Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Pitt releases ACC basketball opponents for next season


Florida State
Virginia Tech
Wake Forest


Boston College
Georgia Tech
North Carolina
Notre Dame

Home and Away:

North Carolina State


  1. Hopefully, with the right personnel, looks like we can do pretty well in conference play. 2013 Miami 15-3; Duke 14-4; No Carolina 12-6; Virginia 11-7. Many of the others had losing records, Vir Tech, Wake, Ga Tech, Clemson, Maryland......

    1. Predictions....
      With current roster, my guess is 6-8 wins in conference.
      so look out powderpuff non-conf.
      Still waiting for who the 3 more players will be.

  2. Dokes,
    Will Dixon go after DAndre Kane of Marshall?
    He can play immediately and be a 1 and done. He is transferring.
    Kane graduated from Schenley and played with Blair. He was sought after by Dixon when he was a senior in HS. However, I believe grades were an issue and character when in HS.

    1. I can tell you a little about DeAndre Kane - I was in Huntington WV a few weeks ago calling on a hospital there - walked into a guys office - Marshall stuff everywhere.

      We started talking about sports - said I was a huge Pitt fan.

      He said that his team had DK and that he was a HUGE problem - very bad character etc etc - this guy 'supposedly' was on the inside of the program....dunno but fwiw, that's what he said.

      Doke likes to delete posts so maybe something here will not meet his blog criteria - dunno about that anymore either.

  3. Former Oak Hill ResidentApril 23, 2013 at 9:03 PM

    Dokish, you mentioned on twitter that you were actually going to move Andrew Ford ahead of Kincade in your rankings, well others are starting to notice as well. He was voted the top QB at the Nike Football Training Camp DC Regional this past weekend. Any idea on how he views Pitt or where the staff is with him recruiting wise? I'm worried they are banking on this belief that Chryst's nephew is going to switch coasts.

  4. The 30 for 30 Elway to Marino is another great documentary.
    A must see.
    So funny how NFL drafts have become.
    I went to 1988 NFL draft in NYC at the Marriott. You saw all the tables and phones, etc. Fans can watch from the balcony/loft. Perhaps room for 200 people. and btw.. it was free to attend... lol
    now its a huge production.

  5. Chris I have not read your thoughts anywhere on the loss of Troy Apke. Where can I find them?


  6. Like Kincade better than Ford. Kincade... better instincts, moves better, quicker release.

    Neither have the arm of Keller Chryst.