Monday, October 27, 2014

Georgia Tech 56 Pittsburgh 28

The Panthers were terrible. I'm not going to get too much into this because I'm writing a much bigger post about what's wrong at Pitt, but nearly three full years into Paul Chryst's regime, and this was yet another disgraceful performance. Save the too young excuses, save the fumbling excuse. When an excellent team has a poor game, it's a fluke. When you have many poor games in a season it's a systematic failure. So far Chryst's teams have shown no growth at all in almost three years.


  1. Is it profitable for Pitt to be competitive in football? Or would it take running massive deficits to which the university is justifiably averse? Be it assistants, head coach, or recruiting, there is obviously not enough money spent; or the candidates would be better every time they change coaches.

    There's obviously a systematic failure at Pitt, given that Todd Graham is the only coach since Jackie Sherrill to leave for a "better" job. Everyone else has been fired or let go (Walt). Pitt isn't even a stepping-stone job anymore. It's more like a graveyard.

    1. That may have been true in the Big East, but Pitt now receives between 12-15 million dollars more per year, simply by changing conferences. No one is asking for Alabama or Michigan level financial support. We just don't want to be a laughing stock anymore. Have you seen the deadspin article? Pitt football is literally a joke.

    2. Alabama or Michigan aside, if Pitt wants to compete on the level of Penn State, it's going to have to generally spend like them. Otherwise, it has chosen to accept its lot as a second-tier program, to which it seems to have as of right now. That appears to have upset and disillusioned many (most) fans. In college sports, you have to compete with your peers on all sides, or they are no-longer your peers, but rather your overlords, and will consume any advantage you might be lucky to obtain.

    3. There is zero reason Pitt is behind WVU or Louisville. At least make that level.

  2. Thanks Chris. Looking forward to your assessment of this pathetic regime by HC Paul Chryst.

    - on the pantherlair's premium board, aside from me getting into it with a couple of Chryst's apologists, apparently a poster in the new chancellor's box overheard him apologize to either Ditka or Dorsett for this "performance" on Saturday.

    And one of them said that "this university does not deserve this" - Gallagher nodded in agreement.

    Coach Bratworst cannot get a team ready to play - witness YSU, Akron, FIU, Ga. Tech...I could go on and on.

    Why? Because with that personality, he cannot!

    He's NOT a head coach - Thanks Pederson you effen moron.

    So, it's 28-14 and Pitt has all the momentum at that point - 4th and 3 at Tech's 42 - How...HOW does he punt???

    When the bounce pass occurred and someone HAD to tell him it was a bad call upstairs, HOW does he NOT go off on the refs?

    You do that not unlike a college BB coach when he gets a technical - TO GET THE NEXT CALL!

    How many times have we all seen it - the umpire throws a holding flag right after a terrible call.

    What does he do...NOTHING. Stands there....duhhhh - like a statue.

    I've never been so irate at a Pitt FB coach in my life after this absolute debacle and I've been going to Pitt games sitting in Section 9 at the old Pitt stadium since 1968.

    As you say, don't give me young - don't give me fumbles.

    Right - don't give me ANY excuses.

    Did you see when Voytik and Bennett collided resulting in a fumble?

    Not prepared - how many times have the players said that they either came out flat and were unprepared - players out of position.

    So we keep him for stability? For how freakin' long?

    Is not the writing on the wall by now?

    Another horrible hire and you know what, "This university that we all love DOES deserve better" than this pathetic coaching staff.

    I've asked you before - what record will it take to get his ass gone this year and unfortunately, I think you're right - if we continue to crap the bad and lose the rest of the games - it'll be:

    Well, we ARE the youngest team in FB
    He runs a clean program - etc etc etc.

    He SUCKS as a head coach and if anyone disagrees, you're flat out wrong.

    1. Pederson didn't want to hire Chryst, but feel free to revise history. I'm not a Pederson supporter (is there such a thing), but you can't put HC PC on him.

    2. You just proved that SP should be fired. If the AD doesn't hire the football coach he is useless. That is most important hire an AD can make. Is he in charge of athletics or not??

