Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Final Top 25 of PA

1.  Robert Foster, Central Valley HS (Monaca) WR- For some reason, recruiting services try to get cute and name everybody but him as the best prospect in the state, and that's their mistake.  No offense to the other elite prospects because all have an equal chance to be great college players, and maybe even NFL players, but Foster has no questions in his game at all, and should be ranked No.1 in the state.

He needs to fill in a little, and is around 180 now, but he has the excellent 6'3" height.  He also has long arms, great hands, superb speed, and off the chart quickness.  He is not just an athlete who is playing wide receiver.  He's a legit receiver who knows how to play the position and runs good routes.  He is also tough as hell and is not afraid of contact in the least.  He is a threat to go all the way every time he touches the ball, and is excellent on reverses and punt and kick returns.

Chose ALABAMA over Pittsburgh,  but had offers from just about everybody including Penn State, West Virginia, Notre Dame, Michigan, Florida, LSU, Oregon, USC, and Ohio State.

Bottom line-  Everybody knows he can be a superstar, yet amazingly he is still a little underrated.  Has the potential to reach just about any level, including NFL stardom.

2.  Alex Anzalone, Wyomissing Area HS (Wyomissing) LB-  Even in the NFL, it's hard to find true linebackers who are the total package.  And in college most linebackers are either big, slower kids or small, fast kids who could just as easily be safeties.  That's why Anzalone (pronounced Ann-zuh-loney) is so highly covered.

He already has good 6'3" 230 pound size, and has the frame to add a lot more muscle.  He is long, has very good speed, and excellent quickness.  He is along strider who just seems to blow by past people.  Also an excellent kid who is mature and soft spoken.

Originally committed to Ohio State, then switched to Notre Dame, before ultimately committing to FLORIDA.  Other offers included Pittsburgh, Penn State, West Virginia, Florida State, Alabama, Georgia, Ohio State, Michigan, Michigan State, Oklahoma, USC, and Stanford.

Bottom line-  Excellent all around linebacker.  When one thinks of the typical tough PA linebacker, they should think of this kid.

3.  Adam Breneman Cedar Cliff HS (Camp Hill) TE- It's rare to find kids with tight end size who can also run, so when one is found the offers just pour in.  When they are as productive and as mature as this young man, well, he becomes one of the more recruited players in the country.

He decided to stay home and play for PENN STATE, and he's already starting to become a legend even though he hasn't even signed yet.  And that's because he is very proud of being a Nittany Lion, and he is very vocal in recruiting and giving the university a lot of good publicity.  He's already a great leader and very mature.

On the field he is 6'4" and 230 pounds, with good speed and great hands.  He needs to get bigger and stronger, and he's coming off a major knee injury that cost him his entire senior season, but it looks like nothing can stop this young man from being a star at Penn State.

It may be easier to say who didn't offer Adam, but some of the big ones who did offer include Pittsburgh, Notre Dame, Michigan, Michigan State, Wisconsin, Alabama, Auburn, Georgia, Florida, Florida State, Miami, Ohio State, and Nebraska.

Bottom line-  Excellent prospect on the field and a mature team leader off the field.  The sky is the limit.

4.  Dorian Johnson, Belle Vernon Area HS (Belle Vernon) OT-  When I first saw tape on this kid back in January, my jaw dropped.  It's not too often that you see a 6'6" 270 pound kid move like this.  His quickness at the snap is phenomenal, as his habit of pushing unmatched opponents ten yards down the field.  His arms are extremely long, his feet are quick, and his frame can easily put on another 50 or 60 pounds if he wants.

He originally surprised many by committing to Penn State, but after the Nittany Lions were slapped with a four year bowl ban, Johnson changed his commitment to PITTSBURGH.  The fact that he handled the switch with both class and maturity showed what kind of young man he is.

Other offers included Ohio State, Alabama, Notre Dame, West Virginia, Wisconsin, Virginia, Virginia Tech, and Tennessee.

Bottom line-  Once he adds the weight, he will have everything it takes to be a big time left tackle at the college level, and perhaps beyond.

