Sunday, September 22, 2013

Where Pitt stands nationally (out of 123 teams)

Total Offense  40th
Rushing Offense  61st
Passing Offense  28th
Scoring Offense  28th
3rd Down Conversion  66th
Red Zone Offense  89th
Pass Sacks Allowed 74th

Total Defense  102nd
Rushing Defense  94th
Passing Defense  83rd
Scoring Defense  118th
3rd Down Conversion Defense 108th
Red Zone Defense  110th
Interceptions 35th
Pass Sacks  47th
Tackles for Loss  22nd
Pass Efficiency Defense 122nd

Turnover Margin  88th
Penalty Yards Per Game  61st
Kick Return Defense  76th
Net Punting 120th
Punt Return Defense  122nd

Kickoff Returns  86th
Punt Returns  105th

Rushing Yards Per Game- James Conner 27th
All Purpose Yards- Tyler Boyd 5th, Devin Street 46th
Passing touchdowns- Tom Savage 11th
Passing Yards- Tom Savage  38th
Passing Yards Per Completion- Tom Savage 6th
Passing Efficiency- Tom Savage  9th
Receiving touchdowns- Tyler Boyd 9th
Receiving Yards Per Game- Devin Street  4th, Tyler Boyd 18th
Kick Returns- Tyler Boyd  58th
Pass Sacks- Aaron Donald  7th
Tackles for Loss- Aaron Donald 4th
Solo Tackles- Jason Hendricks  19th


  1. The offensive rankings should increase as the season goes on. They played their best opponent, and worst game, right off the bat, which is hurting their rankings right now.

    The defense has stunk it up and the rankings show it.

    There have been some terrific individual efforts though. Aaron Donald has been eating opponents up, even on double teams.

  2. Funny, it seems like the past does in deed come around to the futures the stars above are almost identical to when Hackett was here 89-90? The local news repeatedly heralded Hackett as the offensive guru and how Pitt was in good hands. But, the defense was bad giving up loads of points. Sound familiar. I gate to think at my age (63) I got to wait again a few years and start all over. Time is running out.......

  3. Pitt is ranked #59 per Sagarin computer rankings.

  4. Sorry, the only stat that matters...Pitt 2-1.

    1. True,
      But the stats are used to predict future wins/losses.
      Also, the stats also show where the problems are and how Pitt stacks up against competition.
      Surely you can't have your head in the sand?

    2. These stats are numerical evidence of past performance. They will improve/decline from week to week since college football is played by kids. So unless your assumption those kids can't play better/worse from game to game, they don't represent how Pitt will do against future teams.

      Sorry, maybe I'm smart enough to figure out by watching the games that Pitt needs to improve it's D and ST. And reading comments on the other thread, seems most others figured it out as well.

      Would you care what the stats where if Pitt was 12-0 and playing for a National Championship?

    3. Past performance is a predictor of future performance.

      The same assumption of "improvement" can be with competitors also.
      The difference will be injuries of starters that may affect future performance.

      If you say "Defense" wins championships. Last year BCS bowl of Alabama v Notre Dame.
      They were #1 and #5 in Total Defense (YPG).

      So, stats matter. Pitt isn't going to be 12-0 this year or even 11-1 with the rankings above!!!

    4. Usually when any team is undefeated, their stats are at or near the top in: offense, defense, or special teams.

    5. Hey Kent,
      Rivals has Pitt ranked #42 in recruiting so far for 2014 (17 commits).
      I guess that doesn't matter either.
      Ole "coach 'em up" theory also.

    6. JoeD - And they're 2-1 with those stats. Based on that, I guess what your saying is Pitt, a team with above average O and below average D and ST, is an 8 win team in college football. Since I can predict their future performance based off past results, right?

      Alabama has a great D, but was ranked in the 30's on O. Last year they played against ND who was in the 30's for both O & D. Bet you I can find a team that had better team averages than both ND and Alabama but they didn't get into the big game. Why? because it's more important to perform at a high enough level to beat the teams on your schedule each week vs. comparing stat sheets.

      Maybe you heard this before..."That's why they play the game". The only stat that matters is W-L.

    7. Hey Joe D,

      Houston had the #1 ranked O last year. Per rivals: 2011-73, 2010-45, 2009-61.