    3. If the athletic director doesn't want to hire a football coach and that coach gets hired anyway, i.e. the AD is over ruled, isn't that enough of a reason to have him fired? Your excuse for Pederson is, "hey it's not fair to blame Chryst on Pederson, he isn't even trusted to make those decisions anymore!" ? That's honestly the best you can come up with?

    4. We'll win one more, maybe even two, and mark my words Chryst gets an extension after the year. You can be sure of it. I'll believe Gallagher is serious when Pederson is fired. Until then, I'm done. No renewal for me. Good luck selling tickets next year. It's time for us to vote with our feet.

    5. Well clearly you never coached in college sports before so since you are the moron talking out his butt and since I do coach in college sports let me tell you something that most players and coaches know, going after refs is the dumbest thing you can do. Why? Cause the only thing it does is cost you the end because the horrible refs will hold a grudge. Plus, they are not going to chance there call because you went after them. Never once has a ref said, "oh you know your right, changed my mind." Your just jealous that he makes a ton on money to be a bad coach and your just a loser that does not.

    6. For a "college coach" you really state your opinion in a professional manner. By name calling???

  3. Zatiti
    Agree with most of it:. However, Steve Pederson is the problem. He destroyed Pitt and it sickens me to even look at him.

  4. I agree, we suck. Plain and simple. I've seen a lot of talk on a lot of boards about the call on 4th down to punt. PC is getting blasted for not going for it. I can see both sides. But I know one thing, for all the Wanny lovers out there, he would have punted too.

  5. Well said, Zatiti. I take one small exception, otherwise I agree with every word said:

    This hire isn't on Steve Pederson, by all accounts it was made over his objections (which is a whole 'nother story...) because big-money booster Armand Dellovade had honey poured into his ear by pal -- and Chryst's boss's boss -- Barry Alvarez and got stirred up, weighed in and got his way with former Pitt chancellor.

    Again I say, it's not a compliment when your boss's boss is cold-calling other 'companies' trying, in fact begging, anyone to take you off his hands. And then a year later when the same job opens up at the 'company' you left -- Wiscy -- and you don't get a call. And spare me the drivel that Barry Alvarez was concerned about the instability at Pitt had he rehired Chryst. He couldn't care less about Pitt's stability if taking HCPC back would make Wiscy better.

    I've never tried to coach college football, but even I can see that something's missing. There's no sizzle, no passion. Pitt gets hosed out of two replay calls, and HCPC shrugs and says "Thank you sir, may I have another?" And that's after he got jobbed at Virginia which arguably cost that game too.

    I read in the Trib (I think it was) where Thomas was screaming on almost every down at other players on defense who didn't know where they were supposed to be -- if so that's coaching -- and/or didn't care to be in the right positions because there's no consequences -- that too is coaching.

    Stability or not, this cast of characters must go. We're just delaying the inevitable. HCPC should be a coordinator at a college that already has rainmakers as recruiters or else coaching in the NFL. DCMH should be coaching in high school. Peter Principle, both of them are at least one rung above their skill set.

  6. So we should be happy that an incompetent jerk that is paid 700 grand was not allowed to pick the coach? The same guy that hired Haywood? He should have been fired on the spot for that.
    The AD is a jerk and he is hated by a large amount of people that follow Pitt. The number that still follow Pitt is dropping faster than the ball in the hands of the players Saturday.
    The AD should be fired today. New AD search. Chryst 1 year to show the new boss

    1. That's exactly right. Fire Steve Pederson, hire new AD with a record of football success - they really are out there - Arkansas State has hired tons of coaches who turned out to be good, Central Michigan has had some good ones too - Brian Kelly, then Butch Jones. Whit Babcock is one of the bets, no chance we can get him from VT now though. I don't know who the guy at CMU or AKSU is and I'm not directly advocating for them, my point is, some people get it right multiple times in a few short years, and Pederson hasn't gotten it right once in 17.

      Once we have the new AD in place, they can evaluate Chryst and his program and then make a decision. Until we replace Pederson, there is frankly no point in firing Chryst, because his replacement will be just as bad.