5.  Tyler Boyd, Clairton Area HS (Clairton) WR-  If you ever needed proof that superstars can be found at small schools, look no further than this young man.  A WPIAL legend and one of the most productive players the state has ever seen.  And make no mistake about it, he still would have been a huge star if he was in Quad A.

He needs to add weight to his 6'1" 170 pound frame, but he has great length, speed, quickness, and hands.  He has not spent much time as a traditional receiver for the Bears, taking most snaps as a running back, but he should have no problem at all learning the position.  He could just as easily be an All-American caliber safety at the next level and has excellent return skills as well.

Committed to PITTSBURGH over West Virginia, Penn State, Wisconsin, Michigan State, Notre Dame, Virginia Tech, Arizona, Rutgers, Georgia Tech, and others.

Bottom line- Smooth, impressive athlete and a really good football player. Reminiscent of former Woodland Hills, and Michigan star, Steve Breaston.  Could definitely be a star in college.

6.  Patrick Kugler, North Allegheny HS (Wexford) OG/C- An excellent all around interior offensive lineman with toughness, quickness, and a real nastiness.  At 6'4" and 275 pounds, he needs to add at least 25 pounds, but after a redshirt season he should be ready to compete for playing time.  His dad, Sean, was the Steelers offensive line coach this season, and has recently been named as the head coach at UTEP.

Committed to MICHIGAN over the likes of Pittsburgh, Penn State, West Virginia, Notre Dame, Florida State, Oklahoma, Florida, Virginia Tech, Michigan State, Miami, Washington, North Carolina, and South Carolina.

Bottom line-  Very advanced with his technique because of his father, and once he gets bigger he could be a Big Ten star because he has everything else it takes to reach that level.

7.  David Williams, Imhotep Institute Charter School (Philadelphia) RB-  The state hasn't consistently put out a lot of nationally recruited running backs for awhile, but not many are the full package like Williams.  A little tall for running backs these days at 6'1", and needs to add some size to his 192 pound frame, but he has speed to burn, great quickness and agility, and elite level vision.  He also can run inside and outside, he can return kicks and punts, and he has very good hands.

Needless to say, with all of those attributes Williams has had an impressive offer list.  At the moment, South Carolina seems to be the favorite, but other offers have come from Pittsburgh, Penn State, West Virginia, Ohio State, Arizona State, Michigan State, Notre Dame, Nebraska, Wisconsin, Virginia, Tennessee, and Rutgers.

Bottom line-  Big time back with the all around skills to be a major success at the college level.

8.  Mike McGlinchey, William Penn Charter School (Philadelphia) OT- If size is what you want in your offensive tackles, you can't do much better than the 6'8" McGlinchey.  Needs to add much more weight to his 280 pounds, but he has frame to easily put on another 50 pounds.  Obviously he has the long reach that comes from being 6'8", but he also plays tough and just as impressively, he runs amazingly well for his size.  On some running plays, he's still out in front of the running back 30 yards down the field.  Also a good basketball player.

Committed to NOTRE DAME over offers from Pittsburgh, Penn State, Michigan, Florida, Florida State, Miami, Wisconsin, Tennessee, and Virginia.

Bottom line-  Once he adds some weight he could be a big time player because the wingspan, feet, and toughness are topnotch.

9.  Scott Orndoff, Seton-LaSalle HS (Pittsburgh) TE-  The full package athletically with great 6'6" 245 pound size already with the frame to get bigger.  He is fantastic after the catch and has excellent hands.  Maybe the most impressive thing is that he has run a 11.6 100m, a ridiculous number for a player that size.

Originally committed to Wisconsin, but changed to PITTSBURGH.  Also had offers from the likes of West Virginia, Michigan, and Michigan State.

Bottom line-  Like Breneman, he is the new bread of freakishly athletic tight end, and his size/speed combination is pretty crazy.  In Paul Chryst's tight end heavy offense, he should be a star eventually.

10.  Zayd Issah, Central Dauphin HS (Harrisburg) LB-  Very good athlete with straight line speed, toughness, and athleticism.  Lean, but muscular at 6'3" and 210 pounds with the frame to easily add 30 pounds if he wants. Very productive football player who lead his team to the state Quad A championship last season.  Name is pronounced as "Zade Eee-saw".

