Sunday, February 24, 2013

Panthers impressive in win over St.John's

The Panthers beat St. John's 63-47 at Madison Square Garden on Sunday afternoon, and to say that it was a much needed win is an understatement.  The Panthers have improved to 21-7 overall and 9-6 in the Big East.  The Panthers will be the favorites in their last three games and therefore could end the season with an impressive record of 24-7 overall and 12-6 in the Big East.

The main reason the Panthers won was Tray Woodall who led all scorers with 25 points, including 4-7 from three and 5-6 from the line. He also added 4 rebounds and 2 steals.

Steven Adams started out strong with 5 points, 2 rebounds, a block, and a steal in the first four and a half minutes, but then Jamie Dixon inexplicably sat him down for the next 6+ minutes.  Adams' momentum was lost but he still managed 8 points, 3 rebounds, and 3 blocks.  The rebound totals are one again way too low for a man of his size and talent.

Talib Zanna has continued to slump and played just 15 minutes.  He ended up with 4 points, on 1-5 shooting from the field, and 3 rebounds.

Lamar Patterson still isn't aggressive enough and had an incredible 5 turnovers, but he did help contribute with 11 points, 6 rebounds, 2 assists, and 2 steals.

James Robinson didn't try to provide much offense, as usual, but he had a solid floor game and played excellent defense.  For the game he had 2 points, 3 rebounds, 4 assists, a steal, and no turnovers.  it was the seventh time this season that he had no turnovers. He's had just one turnover 13 times.

Dante Taylor and JJ Moore both added 5 points and 2 rebounds off the bench, while trey Zeigler added 4 rebounds.

St. John's star D'Angelo Harrison entered the game averaging 18.3 ppg. Pitt held him to 1-12 from the field.


  1. - Zanna missed 2 layups.
    - Zeiglar had 2 airballs on short shots.
    - Free throws was terrible at 58%.
    - Pitt got outrebounded and allowed 11 offensive rebounds to SJ.

    On the NFL combine...
    Ray Graham having a terrible combine. Blame the S&C coach/yoga instructor.
    Ray has unofficial 4.72 in 40... as a comparison Dion Lewis was 4.57. Ray will not get drafted after that time due to his short stature... slow, slow, slow for an RB.

    1. Ray's 40 is officially a 4.80...
      His vertical and broad jump are poor also... lowest among RB's.
      Time to get rid of the yoga instructor.

    2. But is he friend's with PC. He worked at Wisky too!


    3. Knew Graham wasn't fast, but his official time of 4.8 is slower than I expected.

      However, I'll go out on a limb and predict he'll run 4.65 to 4.7 at Pitt Pro Day.

      Pitt of Dreams

    4. That has nothing to do with the Strength guy. It has to do with whoever Ray's agent hired to get him ready for the combine. He was top 10 in the 20 and 60 yard shuttles and was middle of the pack in bench and vertical.

    5. Think the torn ACL may be impacting that a little bit?
      Heard he still walks with a limp.

      And while his name wasn't specifically mentioned, there's a rather comical post on Pitt247 talking about Buddy Morris working with several Pitt players in preparation of the combine/draft.....

    6. Ray never was anywhere near a burner and the knee injury just hurt his time even more.

      When he broke that 1st run at ND, you could tell he was slow.

      Most every other running back with just decent speed would have taken it to the house.

      Ray made his mark at Pitt with his moves and I agree, he won't even get drafted now - not with a 4.8 time - there are O-Linemen close to that speed.

      Too bad.

    7. Ray is going to have to beg just for a practice squad invite... his measurables today are pathetic. His shuttles were good but in the 40, he was dead last at the 10yd time... his vertical and broad jump are mediocre which means he lacks explosivity out of the blocks when you put it all together.

      It's not going to help Pitt recruiting that nobody will be drafted... we'll see who gets invited to practice squad.

    8. I don't give a crap about his "measurables". The guy was the leading rusher in college football before he tore his ACL. I'll take a dozen running backs with pathetic measurables if they can perform like Ray Graham.


    9. You claim to be a Pitt alum and fan, but seemingly can't wait to immediately report any and all negative information about Pitt basketball and football. Never fails!