  7. As long as Smiley the Clown is around, Pitt will stink. One more example of his ineptitude is how they roled out the script this weekend. Basically it was leaked out less than 24 hours before the homecoming game and resulted in no increase in ticket sales. For a team that struggles at the gate, any boost would have helped.

    Of course if the Wannstadt/Haygood/Graham/Chryst hiring didn't get the Clown fired, then screwing up the role out of a logo is nothing.

    1. Jeff Long was the AD when Wanny was hired. But Haywood followed by Graham was pathetic -- even though I think the latter would have had success at Pitt. But having an AD that antagonizes the university community for no apparent reason just doesn't seem like a good business model.

      But some of this is on alumni and fans as well. We don't demand change and we continue to support an inferior product. What blows my mind is that people dump all over Jamie Dixon when he has built a program that is consistently successful.

    2. Believe the OP was referring to the firing of Wannstedt and the hiring of Haywood/Graham/Chryst.

  8. For those who blame Steve Pederson for the botched Wannstedt firing and the Haywood hiring, you're right on both counts. They were very ham-handed. Altho as an aside, much as I loved the guy, I was growing just as tired of his game-day egg-laying just like I am of HCPC's. The only advantages that Wanny had was (a) an obvious passion for his job -- there are times I'm not sure HCPC has a pulse on the sidelines, let along passion -- and (b) he could recruit with the best of them.

    However, to be fair, you should give him credit for hiring Todd Graham. That man may be a slimeball, but he sure can coach. Just look at Arizona State this year, they're very good.

    Too bad we went the other way thanks to super-boosters: Now we have a really decent guy, but he can't coach his way out of a wet paper bag.

    Why must it be one or the other? Why can't we pay for a decent guy who can coach & recruit a little too?

    Here's what should happen: Stevie-P calls up Dellovade and calls in his marker, because that guy (booster) owes us one. Tell him to cough up the $7.5M to buy-out former 'Bama OC Jim McIlwain's contract at Colorado State as a well-deserved mea culpa, and bring him to Pittsburgh. Which will never happen, but it would be nice.

  9. Chris you said all that has to be said about this program will said were do they go from here . Up is the only way can't get any worse . Thanks Chris I had hope but this team is not improving .

  10. Given any level of budget, it's true that Pederson is not adept at hiring coaches (see Bill Callahan). That said, his pool of candidates from which to choose would be completely different given Penn State's budget versus Pitt's. That speaks volumes as to the level of commitment Pitt is showing towards its football program, and to the level of success fans should expect. It should also be a signal to the university as to their return-on-investment every time the chancellor is "apologizing" to famous alums and big donors; and Heinz Field is half-full of yellow seats for every home game.

    You don't always succeed by spending money, but by-and-large, you get what you pay for. For example, there's a reason why Clemson has a much-improved defense - they went out and hired Brent Venables (as opposed to Matt House). Pitt had zero chance of landing a hire like that.

    Again, I ask this question, why does everyone think Pitt is a stepping-stone job? Only Todd Graham has gone on to "greener" pastures (if you want to call ASU that). Everyone else since Jackie Sherrill was fired (or "let go"), and only Walt and Hackett went on to become head coaches again. Both were subsequently fired in short order from their next jobs. Seriously, that's 33 years and 8 coaches. Given the expectations that go along with it, hasn't the Pitt job become a graveyard? If so, that's a serious perception problem.

    1. PSU pays James Franklin $4.25M, I know this sounds crazy, but Pitt actually could pay that if they wanted to. It would require diverting more ACC money to football than we are currently, and I'm not saying they should do this, but we could. Pitt does not need to pay $4M to get a good coach though. But we also can't go as cheap as we went either. Bill O'Brien was getting $3.2M, that is absolutely a sum we should be matching. Here is data on coaching salaries if you're curious, it's not complete, but does offer some insight.

      Pitt might have to pay a 200/300K premium above other programs for the same guy, or offer higher guarantees on assistant coaching budgets, but we don't have to offer $4.25M/year to compete for ACC titles. Your comment on assistant coaches is spot on though. That is where the biggest gap exists between Pitt and other programs.