Committed to PENN STATE over the likes of Pittsburgh, Oregon, Arizona State, Virginia, Maryland, NC State, Iowa, and Rutgers.

Bottom line-  Really good football player, strong and athletic, and a quality young man.  Could really help keep the Nittany Lions during their penalized years.

11.  Damion Terry, Cathedral Preparatory School (Erie) QB-  Has the good 6'4" 210 pound size, a strong arm, and very good athleticism.  Very good speed and has the ability to get a big gain when running out of the pocket.  Had an excellent senior season and has improved a lot.

MICHIGAN STATE came into the state early and got a steal with this young man. He committed way back in April so his only other offers were Illinois, Duke, and Boston College, but if he waited he could have more.  Not that he needed that since the Spartans are one of the better programs in the country.

Bottom line-  Very good quarterback prospect who is capable of starting in the Big 10 in a few years.

12.  Will Fuller, Roman Catholic HS (Philadelphia) WR- Every year there is a player that people wonder why he isn't recruited heavier and this is this year's player.  Way too thin at 6'1" and 160 pounds, but he has good speed, excellent quickness, and some of the best hands in the country.  His ball skills are so smooth that he wowed observers over the summer at camps and combines.  He just catches everything in sight and does it effortlessly.

Initially chose Penn State but then changed his commitment to NOTRE DAME.  Other offers included  Boston College, Rutgers, and Temple.

Bottom line-  Won't dazzle with his size or speed, but he has all the nuances to be a quality college receiver.

13.  Chavas Rawlins, Monessen Area HS (Monessen) QB/DB-  Excellent athlete with very good speed and a solid 6'2" 190 pound frame.  He doesn't have a cannon but he does have the arm to make all of the throws.  His technique is very raw, however, and it's still an unknown if he could ever develop his passing enough to be a major college passer.  He's such a good athlete, though, that he could easily switch to wide receiver or safety, and if he puts on enough weight, he could even be a linebacker.

Chose WEST VIRGINIA over offers that included Pittsburgh, Nebraska, Northwestern, Georgia Tech,  North Carolina, Rutgers, Virginia, South Florida, and Tennessee.

Bottom line-  If he makes it as quarterback, great, but if he doesn't he has all the physical attributes to be a success at a different position.

14.  Delton Williams, Cathedral Preparatory School (Erie) LB/S- The full package with 6'2" 205 pound size, and a high degree of speed, athleticism, and strength.  He's also very productive, starring at one of the top Quad A schools in the state.  He has played mostly at running back in high school, and he could project at that position at the next level, too, but initially he is expected to be on defense.  Also an excellent return man.

He was arrested earlier in the year for being in a car that marijuana in it, but the charges were dropped. Some schools stopped recruiting him for that reason, but MICHIGAN STATE stuck with him and got his commitment.  Others who offered at one time included Penn State, Pittsburgh, West Virginia, Rutgers, Cincinnati, and Nebraska.

Bottom line-  No clue where he will eventually end up on the field, but he is an excellent physical specimen and a really good football player.

15.  Andrew Nelson, Hershey HS (Hershey) OL-  At 6'5" and 265 pounds, he obviously has to get much bigger, but he has the frame to put on good weight, plus long arms, quick feet, and a nasty disposition.  But the thing that stands out the most with him is how fast he is.  On his tape, he snaps for a punt then beats everybody down the field to make the tackle.  Rarely have I seen an offensive line prospect move as fast as him.  

Chose PENN STATE early or he would have had a lot more offers.  Still he had some offers from Pittsburgh, Northwestern, Maryland, and Missouri.

Bottom line-  If he puts on the weight and stays healthy, he could really be special for the Nittany Lions in a few years.

16.  DeShawn Coleman, Hickory HS (Hermitage) RB-  Fast, electrifying back with off the charts quickness.  He doesn't play against top competition, but he still often embarrasses the hell out of defenders who try to stop him.   Also has good return skills.  He hasn't been asked to catch much, but he appears to have no problems with his hands. 

At 5'11" and 170 pounds, he's a little light so he's a better fit in an offense where he has room to run.  Luckily for him, he chose the school to do that with WEST VIRGINIA.  Penn State and Purdue offered but there would have been more had he not committed back in April.

