Monday, June 16, 2014

Top 10 PA Prospects for 2016

So far there are ten known elite prospects in the loaded 2016 class. Even though these kids have just finished their sophomore years in high school, they are all being heavily recruited already. Others may join this group in time, but at the moment they are the group that stands above the others.

1. Michal Menet, Exeter Township HS (Reading) OT- It's rare for a sophomore offensive linemen to get a lot of major offers, but few sophomore linemen have the strong frame, quickness, and tenacity that Menet does. Only 6'5" and 260 pounds now but with two more years to add weight, and the frame to do it, that won't be a problem. Quickly gets to the defender then sticks on him like glue. Not flashy, but a natural. Early offers already from the likes of Pittsburgh, Penn State, Florida State, Michigan, Michigan State, Ohio State, Nebraska, South Carolina, and Tennessee. Penn State has to be the team to beat.

2. Miles Sanders, Woodland Hills HS (Pittsburgh) RB- Game breaking tailback at 5'10" and 190 pounds. Has elite speed and elusiveness. National level recruit that should be amongst the best running backs in the country for the '16 class. Early offers have come from Pittsburgh, Penn State, Michigan, Michigan State, Virginia Tech, and Nebraska. Pitt usually does very well at the school but Penn State has been recruiting him hardest thus far, according to him, and the Nittany Lions may steal him out of the city. It definitely should come down to Pitt and Penn State.

3. Aaron Matthews, Clairton HS (Clairton) WR- Every Pitt fan already knows about the next Clairton phenom. The 6'5" 180 pound receiver has fantastic hands, speed, athleticism, and jumping ability.  In a jump ball situation he will almost always come down with the ball. Right now his offers have come from Pittsburgh, West Virginia, Temple, Toledo, and Akron. Pitt is the early favorite and usually when a local kid loves Pitt he ends up there, but the competition will get much tougher over the next year.

4. Brandon McIlwain, Council Rock North HS (Newtown) QB- Not really big at 6'1" and 205 pounds, at most, and he's still raw as a quarterback, but he has off the charts physical ability thanks to a rifle arm and game breaking speed. Already has an unreal offer list that includes Pittsburgh, Penn State, West Virginia, Auburn, South Carolina, Clemson, Florida, Michigan State, Nebraska, Ohio State, Wisconsin, UCLA, and Virginia Tech. And that's just some of them. He could end up being the next Michael Vick, but his great offer list now is mostly because of his raw physical skills. If he ever lives up to his potential, look out, but right now he's an unfinished product as a quarterback. His father played at South Carolina and they may be the very early favorite.

5. Kaezon Pugh, Aliquippa HS (Aliquippa) RB/LB- Right now he's more athletic specimen than football player, but at 6'1" and 200 pounds he has the strong frame to add more weight. He also has very good speed and athleticism. Pittsburgh and West Virginia are his offers and it will probably come down between those two.

6. Anthony Long, Bishop McDevitt HS (Harrisburg) DT- Aggressive, high energy interior lineman with a huge upside. Solidly built at 6'3" and 290 pounds, he has a muscular frame with little fat so he can get bigger. Very quick. Early offers have come from Pittsburgh, West Virginia, Temple, Georgia Tech, Maryland, Purdue, and UConn.

7. Naseir Upshur, Imhotep Institute Charter School (Philadelphia) TE- Most high school tight ends haven't perfected blocking yet, but Upshur is a unique talent that already uses his strength to destroy his opponents. At 6'4" and 225 pounds he needs to get bigger, but he has a great frame and should have no problem getting bigger. Also has very good speed and athleticism so he could factor in the passing game as well. He even could be a top pass rushing defensive end prospect if somebody wants to try him there. A lot of offers already including Pittsburgh, West Virginia, Michigan, Michigan State, Wisconsin, South Carolina, Virginia, Virginia Tech, Maryland, Arizona, and Arizona State.

8. Khaleke Hudson, McKeesport HS (McKeesport) S- The more I watch film of the 6'0" 200 pound Hudson the more I like him. He has the chance to be a special safety if he sticks at that position. There's always a chance, however, that he could grow into a linebacker. Great range and lays out some vicious hits.  Offers have come from Pittsburgh, West Virginia, Cincinnati, Temple, Toledo, and Akron.

9. Cary Angeline, Downingtown East HS (Exton) TE- The new breed of tight end in that he's a tall, athletic pass catcher. At 6'7", the talented basketball player is a matchup nightmare.  Only 225 pounds so he needs to add a lot more weight, but that shouldn't be a problem. He seems like exactly what Pitt is looking for but they haven't offered him. Those who have offered him, though, include Penn State, Michigan State, Miami, Virginia, Boston College, Duke, Rutgers, and Temple. Penn State is probably the favorite.

10. Kobay White, Bishop McDevitt HS (Harrisburg) WR- Most receivers in college these days have to have great size to get the big time offers so when somebody like White, who is 6'0" 185, does't have that, he doesn't get the offers that some others may get. But White is very fast, athletic, and productive. Early offers so far from West Virginia, Maryland, Georgia Tech, Temple, and UConn.


  1. Sanders wearing No. "33" says Pitt has at least an outside chance.


  2. Id hate to see anybody from my alma mater go to State Penn. Sanders is special. Not many true freshman start at tailback at WH. Hes going to be real nice.

  3. The question again will be,
    Which of these "elite" players in PA will Chryst be able to land.
    If he can't land any, it may be the end of Chryst.
    Chryst may be gone by the 2016 LOI day.

  4. Nice retort Dome !

  5. Should be Doke.