Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Who each Pitt assistant basketball coach has recruited

Often there's more than one coach on a prospect, and in those cases I used the coach that was most responsible.

Jamie Dixon:

Levon Kendall
Antonio Graves
Steven Adams
Aaron Gray
Sam Young
DeJuan Blair
Ryan Luther
Maverick Rowan (not signed)

Barry Rohrssen:

Ed Turner
Carl Krauser
Chris Taft
Mark McCarroll
Julius Page
Dante Milligan
Keith Benjamin
Ronald Ramon
Tyrell Biggs
Levance Fields
Austin Wallace
Shaquille Doorson
Tyrone Haughton
Mustapha Heron (not signed)

Tom Herrion:

Dwight Miller
Jermaine Dixon
Ashton Gibbs
Lamar Patterson
J.J. Richardson
Dante Taylor
Talib Zanna
Cameron Wright

Brandin Knight:

Isaiah Epps
J.J. Moore
Durand Johnson
Chris Jones
Josh Newkirk
Mike Young
Damon Wilson (not signed)

Mike Rice:

Travon Woodall
Darnell Dodson
Brad Wanamaker
Nasir Robinson
Cassin Diggs

Pat Skerry:

Khem Birch
Malcolm Gilbert
James Robinson (Skerry left before signing and Dixon finished)
Jaylen Bond

Joe Lombardi:

John DeGroat
Doyle Hudson
Gilbert Brown
Trevor Ferguson

Ernie Ziegler:

Walter Waters

Orlando Antigua:

Gary McGhee

Bill Barton:

Jamel Artis

This is a combination of what each player accomplished and how some project.

Top 15:

1. DeJuan Blair- Dixon
2. Mustapha Heron- Rohrssen
3. Sam Young- Dixon
4. Steven Adams- Dixon
5. Chris Taft- Rohrssen
6. Carl Krauser- Rohrssen
7. Levance Fields- Rohrssen
8. Aaron Gray- Dixon
9. Maverick Rowan- Dixon
10. Brad Wanamaker- Rice
11. Lamar Patterson- Herrion
12. Ashton Gibbs- Herrion
13. Julius Page- Rohrssen
14. Talib Zanna- Herrion
15. Nasir Robinson- Rice


  1. Chris, any thoughts on a slice replacement? Who in your opinion should they go after? Thanks for the input.

    1. It could be a lot of different people. I just hope he finds the best recruiter that he can get, if he has to replace Rohrssen.

    2. Chris, what do you mean by if he has to replace isnt this a done deal?

  2. Chris, this may be a bit naïve, but does Dixon pick the players to recruit first and then assign the recruiting, or does the assistant bring ideas of recruits they think they can land and then Dixon makes the decision? Or a combination?

    1. Not only do the assistants find most on their own but they often hand out offers before Dixon sees them in person.

  3. Could you add the time frame you are looking at. Is it while Dixon was HC?
    Also, how many years were they at Pitt.
    Slice has 5 of top 15 and only with Dixon 5 yrs.
    Dixon has 5 of top 15.
    Herrion has 3 of top 15.
    Brandon Knight doesn't have any in Top 15 and that doesn't surprise me. What value does Knight bring regarding recruiting.

    1. Brandon has been assistant since 2008 or 6yrs. He replaced Antigua.
      Rohrssen was Jamie assistant for 4 + 1 yr or total 5. 2003-2006 + 2013. He was also 2 yrs under Howland and I'm assuming Chris didn't include those years.
      Herrion was Pitt assistant for 3 yrs.
      So, Brandon is sucking wind as a recruiter.

  4. Maybe two years from now, 3 Knight players will be in the Top 15 ... Wilson, Newkirk and Young. From what I read about the former, and the the potential I have seen from the latter two, this is a real good possibility.


    1. He is also the lead recruiter on Diallo.

  5. A lil of subject but Spring Football ended yesterday, will we be receiving an update?

    1. To be honest, since so many media outlets cover Pitt Spring football in detail already I assumed nobody would be asking for more.

