Saturday, September 5, 2015

Pitt 45 Youngstown 37

Some thoughts

1.  Jim Chaney was much too conservative and if the Panthers don't have a quarterback that can complete passes 10 yards down the field on at least a semi-consistent basis then they are in big trouble.

2.  Speaking of which, Chad Voytik was mostly bad, and after looking good in his first series, Nathan Peterman promptly threw an interception. He never returned

3.  James Conner looked great but an injured knee in the second quarter cost him the rest of the game. Chris James got the first chance to replace him but eventually Quadree Ollison came in and was a one man wrecking crew. He was the unquestionable MVP of the game.

4.  The defense was hit or miss, though much more miss in the second half.  Nicholas Grigsby, Avonte Maddox, and Tyrique Jarrett looked the best but there's still a lot of dead weight that is seeing time. I'm still confused as to why Matt Galambos even sees the field and Lafayette Pitts still is not very good.

5.  The Panthers had six sacks and until the last long TD run they were giving up just 2.3 yards a rush. The offense continually put the Panthers in bad position, and initially the defense came up big. However, late in the game, the defense fell apart. There just isn't enough good players on defense it seems. 

Bottom line, it's a win, even though it was an ugly one. And it was done without the two superstars for the most part. The defense will get better, and the pass game, with the return of Boyd, will get better. But it's clear that this team will go only as far as the passing game and defense improves.  


  1. I look at our two best offensive were basically out - we really missed Boyd more than Conner obviously.

    Blair out - we turn the ball over what 3 times - we got burned on a few big plays - I think this staff will correct that.

    I watched the entire game and we were always this close to sealing the win - many times.

    Not an excuse but, I think that there is just very little difference between FBS and FCS teams other than depth.

    Plus, you have a good coach in Pelinni and a couple of transfers from Nebraska that got to play immediately.

    Thank God for Ollison.

    We get Blair and Boyd back - cut down on the mistakes and I still think this team is going to have a great season.

    1. 'I think that there is just very little difference between FBS and FCS teams'

      That couldn't be further from the truth.

      95% of the players on FBS rosters were not even recruited by FBS schools. Speaking directly to YSU... I'm assuming the majority of their roster is from Ohio. So for those kids, not only did they not get a look from any of the major conferences, but the 6 MAC schools in Ohio all passed on them too.

      The 5% of the roster that are FBS transfers... Well, those are castoffs and misfits that couldn't hack it for whatever reason. Grades, couldn’t see the field, kicked off the team for being scum, new coach thinks you stink.

      So while it's true that at one point they could have been highly thought of recruits... the reality is that they did not pan out.

      It's light years between FBS and FCS

  2. What was with Pitt spikes?
    They were slipping all over the field but YSU wasn't.
    Pitt should know what their home field is all about. Go get spikes for grass. sheesh

    Voytek automatically runs when his 1st look reciever is covered. smh. He is a running QB and that hasn't changed. If Boyd was here, he would only lockin on Boyd and no one else. I see Peterman taking over QB by mid-season. Chaney will get tired of Voytik's act.

  3. Good Thoughts:

    - Impressed with the aggressiveness of the defense.

    - Good to see Grigsby was all over the place flashing that athleticism.

    - Nice see what Ollison can do.

    - Pitt won the game.

    Negative Thoughts:

    - The WR's must really stink. But if they can put up 45 points with these guys, image what they'd do with good ones.

    - It looked like CV's first game ever. He was nervous, jumping all around, and not accurate. Peterman has the better size and arm and both showed today they can make stupid decisions with the ball. If that's the case, I'm thinking Peterman should be the QB.

    - OL had a below average day. Pretty good on the run side, Pretty bad on the pass side.

    - Don't know why they blew Hall's redshirt for what 3-4 carries.... The one position of depth on the team is RB.

    - Playing for an onside kick and not having anyone back was a stupid rookie coach mistake and PN is lucky YSU didn't take advantage.

  4. The best part was that the Panthers won. The problem is the same defenders will be back next week versus Akron.

    1. The defense of Akron should be worried about the Pitt 2 headed rushing attack and Akron is playing Oklahoma tonight, Akron might get a little beat up tonight

  5. I am glad we play YSU and Akron to get us ready for Iowa. Chris, what was your impression of Narduzzi coaching debut?

  6. Atmosphere of the game was great. A lot of people were tailgating before 9 am... Unfortunately people still left after Sweet Caroline. With $4 water it's hard to stay hydrated on such a hot day. Most people leaving said that they wanted to stay but we're getting too dehydrated. Overall though it was a good atmosphere outside and inside the stadium. Lots of excitement

    1. We brought in 6 bottles from home. Under $2. And filled them at the fountains when needed. That is just an excuse. The students were asked to stay, they didn't and the fans didn't. Culture of Pitt.

  7. Galambos needs to move to TE .... cannot believe how slow he is, and how many bad angles he takes

  8. Completely agree with too conservative play calling by OC. We need to throw more often on 1st or 2nd down just to keep the defenses honest. Today pointed out how much of a safety blanket Boyd is for Voytik. Without Boyd Voytik looked very shaky out there!

    Overall I am glad we won but was disappointed in the play of the defense. Hopefully the coaches can improve upon what we saw today. YSU is not that good relatively speaking compared to the ACC. Heaven help us against Georgia Tech!