Bottom line-  A threat to go the distance every time he touches the ball so he will fit in nicely with the Mountaineers offense.

17. Jaryd Jones-Smith, West Catholic HS (Philadelphia)-  Giant 6'7" 320 pound tackle with very good feet and a great wingspan.  Needs a lot of work in the weight room, especially his lower body.  Had an excellent senior season and excelled on defensive just as much as offense.  Chose PITTSBURGH over Michigan, Wisconsin, Virginia, NC State, Arizona, and Vanderbilt.

Bottom line-  Has everything it takes to be a left tackle at the college level, except for strength, and that that can be improved.

18.  Brian Lemelle, Bishop McDevitt HS (Harrisburg) WR-  On the smallish size at 5'11" and 170 pounds, but he is a solid all around prospect with good speed, hands, and athleticism.  Doesn't stand out in any one area but at the end of the day he knows how to be a receiver.  All the evidence you need is that he is Pennsylvania's all-time career leader in receptions and yards.

His offers include Pittsburgh, Penn State, West Virginia, Nebraska, Iowa, Cincinnati, Rutgers, Virginia,  and Purdue.

Bottom line-  Not big or really fast, but he's so productive and solid at the little things that he should help whichever school he goes to.

19.  James Conner, McDowell HS (Erie) RB/DE-  A sleeper over the summer but that was before he showed his athleticism, speed, and strength in camps and combines.  He followed that up with a big senior season.  At 6'3" 230 pounds, he is a runaway train as a running back, and he may get the chance to play that on the college level.  If not, he could always move to defense.

Chose PITTSBURGH over a handful of MAC schools.  Needless to say, he is highly under recruited.

Bottom line-  Intriguing player because of his excellent athleticism at that size.

20.  Justin Moody, George Washington HS (Philadelphia) DT-  He had some good showings at some Philadelphia combines earlier in the year and it caused him to be overrated by scouting services.  But even though he was overrated then he's still pretty good.  He has a solid 6'3" and 265 pound frame, and he's athletic and quick.  His main problem is that he plays chaotically with little consistent technique.  Once he gets that under control, he could reach his ceiling.

Chose PITTSBURGH over Purdue, Syracuse, Rutgers, Syracuse, Central Florida, and Temple.

Bottom line-  He needs a lot of coaching but the natural skills are all present.

21.  Hodari Christian, McKeesport Area HS (McKeesport) LB/S-  Lean, but solidly built at 6'1" and 210 pounds, with the ability to add good weight if it's needed.  Good speed, athleticism, toughness, and strength.  Also a good tackler.

Chose WEST VIRGINIA over Pittsburgh, Northwestern, Rutgers, Temple, Illinois, and Purdue;

Bottom line-  Good all around player who got lost in the shuffle because he committed early. If he was still out there, many teams would be on him.

22.  Daryl Worley, William Penn Charter School (Philadelphia) WR/S-  A late bloomer on the recruiting front, but when you are 6'0" and 180 pounds, and you are one of the faster players in the state you can't hide for long.  Won conference titles with a 11.14 100m and a 22.27 200m.  Can project equally as a receiver or a safety at the college level, but most schools wanted him as a safety.

He's been told that he will get to choose at WEST VIRGINIA, where he committed to over the summer.  Others offering included Pittsburgh, Penn State, Syracuse, Iowa, Tennessee, Northwestern, Rugers, Boston College, Temple, and UConn.

Bottom line-  Any time a player has this kind of speed, he has a chance to make an impression at the college level.

23.  Shakir Soto, GAR Memorial HS (Wilkes-Barre) DE-  Already has excellent size at 6'4" and 250 pounds, to go with good athleticism and speed.  Has always been an excellent run defender, but he has the tools to rush the passer at the college level and came on to have 13.5 sacks this season.  Against the run, he uses his strength, size, long arms, and aggressiveness to make it very difficult for any running back to get around him.

Chose PITTSBURGH way back in April so many schools never got a look at him before he committed, but he still had offers from schools like Virginia, Maryland, and Boston College.

Bottom line-  The type of player that many schools may look back on and wonder how they missed on him.

