    2. He'll commit to Alabama or OSU before he ever takes his official visit to Pitt.

    3. Wanna bet, Zatiti?

    4. Zatiti Moody just proving how little he knows. Foster may take these visits, but he is Pitt's. He has always been Pitt's.

  12. Pederson makes more $ than most AD,s


  13. Winning begets winning. Unfortunately, the opposite is also true...

  14. This is the worst "blog" ever. Dokish is awful. (see his ludicrous top Pitt football players of the last 40 years post).

    Rivals shows Pitt @ #36 without Clement in the list.;_ylt=AsRY.zrm0xOmfrDGT_4wF1prtZB4

    1. If you can read (which I'm guessing you don't do very well), I wrote that they are 71st in rating per player. Rivals has some convoluted rating system in which you get more points for the more players you have committed. That's dumb since some of the top programs can only bring 15 players while others can bring in 25 or more. So I did actual research (look it up in the dictionary if you are too stupid to know what it is) to figure out the average of a recruit that has committed.

    2. I saw that and mentioned it above...
      perhaps the others are wrong also..
      Chris, you may need to redo the math...

      but, he may have gotten the snapshot right after Clement decommitted... and before the 2 others committed... so that may be why #71 on rivals..
      just a guess on my part.

    3. oh... now I see Chris...
      average player rating is a better way to rank...
      not total points..

    4. ^^^^haha this guy

      Although, I may have differing opinions at some point, I still visit this blog everyday. If it wasn't a good blog, I wouldn't bother. Ignore him Chris

  15. Yeah, this blog is so bad that the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette often links it.

    If it's so bad, why do you visit this blog?

    Doke is right on with his assessments of the Pitt programs period.

    Just go away!

  16. If you asked me right now I think we ended up with the worst option of the previous HC candidates:

    Wisconsin offensive coordinator Paul Chryst - You are who we thought you were.

    Ohio State Luke Fickell - OSU turned it around this year. It's not all Urban Meyer. He was in over his head last year but he was put in a bad spot. See how his Defense performs vs PSU this weekend. They had a rough week vs Indiania. He got his feet wet as the interim coach and I want him in 2 years when we need another coach.

    Florida State defensive coordinator Mark Stoops - The name alone would have brought a buzz and some ACC ties.

    Northern Illinois coach Dave Doeren - Team is 7-1 this year.

    FIU- Mario Cristobal - Not sure if we had a real shot at this guy and he is having a down year but its FIU for christ sake. Give the guy a break. Atleast he has a personality and a hot wife.

    Temple - Addazio - No doubt he woulda left Temple. It's temple and we will probably lose to the this week.

    Sal? Well maybe when Tino's not in the program he'll get a real shot. Maybe in a few years

    1. LOL! Give Cristobal and his 1-7 record at FIU a break because he is the one you wanted, but you can't give Chryst a break? Chryst is 3-4 at Pitt with some serious talent issues on both sides of the ball and people are already calling him a bad hire. Unbelievable

  17. By the way, for those of you who were hoping to land Al-Rasheed Benton at linebacker, you can stop now. He committed to West Virginia.

  18. By the way, for the douchebag who says I have 54 people reading this blog I just copied and pasted this for you from my stats page. I haven't even had this blog for a year yet.

    Pageviews all time history 1,387,915

    That's almost 1.4 million, dumb ass.

    1. That's a big number..
      I hope Pederson, Chryst and his coaching staff visit often..
      obviously they are not taking head to anything said on this blog!!!

    2. Wow, nice show of humility, Doke. You'd think someone with such a large following would have a little tougher skin. And wouldn't need to lower himself to name calling.

    3. Give me a break. There's ONE guy on here who spends all of his waking hours calling me names. I have every right to call him a name back.

  19. You can't expect Pitt to pull a top twenty five class this year after what Pederson did to the program the last two years.

