Monday, June 6, 2016

Panthers add two more

Yesterday, the Pat Narduzzi added more speed to the defense by getting a verbal commitment from 6'1" 205 pound linebacker Cameron Bright of Park Crossing HS in Montgomery, AL. Bright, who ran a blazing 4.53 at Pitt camp this weekend played last season in Ohio and I've been told from some people close to the situation that because he was not known in the south, and he left the midwest, he kind of fell through the cracks in the recruiting world. To Pitt's credit, however, they kept up with him, and now he's a Panther. Despite his great speed, he is also strong. This is a strong developmental prospect that has the potential to be excellent if he can add the required weight.

Narduzzi followed that up by adding WR Darian Street of Liberty HS in Bethlehem, PA. The 6'1" 175 pound Street is the brother of former Panthers WR Devin Street. Street needs to add a lot of size, and he's raw, but he has good speed and athleticism, he runs well after the catch, and he's a good blocker. His other offers include UConn, Army, and Kent State.


  1. Chris:

    Two comments about Bright seem to be contradictory. On the one hand, you talk about his blazing speed. On the other hand, you say he has the potential to be excellent if he can add the required speed. Could you explain the difference?

    1. Yes, it's supposed to say weight, not speed. I corrected it.

  2. Chris, I have friends who saw Darian Street play and they say he is faster and has better hands than Devin. Why hasn't Darian received more D1 offers?

  3. Lot of "projects" already in this class, which is fine I guess, but I hope they get at least a few higher ranked guys to go with Ford.

  4. Bright already got bumped up to 3 stars on 247. I expect he will on every site. This staff isn't going to bring in a shlub. I wouldn't really be concerned at all with any defensive position. The fact that Narduzzi has taken low stars and under recruited players and turned them into first rounders, the sites default that maybe he knows something they don't. Oline, wr and te are where we need to focus. Clark will be there for one year but if he plays to expectations that will probably be it so Pitt needs to get a solid te. The oline is pretty deep right now, and projects are more easily developed on the oline be anywhere else. The big worry is wr. A solid team where you can step in and play right away should be attractive to top wide outs. You don't hear a ton of buzz though. On the plus side we are getting two way athletes and the twins could conceivably be in this class.

  5. Bright will have fallen through the cracks if he pans out at Pitt. If he doesn't then scouts were simply correct on him. That's pretty serious speed and if he can keep it with 20 more pounds he'll be a serious contributor.

    Any chance Narduzzi adds those two MSU defensive linemen who were dismissed a month or so ago? If they can play, I say take a chance on them or at least add the defensive tackle. Pitt needs to win, not try to win the right way.

  6. This recruiting class sucks! You know who is not raving about Drexel? Teams that can actually recruit him!