24.  Zach Challingsworth, South Fayette HS (McDonald) WR-  Good size at 6'2" and 180 pounds, but he will need to add more mass.  Quicker and faster than he gets credit for and has more than enough speed for the college level.  Great hands and he seems to catch everything in sight, sometimes in an acrobatic fashion.  Highly productive.

Chose PITTSBURGH over Temple and a handful of MAC schools.

Bottom line-  A big star in the WPIAL and has what it takes to be a quality player in college.  He's definitely under recruited.

25.  Matt Galambos, Haverford School (Haverford) LB- Solid 6'2" and 225 pounds with good speed.  Aggressive and excellent tackler who flies around the field like a maniac.  Came from a bad childhood to become a great student with a 4.1 GPA.  Can play on the outside or in the middle.  Had a great year and proved that he was a top prospect.

Chose PITTSBURGH over Rutgers, Syracuse, Temple, Harvard, and Yale.

Bottom line- A big sleeper who is known by many in that area as the best defensive player in southeastern PA.  


  1. This is encourageing. Assuming you didn't sneak in players 22-25 simply because they were all Pitt commits, that means we've currently got 7 of the top 25, with a decent to good chance of that number swelling to 11. In particular, we could have 4 of the top 10 if Foster and Boyd go with us. With all the talk of keeping the talent in state and how slow of a start Chryst got, getting essentially half of the top talent in the state would be a pretty good 1st year haul. Now if we could only supplement that with D-lineman from California...

    1. I was thinking the same thing of 23-25.
      I think Soto belongs..
      surprised the kid from Mt. Carmel not on the list.

  2. What happened to Chavas Rawlins? Wasn't he supposed to be like the top player in the WPIAL coming into this season?

    1. No, he was never that high. He was generally around 10-15 from the beginning.

  3. Pitt lost out on too many guys to Penn State. Hopefully our play on the field next year will fix that.

    1. Only 3 of these top 25 are PSU...
      If Pitt can get 5 of the top 10 wpial players every year, that is a good day at the office. Pitt is not going to get them all... this year is a down year for BCS type recruits in wpial.

    2. Not a lot of numbers but the top end of WPIAL prospects this year is better than most years, including the old days.

  4. Good rankings Chris.

    One player I think Pitt fans will love is Galambos. He's a phenomenal athlete at his size. I would actually have him ranked around 15.

    Other than that I agree with pretty much everything you said.

  5. Kugler looked short and stumpy on TV. Has he ever been officially measured? I would have guessed 6'2" would have been a stretch.

  6. 3 out of the top 5 is really good if foster committs

  7. Chris, where does PA rank in the country regards to recruiting? I would say FL, TX, OH would be top 3. What states would be in your top 10?

    1. has Pitt at #38 right now. Could move into the top 25 with Foster & Boyd.

      Rivals has Pitt at #40.

  8. From contacts within the CV community...

    Alabama sent two coaches up again today to visit with Foster - visit is happening after-school since he was on a field trip during school. While he was away from the school, the two coaches flew to Philly to see Foster's mom again.

    Meanwhile, Paul Chryst has not been to Central Valley High School since the West Allegheny game and Bobby Engram has been there only sparsely. I don't know what Pitt is doing at this point but the kid still matters. They seem to be more interested in wining and dining the mother.

    Foster told the assistant principal at CV today that he thinks he wants to go to Alabama. Don't know if the mom will allow it, but if Bama succeeds at winning her over, he is gone. Pitt is blowing this. I have no idea why Chryst (or at least Engram) wouldn't be making weekly personal visits to a school that is 40 minutes away from campus for a top 25 rated recruit that could change a program. Makes no sense at all.

    1. You are clueless. I'll leave it at that.

    2. I guess you know more than I do then. I guess some of the CV coaches don't know anything either. Perhaps you are like most Pitt fans that seem to think Foster to Pitt is just a given because, well, just because it's Pitt. Perhaps Foster's mom will keep him going to Pitt, but Bama is still recruiting him hard and if they can convince the mom, Foster will likely be heading south. But I am clueless....