  6. Doke,

    Does losing Rohrssen mean we lost Heron. If I remember right Rohrssen landed him because of ties to family. This certainly does not bode well for Dixon as Heron was the centerpiece in your argument that Coach was building a championship caliber team in the future

    1. Would probably lose Heron if Rohrssen left but there are other top 50 kids in the same class that Dixon is already pursuing heavily. It doesn't matter that it's Heron specifically as long as you get highly talented players.

    2. Agree that highly talented is the key but I also think position is extremely important. A big, athletic SG that can shoot and get to the rim is what we've always been missing, obviously because they don't grown on trees. So is Dixon in the running for Heron-type players? The Diallo-types are great and no one would turn him away but the 6'4" SG that possesses top end scoring ability is what we've always been missing. So you're right, it's not important that it was Heron but it was important that it was the type/position that's highly coveted.

    3. Dixon is already heavily pursuing KJ Santos, a top 50 prospect who happens to be a 6'8" SG. And he must be very interested in Pitt because he started following me on twitter yesterday while also retweeting everything I said about him.

  7. I don't care what anyone says this is a huge loss for Pitt. In my opinion it's business as usual down in Oakland. Right when the program looks to be trending up we have an important piece of the puzzle leave. Slice was very valuable on the bench this year as well especially for a team that may considered overachieved this year.

  8. OK… you made your point… we're screwed.

  9. No doubt that I wish Slice was staying, but Pitt did wekll after he left the first time back in 06. In fact they had 2 No. 1 seeds in 09 and 011 with just a couple of Slice recruits on the 09 team (Fields and Biggs.)

    Herrion, Davis or Cox would all be welcome additions who would be assets. Yes, losing Heron would really sting but we have 5 pretty talented current players with sophomore elibility this coming season plus a couple of commits in the next couple of years not named Heron .. so we still have much to forward to


  10. Did Cox bring anyone in when he was at Pitt the last time? It seemed like he was in and out so fast. Also, that DC AAU team he was once connected with isn't even that good anymore. Herrion seems like the "safe" choice since it appears there is no home-run guy.

  11. In 06-07, Cox was Director of Basketball Operations at Pitt ... this is a non-recruiting position.

    Ironically, Slice has the same position at Pitt from 99-01, before being promoted to assistant coach


    1. At this point, I'd rather see a fresh face instead of a retread.
      Someone who is an assistant already. Must be a good recruiter. Must have ties to the MA to DC corridor. I know players can come from anywhere but that corridor has a wealth of talent.

  12. David Cox is from DC and Rasheen Davis is from NYC ... both previous assistants at Pitt who have allegedly done well at Georgetown and Rutgers (Cox) and Xavier and Manhattan (Davis.) I'm sure there are a handful of others.

    I would love to see Dixon drop Barton and then hire Herrion and a younger recruiter, unless Barton does some things behind the scenes of real value


    1. I'd be very surprised if Cox gets hired. I'm not sure he's highly thought of. They may decide to not go back to Herrion either, instead looking to try something new. Davis is a very good recruiter and loves Pitt, but part of me prefers that Knight hit NYC to go with NJ, and try to find somebody with ties elsewhere.

  13. Chris
    I was told by a good friend that Herrion and Dixon did not get along at all.

    Any truth?

    1. Not at all. They still talk often. Both Pat Skerry and Bill Barton were friends with Herrion, too. That's why Dixon hired them.


  14. Robert Foster Sighting...

    Playing the majority of the Spring Game with the Second Offense.

    One of the STANDOUTS.

    In the first half made a tough "Over-the-Shoulder" catch that was VERY BOYD LIKE.

    Despite rumors to the contrary, looks VERY SETTLED IN at 'BAMA. Foster could be seen regularly congratulating other Receivers who made plays.