    If anyone ever mentions Sal Sunseri as a good HC prospect does not watch football. He is failing miserably in his FIRST coordinator job. Get over the Pitt connection.

    1. Top 25, no, but if Chryst can't convince the top local kids to stay and turn Pitt around then that's a bad sign for both him and the program. He still has a chance to land Foster and Johnson, so hopefully he does.

  20. Chris,

    I still need to see what PC does in the off season to wrie him off or not. He is learning on the job so he needs to admit his weeknesses and adress them in the off season. My question is if he is a complete dud how long does Pitt stick with him? 3yrs? 4yrs?

    1. Absolutely wait for a few years to see how the program develops under Chryst. I think a lot of people think I'm saying that he will fail, when I never said. Not even once. I said he's failed so far, but there have been coaches over the years that have failed in the first year then won big. Maybe Chryst will be another one of them. I would feel much better if he started recruiting better. He will get at least three years, but after that it will come down to how well he's doing and even who the chancellor and AD are at the time.

    2. Chris,

      Do you see any comparisons in Chryst with another current college coach? I'm assuming the circumstances he came into were relatively unprecedented. I've said it before and I'll say it again, this program isn't going to improve as long as Pederson is at the helm.

  21. longsufferingpittfanOctober 22, 2012 at 3:51 PM

    I think the Clement decommit was nothing more than him not wanting to be second fiddle behind Shell for 2 or 3 years. If nothing else, Foster and Johnson can readily see that Chryst is not afraid to play freshmen who are good enough and ready to play. That is a big deal to the highly rated kids coming in. IMHO, Chryst was a good hire and going to improve the program dramatically in the coming years. H2P!

    1. I think Clement de-committed because he wants to play for a big time program and unfortunately, Pitt is not it.

      Any player worth anything thinks that he's better than his competition on any team so, if that IS the case, being behind Schell on the depth chart wouldn't faze him.

      I would be shocked if either Johnson and/or Foster come to Pitt. Bet they both end up at Ohio State.

      Another big time program.

      If you think that Paul Chryst will "improve the program dramatically", you are definitely in the minority.

      But, since you DO think that...based on what so far?

    2. 1. He waited to coach the rose bowl and didn't contact recruits early.
      2. Took forever to hire a mediocre at best coaching staff and had his best hire leave without coaching a practice.
      3. Has not made an impact recruiting based on every recruiting website and Doke. Seems to have zero personality to sway recruits and actually screwed up just offering and kids didn't know they were offered.
      4. The team has looked worse under chryst than graham and these players were recruited for a similar system. Coach em up has not been evident. Lose to a BAD IAA school.
      5. Has had game day issues calling plays and time management.
      6. But he is a so called nice guy and is a guy who supposedly won't leave Pitt for a better job. Puh lease.
      Like Chris says he might get better but he has shown nothing as a head coach. Yet.


    3. Are you people really PITT fans???

    4. Whats did I write thats not correct. What has Chryst excelled at. I understand the circumstances he came in were not great but neither was PSU's.

    5. Ped St has much more talent than Pitt for one thing.
      If Chryst had that talent do you think the team would be better I do.
      They are improving in every facet of the game, little bit at a time.
      As far as recruiting I agree that Steve P has destroyed Pitts image and it will take time to turn things around, more than one year.

    6. frankarms, are you saying YSU has more talent than Pitt?

    7. I don't understand how anybody could look at that Buffalo game and say that Pitt is improving in every facet of the game. That's just wishful thinking. I think the defense is maybe getting a little better but the offense is not. The Buffalo game was a horrible game for the Pitt offense.

  22. Chris,
    Who is the recruiting coordinator on this staff? Does Pitt miss guys like Jeff Hafley who were known to get guys from NJ? Is Pitt missing a presence in Florida and the South as a whole? Doesn't Cincy and Rutgers recruit heavily in these areas?

    I've been saying it for over a year now. Pitt isn't more than a MAC program at this point.