      All I was trying to say is that some close to Foster have felt that Pitt has been "distant" for the past month or so, spending more time with the mom rather than the player. I don't know if this will cost Pitt or not - we'll see in a little over a week I guess. I hope he chooses Pitt, but it seems like most Pitt fans just consider it a given now.

    3. There are limits on visits/home visits etc. I went to Center before it changed over. I know some people on coaching staff/etc. I was told a week ago that there are some "mentors" trying to convince him to go to Bama. I think he stays home. He has been at Pitt a couple weekends over the past few weeks on visits. I think he is seeing our staff quite often..

    4. I am ignorant on all of the rules regarding visits and such so that could be affecting Pitt's contact with Foster over the past few weeks. I just know that Bama has been putting the press on now and still has plans (supposedly)of bringing Saban up on the private jet if needed. I just see it as very difficult for Pitt to beat out the #1 program in the land, especially if that program has the recruit at the top of their board, so maybe I am just pessimistic.

      We probably know some of the same people actually because I live in the CV district. I do know that like you said, some coaches would like to see him go to Alabama for various reasons, but the reason I hear most is to just get him away from this area and anyone trying to latch on to his potential success and future plans ($$$). As of now, the mom seems to still be running things and until that changes, maybe it will be Pitt. I do know that Foster did just tell the principal that he thinks he does want to go Alabama now, and that was from the horse's mouth. The next week or so should be interesting.

    5. What if Saban leaves for Cleveland or the NFL? If Bama wins the NC this year that will be two straight and three of the last four. He regularly gets the top players and recruits. Perhaps he wants a bigger challenge like controlling the egos of millionaires.

    6. Maybe Foster is leaning Alabama because Boyd is leaning Pitt.
      If you were advising Foster where to go... what would you tell him??
      There are plusses and minuses from both sides..
      Remember, cream rises to the top... if he is as good as he is... if he puts the work in... who is to say he can't be a starter at Alabama as a sophmore. That is Pitt's only card to play that going to Pitt he can start early and often.

    7. Playing early is a good card that Pitt has, but I wouldn't say it's the only card.

      He'd be playing for an offensive guru in Chryst who will utilize his talents to the fullest. While Chryst does like power football, he's smart enough to utilize a potential stud like Foster.

      Pitt also has a recent history of producing NFL wide receivers. While it was prior to Chryst, I'd certainly make sure to mention Bryant, Fitzgerald, and better yet have them talk to Foster.

      From what I understand, he's close with current Pitt players. To me, that's a very big card. Also, if Mama Foster wants him to stay close to home, that'll be an influence on him.

      I think Pitt has a lot to offer Foster beyond just early playing time. Let's hope he chooses Pitt (assuming he has the grades). My sense is that Pitt will be his choice.

    8. I think it's safe to say that by the end of the week, Pitt will not seem so "distant" re: Foster.

    9. The head coach is only allowed to visit each prospect once. A good rule that I like to live by. If you don't know what your talking about STFU.

  9. hard to not include CA in your top 2-3 also

  10. Chris Dokish, nice list. Let's see how the cards turn out before "the sky is falling" routine from the rest of the bloggers. I just want to make it past the "mayan cliff" first and then focus back on recruiting.

    As previously mentioned, I like the class as it already sits and would really like it if we land a couple of more solid players. Early enrollees are great, which shows that recruiting and processes are working well. My question is this. Once a recruit early enrolls, does that require a LOI to be signed and counted against the prior years class? I don't know the answer but believe this is a real nice development.

    As far as Foster is concerned, if he wants to go to alabama, he should go. He will be competing against 4 other 4-5 star WR's to sniff the field and those folks don't really care for northerners. I am just sayin. Which brings me to my next point. Do you think that PC should allow player's that are recruited by Pitt and choose another school to transfer back after things don't go their way with their original choice? Would be interested in that debate.

    1. No.... Pitt should not be a fallback for wpial recruits that went elsewhere.
      However, seems Chryst takes them in... so far... to fill roster spots due to players leaving.

    2. If this is about Garmon, I have two questions. You mentioned Williams from Prep having charges of marijuana dropped on him. Wasn't he in a car with Garmon at the time? Wouldn't that mean teams would also shy away from taking Garmon on as a transfer?