    Getting a bit of a late start thanks to a Redshirt, but the time may have helped him mature.

    Going to make a name for himself... likely beginning this year.


    1. Jerry "The Mole"April 21, 2014 at 6:28 PM

      Foster made all of his plays against Alabama's 1st team defense. The Foster/Boyd comparisons really don't relate. Foster is on a team that is loaded with NFL talent at all positions. Pitt is not. Boyd had to play right away, Foster did not. Boyd will face teams top db this year and most double teams. Foster will be covered by the boundary corner or nickel or dime DB as Boyd was as a Freshman. So if you're gonna compare Foster and Boyd's numbers, compare Boyd's Freshman year with Foster's upcoming year.


    2. How does Foster making an "Over the Shoulder" Catch NOT RELATE to Boyd making the same kind of difficult catch?

      Sense you feel a little obligated to mount a bit of a DEFENSE for Foster.

      Have never questioned Foster's ability, ONLY his level of maturity.

      This is especially true when compared to Boyd who by all accounts is MATURE BEYOND HIS YEARS.


    3. PoD - You need to get over your Foster boy crush. Nobody on a Pitt blog gives a crap about his spring game or future performance...

    4. Jerry "The Mole"April 22, 2014 at 6:42 PM

      Foster did this in a spring game. Boyd did what he did through majority of the season. Foster walked into a situation where there's a Freshman all American receiver and two Solid Senior receivers. Ask yourself, what coach in their right mind wouldn't have redshirted him? Regardless of how you look at it, Boyd is one up on Foster. LaQuan Treadwell of Ole Miss, Marquez North of Tennessee, Stacy Coley of Miami, Jhajuan Sealed of Oklahoma State, & Nate Phillips of Arizona are receivers you can compare to Boyd right now. Robert Foster still has to prove himself


    5. Hey Kent...

      Gain some perspective.



    6. Jerry... You obviously MISSED my post a year ago when I said that between Foster and Boyd... Pitt got the right Player.


    7. Jerry "The Mole"April 23, 2014 at 10:37 PM

      Honestly, I wasn't on here a year ago. I can only go off of what I see now & just because Foster didn't play immediately doesn't mean he's not the right guy.
      Have you ever thought that not every kid that doesn't go to Pitt decision is not just based on the program.
      It's pretty well documented that Foster has had a rough life. With no family support in this area, no guidance in this area. He had friends that are doing things that he's trying to avoid that would be 25-30 minutes from hanging around constantly had he gone to Pitt.
      His decision to go to Alabama was alot deeper than being loyal to the hometown team, the kid needed a lifestyle change and change of environment. If that's what's best for him, for God's sakes, let the young man live

    8. Jerry "The Mole"April 23, 2014 at 10:42 PM

      If you knew the true Tyler Boyd story, you'd know he's only at Pitt because his mother felt he lacked maturity due to a lifetime decision he made. Otherwise, Boyd would had signed with WVU.


    9. Seriously... EVERYTHING Boyd has done on the field and EVERYTHING that Coaches and Players have said about him since he arrived... has spoken specifically to HOW MATURE he is.

      My point then and now... was that when all the dust settled from the Foster versus Boyd "Recruiting Sweepstakes"... Pitt got the RIGHT PLAYER for Pitt.

      Who in the world would argue with that given what was witnessed in the Fall?


    10. Jerry "The Mole"April 24, 2014 at 5:33 PM

      I'm OBVIOUSLY talking about an off the field lifetime decision. Read between the lines and you may figure it out.

  15. With this most recent 2014 wpial signing by Dixon, which current scholarship player is transferring?
    My short list.
    1. Randall
    2. Jones
    I say Randall because he is suing Rutgers and Dixon will be called to testify or be deposed. I'm sure Dixon and Pitt AD isn't tooo thrilled about that.