  23. Chris,
    Looks like Chryst is going for a 2013 class of 22...
    Pitt only has 16 scholarships to give....
    Who gets cut?? Quite frankly, I don't see cutting some players currently on roster for what is coming in the 2013 class...
    smh... I just don't get it!

    1. Here is a perfect example of Chryst recruiting warm bodies!;_ylt=AsksBAL_U.kdr6jK9j4xITJttZB4

      His only other offers are North Dakota and North Dakota State... which are Subdivision teams... in other words, lower than MAC.

    2. Atleast its a big body. Baby steps.

      I couldnt find a website with a breakdown of who's on scholarship but 2 I would target are

      1. Anthony Gonzalez - Nothing but trouble
      2. Trey Anderson - If Savage is named started and Voytik Back Up or vise versa, why stay.

    3. KRF...
      Here is the link..

      Question... who will go at the end of the season.

    4. I'm not going to say specific names but I count 21 different kids who I could see having a reason to transfer. Obviously nowhere near that many will actually do it, but none of the 21 would surprise me. In other words, I don't think finding a few extra spots is going to be a problem.

    5. 1. Anthony Gonzalez S
      2. Emmanuel Rackard LB
      3. Ed Tinker WR
      4. Manasseh Garner TE
      5. Kevin Barthelemy LS (luxary)
      6. Anderson - if he cant beat out Savage or Voytik
      7. Dan Mason - Not sure if he would to it though.

      That gets you the 22.

    6. KRF... my list...
      1. Gonzalez
      2. Rackard
      3. Tinker
      4. Anderson
      5. Frimpong
      6. Mason

      It won't be Garner as he transferred this year from Wisky... but I said before they should not have brought him in to begin with.

    7. I'd add the Davis twins and Carozzoni to the list.

  24. Hey Joe, someone wants to know where you've been on "Redshirt Diaries"'re like a damn celebrity.


    1. Zeise kicked me off when I said his Pitt offering his son was a quid pro quo for good press for Chryst.

      Now, I just send in my comments to the bozo PG reporter covering Pitt as well as Top Editor (micco's boss)... but haven't done that in a while.

    2. Zeise has been gone for months from that blog....Sam Werner is there now.

  25. Just curious, why not list Wisconsin as a notable program since all the coaches on our staff are from there and we're probably recruiting very similarly?

  26. Chris, dont know what is wrong with you but Miami is 42 and 27 respectively on Rivals and Scout. Pitt is more in the 38 range if you care to check.

    1. Is reading a lost art everywhere or just here? I already explained it a few times.

  27. Clement decommitting is rough news, and the rankings aren't very hot right now, but I tend not to worry too much until signing day. My worrying isn't going to influence the coaching staff's recruiting anyway, so I'll just assume they have a plan in place and they're executing. A year or two down the line there should be a better idea of whether Chryst is getting "his players" and coaching them up, or just filling out scholarships and losing out on the personnel he really needs to run the plays (like Clement).

    Before the Louisville game I would say that Pitt has been on a good trajectory, but now they do look to be pretty much middling right now, and with Sunseri having a career year (who would have predicted that?). But I really didn't expect much from this year, or even this first recruiting class anyway. Next season, and the class that commits that year is going to be the real barometer in my eyes.

    But good post Chris, your right that it isn't looking so great right now from a fan's perspective.

  28. If Johnson and Foster truly wanted to be at Pitt they'd have committed by now. No Chris?

    1. I have no doubts that if Pitt was 5-2 right now instead of 3-4, they would have already committed. They like Pitt and really want to go there but they are still unsure about where the program is going. I can't blame them. Nobody knows how it's going to end up under Chryst.

