Sunday, March 9, 2014

James Robinson has improved in every category this season


Freshman 26.6
Sophomore 30.9


Freshman  6.1
Sophomore  7.8


Freshman  2.1
Sophomore 2.9


Freshman  3.5
Sophomore 3.9


Freshman  1.2
Sophomore 1.0


Freshman  1.0
Sophomore  1.4


Freshman  0.0
Sophomore 0.4


Freshman  36.8%
Sophomore 41.3&


Freshman  31.3%
Sophomore  35.0%


Freshman  79.2%
Sophomore 81.3%


  1. but .... his play just seems different and a little off. Maybe it's the composition of the team compared to last year. Maybe as a sophomore, we counted on the improvement, but expected it to be greater. The ACC tourney and, hopefully, March Madness will show me a lot about him.

  2. If he were a good PG, he would have over 5 APG.
    Lamar is the PG similar to role Wannamaker had.

    1. Only two players in the ACC averaged over 5 apg. And Patterson was 4th in assists which lowers Robinson's numbers. Pitt was the only school to have 2 players in the top 10 in the ACC.

    2. agreed ... JR's numbers are "low" only because of LP's game and the fact that he controlled the ball, and the offense, a significant amount of the time. Without LP, JR would likely have had 2-3 more apg. I'd expect JR's average next year to increase at least 1.5-2 assists per game.

    3. Yep Tomas, but I doubt JR's APG will increase next year.
      All JR is good at is bringing up the ball. Once he passes halfcourt, he disappears.

    4. That's just not true. He has the ball in his hands a lot.

    5. and .. next year, I'd expect JR to have even more control. Although, someone else could really step out like Patterson did this year but, unless it's one of the new guys, I don't see anyone from this year's team having such a dramatic improvement. Wright, while certainly not great, really impressed me with his development this year .. wow, if he could take it to another level ... would be a great help to JR.

    6. I expect JR to get even less control next year as Newkirk gets more minutes and possibly starts.

  3. Also, although maybe not significantly, his fouls are up ... to date, 83 total in 31 games vs 63 in 33 games .. per game fouls 2.7 vs 1.9 ... per minute fouls .086 vs .072 .. fouled out 3 times this year versus 1 time last season. His total minutes are up about 9% this year .. minutes per game up 16% ... fouls per minute are up 19% ... fouls per game up 40% ..

  4. Stole my thunder Tomas. Fouls are up because he is a half step slow with some of the quicker and faster elite point guards in the ACC. Other than that he is having a really good year in my opinion.

    He does look gassed more often then not at key junctures and seems to brain fart defensively at times too. Is it me or does Pitt not get as many loose balls this year when compared to the last 5-6 years. That is the main difference I see. They are not aggressive going to the hoop and appear soft when going for loose balls. We did have a key injury which to me should help our bracket number, but apparently doesn't. It would be reasonable to state that Pitt would have won an additional two games with Durand in the lineup. Also would have kept players fresh physically, but more importantly, mentally.

    Carpe' the ACC Tourney boys. Any word on the weekend visitors or Eubanks yet?

    1. If he's so slow then he wouldn't be second in the ACC in steals. Don't confuse slow with cautious, and that comes from Dixon. He wants Robinson to play this way.

  5. His fouls are up because college basketball rules changed this season to call a lot more hand checking and blocking fouls.

    1. I'd agree that this probably was the largest contributor.

    2. Interestingly, Pitt's total team fouls per game is 17.3 this year vs 17.4 last year .. their opponents stat is 19 per game this year vs 17.4 last year.

      So, JR is up while rest of team is flat-to-down in fouls this year.

  6. What about his play since the start of Feb? it was decreased drastically compared to his start. I do doubt those numbers would compare favorably to his freshman year

  7. For a point guard who handles the ball much of the time, 3.9 assists isn't much to jump up and down about. Further, athough he has been driving to the hole more in the past month, he really doesn't take many risks at all which is why he has such a high TO/A ratio.

    Nonetheless, he is a pretty steady player ... just nothing spectacular

  8. For the people that do not know anything about basketball, those stats/facts mean nothing. They have no idea how valuable it is to have a guy that is able to run an offense. Unfortunately it is a crappy offense to run, but that is what it is. If we ran more then James would get more points off the break and probably more assists. The non-informed see Josh Newkirk make a lucky shot, for only his 2nd made shot of the game, and are ready to make him the starting PG. However I am sure that would change if Josh has a couple of bad games and another guard hits a shot. I am really excited about the future of Pitt Hoops because of guys like James and Josh and cannot wait for the more athletic players that can actually shoot the ball to arrive on campus!

    1. agree to disagree ... statistics do mean something.

  9. Robinson is solid but unspectacular! had a real nice layup Saturday and he teases us with offensive potential. I have stated here and elsewhere that his conditioning is poor and he needs to lose weight and get in better shape.

  10. Given how often/long he touches the ball, his turnover avg is outstanding. Turnovers equal offense for the opposition.

    1. Anonymous 10:45 - I don't agree that his conditioning is poor and that he needs to get in shape.

      He has the same body type as Levance Fields - not chiseled and never will be.

  11. I would like to see his 3pt FG% in ACC play. My guess would be around 30%.

    A player like him should be closer to 40% from 3.