  11. If KState and Bill Snyder can get the top 10, it can be done.

  12. I am writing a long and involved article that addresses all of these things, and more. I think you will all find it very interesting.

  13. I have been a season ticket holder for longer than I care to admit. Been through the high if Johnny majors 1 and the lows if Johnny majors 2 and for the life of me I can not understand why the administration has turned it's back on athletics at pitt. While we are a laughing stock to others we can never seem to get out if our own way in decision making from the athletic department The most recent case in point is the script was back. No fanfare just a few tweets a run through the tunnel and here you go pitt fans.
    We can't even market the most significant comeback in pitt history. No
    New items to purchase same block letters at midfield and on and on

    I have repeatedly stated in past comments that change needs to start at the top. What is important to the chancellor will be important to the athletic department. You need to hire a new ad one that is hungry and willing to fight for positive change because it won't be easy then assess who stays and who goes based on performance
    Perhaps hcpc gets another year but this gives the new ad the time to search pitt has to pony up the cash
    They can no longer afford to not pay and hope they can compete they need great co ordinators and a better staff to compete
    Frustrating to be a pitt fan? Yes it is but it can be corrected if the chancellor wants it to be
    Gary in cleveland

  14. A couple of games ago, I predicted that we would see Trey Anderson by Georgia Tech… if Voytik didn’t pick up his game.

    Well, let just say that Voytik still has NOT picked up his game.

    One Pitt Beat Writer NAIVELY says this morning that Voytik actually “looked better throwing.” It was a PREVENT DEFENSE!

    Even in completing the passes he did, including to… what’s that called… oh, ya, a Tight End… Voytik was still NOT good… not at all.

    More than once, TV Color Analyst John Congemi… who would know… pointed out that Voytik had thrown to the short receiver while completely MISSING a Wide-Open Receiver deeper down field.

    NOT SEEING the field is a BIG PROBLEM for a Quarterback and one that Voytik has had all year. This is in addition to his LACK of a whole host of BASIC QUARTERBACKING SKILLS, including the ability to REALLY throw a Football and do so with ACCURACY.

    Frankly, Chad Votyik is NOT a STARTING D-1 Quarterback. To continue to think so, is pretty foolish.

    On the other hand, in his limited action yesterday Trey Anderson immediately looked like a QUARTERBACK. Basic stuff, like moving in the Pocket WITH EYES DOWN FIELD and throwing the Ball, like a Quarterback is supposed to throw the Ball… with SOME ZIP.

    Is Trey Anderson a D-1 STARTING Quarterback? How would we know?

    But, it is sure TIME to find out.


    1. Your Voytik hate is fascinating but the truth is, he was not even close to being the main reason why they lost.

    2. Agree that HOUSE's DEFENSE was the MAIN REASON.

      On the Offensive Side of the Ball, Conner's OVERALL performance and TDs were enough.

      But Voytik still is not a STARTING D-1 Quarterback. And that doesn't help matters much.


    3. Trey Anderson's only scholarship offer was Bryant, yes Bryant. They play against Robert Morris and you wonder if he is a DI quarterback?

    4. You can just as well point Voytik and his FOUR Stars coming out of a small High School in rural Tennessee.

      As for Anderson... STANDBY. We're soon going to find out if he can make a difference for the BETTER.

      I say he can.


  15. Paul Chryst's CORE PROBLEM extends to both to his Quarterback and his Defensive Coordinator.

    Chryst is LOYAL to a FAULT.

    That can be a GOOD thing as in winning over a Kid like Jordan Whitehead who values such a Character Trait... or a BAD thing as failing to make the hard choices that can SAVE A SEASON or a PROGRAM.


  16. The question is, if you put together a short/long list of HC targets for Pitt, who would be on that list.
    Lets be realistic.

    1. How about a short list for ADs? What if a new AD came in, gave Chryst more money for assistants, more money for recruiting, more money for marketing? Would we still need a new HC?