    1. I'm not sure why you think Dixon is going to be deposed, or for that matter why you think he'd be concerned. He surely isn't. I know the attorneys in Pitt's OGC who handle athletics and litigation and they will have no trouble protecting Dixon and Pitt. If Randall transfers (he wont) it will have zero to do with a law suit. Wasting 4 hours in a conference room in the cathedral would be annoying but it would have zero impact on his roster decisions.

    2. Perhaps you didn't read Randall's pleadings. Randall is not suing Pitt but that doesn't preclude his attorney to depose Dixon and others and Pitt attorneys can't do anything about it.
      Dixon and Pitt will be dragged into it.

    3. I seriously doubt that Pitt will be involved at all. It's not like they did anything wrong.

    4. I didn't say Pitt was being sued. Doesn't mean Dixon or others at Pitt will be deposed. If you read the pleadings and understand legal proceedings it literally jumps off the page.

    5. I read the pleadings today. I'm not sure if you're also an attorney but there are several ways to get around being deposed in this case. More importantly, a deposition is not a big deal. Dixon is not in a position to have information that will be damaging to him or Pitt that is within the scope of the inquiry. Pitt is sued literally every day, it's got a billion dollar budget and a 3 billion dollar endowment. The GC is a former BI&R partner and Consol energy GC, and his in house and outside counsel can handle themselves. If Dixon is deposed it is no cause for concern.

    6. Are confusing the word deposed with indicted? Deposed means asked questions under oath, people are deposed all the time, it's not a big deal. It's annoying and a waste of time. But not something that's going to dictate Dixon's coaching.

  16. @anonymous 5:09 PM 4/21/14--IMHO--no one will transfer. Mostella very very likely won't make it academically. And, if he does somehow make it Uchebo will get a medical hardship to free an additional spot.

    1. Mostella is not a current scholarship player nor did he get thru NCAA Clearinghouse so he can't even sign an LOI.

  17. It's official. Slice gone.

  18. IMHO, I also think recruiting for 2014 class is done despite "rumblings" mentioned in PG blog. Uchebo gets a medical hardship--can stay in school but not play or be counted against the NCAA limit of 13 ships. The fact that both Haughton and Johnson were official announced as signed reinforces me in that opinion.

    1. It's not done. Pitt is in final three for graduate transfer Byron Wesley, and Dixon is out there recruiting him. Dixon is also recruiting a few high school players for 2014.

  19. Let me phrase it differently. Regardless of whether they are continuing to recruit, I suspect they really don't have high expectations of landing anyone else who is better than anyone currently on the roster. So, IMHO, they are not really expecting or ready to accept another 2014 commitment unless a player or two on the current roster has told them that they plan to transfer out. Other than Wesley, I doubt there is any player (especially a HS player) out there left for them to recruit who is talented enough to get serious PT this fall. Just my opinion, though. Maybe there will be some surprises between now and the fall.

    1. I can't get into specifics because it was told to me off the record but Dixon wants to add more and he's looking at graduate transfers and high school seniors. He's recruiting these players this week.

    2. So are we losing anyone that is going to be a real surprise or shock?

  20. Thoughts:

    - Chris, any update to that Future of Pitt Basketball article?

    - PC keeps his low key approach and sets the next trend for football, the replacement of the spring game with an alternative interactive experience. Did you see the pictures of the empty stadiums for some of those spring games...embarrassing. If you can't get 20,000 plus people, find something else to do.

    - Any spring practice insight into whether House is growing into the DC job? Most had concern with his lack of previous experience and his on the job training Pitt's providing, hope it's actually working.

    - After reading all the recent article complimenting the performance of the SC coach, one can only image how much better he'd be with that physical education degree.

    - Isn't this the time of year where the recruiting trolls come out and whine. We all know it, "Team X has more players signed that us, we'll stink because kid Y went to team X, PC can't recruit, PC can't dress, PC can't talk, PC can't walk, PC can't hire, PC can't keep local kids, PC can't get FL kids". Oh, and Steve P. has ruined the future of Pitt Athletics.