    3. There will always be teams that look away. Pitt isn't one of them, though. They stopped recruiting Williams and they have no desire to get Garmon.


  11. Ridiculous to worry about the full-court press at this late stage in the Foster recruiting saga.

    The relationships are already formed. At this point he knows whether he wants to play for Engram and Chryst... or if Bama is where he wants to be.

    The best thing the coaches can do now is be accessible and effectively address any concerns the kid might raise.


  12. Rivals is reporting that Foster may have to go to prep school. Don't know if anyone can confirm that or not

    1. It's true that his grades have always been an issue.

    2. Now that is a kick in the ego pants if true...

      but, it's a combination of grades and SAT scores... sliding scale.

  13. Doke -

    Is there reason for concern that Chryst hasn't closed on guys like Jones-Smith or Kemp (to say nothing of Boyd and Foster)? Or are we just seeing the natural recruiting cycle where guys push decisions to the end of December or into January?

    Any chance you can write a post about the areas of need Pitt still has, and how Coach Chryst is likely to fill them?

    1. Chryst employs a very hands off approach and doesn't pressure people to commit.

  14. longsufferingpittfanDecember 13, 2012 at 12:28 PM

    Hopes he stays and puts his stamp on the Pitt program. Not sure why any northerner would want to go where they still proudly wave the confederate flag, but maybe that's just me. HTP!

  15. But how many are able to do the sliding scale if they have poor grades? I knew his grades were an issue but didn't know if it would warrant a prep school

    1. For instance, if he had a 2.0 he needs 1010 on SAT.
      If he had a 2.5, he needs a 820 on SAT..
      See link

  16. I actually thought of this for a while. I have heard from a few people with the know, that his grades are horrible and that he has taken the easiest classes he could!!

    This would not surprise me one bit!!

    For what it's worth Jordan Whitehead will NOT have this problem in a few years!!!

  17. That would make sense re: Foster and grades and all that. Remember Chryst is recruiting STUDENT athletes. Not just athletes. Might explain the slighly-more-hands-off approach. 'Bama on the other hand I'm sure has all sorts of basket weaving classes for guys who can't quite cut it in the classroom. I like the fact that Boyd skipped his visit to WVU to catch a basketball game at the Pete. Anybody know his GPA?

    1. Joe Namath of Beaver Falls majored in basketweaving at Alabama during his time there.. don't laugh, they actually had a course in it...

  18. What Foster also needs to take into consideration is this; as stated earlier, Bama will probably have at least four 4-5 star kids at WR before he even gets there, and Saban isn't shy about dropping your scholarship if he needs it for the next4-5 star kid coming down the pike next year.

    While Foster is a stud athlete, he needs to also take this into consideration. He's the big fish in the samll pond of PA, but matching up with the kids that Bama recruits is another matter, and if you're not cutting it academically as it is, going down to sweet home where they're still fighting the civil war isn't the greatest idea. I'm sure these thoughts crossed Shell's mind or were pointed out to him last year as well.

  19. Joe d is this a score on the SAT between all three tests or just the two main parts which include math and reading


    1. Math + Verbal...
      the don't look at the writing...

  20. I thought that the SEC played by different rules with respect to lower academic admission standards as well as no penalty for failed drug tests (unless of course you get caught by the law).

    Not implying drug issues but am implying that the standards are very low in the SEC across the board and the conference becomes a nice resting spot for those that do not want to be student athletes.

    I am also not saying that Foster isn't a student first. I think Pitt offers Foster a great opportunity with academic advisors and tutoring to get this young man on the right track. Many kids just don't know how to study, lose confidence and struggle with all test taking. Another reason to choose Pitt! Real academic support!

    1. NCAA clearinghouse academic minimum standards apply to all schools... Alabama can't get around them.

      don't put Pitt's proverbial nose up in the air... they have and will take players that just meet the minimum... and if they go to prep... they wait a year and take them.

  21. Math + Verbal is not on a LOI!! That is only writing! Bring em home Paul Chryst, bring em home!

  22. Foster and Boyd are going to Pitt. Quit worrying.

    1. Just curious what makes you so sure Chris. I do agree on Boyd - just seems by cancelling other visits that he has decided on Pitt. He seems like a lock.