    2. Hi Travis,

      Okay, I'll play along. Let's say a new AD comes in, loosens up the purse strings, and gives the entire current cast of characters a big raise. Name one thing you've seen in three years that gives you any hope that these guys know what they're doing?

      I'd say the only thing that would work is for Paul Chryst to take that raise and go to India or wherever and get a personality transplant. If that were too possible.

      HCPC is the nice guy you want as your neighbor. IMO, he's too soft to be the head football coach at a power conference school. Unless you're Vanderbilt or Purdue and thrilled to be 6-6 every year, then he's fine.

  17. My starter list of HC candidates for Pitt in no particular order:
    Pat Narduzzi - Michigan State
    Tom Herman - OSU
    Bowden Brothers - Akron with his brother that was at Clemson
    Mark Hudspeth - Lousianna
    Tommy Tuberville - Cincy
    Ruffin McNeil - East Carolina
    And if you want a Ditka protege with fire in the belly, Bobby Babich currently at Jacksonville.

    1. No more unproven assistants. That's what we have now, we see how well that worked. We're in the ACC now, it's time we started acting like it.

  18. What about Doc Holliday?

    1. I would put him on the list but if WVU job opens in the next year or so, he would go there in a heartbeat.

  19. Ok I am going to try and give an objective view to the game and further.
    1. 2 of those fumbles really weren't fumbles. And I feel pretty strong in saying that the team that lost by 28 points is the better team.
    2. I thought Voytik actually played pretty well. I think the chemistry between he and officer still isnt there and that is inexcusable. I think Rowell getting hurt was bigger than anyone can grasp.
    3. I think the defense is so incredibly bad, that PC has dumbed down the offense and tried to protect them by controlling the ball. When the offense turns the ball over, the defense just gets exploited to no end. There are a couple of really good players on the defense, but they are not very deep and they have huge issues.

    4. I can excuse PC for the lack of talent on the field. This program has gone through a lot and they were starting much deeper in debt than a lot of people want to admit.

    5. The lack of emotion, attention to detail and overall sloppiness is not acceptable. It is a reoccurring theme that they have come out flat early and then try battle back.

    6. PC has not answered the issues on the field with recruiting. If somewhere in the next two recruiting classes we had a couple of dlineman, a couple of elite secondary players and a potential elite QB, then I would say it is ok that the local talent seems to be favoring going elsewhere. That isn't the case and we need to make a transition to bring some life to this program.

    We need to find a way that these players come to Pitt.
    Jordan Whitehead(just a verbal at this point)
    Miles Sanders(would be an up hill battle for any coach)
    Aaron Matthews (should be a lock to come to Pitt)
    Damar Hamlin(shouldn't lose this kid to PSU)
    Lamont Wade(This guy could be crucial)
    Cameron Easton

    Additionally, NJ is stacked the next few years. Bringing in someone with ties to NJ would be huge.

    I do think the job is more desirable now than when PC took over. It is easier to go out and get a coach with a prostyle team... big linemen....horses.... primetime wideout.....

    We need a big splash... Big name.

  20. If Pederson didn't want Chryst, who did he want? Christobal?

    1. I "think" that Al Golden was Pederson's 1st choice and Christobal was his 2nd.

      And frankly after it was clear that Golden was going to Miami and understandably so, my 2nd choice was Christobal as well.

      Pederson's concern was Christobal's wife was not "all in" moving to Pittsburgh since she was entrenched in the South Florida community not unlike Graham's wife Penny who had much to do with him leaving town.

      That was my understanding of the Christobal deal and when he absolutely crapped the bed in his final year at FIU and eventually got canned there, I guess it shows how much Zatiti Moody knows about potential Head coaching hires.

      I'd take Utah coach Kyle Whittingham in a second though. proven head coach - 55 years old - beat us twice....scratch that....not saying much.

      Anyway, doing well in probably the 2nd best conference in the country.

      Throw a bunch of $ at him.