  29. Joe d, I agree with your assessment on the new line offer for Jacobson but you will have to agree that is one of the hardest areas to recruit. There are many 6 ft athletes around who can play but not many 6 ft 5 kids who want to come off and knock someone on their ass every play. Finding the combination of both is very hard in addition to being a smart lineman in this offense it is needed. I will take there word for the offer you got to admit he is at least a big kid and not like an artie doakes overweight linemen coming in

  30. One thought that I haven’t seen discussed is the possibility that the current group of players on the team aren’t willing to be “coached-up”. Pitt has been guilty of underperforming for so long that it seems to have developed into a culture among the players here.

    Perhaps Coach Chryst can change that. Maybe Chryst is recruiting kids that have a better attitude toward football...that have more heart than natural ability...that know what it takes to be successful and are willing to work and sacrifice to achieve it.

    One thing for sure, it would be really nice to watch a team full of over-achievers for a change.


    1. I'd rather have ablility. This 'coaching up' stuff is baloney. It's not pee-wee. Everyone is coaching up their kids. Kids will either pan out in D-1 or not. Give me talent that goes hard in practice, weight room, and doesn't party to much.

  31. MC
    That's a good thought. I guess we'll maybe find out after the season when some of them are no longer with the team or decide to move on.

  32. Joe -

    I had similar initial thought concerning the lineman with the North Dakota St offer

    then recalled North Dakota St *destroyed* Youngstown St - the same Youngstown St that pushed Pitt around with ease

    so this recruit could actually be a step forward


  33. 'coaching up' is often the result of - and/or more common in an environment where there is quality depth

    a number of quality players - competing for positions

    too often we are observing 'the lesser of an evil'

    obviously the coaches / coaching a key component - but you need quality players


  34. upcoming Temple game... look for Starting Left Tackle Zach Hooks.
    Aliquippa grad... I think 2011..
    He is a RS Frosh...
    Only had a Pitt offer... got lost in the shuffle as he was a backup plan for Pitt... winded up getting late offer from Temple after signing day... issue was his height for Pitt... albeit listed at 6'6"... think he was really 6'4"...

  35. Has it been finalized which recruits will enroll early and if any others have legibility issues (James Conner?)

  36. Player to watch this weekend.

    Temple freshman linebacker #32 Tyler Matakevich. A player. Possibly Big Time.

    Not bad for a “2 STAR” two-way player from New York.

    Sounds like a guy Chryst should have recruited. Maybe he is right now.


  37. Chryst needs 3 years, Chryst needs three years. How can anyone objectively rate this guy on seven games in his first season if his first head coaching job after inheriting a train wreck? You can't.
    And thats that. Sure the debate will still rage and people will still rant and rave over the mistakes but the bottom line is that this is a rebuilding job, not sustaining success. We know that.

    And as far as recruing...sorry chris in see where you are coming from by rating the individual star level but the bottom line is that the number of recruits will also play into the overall talent level of the team in years to come. That's because you're going to have those diamond in the rough guys like Antonio Bryant (2 stars) and - to use the hoopoes as an example - Marc Bulger (also two stars and passed over by Pitt even though he was western PA). I approve of Chryst's stategy if brininging in as many guys as he can and cutting out the dead wood. I'll take 22 two and three star guys with chips on their shoulders that want to play their hearts out on every play over 15 three and four star guys that don't give a $hit any day of the week. And you know what, my team will beat yours too.

    Have a great day

    1. Here is a link to an interesting article on Recruiting and if STARS do matter.

    2. Alabama... the last 4 years... has NOT recruited a 2-star player (except for a kicker... they get no respect)...

      and look where they are at!!!

      nuf said...

    3. atlanta panther...
      yes... Chryst will get 3 years and he will be gone...

      the next 2 years will be horrifying...
      why... recruiting classes of 2011 and 2012 stunk... and 2013 is worse...

    4. To be convinced that the next few years will stink is just as bad as being convinced that they will be great. The truth is, nobody knows which way it will go. It's when you say crazy things like that, that people get pissed off at you. You're not being rational.