      Foster is really up in the air however. Supposedly the CV coaching staff are not all that pleased with Pitt right now and are pushing Alabama. If his mom stays true to wanting Pitt, I think Foster will then end up at Pitt, but if Bama can sway the mom, which they are supposedly working on quite hard, then I have my doubts. It's all about the mom right now.

    2. His mom totally loves Engram and Junko. And the people close to him aren't going to let him hold a press conference at the school, when people believe he's choosing Pitt, then choose somebody else.

    3. Chris - I understand Boyd will make his announcement at The Army All-American Bowl on Jan 5. ... When is Foster planning to announce?

    4. PC found a gem in Engram, if there is some staff overhaul he's one to make sure you keep.

  23. Geez, I hope your right Doke!!! By the way, it sure would be nice to have Foster, Boyd, and Challingsworth!!! Chapman has to be excited about those possibilities!!!!

    Throw in Schell and a couple of these lineman and of course Orndorff and we have at least one great year ahead of us!!!!

    1. and dont forget true freshman JP Holtz

    2. I know it means nothing but JoJo Kemp's twitter picture is him in a pitt script jersey. I know some other coaches visited him the other day but I like the kid and think he would be a good fit here. But I will not put any real faith in a kids twitter page.

  24. Pitt has something else they can offer to elite WR recruits like Foster: Tino the Magnificent will be gone!

    Tino the Magnificent will be gone! I love those words so much that I had to retype them.

    I remember Boy Wonder Sunseri trying -- and failing miserably -- to get the ball downfield to Jon Baldwin, painful memories. Passes that looked more like pooch punts, which could fall anywhere withing a 30 yard radius of JB and either 20 feet over his head or hit his shoes.

    I would have loved to see JB have at least one season with us with a real QB to at least get the ball in his ZIP Code, not a donkey QB trying to play with thorobreds.

    Tino the Magnificent will be gone! Oooh, goosebumps...

    1. Give the kid a break - he had a great senior year.

    2. He had a slightly above average senior year based on statistics, but if you saw him play in person you would say wtf every 5 snaps...the only telling statistic that matters is 6-6 and this simply sucks.

    3. Zatiti,

      Unless you grade on a big curve, Tino the Magi didn't have a "great" senior season, or even a good one.

      He padded his stats in Qs 1-3 just like every other year, and still made bonehead decisions like taking sacks at the worst possible times rather than throwing the ball away. Who (else) takes a 29-yard loss on a sack??? Mistakes a 5th year senior should have squared away toward the end of his soph year.

      Not to mention, throwing Harper under the bus as the sole reason for losing the ND game.

      And if we lose to Ole Miss -- a very real possibility -- he'll have another 6-7 record to go with last year's record. For a career record of 20-19.

      The best things I can think to say about him is that he showed up for every game, and he cut down on the interceptions this year. And if I think of anything else, I'll be sure to repost.

    4. Imma Man 40, I actually worry about you ... specifcally this 2 year anti-Tino crusade you have ona college QB.

      What is your purpose in life after Tino graduates? Have you piked your fall guy for next year yet?

    5. Point of Order, "Anonymous": Mine was a THREE year anti-Tino crusade! Not just two. But thanks for your concern...

      Come to think about it, almost 3.5 years, starting before halftime of the Blue-Gold game in 2010 on NFL Network, when I got my first glimpse of dude's "skill set."

      In fact I coined the phrase "ABT" back on that same day, and proudly so....

  25. Just FYI -- Erie Cathedral Prep is a Triple A school (although used to be Quad A at one time.) They are playing for the Triple A state championship tonight in Hershey.


  26. Jo Jo Kemp's Twitter Pic is not the norm. The most creative thing I've seen from a recruit.

    How good is Pitt's Advertising and Design program? Seems he might have a bright future after football.


    1. A Pitt fan has sent those to various prospects. He didn't make that himself.


    2. Too bad. That would have been pretty impressive. At least he was smart enough to put it to use.

      Looks good except for the blue helmet.


  27. TJ Clemmings has been moved to tackle...on offense!!

  28. This comment has been removed by the author.