Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Where Pitt basketball ranks over the last 10 years

National Championship-  20 points
Final Four- 15
Elite 8- 10
Top 5 ranking- 10
6-10 ranking- 5
Sweet 16- 5
Major conference champion- 5
Small conference champion- 2
11-25 ranking- 2
NCAA tournament- 2

1. Kansas  189 points
2. North Carolina  183
3. Duke  156
4. Louisville 131
5. Ohio State  124
6. UConn  117
7. Kentucky  115
8. Florida  111
9. Michigan State  109
10. Memphis  106
11. UCLA  97
12. Syracuse  88
13. Gonzaga  78
14. Pittsburgh   77
15. Villanova  73
16. Xavier   69
17. Wisconsin  67
18. Georgetown  66
18. Texas  66
18. Butler  66
21. Arizona  59
22. Illinois  54
23. Marquette  52
24. West Virginia  50
25. Oklahoma State  48
26. Indiana  34
27. Notre Dame  33
27. Michigan 33
27. VCU  33
30. Kansas State 32
31. Baylor  29
32. Miami   22
33. NC State  18
33. Florida State  18
35. Maryland  17

There are currently 351 schools playing at the highest level. Pitt being the 14th most successful school in the ten years that Jamie Dixon has been the coach puts them in the 96 percentile.


  1. I love this. Data being applied to tell people to quit the wailing and gnashing of teeth.

    Excellent work, Chris!

  2. BTW - where are my Richmond Spiders ranked? Kills me to see we are below VCU. One Final Four and they can't be lived with!

  3. Everyone needs to go to WQED's website and watch Jamie Dixon's interview. I can't imagine anyone watching that not believing he is the absolute best thing to ever happen to Pitt athletics. They need to sign him to a lifetime contract.

  4. Excellent work, Chris, very thought provoking.

    On the flip side, if you made a similar chart for football with its metrics, I think it would be as depressing as this one was inspiring for men's hoops.

    And I think it SHOULD be easier to build a program in football, especially in a football town within a football state. For the life of me, I can't see why we can't get it right in football. Consider:

    Hoops has a very nice (but small) on-campus arena. But football shares facilities with the Steelers, which (most years) should be a boon for recruiting.

    In other words, if we had done the opposite, (i.e., kept/refurbished Pitt Stadium and rented the Consol Energy Center for hoops)? I truly don't believe the success would be reversed.

    Same U-Prez and AD for both sports.

    Same hunger (I believe) from the fan base. In fact, if anything, if forced to choose only one I think people are hungrier for success in football.

    And in football's favor, a lot more seed money to work with ... or should be. Plus there's a LOT more blue-chip football talent within a 4-hour drive radius than for hoops, more than enough to build a program (and quickly, IMO)

    For those reasons and others, I've never been sold on Chryst as the answer in football, not from Day One. He's simply uninspiring, and lacks too many intangibles: No fire, no charisma, too insular, etc. Has hired too many pals as coaches instead of difference makers. Inability to adjust when the opponent's coaches do, etc.

    I don't pretend to know who the answer is, but (hope I'm wrong) I don't think it's HCPC & Crew. At the rate we're going, I fear we'll be back at the drawing board in 2 years after four consecutive 6-6 years.

    I just hope we finally get it right this next time and hire the CFB equivalent of Jamie Dixon.

    1. It's simple. They've had two excellent basketball coaches in a row but they haven't done the job when hiring a football coach.

  5. On this list of 35, which teams did NOT make Final 4 during 10 yr period.

  6. a lot.

    1) Gonzaga
    2) Pitt
    3) Wisconsin (2000)
    4) Arizona (2001)
    5) Notre Dame
    6) Kansas St
    7) Baylor
    8) Miami
    9) NC State
    10) Fla St
    11) Maryland (2001)

  7. Can you provide how you or someone else came to these metrics. Not saying I disagree or agree just wondering how the scoring came to be


    1. Pitt got 0 pts the last 2 years using those metrics.

    2. they made the NCAA last year - 2 pts

  8. I would be interested in seeing the breakdown. As one of the anonymouses pointed out, a number of those teams haven't been to the Final Four in the past decade. And for instance, Maryland hasn't been past the Sweet Sixteen since winning the national title.

  9. I believe we earned 4 points last year not zero in 2 years.
    2 points for NCAA Tourny bid
    2 points for #20 ranking
    Still the overall ranking does not do anything for me in terms of all the flameouts in the Big Dance. Does it for anyone else ?

  10. Those are very impressive stats but do nothing to help the impression jamie is a postseason failure. In many ways he is a victim of his own success. Constantly building top-25 teams and NCAA playoff births creates the desire from the fanbase and nation to take the next step. Charles Barkley wasn't far off when he wondered why he got such a huge extension for failing every year in March. I believe he has all the tools necessary to make this a final four team within 3 years. If not, it will be one of the worst contracts Pitt has ever given out to a coach. I am not sure why fans are being criticized for being worried about the future of the program. They have only one one postseason game the past three years and that includes being a number 1 seed.

  11. Wow, crickets on this topic from the critics.

    No doubt the negativity from the football program misguidedly bleeds over onto the basketball program, which has been excellent. Add in the fact that the schtick of several of the elder statesmen of the Pittsburgh media has consistently been negativity about Pittsburgh sports teams, something that amplifies beyond reason, any loss that ends a season. People repeat what they hear, and sports built on recruiting, take hits to their image when it's repeated over-and-over again in the media and among fans. It's amazing that Pitt has had this much CONSISTENT success in basketball, given those circumstances, and the lack of basketball history in the region.

    Kudos to the Pitt admin for seeing that Pitt basketball fills the niche for big-time basketball in the Pittsburgh market. For basketball fans, it's the biggest show in town. And for Pitt, it's the biggest boon to their brand. I've hated the way that the admin has apparently mishandled the football program; but maybe the admin is smart enough to understand that the football program can never fill the equivalent niche in the Pittsburgh market; or that the local competition (tO$U, PSU, WVU, Mich, ND) is too fierce and has positive leverage on Pitt, for the football program to successfully compete for the dwindling number of recruits, at least in the region Pitt has to depend on so heavily. And bang for the buck, there's no comparison, for Pitt.

    Give me 20 more years that we've had, and I'd be happier than trading it all in for a couple of Final Fours and the equivalent of the football program otherwise.

    1. Completely disagree with you assessment of the football program. Look what Ole Miss did last year getting like 3 of the top 5 rated players to come play there. They haven't really won anything since Eli Manning left, but hired the right people to get the kids there. Why wouldn't any HS player want to come to Pitt? They play in a NFL stadium, practice at the same facility at this best NFL franchise and historically graduate players to the NFL. Kids don't come to Pitt because we haven't had the right person here. Wannstedt got the kids, but couldn't coach. Chryst can't seem to get the kids and can't really coach very well.

  12. and Pitt beat mighty Slippery Rock by 13 points when duke UNC or any other legit program win by 40! We are recruiting kids with no knees, kids that couldn't play at Vandy ect. It will be an interesting season, but if you think of the Paul Evans years & even the Dr Roy Chipman Years, Pitts overall talent level is Mac at best compared to those teams.Need to recruit to 50 players to play ACC ball or pack it in

  13. i'd LOVE to have a player with no knees again if you are referring to Dejuan Blair!

    Also Syracuse lost to DII Le Moyne in 2009 and still went on to be a #1 seed in NCAAs and Big East Tourney.

    Sorry if facts got in the way of your agenda