    5. This is the response from the PG’s reporter Sam Werner when asked about Coach Chryst’s recruiting:

      “It's also important to remember that Chryst's teams at Wisconsin never topped the Rivals rankings. The staff knows the type of player they want and are very targeted in their offering of scholarships, rather than just spamming every 4- and 5-star player with an offer. That's not to say they won't take talented players, but the focus is definitely finding guys who are right for the system and type of team they want to have.”

      Hopefully this guy’s correct and the coaches actually do know what they are doing…otherwise, we might be experiencing some pretty miserable football in the next few years.


    6. MC...
      Sam Werner is a cheerleader... god bless him...

      but... read closely... "that's not to say they won't take talented players..."
      the reason they have to search high and low... is because they CAN'T land 4-stars... not even in their own backyard..
      just plain excuses for terrible recruiting by Sam..

      btw... for the record... I hate when they say.. recruit players to fit our system...
      aside from QB...
      a OL is an OL
      a DL is a DL... yes 3-4 is different than 4-3...
      a WR is a WR...
      a RB is a RB..
      regardless of "system".. C'mon man!!

  38. Of course there are 2 star players that will succeed but a class filled with them is not going to eventually form an excellent team. The truth is, a large majority of 2 star players will not turn out to be anything special. The fact that most people can cite only a few examples out of the thousands and thousands of two star prospects is all the prove you should need.

  39. Any predictions for this weekend. Can we really lose to Temple? I know we lose to YSU and on the road at Cuse but still. Have we fallen this far.

    I say its a close one 27-23 but hang on for the Win.

    1. "Have we fallen this far?"

      I don't get it.

  40. Pitt will win if Sunseri stays upright and plays solid. Obviously this means Pitt ahead at halftime since Tino not exactly the "Comeback Kid."

    As to Pitt's future with Chryst. Based upon the evidence, it is much more realistic to expect success with Chryst.

    He and his staff have accomplished far more with Sunseri than anyone expected. One interception, are you kidding me?

    Imagine what can happen once Chryst has a quarterback under center who is capable of making plays with his feet and coming from behind to steal a win or two.

    I think his name might be Trayvon Chapman.


  41. An OL is an OL because Joedy says that's what they are. That is not the case. For years, WVU and other spread teams recruited linemen that were more athletic and with good feet versus large and rambling like , let's say, wisconsin. The coaches prefer to go with the system, when it is their own players. When they inherit other types of players, they modify the game plan. My goodness girl, understand recruiting before hitting the publish sign.

    Pitt is really going to be fine. The problem is the talk about three years. Pitt must extend Chryst if he is to have a chance to recruit. Smiley is quietly orchestrating Paul Chryst's failure. Nordy needs to prepare an immediate exit strategy for Pederson before Pitt is in trouble for years to come. STABILITY = Chryst.

    1. Saying definitively that Pitt will be fine is just as suspect as Joe D. definitively saying they will suck. There is no sure thing either way. The truth is, Pitt has showed little to no progress this year so you can't just say all will be okay. And on the other end, it's still way too early to say that things can't change.

    2. To expound, fine is just that. It is not doom and gloom or sucks. Paul Chryst will lead the team to consistent 8-4, 9-3 seasons. Will they be elite? No! Being elite is having an entire university and city, supporting you all the time. Pitt will not have that in part because of the professional influences.

      That said, they have a lot of room for improvement and program growth. If you want to know what program commitment is, look to Ohio State. Their players are housed with the best rooms, with whirpools and or hot tubs coming to each if Urban gets his way. They have at least 7 other practice fields with their opponents "field conditions" (turf,grass,carpet,hybrid) on them so the players can practice on it before they go on the road. That is a commitment to winning by your AD and Admiistration. So, to reiterate, Pitt being fine is my belief they will consistently win 8 games per year with a run at 10 wins every 4-5 years.