  9. Wow, looks like PSU recruited all the 4* players that can't play. Temple smoked them.

  10. 90 degrees in dark blue is tough, especially on D. The defense is thin as it is, and I'm willing to bet fatigue played a large role in the breakdowns in the second half - which shows more vividly with an agressive scheme.

    L. Pitts is what he is. Still face-guards, and probably never will be good at locating the ball in the air.

    That said, the first half, I believe was more indicative of the future. The first two indicators of poor coaching that I look for: penalties and missed tackles. You saw none of that in the first half. It's one game, but I don't remember a Pitt team tackling as well as they did in the first half, in a long while.

  11. Peterman promptly threw an interception after a 3rd down 17 yard strike and a 42 yard touchdown pass.
    Peterman should have not been yanked for one mistake "typical Dixon move" the future is with him and Ollison.
    Move Connors to Defense as they wanted to do last year. This would be to his benefit with his injuries and lack of footwork and runners vision he is a 3rd round pick at best.
    At LB if he can take that intensity and be the man, al, la Lambert on defense, take no prisoners perhaps a significant impact on defense will occur (he has the size and speed)
    CV should never see the field again. Do not make the same mistake they made with Tino and Myers, Interesting you forgot to mention Peterman's 70 yards in the air for a touchdown instead only his pick, typical Chris bias.

    1. Why would I be bias? Voytik isn't my son. I don't care who the QB is. I just want the QB to be good. The Pitt staff clearly thinks Voytik is better. If he's not then that's on them. I have nothing to do with who plays.

    2. Peterman did not throw a touchdown...move the acc player of the year off the ball? Good grief

    3. Move the first-team all america Running Back to Linebacker where he will be like "Jack Lambert". Yes that's exactly what we should do. They should probably move Boyd to corner too where he can be the "Mel Blount" of the defense and surely we'll go 12-0

    4. Please note: Voytik was not named captain.
      Quite frankly, he is captain material and has leadership qualities.

      Perhaps Voytik was not named captain because there is a chance Peterman may be taking over as QB by mid-season. Just a thought.

    5. Voytik was not named captain b/c captains are typically seniors.

  12. Chris, I wish Pitt attendance was better What would be your estimate of the actual crowd and how many Pitt students remained after Sweet Caroline.

  13. Correct Chris that Pitt does not seem to have enough good players on defense. The front line can't run - a common theme for six years now, and half of the linebackers are not fast enough to compensate for that. I think defense showed flashes of good scheme but if half your players are not better than average college players Pitt will continue to get smoked by big plays through the season. I think we will see a lot of 400+ yards allowed with half those yards allowed on six or seven plays. Some of the better players looked better so overall promise future on defense that can be helped more quickly with stellar recruiting class.

    Ollison looked very fast, maybe faster than Connor. Is he?

  14. Franklin Lost
    Fraud Lost
    Chryst Lost
    Pitt Won

    Overall. I see that as a pretty good day!

    1. Actually, I am pulling for Chryst to win and do well there. He took Pitt as far as he could & he left our program in better shape then when he started. I appreciate what he did. What do you think the outcome would be if Pitt played Bama yesterday?

    2. Chryst is not HC material.
      I differ with you regarding Chryst improved the program.
      Chryst couldn't recruit. Couldn't a stable of QB's. Couldn't recruit defensive players because who he named as DC. etc
      He was 6-6 every year and that is mediocre by every standard.

  15. Many people were gone after Sweet Caroline but it was hot as hell in the stands. People were really suffering form the heat. That's an unusual circumstance. 90+ degree heat is tough on the fans. My guess is that it was kicking the players butts as well. This is a bad game to judge the team on. We'll know how good/bad they are after Iowa.

  16. A new era started yesterday
    We played with past era players
    Issues have to be resolved and coaching up will happen
    You can't teach speed and size
    Defense will improve with coaching
    Offense will be consistent
    Attendance will improve with winning
    New staff will be judged on 2016 / 2017 recruits and how they play
    We all can't be Pitt critics
    The university is now behind the program
    Good things on the horizon
    Gary from cleveland

  17. At the end of the day we're still 1-0. H2P!

  18. Tough news about Conner. All the best to him. Hope he recovers and plays in the NFL. As for the game, brutally hot. Not surprised so many left early. Great game by Ollison. Voytik's poor play was unexpected. Boyd was noticeably absent. Defense was good for three quarters but gave up two huge plays late. Just can't do that. Grigsby was great.

    Must get better play from the QB going forward and prevent the big plays from happening.

  19. Peterman pass was as good as any Voytik has ever thrown. The corner made a great play on the Peterman interception and I mean great. The Voytik pass to the TE was awful. The defender just guessed wrong and tackled the wrong receiver. And why were both receivers in the same spot. Whose fault was that?

  20. I share all of your opinions and really want to say that this blog HAS THE SMARTEST PITT FANS ANYWHERE! You folks are passionate and that's why I love this site. Keep paying attention, rooting the Pathers on, and being passionate.
    Hail to Pitt.

  21. Voytik was really bad, he hasn't improved one bit after 14.5 games as the starting QB. He's passing mechanics - jumping back foot throws for example - are still bad. He's a 4th year player. Any big jump in his production or ability would have been seen by now.

    All off season we heard about how "great" he was at the end of the year. I never bought it and it seems pretty clear that what really happened was that they passed so little it caught the defense off guard almost like GT when they pass.