    2. Cristobal did an amazing job at FIU, which is nearly an impossible place to win at. He only got fired because the AD didn't like him and that AD got widely criticized for it. Cristobal is now the OL coach at Alabama. He'll get another HC job somewhere. And he could still prove to be a good one. Of Pitt's three finalists he was the best option but Pitt as Pitt does didn't want to pay him. And while he was the best option he still wasn't a great option. The three finalists were a joke. The two that Chryst wanted were Golden and Paul Rhoads. Both wanted nothing to do with Pederson.

    3. Cristobal is such a good coach that 2 years later he's still just a position coach. If he's so great, why wasn't he hired as even a coordinator, let alone a head coach?

  21. Yes.. Mario c. Was his favorite.. He would probably have bombed worse than chryst...

  22. Is it possible PC gets an offer somewhere else after the season and jumps ship? I've heard he's become increasingly frustrated with the lack of funds available.

    1. Excuse me if this has been discussed before, but was the promotion of Matt House, instead of someone more qualified, at least partially due to a lack of available money or did Christ truly want this guy to be the DC.
      It's hard for me to believe that it was the latter.


    2. From what I understand, Todd Orlando was the other finalist, and.he ended up at Utah St as their DC. There is no way he's making more there than Pitt could pay. House was chosen by Chryst, and not because of salary.

    3. There isn't a shred of evidence to support this allegation. Orlando was never interviewed.

  23. OK All good comments. Imma since it seems like you work for the AD tell us why we should keep him.
    If by most accounts, Steve Pederson, does a lousy job, and is HATED by the fans.
    How is it possible to have him stay?
    I did not go to Pitt. I have season tickets and donate money, but I have had enough of this guy.
    We need to find a way to get him out.

  24. No coach worth having is coming to Pitt as long as Steve Pederson is AD.As fans the best we can do is to continue to demand his removal.

    Deadspin wrote about Pitt football Saturday: "Pitt desecrates college football."

    No good coach is coming to this hellhole without big $$$$ and a new AD.

  25. My list of Head Coaching Candidates

    Jim Mcilwain - Colorado State
    Ruffin Mcneil - East Carolina
    Teryl Austin - DC Detroit Lions
    Tom Herman - OSU
    Pat Narduzzi - MSU
    Lincoln Riley - East Carolina
    Dick Bumpas - TCU
    Doc Holiday - Marshall
    Philip Montgomery - Baylor
    Jeremy Pruitt - FSU

  26. I'm not openly defending AD Pederson (or not trying to, at least), but Pederson wasn't on the sidelines on Saturday with a whistle and a playbook, as far as I can tell.

    I truly wish I knew where the problem lay with this program. What surprises me is how tight-lipped are the collective Pitt AD staff; heck, the CIA has more leaks to the media than Pitt does. Is it a money issue? A commitment issue? Did the former Chancellor privately handcuff the AD, and Pederson's been too much of a gentleman to throw him under the bus by naming names? (And that one's definitely in the realm of the possible, as [rumor is] prez forced the hire of HCPC at the behest of super-booster Dellovade). Something else? Living in a PAC-12 city, I'm really surprised that none of the local beat writers have a mole inside the athletic department to ferret out the truth.

    But ADSP has done some things right: Lest we forget, he brought Pitt football back from the DEAD dead in the 90s by hiring Walt Harris. And his hiring of Todd Graham was he right move too -- I'd love to know the truth about why he bolted so fast, that would speak volumes.

    For all I know, the (previous) Chancellor's office could be controlling the purse strings, telling Pede what he can & cannot pay the football coaching staff. If that was the case, maybe that will loosen up a little under the new sheriff in town.

    I suspect the (relatively) paltry sum we got from the old Big East -- compared to the new windfall from the ACC might have been a big factor. But this being our second year in the ACC, IF that was the drawback: the extra $10M per year should help shortly and dramatically.

    But all that aside, here's my main reason for not wanting us to fire ADSP now: The Chryst hire was a mistake, and when you know you made a mistake you fix it. I wouldn't fire HCPC now (today), but short of winning out and getting to a New Years Day Bowl I'd can him after this season. I've seen nothing to warrant giving this cast of characters one more year. Mediocre coaches (to be kind) and mediocre (at best) recruiters.