  42. I am a former collegiate football captain at Carnegie-Mellon who now lives in NJ and want to point out something that all actual athletes at that level know about recruiting in general:

    Regardless of division, players from large high schools are already purported to better than those perceived from other lesser known or desirable schools. When you enter camp, it is one of the most intimidating experiences of your life where everyone was an all star and yet you must still prove yourself special. In that environment, it quite often turns out that ability is no longer enough and character/heart will be much more important. It is the same phenomenom that happens in the military.

    A classic example is Shayne Hale and more recently Darius Hamilton at Rutgers still is not setting the world on fire. Maybe his old man had more fire than he does. Only time will tell on that one.

    Paul Chryst and Wisconsin have done just fine in the past few years with 2 and 3 star athletes and the naysayers must give him 5 years to either succeed or fail on his own merit. He and his staff seem to me to be just what Pittsburgh needs. I am personally familiar with E. J. Borghetti and Bobby Engram seems to have the potential to be a recruiter similar to Brandin Knight in basketball. The point being there are a lot high character good men in place and let's let them do their job.

    Pitt is definitely going to rise from the ashes as we will get more and more ACC type recruits in the near future and all that has to happen is for Mr. Chryst to dominate the WPIAL, part of Ohio and some of Eastern PA/NJ. When this all comes into being we will be back to the good Wannstedt years and then let him be so he can become Frank Beamer. If we do that, he will give us a chance to win big at least every 5-7 and once again Pitt football will be the rightful monster that it should be for those of us from the tri-state area.

    If we have so much fervor for our beloved Black and Gold, it can surely be the same for the Blue and Gold. As an example, just look how much we loved the Pirates before the collapse. Pittsburgh loves a winner and WE ARE THE MEN OF STEEL in more than one way.

    At this time, I say Robert Foster, Dorian Johnson and Tyler Boyd should stand up and be counted. Do you want to save a program and become an immortal like Tony Dorsett, Larry Fitzgerald, Bill Fralic, Dan Marino, Curtis Martin or Darrelle Revis? If you are good enough, you will be and we are just looking for you to represent us like the men we know you could be. Lead us along with last year's class to be the prolific offense we are going to become.

    Paul Chryst has made a few mistakes as all first year, first time coaches do, but he is also just as assuredly one of us, (ask the local coaches) a Pittsburgh man and he clearly takes pride in that like Wanny did. He gets it. No one is as proud of us as a local. Even in NJ they have respect for us and Pittsburgh football because of our tradition of success. We may be down, but we most assuredly are not out.

    GO PANTHERS!!!! Now and forever!!!

  43. Nice post Brad and I hope (pray) that you are right.

    I just don't know (think) that Chryst will be able to "dominate the WPIAL, part of Ohio and some of Eastern PA/NJ).

    I think that Wannstedt would have eventually done so but, Chryst as a recruiter thus far at least leaves something to be desired.

    If he DOES land Foster, Johnson and Boyd then I will be proven wrong regarding his recruiting prowess....and VERY happily admit so.

    (Even though Foster and Johnson nreally WANT to come to pitt - we're just making it so difficult for them to see why they should.

    Let's hope (pray again :) that Pitt gets the "W" against Temple, UCONN and USF and maybe - just maybe catch ND on a downer after their almost assured loss at OU.

    BEAT THE OWLS!!!!!

  44. I just can't see them being competitive with a horrid oline and a mediocre dline with very little quality depth currently on the roster and not much coming in for 2013.

    This team doesn't have much talent and you can coach some of them up but again your better teams are ranked consistently high in recruiting rankings, Pitt at one time was an elite program but remember the quantity of elite players. Wisconsin has their system but when was the last time they won a rose bowl?

    You need talent to win and we don't have much.

    1. Create a system and they will come. Looks like we may lose Clement that way to Whisky. Like Ronald Reagan said, it can be done.

  45. Hey Joe D. There isnt a parallel world in this universe where pitt is better than NDSU. Your team would compete for the conference title every year if you had players like the bison coaches get. Fcs maybe below the mac, like pitt is below the ivy league