Thursday, January 21, 2016

Jan. 21 Recruiting Update

I think it's more and more likely that Henry Miller will eventually end up at Miami. I can see Damar Hamlin coming to Pitt and Miller going to Miami. Obviously Pitt fans would love both, but with Miami coming on strong I don't see the Florida native turning them down.

The Panthers staff are crisscrossing the country visiting both committed players and players that have not committed. But they are also offering, and visiting, some excellent 2017 prospects. or at least visiting their schools since technically they can't meet them face to face.

One of those 2017 prospects, New Jersey defensive tackle Fred Hansard, would probably be the best player Pat Narduzzi has added yet. The 6'3' 315 pound Hansard is huge, quick, and talented. He's the type of player that would dominate the line of scrimmage which would make the Pitt defense superb. The competition, however, will be steep, to say the least. Alabama, Clemson, Ohio State, Penn State, Michigan, and Michigan State are just some of his offers. Big, highly talented defensive tackles are so high in demand that virtually everybody will offer him eventually. The good news is that he absolutely loves Narduzzi. I don't think he'll end up at Pitt because at the end of the day Pitt is not Alabama, Ohio State, and Michigan yet, and getting such a great non-local player to come to Pitt is not easy, to put it mildly.  But Narduzzi is going all out of him so you never know.

In the same boat is '17 Delaware linebacker Avery Roberts. The 6'1" 215 pound Roberts would be another ideal fit for the Panthers, especially since they still need to add quality linebackers. Other than Pitt, his offer list includes the likes of Penn State, Virginia Tech, Clemson, Stanford, Miami, Oregon, and Oklahoma. Fast and tough, Roberts is one of the best linebacking prospects in the country so again this is an uphill battle. But Panthers linebacker coach Rob Harley is an excellent recruiter and he will make it his mission to try to steal Roberts.

A third '17 prospect that's now on Pitt's radar is North Carolina defensive end/defensive tackle  Matthew Butler. The 6'3" 260 pound Butler was recruited by Matt Canada at NC State where he offered him. Canada now offered him for Pitt, and the Panthers join schools like Penn State, North Carolina, Virginia Tech, and Duke.


  1. Chris,

    Love the daily updates. Thx.

    I had heard the Adams kid from CC is very much interested in ND. Where would you put Pitt's chances in getting him in '17 ?

  2. Chris,

    I also appreciate the daily updates. Too bad about Miller. As you pointed out elsewhere he would have been a good start to establishing a presence in south Florida.

    Have you heard anything about going to an early signing period in football. Is it officially off the table now with the NCAA?

  3. I think we'd all rather have both, but I'll take Hamlin over Miller. Hamlin Island belongs at Heinz Field.

  4. Watts picks up an offer from Mizzou tonight.(wiltfong) Indiana current leader according to Vuk, needless to say staff needs to go all out on this kid.

    1. Pitt isn't leading because he hasn't visited Pitt yet. We'll see what happens after this weekend. Pitt will make a very strong push.

  5. Hampton could be a replacement for Miller, in on the 29th.

  6. Doke, that clip from the hoop game on your twitter was freakin hilarious.