      Ole "coach 'em up" theory seems to work. Not good enough for you:

      Baylor had the #2 O last year. Per Rivals: 2011-46, 2010-39, 2009-55

      Or how about Ole "coach 'em down" theory:

      Alabama ranked 30th on O last year. Per Rivals: 2011-1, 2010-5, 2009-1

      Pitt's D is currently ranked 102. Texas is ranked 108. Let's look at their recruiting rankings..Per Rivals: 2012-2, 2011-3, 2010-3.

    8. Kent,

      Not sure how many times this needs posted. The earth is flat too right?

  5. Pitt's defense us last in the ACC allowing 41 points per game. Duke us second to last allowing 27.5 points per game. In perspective this defense is really really bad.

  6. Our defense and special teams are beyond terrible.. It is painful to watch... No defensive movement... no threat of a blitz.. House is in way over his head... We played two very bad teams that moved the ball with ease for large portions of each game. We don't make any adjustments ever... On the bright side I don't think it can get any worse I hope... Nothing like saying you will hire outside the program then wait 2 months and then promote a guy that was video coordinator for the Rams a couple years ago.. It is not hard to take it to the "House" against our D..I don't think Duke gets more than 28 pts if we had Huxtable yesterday..We are a good D coordinator away of being a pretty competitive team in the ACC.

    1. Charlie Partridge?

    2. We need a special teams coach, there is no question about that. Haering is not the answer in any capacity. Other than being a good friend to PC, he is completely dead weight.

  7. Dokish you are the best you are the only sports writer in pittsburgh to say that pitt needs a new
    coach on the D you have guts the outhers dont.
    that is why i read you you tell it like it is maybe the outhers dont want to lose a free lunch at pitt.
    do you think house is there becuse pitt went cheap or becuse chryst wont hire out side his comfort zone.

  8. Hate to admit to even partially supporting Joe D; but, that Sagarin #59 rating goes with a prediction of a 5-7 season which includes losing to Navy. I would have scoffed at the possibility of losing to Navy a few weeks ago. But, having seen how bad this defense is at stopping any sort of option attack, I think losing to Navy is probable if the defense doesn't get turned around quickly and that dies not appear to be very likely given that there has been zero improvement shown since the start of the season.

  9. Chris,

    Do you have an update on the recruiting front? Have you heard anything regarding the local kids?

    1. Pitt is still strong with all of them. I can definitely see them end up with McKenzie, Bookser, and Henry, and I think they have a good chance to add Nicholson and Davis too.

  10. in 1995, Cowher took the "reins" away from Ron Ernhardt and let Chan Gailey call the offense for the steelers...does Pitt have a guy that can call a better defensive game than House?? if so, can you foresee this happening?? why doesn't the Pitt admin. pay for a good football program when going to bigtime bowl games pays ten fold?? very frustrating for this Pitt alum...


  11. Pitt benefits drastically from having played New Mexico and Duke.

    Let's see where things stand after this weekend. Virginia presents a bit more of a challenge than Duke.

    Even so, I would go so far as to guarantee a Pitt win if it weren't for the Matt "I'm So Smart I Don't Have to Work Late" House and his Defense.

    Still say Pitt SHOULD produce a win... a more solid win than against Duke.



  12. As for Tom Savage...

    Savage looked like a man among boys Saturday against Duke. Being 23 years old helps.

    We knew he had a ridiculous arm... above average for an NFL quarterback let alone college. But surprised by his accuracy and just how good he can be when he has time. His record setting performance even against a bad Duke team shows he is paying attention and putting into action what Chryst and Rudolph are teaching... similar to Tino a year ago.

    A clean game with no interceptions and sacks was achievable and he achieved it.

    Still need more evidence against a good team. Duke was a huge positive step. Virginia presents a similar opportunity and a slightly bigger challenge.

    One thing for certain. Savage benefiting from a talented freshman running back and a and talented Offensive Line that's getting better by the week.


  13. I love the high octane offense that Todd Grah.....I mean, Paul Chryst has brought. However, the defense and special teams SUCK! And I'm being nice. But the O is a huge difference from Wanny.

    1. Agreed, does it remind anyone of the Walt years?

  14. Curious about why Chryst used up Dorian Johnson's eligibility in short yardage situations against New Mexico? It's not like it was for the National Championship...Did he even play last week?