Monday, February 1, 2016

Aaron Mathews is a Panther

Clarion wide receiver Aaron Mathews has flipped his commitment from Penn State to Pitt. The 6'4" 180 pound Mathews wanted to play wide receiver in college, but both Penn State and Pitt were looking at him for defense. When the Panthers decided that they no longer wanted to pursue junior college receiver Juwann Winfree, they had an opening at receiver for Mathews. Mathews visited Pitt during the Panthers basketball game last night and then committed to Pitt this morning.


  1. Doke:

    Did Pitt drop Winfree or did Winfree drop Pitt? If Pitt dropped Winfree, was it because he was taking an official visit to another school? If that is the case, why doesn't Pitt also drop Pine?

    Since Winfree seemed like the most likely receiver recruit to replace Boyd because of his experience, do you think Pitt might try to recruit a graduate transfer receiver?

    1. You have to ask this question?? Last time I checked Pine hadn't been kicked off his team. Once a flake... always a flake.

    2. You have to assume Winfree's history had him on a very short leash with the staff.