    But if we fire ADSP first, we'll lose a year getting the new guy in place, and then he'll want to evaluate HCPC awhile before deciding his fate. There's two more years. And (ala, when Skip Prosser in hoops turned us down, leading to the Jamie Dixon hire), no new coach worth his salt will leave to come here if he doesn't know who will be his boss.

    In summary, if we fire ADSP, we're stuck with Casper Milqetoast for at least three more years. Three more years of me throwing shoes at the TV at evermore passive and cowardly and stupid coaching decisions. Or we bite the bullet, let ADSP hire (hopefully) Jim McElwain from Colorado State, and then see if we can tell where the current problems lay.

    Simply put, whatever it takes to get rid of good guy bad coach Paul Chryst & Company sooner, then I'm all for it.

    1. I know exactly where the problem lies with the Pitt program - the board of trustees. A review of the history of Pitt football clearly demonstrates it.

  27. would the Pitt job be an upgrade for anyone on the above list?

  28. To some of the above suggestions: Kyle Whittingham is a Mormon, is already making $2M at Salt Lake City (which is like $3M on eihter coast) and coaches in the PAC-12. All of which means the only way he leaves Utah is for BYU his alma mater, but maybe not even then.

    For the love of Pete, PLEASE no more unproven coordinators, Pitt connections or not. Those guys whiff as often as they succeed (or so it seems...).

    We're in the ACC, so it's our position in the food chain to take proven guys in smaller ponds. McElwain is perfect except for one little thing: He just signed a contract extension at Colorado State with a $7.5M buyout as a poison pill. Okay maybe that's not such a little thing, unless Dellovade feels responsible for saddling Panther Nation with the Chryst regime (which he is...) and ponies up penance.

    McNeill is intruiging, both as a minority -- which should help recruiting -- plus he can coach a little. But I'd break the bank to get Tubberville if McElwain passes it up (which he might: Despite being 'Bama's former OC, he's a Montana guy, likes the West... and I think his wife is from Colorado too).

    And the Bowden son at Akron is the former head coach at Auburn, if memory serves, back when they went 13-0 and got jobbed out of the NCG. He'd be fine too.

    I'm still not sure I understand the reluctance, but if (big if) I was gonna consider a coordinator, there's one -- and only one -- name I'd call: Tom Bradley.

  29. This first starts at the top, and whether Pitt is willing to commit the necessary resources to the football program. Without that, any discussion about coaches is moot. To attract top talent, the purse strings need to be opened. Any coach worth hiring is going to demand a high salary. Along with paying the head coach, money needs to be spent on excellent assistants.

    I'd like to see a guy with a proven track record as a head coach. It's possible to find a coordinator who'll blossom into a great head coach, but with where this program's at, I'd rather have someone who doesn't need to learn on the job.

    The next issue is the AD. I don't think I've ever seen someone who seems to be as universally despised as Steve Pederson. For whatever reason, he just seems to rub people the wrong way.

    One of his main functions is hiring the head football coach. If he can't be trusted to do that, he needs to be shown the door. Also, if his presence is keeping quality coaches from being interested in coming to, or staying at Pitt, that's another reason to let him go.

    From all accounts Coach Chryst is a very decent, honorable man. However, it seems he's more suited to being a coordinator. There's no shame in that, not everyone is cut out to be a head coach. The program just isn't progressing under his watch.

    This season was set up to be at least an 8-9 win season, and from the looks of it, we'll be lucky to win 6. While there have been good moments, the team has also looked terrible at times. Struggling at FIU, losing to Akron (inexcuseable), etc.

    I wasn't thrilled when PC was hired, but I wanted him to do well anyway. Unless the team really improves next year, it'll be time to find another coach.

  30. Pruitt is at Uga now I thought..

  31. The list at 9:51 AM is good, of that list my top is Teryl Austin hands down. Love the NGS pedigree and he's a Pitt man.

    I'll throw out a few more: Matt Campbell at Toledo, Pete Lembo at Ball State, Joe Mogolia (read his bio), Sean McDonnell at UNH.

    1. NFL* damn auto correct.