    10. Another prediction, not so much out on a limb... Graham will make an NFL roster.

      Above all he's a competitor. He's a fearless runner with unique cutting ability.

      This played to his advantage in the post season bowl game he participated in where he stood out on a couple of his runs.

      Yes 4.8 is slow. But that's more like a time you would expect out of Rushel Shell with the added pounds he's put on.

      Graham will get faster as he continues to recover from his knee injury.


  2. Hope Mike Young is ready and able to start at the 4 next year. Zanna is awful right now and looks completely lost. I am glad Dixon took him out of the game with a minute and a half left when he tried to drive and shoot an acrobatic layup with Pitt up over 10 and more than 25 seconds on the shot clock. Shows how stupid he plays.

    This junior class is looking like a bunch of headcases and underachievers. Thank goodness for Tray today. But for Pitt to go anywhere in the tournament, someone else has to step up and play better. Adams isn't ready and has the freshman excuse. Robinson is simply never going to be a scorer. It has to be Zanna, Patterson, Moore, or Zeigler. Patterson at least played with some energy and assertiveness in the second half, but was non-existent in the first. Zeigler was the first college guard I have ever seen airball two shots under 15 feet in the same half.

    It really is a testament to coach Dixon that this team has the record it does. I'm curious how many coaches could take a team that will likely have no representatives on the all-conference team (first through honorable mention) and win 10-12 games in the league. That is impressive. Doesn't say much for the recruiting, but it is impressive.

    Chris, any word on what they are looking to do with the last scholarship for next year? I read Jon Severe as a possibility but I would be more worried about getting a center behind Adams for next year and beyond.

    1. Zanna built his stats on the "pre-season" schedule. Has really been a disappointment in BE play. A few games ago it looked like Ziegler was finally starting to be a consistent contributor and just has quickly he's disappeared from the offense. Great game by Woodall. Agree with you on Dixon. Great coaching job this season. I do think he tends to pull Adams too quickly when he gets his first foul.

    2. I don't think Dixon should be given extra credit for coaching his players to success. These are the types of guys he wants...tweeners, projects with potential. Zanna, Adams never played at a high level in HS, Robinson was never a prolific scorer, Woodall was a back-up his senior year,Dante Taylor played out on the wing more than as a traditional center, Adam as well. Dixon invites these projects and that is why this team is structured as it is.

    3. Anonymous...
      Some say the team is structured the way it is because Dixon can't recruit.
      I think he does an ok job in recruiting... but with the success Pitt has had in BB the last 10 years plus the facilities... he should be landing better.

  3. Mac
    Nice assessment above. I thought you were dead on for several points. Yes, this team at times reminds you of "the gang that couldn't shoot straight," but at times Adams flashes that NBA potential, and James Robinson doesn't score much, but man he controls the ball and does not turn it over. Man He had some beautiful passes today ...

    The play of those two freshmen, and most importantly, the play of the team defense is the reason that Pitt is where they are today.
    They showed a stat today that this team is shaping up to be statistically the best t defensive team of the howland / Dixon era...

  4. Two scholarships available.

    Get Severe and a JuCo rebounder. Zanna can be Adams' backup as Steve will be a 30-plus minute player as a sophomore. Get a stronger player to man the four in 2013-14.

  5. Woodall sure looked like a leader today!

  6. This team is built on defense and rebounding. If either breaks down, they lose. It is very much the formula Howland and Dixon used in the early days when they didn't have shooters -- like this team.

    Looks like there's a pattern now with Adams. As soon as he gets the first foul, they sit him. I get that, in the sense that Adams would get excited and often pick up a quick second foul, but his absence in the first half changed the game in favor of St Johns. But he's come a long way this year. Let's hope for one more.

  7. looks like we have our replacement for Villanova. My boss is an alumni- should make for some fun at work.

  8. Looks like Pitt will go in the tourney(s) as far as Woodall can take them. I don't see anyone else stepping up at this point.

    Give up on Patterson... he is who he is... a role player.

  9. JoeD - typical geezer yinzer. That was a major beat-down at MSG and he picks out the 4 negatives. Wow. What a loser.